Do you still believe that President Trump was spied on? 3/17/17

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Friday, March 17th

Yesterday the Senate House Intelligence Committee came out and said there is no evidence in the wire-tapping claims. The media is jumping all over the Trump administration about the wire-tapping claims. Do you still believe that President Trump was spied on?


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106 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Sean Spicer and the media. They almost comparable always I mean it was it got nasty. Over now growing pressure on trough to retract his claim. That's the Obama regime had been spying on him during the campaign. And at trump tower. But before we get into that says it's a Friday at Saint Patrick's Day let's have a little bit of fun my friends. Listen to a little bit more of chief Crazy Horse James spreading bowl Elizabeth Warren. Which Sharma and sick daddy on channel seven exclusive hat tip to them. Where now she asks of the chief after first asking her what what you know what have you done for the people of Massachusetts. Well I've you know I've cut up the prescriptions. OK so no I got a goal back two or three times. For let's say painkillers. And I get charged when a call pay every time so I mean you just screwed me even more but let that go. And the Green Line and the seawall and say that you are so okay outside of that. That's all that's what the chief has done a seawall in situated and basically made everybody's life more inconvenient book a deficit in a match up. Sold bench she's asked point blank. When I got to give charm and security credit Chester very good question. People say you're just grandstanding. You're just doing all of this to augment your national profile. Because ultimately your goal is to run for president in 21. Listen. To achieve spreading bulls response. Roll it Jared. Many of your supporters. Want him to run for president in 20/20 base CU as the future of the parties are you so look. I am not. Focused on Donald Trump's second term I'm focused on Donald Trump's first term and what we do right now. I got an election coming up at 28 taking I will be running for re election. As the senator from Massachusetts and then it's like a privilege when I was pregnant and something you ever. If not. No this is. What really do we like fine she's. I. But I do is I just fight. Yeah the line your pockets all your very good fighting to mix the line your pockets Jeep. Notice. She didn't say she's not running for president. She says well I just space what you say is the obvious I got to win reelection. I've got a real action to worry about who wink wink. And then we'll talk about wanting to wanting. So it's obvious. I got to use the people of Massachusetts. One more time. I got to shake come down. One more time like I did and Harvard like I did when I was a house flipper like I've done my entire career. I need one more call on. Did Ben get into the big game in two point one wouldn't do what I find it funny. I mean I she sold transparent to mean it's not even funny. So we're gonna find out what's gonna happen in next year's going to be obviously very critical. But I gotta tell you right now if her answer if this is the best what have you done for the people of Massachusetts. If all she can say is the Green Line extension. Sea walls and situated. And I cut up prescriptions. She's gone down. But that's your record that's hit the center will take perceive the chief. I'd even think of BS artists like you could pull it off even by your standards I don't think you can pull this one off. Okay my friends now speaking of B yes. The liberal media is now eyeing mean on lowering. On Donald Trump and Sean Spicer. For Trump's tweets a couple weeks ago. That Obama and his administration. Had wire topped what he really meant was obviously surveil him were spying on him. Jury in the campaign. And even while he was president elect trump. And so now the long knives are out. And in particular. The media is jumping all over him for an interview that he gave two nights ago with Tucker Carlson. In which Tucker Carlson. I asked him point blank and it's a very legitimate question. He asked him point blank. Well when you owe me dose tweets accusing the president of having essentially spied on you. What evidence did you have to back it up. Listen now. To Trump's response. To Tucker Carlson's question roll it. Jerry how did you find out is that I just found out I'm Elena I've been reading about things I read it and I think it was January 20 to New York Times article where they were talking about wiretapping. There was an article I think he is inexact term. I read other things I watched your friend red hair and is the day previous where he was talking about. Certain very complex a sense of things happening. And wiretapping as it were meant as a lot of wiretapping being talked about. So in other words illegals onto also mentioned the New York Times. So basically what he's saying is I saw on television. I listened to red bear. I saw his reports are read the reports the New York Times where they kept saying repeatedly. The you know that Obama administration or the Justice Department the FBI or whoever. Had been wiretapping. Trumps associates during the campaign and even after the election. Date published story after story after story so basically saying he got it from