Does Colin Kaepernick have a right to be in the NFL?

Colin Kaepernick accuses the NFL of colluding to keep him out of the league. 


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He's cost his morning show. Kevin VP. NW RJ AL. And upn Phillies unanswerable question as we speak who wins. In the capital of grievance tapper and after the NFL. Yeah I'm I'm I am anxious to see what people think. Let the other territories in I mean this morning hey Tony good morning. Good morning back from like taking my call your column. I do believe that. The owners I don't know collusion necessarily but I think they've kind of made the decision America connectors and what toxic and I do think they have a right to do that for instance I would think the same thing if you had an NFL. Quarterback that wasn't. You know an all star like a lesson for life cannot you know like our connectors not that great quarterback and he wore. And the person wearing white supremacist. Or they really had white supremacist. Leanings. I think in the L owners would take the position. We're not gonna we don't want I'm actually because you know even though we can play. That's gonna really hurt us in our in our view Amman stadium with Indiana south. Now it's on the other well it's actually on all sides but the point he has. That apple has a right there almost have a right to do that they expect the player Martin definitely. Is going to be a Democrat and what what it like you can't fake to make their business session. And then secondly why is an NFL players' union. You know going to bat for cap and I'm not quite sure what the union itself isn't you know pressing this issue. Didn't they say yeah yes they they. Then just heard it instead we you know we're here for him in whatever he wants from us were happy with sister some generic version right but. They're part of it is his cabinet wants to roll on the outside now. Can happen between here you do is you can see how this would play out where. Can't predict brings in a bunch of players who say. Yeah he's one of the 32 best people to do this in the in the country. He should be playing it's hard to see with the NFL's junior players one minute and he socks he shouldn't be you know because I've heard from anybody. The league is gonna say is this a difference between we don't want him on our team and actually saying we colluded. Tutu or do business again one thing that's gonna hurt him is that the ravens. Depending on what you believe and answer the ravens were going to sign him until Lee's wife Slough or girlfriend put out that tweet. You know but quitting and they're. Comparing it to slavery some version thereof plantation. What is collusion while the ravens gonna sign them. Sold so that's an argument against the argument for is Tennessee win. Margaret scenario goes down can't predict they run the exact same system cavern is the only guy and it could run it. Some could argue better than merry auto what at least to that level and they didn't even bother. They went to some nobody you immediately took a couple of files because they're terrible without a mobile quarterback. And any anyone on any or an emeritus under normal circumstances they would have signed tapper back obviously. What one things that would happen here is the arbitrator has to decide. Does the NFL have an obligation or aid. Must they hire somebody just because there were the best person for that job skill right and the answer is no. So then they overarching we say but. The political reasons. You you weren't yours to do whatever that the margin is where cap predicts better but he's only slightly better or he's grossly banner. Is that outweighed by this political thing in the league clearly doesn't want any part of this and you're you it's very core. It is very Corey Chris is in framing him sorting good morning. Morning. I it is talked about so lightly outlook to stop the cabernet. That elegant very tense time as he showed up at practice with big. It is police uniforms socks while Dallas republic will be literally assassinated. I'm good at it chimed in your background must be sensitive to what cabinet but he took me just. I'm pretty sure on the one snapper nick has no well yeah drag couple weeks ago you mentioned like. I'll police. And that the Lara and two from that situation as well which is probably true but it. On day wearing no socks Walt Walt people's and we didn't think you just by civil servants out trying to live their life. Nothing to do with the political crap that goes dark. He he drove a wedge and anyone can edit sympathetic towards them it is lot Marta market. You know one of these are you gonna get into it always is just like the skill. More wins NFL what is the NFL ever kept somebody out of the lead that was otherwise squat so Pacman Jones would be the perfect example like. Almost every team a list. Japan has no apparent that you can do it that you still wouldn't all the ala what if you. Released at a prison if you live in a liberal state and watching someone after we could do legal right back into the NFL because. Well that's right that's happened but we yeah I was as well that's had a hand right Pacman jones' happen and it it generally happens with the league will take in everybody the only one I can't think of that it is in his Ray Rice. In pretty much uniformly people say that ray rice's Gilles had diminished to a level where he might not have been in the league yet for another year anyway. Quarterback is a different position I've Daryn how well the speaker at. If Tom Brady went down they brought cap and again I'd turn the TV doppler some of until it was up. I'll look that's but that's occidental right there Christians you know arrest in the right crux but on the flip side if Aaron Hernandez had gotten out of jail would and the patriots re signed him would you watch patriots. No