Donald Trump calls the special counsel a “witch hunt”

The Kuhner Report
Friday, May 19th

Yesterday President Trump was asked about what he thought about the special counsel to look into the Russia investigation. He answered, “Well, I respect the move, but the entire thing has been a witch hunt.” He continues, ”I think it divides the country. I think we have a very divided country because of that and many other things.” Do you agree with the president?


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Financial services. Complete news liberal lies and insults to the working people we say no more. He's that could erupt course. You at any time for a former FBI director James falling in any way shape or form to close sort of backed down investigation of Michael Flynn. And also as you know. No. Next question next question. True Iran speaks out okay my friends is on. President trump on the eve of now his first major overseas trip. He's going to be going to Saudi Arabia is gonna visit the Vatican and Israel. A brass sole is gonna visiting US military base in Sicily. I dresses to the press. And I got to tell you my friends. It was that trumped that we won eighty it was invented Strom he was combative he was defiant. In fact he doubled down. Saying that this is an absolute witch hunt. And he is not going to be deterred. With the Colombian president right beside him. President trump facing a press gaggle. All of them now falling over each other looking now to take the president down. Trump was asked point blank what is your feeling now on the appointment of Robert smaller. Backs for an ex FBI director to be special counsel to investigate the Russia. Allegations of collusion between you your campaign. And the Kremlin. Trump gave his answer. It's bad for my administration. It's bad for the country. It's bad for America. This will only lead to a further division. Roll it Jarrett. Mr. President what's your reaction to deputy attorney general rob grosans time's decision to appoint the special counsel. By two investigating the Russia. Russian interference in the campaign was this the right move or is this part of it which home. Well I respect the move put the entire thing has been a witch hunt and there is no collusion between certainly myself send my campaign. But I can always speak for myself and the Russians zero. I think it divides the country. I think we have they are very divided country because of that and many other things I hate to see anything that divide us. I'm fine with whatever people wanna do but we have to get back to running this country. Who really really well we've made tremendous progress in the last. Hundred some odd days tremendous presence and all of the production that starting. Planned starting to open again I haven't been open in years. I'm very proud of it that's what I wanna be focused on because believe me there's no collusion. Russia is fine but whether it's Russia or anybody else might total priority and believe me is the United States of America is so thank you very much. He's completely right. First of all he's completely right that what the appointment of the special counsel will do. Is it will continue to further inflame the media. The deep state. Liberals across the country to push forward their bogus narrative. That there is something behind his ties to Russia. So it enables them to continue the rush and narrative. That date concocted. In fact even before they lost the election in November. To try to justify Hillary's defeat. And so they're using this to desperately overthrow trumpet. To overturn the results of the election and to give Hillary the excuse and the justification. For why she lost. In other words they just don't wanna accept the election results. That's why they are all in on this Russia narrative. And as long as that's special counsel goes on there's gonna be leaks there's going to be stories. And this is gonna further that narrative. So when trump says it's gonna continue to divide the country he's completely right. The other goal and you hand cited in his answer. Is they're trying to derail his agenda. In other words paralyzed the president with fake scandals. Mueller the president neutralize him so the poor guy can't get anything done. Because all he's doing is defending himself from these ridiculous charges and smears and attacks. Now the point that is really inflamed the media. Is he first waited it out and I discussed this yesterday and many doubled down in that presser that he held with the media. Which is this is the greatest which honked in American history of any politician. But can it be denied. I they don't like it that he's defending himself. They don't like the fact that he's hitting back they don't like the fact that he's. I excoriating the media and the Democrats. And the deep state for trying to destroy him but the fact of the matter is. Have you ever in your lifetime seen anything like this. Nixon need B was the closest. What this is. And version all getting around it. He's an open attempt by former Obama administration officials in the intelligence community. All along with people. Oh who have connections to the Democrats. Within the deep state and the media. Your brain this president down. That's what this is all about out. And so they're trying to criminalize. And politicize. Every single aspect of his entire presidency. So they never