DOJ to charge Julian Assange?

Kim & VB discuss the DOJ and how they are gearing up for potentially charging Julian Assange for leaking 8,000 of their documents. CIA Director Pompeo calls Wikileaks a "hostile intelligence service".


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URG you know the voice of Boston. You. 6:34 on our Friday morning good morning everybody. Hope that your. Last day of the week is off to a good start there are talks that the Justice Department is now considering charges against. Members of a week leaks including its leader Julian Assange which is a departure from the last administration's. Moves when he came do we keep league's. I'm it would. There's a memo being drafted that is god bless you god bless you again this proposing. These charges it's gonna have to go to the highest levels of the Justice Department before any kind of charges might be brought. Interest in VB when you. When you look at hype the attorney for Julian Assange has to say about the possibility he says it. Here they should be looked at like any other journalists and that there just uncovering information. Like any journalist would. And he can't imagine what the charges might be. Mom. So I'm putting up a poll question at the be the wise right now your thoughts on joining us on today's criminal be easy hero slash journalists we've both. I'm day I've told you this I would you know. Are about truth. In information getting out and I do think there's some upside to what he's done but ultimately I don't think it's the Bible that he's a criminal I mean the Chelsea Manning case in particular. What does Sandra have you believe is that periodically. As he sits there in the Ecuadorian. City that the debt packet Cho walked in the US. Legal remains problem. It's just unbelievable what I'm seeing them. But in the Manning case we we know or at least the government has led us to believe that. He was specifically telling Manning what to go after what to get for him. And make sure you get stuff on the United States government. That's a little different way he would have you believe he's a passive player in this whereas the government would have you believe he is a much more active predatory choir. And I tend to believe the latter and as such then he's got to be prosecuted doesn't. Each pull it seems to be what this is all about as the way in which this information is collected great and if you're collecting it illegally. Then that differentiates. You from the average journalist who might be getting it through word of mouth and sources who may be our car. Leaking things illegally but. To me it I think it's so much about the collection and I think that's where. He is not your average journalist but I'm telling you his attorney says a democracy thrives because they're independent journalist reporting. On what it is that the government is doing. So what I know from you six or 7666868. X 8680 its attacks line. Julian Assange a criminal or is he just a journalist who's doing. A great job of informing people about what the government is doing. Our look back in Gaza historian you look back at some of these court cases in years. Try to think about you know at the time this must have been extremely count. Like for example let's let's go all the way back but John Adams decides I'm gonna take on the you know the red coats and 1775. And defend them for The Boston Massacre kept. Extremely. Controversial. Extremely complicated but as you look back on it there's so much to look at and so much to glean and so many different opinions to get. If Assange ever stood trial that trial would be that for hundreds of years true. I mean he is such a controversial in unclear figure. In that trial would be so murky in their words beast so many different layers to what is going on there. And through what. The government would not want to Kamal what Assange would want to come out what Assange wouldn't want you to know. What would be allowed legally right how you could hover at. They're there is a lot to such trial your right and whether you can actually get him back here would to be part of that but it. I think that part of it would be fascinating I just don't like the real time part of it actually because I don't know. The damage that could be done from Julian is on trial I don't know risk reward right whether that's worth it right. 6172. 66686868680. Is attacks line. Dean dean. Obama administration never went after him because this because they don't like dark shirt well that's it yeah casually out with a BS legal tried to come up with a legal. Angle you know claiming really for all intents and purposes. Almost what the attorneys saying that it was difficult to go after him for the us for the journalistic reasons. By the Justice Department now apparently is looking edit and sees it differently. I don't know if that charges lover come down to. You think this Justice Department will go after a big rock or early or is he change him when Pompeo made those statements that. You know you you got an idea that this administration has talked about this. And they are they airlock step I don't think anybody's defendant number. Com. It would it would have been interesting had just come out before the pseudo press conference yesterday. To get trump to weigh in on it right what he would have said. 1770 not seventy and 75 thank you 617. I've might my first knowledge of the it was 1775. Hours before the (%expletive) up I'm a yes that would have been very interesting to see what he would've said their my guess is he would have said similar to what Pompeo has learned. The guy has gone against our country and in. Severely damaged our country you're sessions has been fairly clear on this type of stuff. When you make this statement you've got to be a rule of law as well you have laws against what he's done. And if you violent little cause you have to prosecute them. Do is our taxes are