the media. To which event Tucker Carlson made the obvious. Follow up whoa whoa whoa. Your president of the United States. You know you're not Jewish Joe Schmo now not just the wealthy billionaire here actually that the commander in chief. How come we didn't pick up the phone. And let's say called your CIA director Mike Pompeo. Or whoever's at the head of the NSA or James combing or whoever and say is this true. I can. I need to and all you can you can investigate and let me know by the end of the day. Who listened to Trump's answer to Tucker Carlson. Roll it. Jarrett. So a lot of people thought that was plausible to believe you you're the president you're in charge of the agencies require every intelligence agency reports do you. Why not immediately go to them and gather evidence to support that. Because I don't want to do an thing that's going to violate any strength of an agency you know we have enough problems and by the way with the CIA just want people to know. The CIA it was hacked and a lot of things taken that was during the Obama years that was not doing class that was doing the Obama situation Mike Pompeo is there now doing a fantastic job. But. We will be submitting certain things. And I will be perhaps speaking about this next week but it's right now before the committee and I think I wanna leave it to have a lot of confidence why not wait. So in other words. He says he's got more information and it's gonna come out probably over the next week or two. He's gonna make public statements on it in other words trust means there's more to come. Now. That already ignited a media firestorm because they're saying man. He doesn't seem to be saying that there's heart intelligence. Or people from the intelligence community or the Justice Department or the FBI have given them hard evidence. What he seems to be saying is. I got it on fox I read in the New York Times I read it multiple media reports. So now. He is his his critics his opponents as enemies in the democratic media. Now they think they sense blood. And to add insult to injury. The House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee as well as Paul Ryan all Ryan. They went and they claim that they looked at the intelligence. And they say well what we've been shown so far. Quote on quote Ryan was very strong on this point. Ryan Orion always look at a stick the knife then. There's no evidence. That Obama wiretapped trump there's no evidence for any of these wiretapping planks. So. Yesterday at the White House briefing. Jonathan Karl. Who leads the cascade. Of attacks. From V a corrupt mainstream. Media the fake news media. Saying shouldn't the president now retract. Shouldn't the president apologized to Obama. Did the president not make all of this up. Roll it. Jerry are you saying that the president still stands behind his allegation. That President Obama ordered wiretapping surveillance. Trump tower despite the fact it. The Senate Intelligence Committee says they see that's indication that happens to your I still don't want to personally he stands by but he get your mischaracterize what happened today the senate no I know I don't think that Hitler's. I understand that. And it. At the same time they acknowledge that they have not and and in contact with the Department of Justice so that the AD and again I go back tourists at the beginning it's interesting read Poland and Poland it's interesting how the same time where when you come into the defense of that same intelligence committee and those members when they said there was no connection eruption. You didn't seem to reported that. There was no so you want. Corroborate their Jarrett on this point Sean Spicer is 1000%. Correct. You see what the media is deliberately failing to report in fact they're deliberately suppressing. Is that the very same Senate Intelligence Committee that very same House Intelligence Committee and here's the key. Even though former head of former Director of National Intelligence number James clapper clapper had. All of them came out and said we have no evidence at all. That trump or his campaign colluded with Russia non there's no evidence. And so Sean Spicer saying. All alone. Suddenly now what the house and Senate Intelligence Committee is saying his gospel. And it must be scream from the rooftops. When it comes to whether Obama wiretap trump. But when they said we have definitively looked into this and there was no evidence whatsoever of collusion. Suddenly now your quiet. Suddenly now you're suppressing you won't talk about what you did the biggest narrative you guys have been peddling. For just before the election and since the election. Why did double standards. Now notice the press corps now is on its heels so things are getting now very how do I say that's the between Spicer. Car roll and the entire media corps continue Jarrett. Like you wanna comment and you wanna perpetuating false narrative and went went 4 o'clock but what would those individuals have gone up time and time again. When chairman Nunez who said number one that there was no information that he's aware of that that existed. That got zero report. Number two when he went out yesterday and said quote I think it's very possible you don't include that the question mark the bottom line is that the president said last night. That you invite that there will be additional information coming forward he's there's a ton of media reports