been a concerted attempt like this. To drive a president and leader from office. And were barely four months seem. Of course this is the greatest witch hunt in American history what is this book in which aren't it's nothing but in which I'm. And so then he is asked point blank. Call me makes the allegations now through his surrogates. By the way notice. None of these guys you'll ever come on the record. You phonies you frauds you. Not one not one will put your name and identities. Behind all of these anonymous smears against the president. You know if they really believed what he was doing was so we legal. And obstruction of justice and such a threat to our very democracy how come none of these guys easily curse okay these these vermin. Have the courage and the guts put your name behind it. Resign and put your name behind it instead like a bunch of cowards that they are. Very hide in the shuttle's. And they throw all of these little a bombs and missiles and attacks. These cheap shots and accusations. And insinuations that the president but nobody will put their name to OK but let that go. He's asked point blank. The Komi mammal. Dig you shut down the investigation. Into Mike Flynn page you asked call me. To stop the investigation. Into flame. Trump pulls a Bill Belichick. Roll it. Jaret did you at any time purge former FBI director James call me in any way shape or form to close sort of backed down investigation into Michael Flynn. And also as you know back. No. Next question next question. I mean that's that's the way to do it. That's exactly the way to do it now next question he should've said he's got to be presidential I get it but. Known BS the next question mapped bull you know what next question. That's fine your doesn't matter now my question now Max. But I don't know what's my eyewitness acts. In other words he's starting to kick them around and what is even more remarkable. You you've got to listen to this. Here you have one of the leading Democrats in the senate. Dianne Feinstein. Kaye sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee. She's on CNN she's on MSNBC. She's quoted in the New York Times she's in the Washington Post. And she's finally asked point blank well you know you've got a special counsel. You've got the senate investigating that house investigating. All you guys in this and and congress you Democrats. Are talking about impeachment you want him impeached impeached impeached. But do you have any evidence that there was any kind of a crime. Do you have any evidence that there was any kind of collusion do you have even a scintilla a speck of evidence. She actually is mixed. That there is ups all leave her words. No evidence. In fact she says there's no evidence there's only room source. Who listen to this role it. Jarrett but I could be precise senator and all the it's not access us from the intelligence committee from the Judiciary Committee all the axis you've had. Very sensitive information. So far you've not seen any evidence of collusion is that right. Well it's evidence that would establish that there's collusion they're all kinds of rumors around. They're newspaper stories but that's not necessarily evidence. There's no evidence. Now where we now ten months in. Ten months. Ten months. Federal investigation senate investigation. Hollis investigation. Everybody's investigating. How many leaks how many has there have been. Not one cent to a lot of evidence. When I came to Watergate just to show you the difference after ten months you can look it up don't take my word for it. There were over a dozen people either in jail. Or indicted. Or facing criminal charges. Delusional very bare. But the real scandal. And I've got to give a hat tip I've got to give this hot tip. Former democratic congressmen Dennis Kucinich sheer fact ran for the presidency was a democratic presidential candidate. In 2004. A liberal Democrat was once the mayor of Cleveland then a congressman from Ohio. In Croatia and American may I add but let Doug goal. Was on Sean Hannity on fox. Here is now a liberal Democrat saying there is a massive scandal here. In fact it's the biggest scandal of our time. But it's not trumpet. It has nothing to do with collusion with run or collusion with Russia or ties with Russia. It is now the old in Nikkei two revolt of the fourth branch of government. It is now the Nikkei open revolt of the deep state. Who are now telling us and the entire country. We want America. And we will now destroy this president and you said by what they are now doing through these illegal criminal leaks. And they're naked attempt to drive trump from office. Presents being mortal threat. To this security. Of our republic. And a clear and present danger to the United States who listened to Dennis Kucinich. Say every American should now be concerned. Because they deep state is trying to overthrow. A democratically. Elected president. Roll it. Jarrett how bad is this. Former congressman Kucinich. Well you have a politicization. Of the agency's. That is resulting in leaks from anonymous unknown people. And the intention is to take down a president. Now this is this is very dangerous to America. It's a threat to our republic it constitutes a clear and present danger to arts arts way of life so we have to be asking. What is the motive of these people who is putting these leaks out. Why does