sayings easy hero nothing more nothing less. You can be that way but as a government it's it's a lot more complicated than them and you can say look the truth is all that matters here. That's it's a lot more complicated than that well again I think it. Date issue and in my understanding of what the Justice Department would be going after would be the way in which the information was gleaned vs the information and for those who don't care about that I guess they see him as a hero but. For me. That there are laws and there are rules related to. How big government and and releasing information and secrets some things are classified. And cannot be released or met not to be released and if he's gone about getting hold of that. In illegal ways that's against the law. And so he's gonna have to be you know I I want them to prosecute I want them to stop that. I'm all for news organizations getting information and forcing the government to be transparent. But it has to be done appropriately. A that was that was what the deal Obama administration tried to say this would be cute to prosecuting these organizations say could do it. 857 big trumps support your but I support Assange to bits on attacks line it succeeded and succeeded. That that's an interest in one's right. And ultimately you're gonna have to choose what a great team trumpet your team Assange I think jab at the president was a team that Assange guy to that's why it was interesting and I do you wanna know team Manning guy once upon a time I mean no. Fought an owl that's tough yeah well as I things change in allegiance is changing. Name me he. You will change or dime as we well know one out on the east team Assange now another Texas says what. Just say at five away just say it info collective legally make someone a criminal. Yeah the followup to that is it but sometimes the info collected shows others to be criminal raped and so in that case what you would look for here is like a USFL kind of thing. Yeah of course the NFL coated and yes you were young wrongdoers have Fella and saw NFL you're gonna have to write them a check for three dollars. And that's what do so with school war with the songs right we know the risk using you're gonna make him a much bigger hero than he otherwise might be. Going forty if you put him on trial do you want to. That what one of the carrot stick that these think that but I think Italy in the eyes of those who think what he's done he's OK at any cost right. They think when you put it on a trial you're going URL is. How he's gone about it and and the risks W I don't know what that is you don't know what what he's picked and chosen and what he hasn't revealed in that may then come out there true knows that's true. But you'll also may be as simple as what we thought we got put him on trial we gotta get him so that this stops. The right just in the short term right if they can't give a suicide is do we crippled the WikiLeaks networking and does do is. Does that slow the process of this information getting out and if so that's ultimately what you're worrying here in it would appear this administration says it's enough for a well. What the administration is weighing right now I think because it hasn't been decided it has to be decided where as we said at the highest levels of Justice Department there's allegedly a more low. Suggesting these charges. Should be brought forth AMP these charges are valid. Six or 726668668680. Is a text like do you think that Julian a shot Assange should be charged. Would you like to see him charged or you think he's a hero. Boston's talking about it here at WRKO morning show which GM and DV. Six or 726660. Mid sixties on a retarded but Julian Assange we don't forget US officials are. Preparing charges for him and wanna bring him back him stand trial that perhaps. Rescuers on hero or is he a criminal who should stand Telluride. George Orwell's one of those guys and instead quotes that were asked you noted and as a rule is still in the fifth time text or. Reminds me of the one and I'm trying to find it to so many people are waiting in the he's a hero that to the screens keeps keeps scroll on down. Am. Journalism. Is publishing things that people don't want published anything other than that. Is just public relations. That home that speaks to this case in on one side of right. But what you do what would Orwell didn't say and getting the information. Illegally detaining you illegally. Makes you a hero he didn't say that John is in Brockton good morning jog your WRKO. Good morning you know I don't backer plus lets you Wiki it's either there or not don't we're entered the court sixteen minutes student actually saw on. An executive. At that and employ at least some interpretation that the executive wives doing something scarier eighty breaking some sort of you know walk out of won't. I treating employees or wait at least sexual harassment Pete V it investigative reporter would be yellow. But it doesn't cover millions property. That is the world what's votes be turned over to the appropriate party probably yeah. Potential the larger picture which I always were really part eight. Which it has been so easy to crack the issue that governments is to get that sensitive information out. That's I think that's the bigger problem. Yeah have a couple guys forty information. Jitters gentleman that you react quarter and the seats and he's posting all this stopped. So you know I go back and forth with it but I'm concerned. The security of our sense of information. It is very reachable if you and I are hearing just that's. Stratton strapped to the darker the one thing I do achieve go to war. With the VA hospital in Western Europe and used or how bad it's want it you know it's it's a hundred times war. Yeah I mean I'm would you John in that. At that I'm I have mixed emotions I don't see him as a hero by any means because I think he's done this for