Do you know what to look for when selecting hospice care?

Patricia Ahern, CEO of Care Dimensions. joined us to discuss what to look for when choosing a hospice care provider. For more information on this important life decision, please contact our partners at or call 888-283-1722.


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1000 dollars could be your next chance to Linda grant on WR Cano is coming up at eleven. And it grabbed on WRKO. I 35. Here on the Boston morning show good to have you along with us this morning your dimensions itself. Wonderful organization. That I am very familiar with the he wanna share more information he hits he was at one point hospice of the North Shore now care dimensions is counted back in 1978. Joining us this morning talk a little bit more is Patricia Ahern she is the new president and CEO of care to mention. She's a she's been in the city for eleven weeks and looking for a house and by the way if there's a great realtor out there who. I think suggestions on and orasure I knew she'd appreciate great to have you here thank you very much it's great to be congratulations on the new position anyway you I. If I was yeah I was just gonna say if I was suggesting for someone. A great job this would be it my association. With your organization actually backward it was hospice of the North Shore. Was nothing but agreed experience that's for sure. How we tell everybody because some people who didn't realize that it became care dimensions yeah. I take as several years ago president's strategy for for hospice of the North Shore. Was that they realized that there were many many more people that we're not accessing. The kind of care that they needed at such a special time in their lives. And they thought they might be a little bit limited by the identity of being just called North Shore. And so that's like your dimensions husbands like. The timing is really good because we're about to open an inpatient facility on the wall and Lincoln border. And that will be seventeen fans. That we add into this community Tenet to help families take care of him up months while that's fantastic let's walk through how you choose a hospice provider presenting give these. To a certain it's very very personal for each family but at the same time there are some standard things that you need to be aware from other there are. There are options when you're seeking hospice provider. And certainly you're gonna reliant people that you trust to give you some advice often times that's the factor or that's the pair parishioners sometimes it's a pharmacist that neighbor. I'm but consumer reports several years ago actually get a whole piece on how to sort of figure out what you know what kind of a hospice would be the one. That's the most likely to QB the kind of the only thing that you need and deserve for your loved one. And generally it's thought that I hospice that's older than twenty years. Care dimensions is almost forty years old and a hospice that is enough for profit community based. A place that has a board certified doctors and nurses. And a whole team of social workers pharmacists all kinds of people that I'm have chosen to specialize in their selected field. To take care of people with serious advanced illness and so certainly also went to select the hospice benefits and inpatient facility. Care dimensions is about to end its second we have one. In dampers to tell you why that's important that's important because sometimes there are patients that are just a little too sick. The burdensome most of the symptoms is just too rough on the patients and their families sometimes. The patient's spouse is almost as sick. As the patient and so being able to care for them in the home. While Lee is ideal and it's the preferred. The preferred choice for nearly everyone in America sometimes it just doesn't work out and you have to find your way to an inpatient facility. Where you can find a home like environment and I'm a great deal of warmth compassion and tender skill. But the family doesn't have to prevent the hands on care and that's what these inpatient units are far from. One thing you're defined as you get to no New England very well as we're stubborn yeah I don't like to ask for help and we think we can take care of ourselves. But as we get older we got to be able Smart. That's exactly right and than any given day a cure dimensions we're taking care about 800 patience. Near ruling again most of them by 80% of them are being taken care of their own homes so they are achieving that sticky. Desire to stay home for sure. But then there's spending it they're taking occasional situation where it's just it's just happened to be so Patricia at what's the age. Is it important for family to contact care dimensions you know is it is it lady when we need those facilities or is it earlier. I can tell you that I am forty years and nurse and for forty years I have heard regret on the part of patience. And their especially their families and what they say is I am so sorry. That I found out about hospice so late. We're so sorry we waited so long I hear it almost every day of my life thank you. And Sophia. Millions that you know we all want and I hope for the best. But we who we are plan for the worst right and so what we say is. How you know what you know you've got a serious illness that's coming together some really some big trouble and that's probably likely the thing that you will eventually die from. The archer hospice services in the community soon. Because later you're gonna need them and you may eighth and it would be so much easier feud. Access people that you already met ones from food. Care to mention to I think does a lot of work to make quality of life better for. The patient and for the family so calling on someone like you guys. Earlier in this experience may make the experience overall better as you lead up to those final day if there are universal realities for people that are seriously ill. And if they have the time and if they have the skilled support from a hospice organization. They can complete things that they better on their mind almost all of us when I say I love viewed as someone. One more time share some of us went to seek forgiveness from someone others of us went to forgive others through midnight and then all of us. Wanna say remember me (%expletive) how you remembered me maybe there's a special recipes that off finally give you the secret ingredient for. But if you are. Under the kind of care that keeps your team in symptoms and you know everything is really fairly well managed then you've got the time to spend with your. I am sure to make some meaningful moments and who knows a lot of people who in those. You know final months they they wanna get their affairs in order and if you're not in the state of mind to be able to do so he really thinks so so. So scattered so scattered absolutely and it makes it so difficult. For those yearly and behind. Him and not talk about that for just a brief moment here in the family did is steaming around that bed. You know what is it what is it. The nurses and doctors the people you haven't definitely doing for the in hospice care the unit of care is not just the patient that's the entire family. And so there's a plan. For how to deal with the grandchildren or if it's a younger person how we're gonna support those children as they go through there. Developmental. Aging of the years of of growing up. Because they grieve every time they hit in new developmental marker and so hospice will be there to provide bereavement services and of words services. To the family members and it's already in the plan while we're taking care the person who's sick. So as a hospice team is very focused on the family and loved ones which is really terrific Cara dimensions is what we're talking about folks of the those of you. Who are not familiar at one point this was hospice of the North Shore but. Those of hospice of the North Shore realized that they were reaching out to more than just the North Shore and got scared dimensions. Was developed and we're talking this morning to their new president and CEO. Patricia you have a good experience Lee I'm loving living in new ink and and when I got the opportunity to come see about care dimensions. He was especially wonderful because our daughter. Had recently moved to Boston to hum this is the first time me down years we've lived in the same thing fantastic congratulations. And you guys have a website we do you care to mention fat or great so if anybody needs information they can just reach out just get information crash salute. Absolutely. Authentic financial hospice organization for information because sometimes families and buried. About someone that's not local computer and cell and we can also help anyone that needs some advice about who to contact anywhere in the country fantastic this great to meet you. Congratulations again on the new job I know you're gonna do a terrific job thank you.