somebody come forward and make that charge. Put their name and reputation behind it. Instead of attacking through the media. And they're not substantiate in their position it well we we have to remember there's no our our first allegiance is to our country this isn't about. One president and this is about the political process of the United States of America being under attack. By intelligence agencies. And individuals in those ABC yes as you said there might be some good people and there. But there are certain individuals were the lifers who want to be able to direct the policy of the country. And if the president's fans and our way whether it's a Democrat or Republican that it probably relatively. You go. Bingo. Bingo. Our chairman of play a little bit more army come back from the break because it was an incredibly fascinating interview and to mean just a courageous. Revelation. On his part. Here's a courageous admittance on his part an admission okay which is and he's completely right he calls them lifers. This is the permanent bureaucracy got this let's look. Let's cut to the chase okay as the Germans would say let's put our cards on the table. This is the shadow government this is the career. People within the CIA. The NSA. The FBI. Many of whom more clear democratic hacks. Who now are saying we run this country. And we will decide what is good or what is bad for America. We called the shots. We decide the wars. We decide what wars we fight we decide who we spying on we decide what do we decide whether will be a global as country or not a global this country. Weather will be a superpower or not a superpower what wars we fight what wars we don't fight. And so what they are now doing is they are now openly exposing themselves. By saying this guy is a real outsider. This guy is the true man of the people you can't have that here in Washington DC take him down. Kucinich. Is dead on. He is absolutely. Dead on. The greatest scandal of our time. He's the growth of the national security state. Essentially the growth of big of a shadow police state. And now they are trying to bring down our president of the United States. And what trump is now doing is he is now hunkering down for a long war. And my prediction is this. He weathered this storm during the campaign. He weathered the storm during the primary. I believe he will weather this storm as well. And what we may now be on the verge is an historic transformative presidency. That will bring down not just to the establishment. But much of the deep state itself. Is Dennis Kucinich correct. Does the deep stake now holds a mortal danger. To our republic. And to the security of the United States 6172666868. Is the enemy now within. Your calls next there at WR KEO Phil Boyce at Boston. So goes I don't know luckily enough it did say president trump is under attack by the why I believe that not only bad shot they asked me point out in October of 2006 days that's indeed states. Overrode the decision of President Obama and secretary Kerry Iraq become an agreement rough just. All over and in a ceasefire in Syria they overrode them launched an attack. Against the Syrian military base so this is a problem in our country. We've got to protect our nation here people have to be aware of what's going on we've got to stand up for America now listen to Nevada Democrat Republican. This is about. Getting what's going on in the moment and understanding. That our country itself is under attack from within. 1227. Here on the great WRK though. No that was not Jeff Koon are on Sean Hannity last night although we sounded like Maine. That is former democratic congressman in fact he's a liberal Democrat and anti war. Anti NAFTA he was against a lot of these free trade deals. A mid western Democrat. Dennis Kucinich former congressman former mayor of Cleveland. Corralled Croatian American he's one of us but but let that go all that bad though. Saying it is it is. Their real scandal the real scandal. Is it deep state is now trying to subvert our country and drive a duly elected president from power. Jarrett and you want to weigh in on this. Yeah and you're listening to see images. Reza me there that makes so that you be the perfect FBI director former Democrat back. A former presidential candidate in Atlanta vice president idea for a Democrat. Former presidential candidate. Yeah absolutely given the FBI after Google apps acts up. Trump is now saying that he is his top contender to replace James called me they had the FBI. Is former. Connecticut senator former Democrat. Joseph Lieberman. Good idea bad idea we're gonna discuss that in the next half hour but let me ask you this. Those are we curse. Is it time now for trump to appoint a czar. I'm merging the president. Get a leak occurs are I'm not kidding somebody like Giuliani a former prosecutor. Calling your console yeah airy. Giuliani's Italian he'll mold the meaning of it. And say you're going to be my console area my war can still leery Rudy. I want you you've got full authority full discretion. Hunt down all the leaker is we're gonna firearm and then we're gonna wind item. Is it time now for trump to a goal after the deep state. Who'll win in this death struggle trump. Or the deep state. 6172666868. Your calls that happen. 