out there that indicated something was going on during the 26 election. And I think it's interesting where was the question of the New York Times but these other outlets when that was going on where was the question. I believe it well. Again. I think Spicer scored he was right on target remember. The New York Times itself BC this is why now the mainstream media the establishment media V propaganda media day now been always stayed in their own part. Because they themselves published more re after a story and it wasn't just in New York Times by the way. It was the Washington Post it was the Associated Press I mean there are overwhelming numbers of reports out there from the media. And all of them said to further the bone the phony baloney the bogus narrative. That trump had been colluding with the Russians or his associates are advisors. So they kept saying well. Why you're happy inquiries. Literally go to the words used surveillance. Off trumps people. Of Roger Stone. Of Carter paid each of people close to trump. Of a top advisors. Of Michael Flynn of whoever. Well. Who was conducting then the surveillance. These stories kept reporting about wiretapping. Now this thought nobody would care about the wiretapping. Because they they thought the larger story was. It shows a nexus a ties between trump and Bolton trump and the Kremlin or Christine and the Kremlin. But all the Buenos is now saying it's Oaxaca leaders are calling the New York Times won't. In other words if there's no evidence. That trump was being wiretapped or his inner circle was being wiretapped you mean to tell me the New York Times and making all the south. The Washington Post made all of this up. The Associated Press CNN. Which kept reporting on this as well they've been making all of this up. They're never was any wiretapping choir worried there was never any surveillance. Our anybody on the trump campaign so all the stories that they were filing. Was always make believe bogus. So he's turning it on them saying whoa why that you want to calling them notes. There are the ones that are reporting all of this. Are. You want the president to apologize. Which you don't now wanna call into question the very credibility. The very believability. All of the media outlets that are reporting all of this surveillance. The New York Times the Washington Post the Associated Press CNN. ABC in other words you. You will call yourself out because that's the Jewelers have been reporting for six months. Now. It gets really explosive. When the next question comes from Jim Acosta at CNN. All whole. Big go out it no holds barred. That's next 126. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. So now after Jonathan Karl tries to go after Sean Spicer. Now we should Gemma cost this turn at CNN. Saying trump must retract. Retract. Retract he always Obama an apology. Surveillance. Of him or his team. Never took place. Look at listen to the fireworks. Role cut one Jarrett. How did the president go on and continues that's not because you missed characterizing the chairman union said. He said but I think it's possible he's following up on so to suggest that. Is exactly New York stating unequivocally that he saw how early. Easy to read anything really Marty cleared that up and he said exactly that the president has already said clearly when he referred to wiretap he was referring to surveillance. So that's what it's like okay you and the president are saying now what we often wiretapping and you know if that's not true and we know that I don't know that's. Look I look look how they're trying to spin it and spinning and spinning it look what is obvious is this. The Justice Department and the FBI. Have yet to wake him. We've yet to win game. Now why is this important because of the fight is a court application. That goes through the FBI and the Justice Department when the first one was rejected in June and the second one on more narrower grounds was accepted. And they were conducting surveillance of the computer server in trump tower in other words his computer. So obviously that's why the chairman chairman Nunez said well we haven't seen all the evidence yet or received so far we don't see the evidence but what we. You don't but we haven't seen all the evidence so Sean Spicer is saying you guys wanna make a conclusion. That trump somehow owes Obama an apology and that surveillance never took place but we still haven't heard from all the parties. I mean again Spicer is completely right. But it continues. Roll it. Jerry what's going to be. No I got up Jim I think that's Cuba to the end of the day we talked about this for 34 days what the pet the president had a quote wiretapping. In quote he was referring to broad surveillance and now you're basically going back we talked about this several days ago. The bottom line is is that they conduct the investigation of the house and senate has not been provided all of the the information. Each completely right. Look. What the media is trying to do is they are trying to cover up and protect the dear leader. And they're trying to protect the deep state. Which clearly did by their own reporting. Conduct massive surveillance. And most likely illegal surveillance would not even a fight is accord fig leaf. On Roger Stone or Carter page or Mike Flynn and probably the president himself. And so this is very easy to clear up very simple. Call me is going to be testifying. On