purposes. That are not for the better good bit more about Julian Assange had never thought that he did this because he was you know trying to just be transparent. So I have a hard time calling him a hero. I do think there's a lying yet dig to define. And it is interesting you know what is journalism verses what is just leaking and you information. That's classified. The president said earlier this year. You know sometime we're talk about highly classified information and in other cases we're talking about. John Podesta seem bad stuff about his boss. I think there's a lot of rain I you know and I think. Did the Justice Department right now is trying to figure out where he has crossed the line where recent teen and becomes illegal. And I would argue that I don't want them crossing the line in obtaining things that are illegal that put people at risk. I'm all for transparency and can't look at us to stop or you could hacking into the the DNC and those kinds of things I don't think hurt anything but. In the end some some classified information could be. Detrimental. 603 can somebody answer this is Julian Assange an albino. I don't believe he is not so I think he has blonde hair blonde that is on why I think but I don't know enough about them. I'm letting it or I get why that would bother you 603 and nine. I think. If you got a bit scratchy so if you've been wondered for a year and you just felt like that was some sort of politically incorrect and asked. I'm glad yeah well I'll say this G I don't think he's an albino let me take one of not getting right now number one his eyes although they're hard to see but number two. She's mustache. That hair is all still war alone or darker. An albino I don't think would have any kind of dark here his eyebrows. Those are all still dark of the date of any kind of five dark here at all like that Lisa Waltham good morning. Leave their. I didn't ranks or get out there wondering about the jury. Let all of that going our. Okay and and and it goes from Hillary Clinton always out there are all these people that have really really well and betrayed the United States. I would ever feel a lot that Doug contract accelerate our XP and what I you know like in your guards jail. That. I okay oppose stop mr. OOK. Got that little cut out or opt all the good bike in the help the court not because. Eight joy here it's. OK it is not clear a great group. What do you really you know we we may try to act how bout cop Q what do you get to achieve party. That they got a real people out here. Juliet I really hope to try and help our people and we're gonna get this for the lecture at collapsing. At an early part is cool it's right. And it collapsed there are. Well thought out are expelled well I elect Barack secretary there were a college where I doubt there are glad when that bill. Your throat is going all but there are a bit they go. What Leo well what's right out let it go straight let people or screwing up our country our recovery I don't care what. But yeah at all. I don't believe I can tell you this I don't think that's gonna happen I don't think of one of the people that you just mentioned is going to jail. Only the promise you're what you what you're saying there is there. This government is telling you Julian Assange directly. Is affecting their ability to. Get their government and our Hoover and the reason and is. Best case scenario for Assange east's. You know subliminally encouraging people to be subversive. The turn there at their argument is it's not even subliminal he is directly asking them. To be a spot or two duo. Give up information that they have sworn to not give up. And because this administration is gonna gray green session set and again yesterday trumpet is said it many times. You heard Pompeo talk about it but the leaks are the real problem. And if you believe that in this administration does regardless of whether you believe it lead or not. They say the bigger threat is not so much of the information that's out there it is the fact that the leaking is going on because you can't govern because no one knows what they can trust no one knows what they can put riding. No one believes. Any oath that people are taking a no one knows who they can trust and if you can trust no one. Within those. Highly classified Rome's bright woman what are we going so if it's dodges the one that is storing that drink. And it should there there arguing unity absolutely is. Yeah yeah you've got to prosecution guy. Well like you said this government is turning out now how difficult it is to govern under these circumstances perfect example that is what happened back in March when they. They revealed. That we had the ability to convert telephones in TVs in microwave. Had. You know I mean we knew we near the guy who's driving the ship. That's not the kind of information that you want out. No six 97 at putting a sergeant prison is like putting the person or maybe anti Muslim video imprisoned. Not really not enough already risen any anti Muslim video guy had nothing to do with anything that it happened in our world. Assange is planning to do with things that are happening in the world again. Don't believe what you think you know about Julian is sergeant in this will come out if there ever a trial or whatever but. The government is telling you that he specifically was telling Chelsea Manning what to get how to get it in where to bring it. That is not just sitting idly by angle on oh what he look at this I guess I should publish this because I just found his anonymously. He was much more of an active participant in if he was then he clearly was breaking US law and I don't know why you're so willing to. Like look the other way on the edge is because you like the outcome that that's our and again transparency is one thing but if you're if you're collecting that information illegally then. It's wrong and you should be charged.