1235. Here on the great WRKO. OK coming up at one all five you don't want to miss it. Newsmaker interview with former UN ambassador John Bolton. Planned in the next hour. Anthony Weiner and we have. Carlos danger yeah. Pleads guilty. To sending obscene material sexting. With a fifteen year old girl. He was up pled guilty just a while back in now our court in Manhattan he now faces up to ten years in prison. We're gonna discuss that in the next hour that corner country poll question. This sure. Is as follows. Will Carlos danger get jail time. He can get zero years went by you'll find me register as a sex offender or he can get up at ten years. Prosecutors are asking for two years will the judge let Carlos danger off woody slap on the wrist. If you think he's gonna get jail time. Next a letter and in other words yes he's gonna go to prison faxed a letter they the 68680. If you think the judges just gonna do up. A little slap on the wrist in now a little community service you're registered as a sex offender pay a fine blank off. Then Texas in other words no. Nextel letter B to 68680. The poll question as always is powered by bill Kelly financial services. And you can go to If you wanna vote as well. Brittany I'm just curious. I know we're gonna discuss this in the next hour. But what do you think you'd think. You think. The Wiener man is gonna have to do some time I yes. So you would be NA claiming that he has a problem Lyons said that he sacked. However this is currently you know the first time that he's done this'll sexting sang so. I I think he should go to jail for this but you know who knows no really that's the wealthy yeah I think so you think you'll get a year to imprison. Each added more I know we sure and the election is really an obvious sexist kind of for the rest of his life. Good. Good no the only thing I'll get to the next hour but the only thing Timmy is and Hillary walks. Bring that to mean is this guy's gonna maybe end up going a prison. And Hillary walks. I EI EI but I digress we'll get to that in the next hour. Okay let me throw one more log on the fire and I wanna dive into the colts. This war now between dig deep state. Through in coney surrogates with the president trump is now getting really ugly. I mean it's getting vicious it's getting nasty. And pardon the pun it's now getting under the belt. Listen now to this from the Daily Mail. According to one of coal mes are very close friends. Benjamin we it's WI TT ESI over pronouncing it correctly we it is swing it's however you pronounce that. Notice how calm me by the way is now leaking through his France. Clearly doesn't have the guts to actually leak and an all nicked himself. He's now going after the president through his surrogates just to show you what a coward he is but let that go. Now according to a surrogate it's. Call me is now claim think this into this. The exact. He felt extremely embarrassed and humiliated. When trump at a ceremony on January 20. Gay call me a shout outs. And then of course later they had that dinner he talks about how awkward he was a good dinner. And he also claims through his friend that trump just kept calling him and calling him and saying you know MI under investigation Shannon you you won't want to be investigating. Me please tell the media Ahmad being investigated. And so called call me is now alleging through his friends I just couldn't get this guy off the phone. He's literally now accusing the president of being a stalker on the phone. But the president was burning up this phone wind according to his friend. According to comb his friend he just kept calling and calling and calling but now listen this it's gotten even a level lower. He's now insinuating. That trump is a closet homosexual. That trumpets Clark is he's a closet gay. He now through his friend Benjamin wits listen to this. Says that at this January 22 ceremony. Call me felt extremely. Awkward and uncomfortable. And when in fact was unsettled. Not just when trump gave him a special shout out in fact he gives everybody a shot and he points his finger and he shouts out for Chuck Schumer he chuck Suggs. Anybody Jeff Sessions anybody who's there hey hey hey but anyway let that go. Combing then claims. That trump moved in for rate quote long giant hug. And that according took home mean. The hug. Really made him feel extremely. Uncomfortable. And then he refused to reciprocate. Meaning wink wink. It was almost there are sexual implications. Or. I got about buying back. I gotta be moved Danny was kind of lingering in the way he was pressing up against the end I think the guys attracted to me and I just cannot. Pushed him often. No I. I'm not saying any saying I'm just saying I think there's some kind of something short of sexual going on what him something Psycho sexual. Going on with trump. Brittany I wanna ask you this. When you read that story okay well let me ask you did you get the same impression of it just seems like he's simulating that trump. It's seen 'cause like a homosexual thing for kolbe. Can't pay it seems like call me feels as blow hole. Trump is like kind of sat there like had an obsession almost that is constantly calling hand. But. I don't off you saw the video or not but I just feel like it's just trumped. You know you've madam I've madam when you meet him and he greets I feel like. Like you know the Italians creed and yes my Hoggan a little kiss on the cheer whatever your stats but he does. It's he does that