Monday publicly. About what took place in terms of the investigation of the trump ties to Russia and also of defies a court and the spying on trump. So call me can answer this Loretta lynch can answer this the Justice Department can answer this. But there's one thing they cannot get around facts are facts are facts. The fire zest secret court. Authorized they warrant for the Justice Department and the FBI. To spy on trump power. In particular. Is computer server. They were spying on the president and they were spying on his men and women his inner circle. Trump has nothing to apologize for and in fact my recommendation to him as. If you have got the evidence. Now is that time to show away. 6172666868. Let me ask you the poll question of the day. Do you still believe trump when he says Obama spied on him. If you believe the answer is yes you still believe MX the letter a the 68680. If you are no longer believe him faxed a letter beat this 68680. Did did dear leader spy on trump. And the media want strong to retract his tweets should he retract his claims. I wanna hear from you 06172666868. Your reaction and calls the next 137. Here on the great WRKO. OK in my France. So now. The shaking news media the alt left propaganda media. They believe they censor blood in the water. They want trump to completely retract his tweets. Where he said all bomb ma wiretapped him meaning conducted surveillance spied on him. And his team. Jury the election and even after the election. And sold a House Intelligence Committee the Senate Intelligence Committee Paul Ryan and they said they looked at the evidence so far. And enough thing. They don't see any thing to justify what trumpets that. Now they haven't gotten into the fire is a court application that just as department the FBI. That's why trust you were saying hold on there's still a whole lot more com. But now the media sensing blood. Are now demanding that the president apologize to the American people and apologize to the dear leader himself. And so my question to you is this it's the corner country poll question did usual war of the day. Should. Trump. Sorry do so forgive me forgive me my about do you still believe. Trump when he said Obama spied on him do you still believe the president. If the answer is yes and I frankly I'm yes. All the way I'm not even written a column on this the evidence is to meet overwhelming and irrefutable. Text the letter a the 68680. Or do you think when trump came out and told Tucker Carlson he Redick in media reports more evidence is gonna come out. Didn't really offer any hard evidence. In other words no I don't believe him anymore tax the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at Brittany I'm just curious what are the poll results. Thus far 96% yes 4% now are you okay. I era be all right this is difficult for me because at the beginning I was like I wanna see the evidence. Of Venice and I can definitely see Obama doing nest you know you've laid out evidence of a New York Times has as while. However I do think trump stepped and it. I think we need to take away his cellphone mean to get rid that we need to get rid of missed what her. We need to get. Changed the password monitor something. I mean. If you're not panic come out and do a press conference and lay out the facts for us 110%. As I'm I'm dot tugboat correct country. But I'm talking about like the average American people that watch the news every day that aren't informed like we are. I think that he stepped in net and I also think that Sean Spicer. Was just hot mess yesterday arguing with the cost arguing with wood Jonathan Karl. About this that they didn't they don't have facts like I wanna have facts tell me you know. Ode to David time how long it that was recorded things like that and that's what the American people wouldn't you know. Not us but. Others that aren't into the media like we you just don't make accusations about a former president if you don't have a 110%. Truth behind it seed and I just think we need to you know take his Twitter away from him take his foot hole and get him out. Yes. Just cheap gas are not that says. This Brittany let me ask you Armisen let me ask you then the 64000 dollar question okay do you think trump should not have to weed out what he tweeted out a couple weeks ago. Is that what you're saying that I mean if he. Tweeted that because he read a bright part story I am disappointed when he mentioned Bret Baier in particular Fox News that he saw that report on Fox News. Fine but you know. Yeah it went just like Tucker Carlson sad you know you have access to the intelligence community you have people above you will not about you but you have people that work you know below you and everything so. Why not wrap them pulled him aside and say he would Brett you're talking about right now to kids that can some investigation on messed. No assists in he you know really wiretap me too fat don't come out and tweet. And President Obama out wiretap mean you can do that. You need to have a hunt do you mean to be a 100%. Sure are. That he did best and right now it looks like trump has his face because the host committee came out yesterday and said there's no evidence. Now Brittany and what about Sean Spicer so you think he looks foolish and weak. When he gets got emotional with the rest so I love it when he kicks the press around like that he wasn't kicking the press around now