Don't forget your Tide pens today!

Kim strolled into the studio this morning ready to go and grab her coffee and then be ready for the show! Well disaster struck along the way back to the studio when she somehow got lipstick on the left breast of her shirt with no Tide pen in sight! Listen to the whole mishap unfold live on the air!


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Boston is talking about it here at WR. Come morning show which can mean PG. And yeah. So it is a Friday morning. It's a Smart to get cool. Thank you. And doesn't so gung ho on that idea of yeah. And Republican in the eighty's why except for the states and India think if this day was there whole weekend we beat. Tomorrow's gonna love overcast and sixties I. RLR I am I can't I cannot just pick you again after it's fun guys just think about this now. That's still very final episode took how many people Richie and how many people were complaining yesterday. Whenever you do I know I'm New Zealand lately imagery data dump Obama and I did it. My wife had to take my daughter to baseball yesterday and after dinner and she subjected to get the other two outside were generous okay on me. There was never a chance and HE double hockey sticks which is what it was yesterday that we recoup. Like the section last I looked right in my sonim did downstairs does this is a little cooler. What do we run down. Are all day the and you don't know Coleman's bid and spent time outside EST I live here now and it was 25 instances too rude and not and I was on I will tell a year I will say this though it was a shocker because I think it was Harvey. Who's talking about how Britain it was forty Blu-ray. I was spending is a little shocking you know it doesn't sixties where. Here's what I also like I do. I almost never say this with the impunity and not have you run HR but I am absolutely locked in focused on her left breast was. I cannot be sure. It's bull that's making his state all right in your face I was I was gonna walk in and ask you if you're just now got enough she's already married inside through the hole I was all like to check out her left breast Nomar. What are UCL mark you can. As a smudge mark that I edit their act. You're right it's right on answer and fortunate all our packet is serious so it's our right you can you can make comment. The battleship would have sucked the yeah. So you're wearing a white top and his so many random things only to this problem we just got our diner marks the W. First of all the little you would have a different longer cylindrical Margaret you're using your diner mug. There you go I can blame this on Patrick all right so I got to find somebody I know Canada's just don't have a hand on minutes. I'm not. But that and normally this just happened with you where we were in the meeting and ice excuse me Jim and I pulled my hair off of the back of your calls as well I mean until pulls the I am in no way gonna reach over and try and take care of that smudge notice Daniel no offense and what it is is it's lipstick. From the edge of my mug which I've. Brought down talking you're old you're not getting older if you saying the pledge of allegiance you can business that's just where your arms naturally is. And so as you're walking you're you're absolutely were bumping into your Maude in it was smudge and lift this right on the top of my grass it beats a coffee stain. Yeah well you know what I thought we we were even as it. We got on the air we said what I need to do is just be bold. And just to make it out as if this was played and yeah so. Like AAF group down their most of them are all men. And I was thinking about just saying you know this is. You're not aware that this is Bronx this is about breast cancer awareness. As you don't have a smudge thank you so much for your solidarity. And just play off and these women would just hurt. And rotten probably don't eat away that I look I wanna get. What's not funny America's eye witnesses are telling one of the guys that I won't say guru a wanna go to that but literally and and Omar knows this full well. The smile comes right off of the states in L you're even suggesting that you thought for a second to pull this on him because he realizes. I'm her. I don't wanna be that guy I want more final even we are you joking about it. By the way I don't normally even that I don't even like using the B word in your present on how exactly did not there. Oh and women don't they ever are not Lewis her daddy okay enemy when you're joking about that it's like but that's because you are viper who wouldn't do that when cornered in that makes is very until you know that I would not. And he you know he got. That he doesn't know me well enough you know I would not bet. And not to mention the fact that he's about. Would you safe. Twenty years younger than I are released so he sort of and mortified by the whole thing anyway just. He certainly you don't have this conversation with your mother and I certainly don't when I had with him Kerrigan. But here's the other night so shrug college socially as. Women. Bitches moan all day long about how tough they have it in the workplace and how there. Gender is a week and it's in people don't treat them equally and blah blah blah. And I not to place by the way don't we don't like this out like this was no play you so. Omar is there I'll ask him to where US till tomorrow I'll ask the air guys in the US and this about ten guys here. Kim walks by all of us and tries to cover upper left breast she wants you here enlightening it's in there and says. Do you happen to have a tide stick on. US debut at a tide stick on you. Not just when you've gotten to this is the kind of gender discrimination I deal with on a daily but he always adds and I. Doing door because you don't want. We is meant just put up with him we come into that did this sort of OK so happy seeing you point this out to me he and so I feel that I regressed. You in such a way. That I say I'm so sorry. Dvd tide stick it you know I don't today as it turns out I don't have one on me now I know right OK well. I would more aptly. We just put rat on my whole chest well I actually at all it's a new shirt and somebody would say you have loved the shirt I thought about just. And maybe it's me your precious take it just hit the other what caught up and ask yacht market share. Yeah salad were hundred million a I remember back when UK's news like the last days of school and everywhere to Sanyo share. I mean yeah. What I need to do Omar and company need to go some pressure down and are now yeah I don't Venezuela personally I did earlier in the break on the bathroom take it off. Put the lid on the like I stone covering people are gone along the shared a love the statement even though they don't know what's. But they'll they'll complement the serves. Burglar might Shirley well there I think you mean girls Beers and movie where they one person do trick on the other and they cut out deep rest of their shirt. Alan Milledge to go put it on their like you clearly do show through it and then you know underwear on daddy. But this is like can't whatever it is they needed a statement my eyes are beautiful this is the way from this point forward. I will walk as if what do you mean again you just to you know yeah enemy shoot till he got all right baby. So that's a preview bees feeling gender microbe grass as he also wearing his romper. Ranking race how did yesterday yeah firm. Wearing cargo shorts in sweating in that thing how mighty nice seven you don't need the tide stick you need to shall whiteman go Ole. We'll pick you for the tidbit. That you don't know PBS here she is wearing his cargo shorts today I am yup I don't know what you want your child I'm sure her first fewer breast in my lenses. This is like both of them may be a people cover there aren't a lot of the other item number I'm I don't know patterns and we allow. You segue into port eighty carbonite after all of this he sort of like keep the other although I won't heal our widget how many I don't entered those are two questions weren't out of the shorts on the navy being in the housing and clean that thing I have no way to. Yeah that'll literally nobody did.