in this video where he shakes commie CNN brings a man to like him a little you know Hogg or a little like kiss on the cheek. I don't I don't think that it's weird irony saying that in evidently call me doesn't think that's okay. Well let me ask you this though I mean when you read that story did you get the sense he was implying. John at the weighty phrase did Jack like maybe like Trump Plaza was not sure all so homosexual tendencies he has a thing and I just did I just don't know how you would get that you felt disgusted out of handshake and a hi Dennis semi hug at Arizona where. I don't know it's very strange. Look I'm tough I mean this is how dirty and vicious it's getting so listen to this now now the guy. Now now he's he he he's a closet homosexual. Now the one of the reasons why he. He had feelings towards call me. He want to approach call mean kind of groped call me nimby grabbed him by his speech a different beat but trying to grab him by his feet. And then before you know he got fired. So they guy. That the liberals were saying all he's a womanizer he's a full Lander where he's a ladies man he's just groping women left to right and senator. Now all the narrative well he goes both ways. Now he's a closet term. Now is a closet guy he just a controlled sulfur on a guy like call me. I mean this I. This. This is the guy in the media is trying to Telesis some kind of a national hero. This is how desperate they are now getting. You know it's true Tucker Carlson said. Extremism. In the pursuit of trump is no place. Any smear any slander. I think you only thing left and they're gonna go there believe. Trump visited a farm. They were gold sum that far trumpet and toward relations with the colts. But that's that's next exit that sit there and they're gonna go there give it about another week. Here's my prediction. You can see what's going on. Call me. Didn't want his reputation. To be known that he was a complete incompetent before them. And so he's trying to justify that he was fired Mike claiming it's because he stood up to trumping he's Eliot mess and he's mr. incorruptible. What he's doing is he's trying to save his public reputation. To get himself a book deal. He's gonna ride a bestselling book I guarantee that you don't mind war whoever's gonna title it okay. And then he's gonna go on. And he's gonna go on MSNBC. And CNN. And Alba Chu CNN or MSNBC. Are gonna reach out to me said why don't should be like our I don't know our legal affairs analyst. Our national security affairs analyst so to get a multimillion dollar book deal. He's gonna get paid to be Eric sort of talking head on cable mule is and maybe even Nam. After the book deal comes a movie deal. This is all about James combing. Period full stop CJ in Boston go ahead CJ. Thanks for taking my call I don't want that there's any troops would move the robot did. But that was one award in the liberals want a nominee but he Wiener next the Acura. Well. On our if you'll the issue of this special up our secure. I think the weight trump can neutralize these people the people that did try to do it in my office. Is it to go to Jeff Sessions accession appoint a special prosecutor. To reopen that clip email aged files the Serb equipment foundation. And I think the basis that would be I believe Kobe did make that statement. That it someone abused the power of those emails. By transferring. Our our secret in the nation over that Serb that they may have been treated differently. So I think that's Kuwait workflow. For our route before the president. To our response. To this special prosecute up. Or is looking into nothing more than a which. You're dead on a very good call thank you for that call CJ you can text us 68680. This is from 603 Jeff may be trump should turn it around. This call me a homophobic. I. 133 Jeff wears the LG BTQ community. Because if a conservative said this the liberal to be calling MM and her are homophobic racist. This is for com 617. Jet this should make trumpet a year old a national hero he's the first homosexual president. A. I mean you couldn't make this stuff out. Tom in New Jersey. Hall my friend how are you O. Guess sooner. I wish just all lots of red Blake blew. It's go ahead my friend page just by that three point you know Friday question yes. Get the mall called my number one. Here's what I wanna see Donald Trump do he has to continue to buy Japanese conservatives. Are writers. George Bush was seeking human punching bag for eight years we're not going down that road again. I want his media team to become the truth trump. Truth tellers cleaning up the left wing liars in the media I wanted to issue a daily briefing. Citing all the major media outlets. The inaccuracies. And Hawaii's in reporting. And he can take a lot of that Burton walked peace shoulders. And it'll be acceptable to the American people perceive the inaccuracies. In allies point to. Donald Trump. Go to the Middle East walk lightly and carry a big stick I don't know about dirty Harry jets. But I wanna see him carry a big stick. And and old COLT shot stare because we are the leaders of the free world last but not least. Bibi Netanyahu. Is our friend. Do what we do what you promised on the embassy just. Are your debt on Tom neared you're dead on. Look trumpet is mum at least for now not gonna move the US embassy to Jerusalem he should. I think there's no