Emme Hall (CNET Roadshow, 2018 Hyundai Sonata)

Emme Hall (CNET Roadshow, 2018 Hyundai Sonata) by The Financial Exchange


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Joining us now to talk about the brand new twenty teen Hyundai Sonata is any hole from CNET road show. And thank you for joining us today. I've it. I mean the other 28 teams and out of first of all when does this sound new model year go on sale as a coming up soon. Yeah that we could be hit by the end of the. And what kind of vehicle is this not my comparison was kind of your Honda Accord Toyota Camry is is that accurate. I've. Every hot. You know we've really seen a decline in it and they completely beaten any of those of you in any opening. Apple is at hand everywhere it is by. And how it got. Hot though it. I'm in your traditional car. What do you make this vehicle my first glance is kinda looking at it it it it's a very good looking vehicle does does the performance and quality match up. Yet I would really really the right now. Oh. Liter of pop. And eat it worked. There. Are still at all. Probably not as much a two liter well at all. It is that. I. Like I bet. On it we area in which it. Like I. Always. In the that. Our war out. Yup the honor a lot all right. Who could be that they got the traditional. It was one. Forty odd that I've been in at our. Really great elect your coming out. It it ever. Likely order a rent out for better I mean I really really like it. In here I thought it. What's the what's the interior like what kinds of bells and whistles to us now. But. A lot. And I got a we're. Like our. Art. You build up but you'll. I'm. Wondering if your car all. A lot of they will upward like one knee out. That. You'd hear it is keeping a technology. And it if you let out. Of your art back. We eat and am are. You back what are. You at all not. What kinds of issues did you see did you see any issues with the vehicle. What I will issue. The link in them we're like hit it easy to use. It got apple and ot know. Like be able up at bat in my own thing right there on the economy is great and all you read it coming I met in my own where usually read it security card isn't an. I. All you're looking at this vehicle and grating and out do you recommend strongly Woodward do you fall. Do you recommend. People that like. There is a a little bit. I used up and I love a lot of the ball. A lot personally. And it went right up there at at at 8800. You. Point arc. One dollar and eat out of my mind it though. Are out. There. Now. That you want but Obama. Very good and we thank you very much for the time and we'll catch up with the soon. Absolutely to that is Annie Hall from CNET Roche and talking but the 2018 Hyundai Sanaa. I want to talk about adaptive cruise control that sounds like really. Attractive feature is the bet is that let me explain it is I understand did tell me wrong then you get on the highway I do a lot of I would drive race yet not a common world drive for 500 miles a week. Mark on the highway. So yet on the highway you say you're spin speed yet the right handling right. In New York to Texas desperately to do steer. That's correct and you know you're on the highway Ellis theories. That's correct that's that's pretty much all you have to do there. What. What you find is that a lot of people don't actually like it in practice over just as they I have you try to. I I have not much Acker he's trying to. And but. Adaptive cruise control along with the lane assist a lot of people tend to turn them off just because they don't like them I heard about the lane assist. A one of our coworkers tried the Genesis I don't believe it. Aid now would trust but the cruise control just lately on your your directory doctor Ivins south. Eight EU just put it on cruise control. Yeah the right lane I guess it would stake if he got behind it real slow poke but they knew could just past the slow poke it get back in the rightly am armor early in the lime on sale in time. Left lane topped estimates place go to lightly oil and any fat. You'd go in the left lane help offset their drives a Honda Accord black. I had no license plate is a huge goal in the left lane Saturday at seven before right and just stayed. Right and then if somebody comes up behind you pulled the rightly but he. Not not have a big Dijjer speed I like that yet could. I've never driven one so I I don't have any firsthand experience but I I know there's been some mixed reviews.