there are kicking him around yesterday and it. If he needs a tough not he really does John. Ernest would never do that would never be like that by him but to be fair Millwood ever challenger in the way they were challenging Spicer and and and and and trump. I mean come on the depressed laid down for Josh does earnest. Okay well yeah it's it's there road (%expletive) but I just think that the immediate tosses shunned by its air around almost. Every big about it almost every press conference that he has Sean Spicer every day's a press briefing. There's like cut that we always have to talk about because. He's not accurate on what he's dinner at the press is pressing him really really hard on everything. He's not I I think he needs to get tougher on the media concede I don't I don't think so I think. Chance faces a little weak when it went you think do you think he's he needs to be more cool yet more unemotional. More hard headed yes that he's getting too emotional when he gets too emotional or angry. He just comes across like he's fighting with the press right. He's kind of refuting the press yes he needs he doesn't need to have facts it's just words. When you show facts and none let's talk can I ask you something cancer and I military Saint Patrick's Day and all but it took a couple of drinks before the show now now because you're starting to sound like Anderson Cooper why well that you. YouTube and a half tracks there's no facts. Jared. Roll Anderson co. Looper getting any thanks for joining us tonight we know the president the United States has no facts. No facts or backup is startling allegations that the former president United States President Obama wiretapped image from character in the campaign. Keep them honest we know this tonight because bipartisan members of the Senate Intelligence Committee say they've seen no evidence. The President Obama ordered don't comes phones tapped during the campaign. We know this because house speaker Paul Ryan also says he's seen no evidence. Now remember the president asked congress to investigate in the house and Senate Intelligence Committees and doing just that the last dozen days. We have the president has no facts to back up as early morning Saturday tweet storm. Because in today's White House briefing Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Read a long list of media reports that he seemed to bleed back of the president's claims media reports Sean Hannity. Judge an apology Tonto he streak to New York Times the very paper the president of the United States has consistently refer to as failing and fake. OK stop right there. So that was Brit I mean look I'm sorry that was Anderson Cooper general take perceive our last night on on CNN Siad. Kind of confuse the two now but let that go. I'm just teasing Brittany I'm kidding I'm just joking around I'm just getting but there's Anderson Cooper saying look there's not facts. Now all of a sudden you notices Eagles will the president that we. Bryce Blair Sean Hannity goes down the list right heat streak but then suddenly goes to the New York Times. Alone maybe even wrong. For decades. Few who Anderson Cooper you moos CNN. You'll ABC. You NBC CBS I could. The New York Times has been gospel. It's been your Coram. I should say Bible but now it's your Koran and it's like a Prophet Mohammed. Everything that comes out of the New York Times comes straight from the mouth of a rock according to all of you liberals. So now all of a sudden you guys are dumping on your own media. You guys are dumping on your own reporting to you guys are dumping on deck this great lady herself the New York banks. Suddenly now the New York Times is no longer credible. A recording deal president of the United States has consistently refer to as failing and fake so are you now telling mean. But the New York Times published over a dozen bogus BS stories. Did they meet up when they were writing story after story. How tall man afford had been monitored and spied on. Roger Stone monetarily and spied on. Carter page monitored inspired on Trump's inner circle monitored in spite on guard our general Flynn monitoring spied on. Who rule as the New York Times has been saying and you've been reporting CNN and you know the silver haired guy Anderson Cooper. That there's a collusion. Between trump and Russia. And there's been such a collusion between trumpet important look we've been wiretapping and we've been monitoring jump we've been listening to their phone calls and reading their emails or breach could believe this stuff going back and forth between manna for important and the Kremlin and and Roger Stone in the Kremlin. Now all of a sudden. It's all been BS. It's all been bull. You guys just made the whole thing not. They have to now destroy. Their own meteor reporting to. To try to prop up the dear leader Barack Obama and again. Don't cite me Ryan all Ryan I know he's a Judas. Don't cycling goes gutless cowards on the house and Senate Intelligence Committee. Let me ask one simple question. It's a question that they cannot get around because I know what's true. Because they they leak sticks. Did the Justice Department and the FBI. First in June and then more importantly in October. I ask and then re seed in October. 