question about that you know who know and the Russians. Are moving the Russian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Like I can't believe I'm saying this but the Russians are actually showing more leadership in the Middle East now than we are but let that go this second point. He's going to be delivering a major speech nor Obama kind of did like a speech to the Muslim world. Trump is gonna be delivering a major speech to the Muslim world when he's in Saudi Arabia. I hope he rakes them over the coals. And lectures them. About the evils of radical Islam. And then it's time for the Muslims to clean up their own act. 61720666868. More if you WR JAL. Mariah sin for us then go ahead lure us. From. Just call me is the word at all and it's a question that he needs that yes sir I'll and I'll let out what they're about Dennis Kucinich. I don't always agree with him politically but I'd always see in the immigrant decent honorable person. That tries civil rights then. And it's online. And he's right out of my goodness he has the guts to come out and they had. Because let's face. These avenue and an assist in the Democratic Party and it's slowly a crop also rhinos and Republican Party. But he whose idea that the university and college Arafat slows. Also the Japanese women and elsewhere that upset before. No Donald Trump. Well hello all won't ever survive this they'll consider us their goal originally going to analyze a lot of billions and don't talk about glass that's what Charlie does around. Everything all right and that's why you're right and wild world an agent in every everything they try to joke. That this kind of span everything and we just have to fight back in every way that we now. Brilliant. You know the rest look this series this is our last stand. The day you're right this has been going on now for fifty years has been getting worse and worse and worse. And now the deep state they shadow government the fourth branch whatever you wanna call it's out of control. It's out of control. It got really bad after the Patriot Act. And now they have become so Wimbledon so powerful. They are now looking to knock him out. And so what you're seeing now it's a death struggle to fight to the death. Either trump destroys his enemies where they destroy him. So it's gonna come to a head. And that's why get ready my friends because this is gonna be one mother battle and believe it or not. The one guy to fight it. The one guy who stuff enough brave enough feisty enough determined enough. Frankly even a little crazy enough in other words just I don't care throw caution to the wind. Is Donald. So I was the deep state guys a fiery you you better go for his stroked. Because if you don't finish him off you're going down. John in Dorchester go ahead John. And yup well I haven't spoken to since Torbor. Welcome John what's on your mind not to worry that Calgary is just over the hill. They're located in 31 red states. Would 300 plus electoral votes. And the DP data in the reply in the group of. Can Ryan knows and those who led. Killing them resistant. Who are up for reelection in 2018. And 2020. Either senators in the House of Representatives by their actions their deeds or there silence. That a worry about two incumbency. Because this same people that voted Donald Trump into office in those traits of them to be voting program. The faces a legal cocaine and. Bingo. Look I gotta tell you I think this impeachment talk. This such obvious naked attempt to overthrow him and drive him from office I think it's gonna boomerang against them. And along the mid terms are gonna be held in those states like the senate seats that are going to be up in some of those key races. Are going to be in those big red states that he won. Let me ask all of you this is you do you see the difference what's going on within Washington and in the heartland. What do you think the percentage of the vote the trump got in Washington DC take a guess. Think it yes Britney let me ask you pick it yes. Digger yes. I don't know. 10%. 10% and a half percent 5%. 0%. 4%. That tells you everything you need to know. 4%. Of Washington voted for trump it went Hillary over in 91. Freak in percent. So it's a democratic town or run by Democrats controlled by Democrats. Rabid and he never charm birds. He came in to waive hall style city. And that's what they're trying to do they are trying to take him down he may be weak in DC. He may be thin on top but he is strong and heavy on the ground. And that's why if they don't take him out now. This may blow up in their face by the time the mid terms come around just my opinion Jerry in Cape Cod go ahead Jerry. Get good afternoon that particular call it a country is the best on her. Jeff what rocking back in 1990 for a minute but to the stake that would George H. W. Bush start talking about the new world order yes. That is the key state in the world go to we're living it now called B defector. Now we've got both follow the trail the money just. Howard that he was worth. And a network of 206000. Dollars and 2002. And 2012. With 34 million dollars according to its financials with closures. IBM. Equipped Verizon in L Emerson Electric Microsoft Qualcomm AT&T apple forbids it is. Except he was General Counsel who put Lockheed Martin which he's here Jeff. He's a crook. He's a croc he's a creature of the military industrial com.