validation not there that would have been ridiculous. Murder is out inside police thugs. Not a home bought him a week and in the league should be universally against they have a candle thing all in the pat maybe if I only get one right. But cabinet are your I've committed no crime my government charged with a crime and and I've never been suspended in the lead global and I had a fairly good new year at least numerically in the last you have played clearly wanna play teams. Teams clearly I'm good enough the owner of the ravens clearly thought I was good enough because he was going to sign me. Until there was a social reason that they didn't. For me I've ruling against him just because hey. There are no guarantees in life it's not always the best person they just they gig. There's a number of factors and every industry. As to why someone gets the job in someone doesn't get the job and sometimes life's tough and you got to pound sand. We get to college not everybody gets in are pretty even though people qualified in Ann Arbor I tried not only are pathetically but personally. And so all manner. Results well yeah I mean hate and Yang soon though. Cap predicts beef is that you know he did something that's within his rights to do what he believes and now they're keeping him out. I would argue that it's. You know I'm just putting out what I think his beeps are I personally can understand why these teams would. Not have wanted to take him on infect I'm shocked that. As many spoke to him for as long as they did and got as close as they did. I think it stinks that there were they very possibly dig collude and make the decision that they wanted to amount of the league but having said that. I think he's gonna have to if these would be very very hard to prove that I think he's adding it's a very subjective situation that they can. Easily say if the tennis ownership came to their own conclusion that did the issues he causes is not worth having him on the team. That's their prerogative of other owners. Called Tennessee and say hey we like Bonnie Blair called and said we hear you're thinking about put right our time we need to keep him out of the league that's pollution yes sir I mean Tennessee there's no question cabinet was a good fit Darren and in that comedian hapless there's no question that he would be better there. The Jacoby percent or any Scott tolls dean is no question. So how many of those got to be there before you say well something has to be going on. But unless you can prove something's going on your guy I have trouble. And as a private industry why don't they have the right to keep him out of they don't want imminent. I mean why don't they have the right. Mean one could argue that a private bid bid the price date. You know I'll film making whatever this weekend made the decision. That they don't want Harvey Weinstein and now he's not been charged of a crop with a crime yet. He's not if they just don't want him in they voted they made that decision mean it. What so why does the NFL owe him a position in the air south. That's their argument I write agree and I I don't anybody is or anything just because your best frank doesn't mean you get to go in I mean. There's a reason why Bo Jackson wasn't picked high because they thought he might not play or you might get arts as some teams stay away from hygiene and in some ways called cap and it's a little bit like Bill O'Reilly and that. Yeah you can argue whether or not he we he was the best of what he did. The network was making money off the show anymore and that's what he's gone. Not it was a what he said Rudy did Iraq Basra and making money that's right elevated I didn't want to just make money I don't mind being called a full bowl win youths and didn't making your point that I'm a fool me yourself out to be a fool I must call you out of business via text or is that I want to send you guys are fools. He lost his job to Blake bore holes before you this happened he Sox. Why is that foolish. Paula cabinet never played for the Jacksonville Jaguars he didn't lose your job to Blake bore holes you've got the wrong guy. Now a days so he he totally I don't reward him the job Jacksonville always. Supposedly taken how does liking. The guy you are already down who's the guy that you Lofton I think for a period of time. Well thanks for saying that Al pull up in the price they got yeah he lost the job to not write like morals so while I may be a fool. You do a great job with your. If you're making that case Dextre by proving yourself as well because you don't. Grasp on the secure ultra high and is a very adjusting one's I I do because everybody agrees that he's better than some people that are currently doing the position. No no I did do is there a guarantee that he has to have a job just because he's better than them there isn't. But what does your gut tell you was to whether his collusion there. My gut tells me there is pollution so that's where it is looser and Gary. Might not my bit but again my gut also says to me so why is that wrong. Why can the league not decide as unified front that they don't want him legally to what where is it still needed. Is that. If you are capable of playing in the NFL they you will play in the bud Bob Kraft can't tell the Arizona Cardinals on a run their reason why because I well because they are collusion comes and OK I have an undue fall where they but they go and they votes. As owners they vote on rules regulations which makes a determination Bob Kraft helping make a determined not to put my agent also points. Arizona aren't heard and let's say Indianapolis or Tennessee did to Jesus. They would otherwise assigned a much because they feel pressure to be ostracized and all organization they went along with that actually happened. That's going to be tough to prove in Blaine Gabbert sanctions.