8 fleiss a court Warren. Who then spy wiretaps surveil whatever you wanna call it trumps computer server out trump tower. Yes or no. Eight eights it settles everything. If the answer is yes. And you know it's yes. Then trump was being surveil. So then the question is this. If this CRE eight was spying on Trump's inner circle. And the NSA was spying on Trump's inner circle. And the Justice Department and the FBI and through the fire is a court application and if you go through spice up the FBI director must be notified the attorney general must be notified. So you're trying to Tellme. That the president's Justice Department. His FBI he's an essay he CIA. How the financial crimes unit of the Treasury Department. Almost every major department and agency and his government. Was involved in the conspiracy. To spy on a presidential candidate and his team. And the president didn't although it's. He didn't wink wink authorized six. He did and or wink wink how. Knowledge of it meant that when he but I've got my don't have a problem what this might quit keeping up. Is that what you're trying to tell me. Bull you know what. Let me tell you what trumps doing. He's letting everybody play their hand as one of the techsters put it. He's letting and everybody come out and make their bogus claims. And then he's gonna come out and he's gonna drop that flies out application warrant he's gonna drop it like an atomic bomb. And it's gonna be the end of the fake news media I believe their credibility. They're not gonna recover from this one so I agree disagree. 61720666868. All of your calls next. 155. Here on the great WRK. Oh okay. Quick corner man's progress report on Trump's first 100 days. He met to win if they're German chancellor Angola Merkel this morning it was a long meeting. They discussed many issues they're going to be holding a press conference later this after known. But look they don't like each other. Trump has blamed Merkel and I agree with him. For one of the greatest disasters in Europe since the end of World War II allowing millions of Muslim refugees I'm vetted. Talk more non interest not just into Germany but in tests soon Adam. And and de France Italy England and much of continental Europe. So we're gonna find out what the press conference you'll reveal but let's put it this way. Merck Kohl's decision I believe sealed the doom of Germany and Europe. And she should be defeated in the next election and defeated soundly. If you wanna hear more of my podcasts. Just go to Slash 100. Okay my friends all sponsored by the way effort recommend mentioned this thank you Jarrett all of this day sponsored by their Hanover street chop house. One of the best steak houses in New England trust you when I tell you this. Go there Hanover street chop house dot com for all the information and when you go be sure to pal on the corner man says. So low okay Brit. Me Cooper. Words Brittany Cooper there's Brittany Cooper right there apparently you want career pacts yeah. Jeff it's from 603603. That a family member of yours no they would be 97 native I was FM and unfair. Jaffa I am very disappointed in the way you were speaking to Britney just because she has a different opinion. There is no reason to ask her if she has been drinking. That is true Jeff just because my Irish doesn't animate drunk okay so stop discriminating against us our day today. Isn't Joseph who now I don't I was a kid you could end up. I hotly as we what do you becoming. Morn Brad Witt now Brittany what are you playing the victim out still played today he asks asks. 617 I was kidding it was a joke ally teasing her links 6172666868. Are right who are you agree with the corner man or Brittany Cooper. Pony Europe Max go ahead call me. Yeah you know Laviolette. Is yet beautiful voice she started to. Choke points well yes why. What should that ought not to edit what is Obama should. All the jags Q I say America the last eight years at all or royal presidency. Tip number two. Truck just as Smart let me tell you subtler about it get stuff done. She hit the and I hit it over the radio you can figure it out I'd meet what I say that. He's gonna get it done and you have got to be right jacket he's gonna draw. He's got the guided by any means it is gonna make everybody. Look back in eighty happen. I Tony thank you very much for that call buddy I can we squeeze one Moran. OK Joseph Europe next I've got a minute goal Joseph. Hey guess I haven't talked you know longtime Brittany is 100% right if you're if you're right we will change our opinion and wanna make another comment on the amp. Cutbacks I don't think it's right to cut back meals on wheels as you know I'm disabled I don't drink. I know you keep their but certain things we still needed and Pete and cherries don't help. But they wanted to comment on that and you could just. Print critique it lately give Britney the break she's right a 100% she's right. Thank you very much for that call Joan now I know why Brittany you were saying take Joseph pig Joseph pig Joseph it's it's incredible Mayer's backing the phone lines against the may be you know what. Maybe it's time that I send Brittany corner so I Britney corner. Where maybe I'd been drinking today. Briggs sentiment Greg there Cooper maybe it's time she head off to a safe space you wanna go to a safe space Brittany Natalie that you know back. Along elected says it all right 6172666868. If you wanna weigh in. My friends will take your calls I promise. Paul so. The escalation of the liberal war on free speech there is a bill it is stunning. Dot story. More of your calls next.