Do you agree with Trump striking a deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi?

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, September 7th

What do you make of this deal?


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No more. He's the co owner road course. Strikes and I feel old. Or if Schumer and polo C was it the right move. 6172666868. If you wanna way end. Okay my friends it is a budget the goal that has shaken he Republican establishment. To its very core. I mean they are still. Seething. Over this deal so here is exactly what happened. I as you know congress is now back from recess. And on their plate there's a lot on their plate but on their plate. Is obviously. They have to pass emergency funding relief for hurricane Harvey. They also were under the gun regarding the debt ceiling. And they were under tremendous pressure to either decide to lift the debt ceiling. Or heard too long. Declare bankruptcy. That is busy as they forget it or not that's it no mosque no more we're not gonna keep raising the national credit cart. On top of this there's a budget deal. And so coming into the negotiations with the Democrats. Paul lying all Ryan house speaker and Mitch this squish McConnell senate majority leader. What they wanted. Was they wanted. A debt ceiling. To be lifted. But for eighteen months. According to them it's a very dim this sieve is very polarizing to keep having votes on having to lift the debt ceiling. And so they didn't want it for just three months as the Democrats wanted by December 15. But they wanted a deal. That would allow the debt to be lifted. And to go on for eighteen months. In other words after the mid term elections. And then don't come back to the debt ceiling again. They also want data continuing resolution on the budget so they could just keep funding anything they want did. Until after the mid term elections. They Democrats. And I got to give them credit they played their hand brilliantly on this one said absolutely not. Because they realize. That then they lose any control over the spending process. If the debt ceiling is lifted for the next eighteen months then they're basically powerless until after the mid term elections. And so chuck U Schumer and Nancy Pelosi said number among all we want a three month extension. So kick the agenda in terms of the by GA funding for the wall all of these issues spending. Posse CRE continuing resolution. For three months. And lift the debt ceiling and funded whatever we need to fund for three months. Until December 15. And then we will not stand in the way of any relief arm our funding for her came RV. Whatever you want mister president in terms of relief for hurricane RB you'll have our full blessing. And to the utter astonishment. Of Bryan and McConnell. Trump took the deal. Trump said yes. And so yesterday Schumer walked out our marketing smiling ear to ear he was he was glowing. If from men could be pregnant and his era and never mind it is aged but have from men could be pregnant. Wish I'd use ensures pregnant. And the guy was going. Pelosi couldn't believe it. Ryan and McConnell. Will have to accept this deal may say they will. But they have both publicly said this was a bitter pill to swallow privately they are spitting on the president. They are saying that he undercut them during the negotiations. They quote unquote this is the term now being used by their aides he cut them off a moose. And that this now weakens the Republican leadership. In future negotiations. But they're gonna have to return to the bargaining table by December 15. And this emboldens they say Schumer and Pelosi. Took put forth now there are spending priorities. And this weakens the hand of Bryan and McConnell and the Republican leadership. Now. Let me just say this. So because I want everybody to realize where the corner man is coming from I wanna beat crystal clear. I don't like more spending. I don't like jacking up the debt and that's what this deal does again in the short term. I don't like lifting the national credit cart. I'm I to meet I criticized it under Obama I criticized that under bush I'm gonna continue to criticizing even under trump. I don't care who does it I think it is very bad for the long term fiscal. Financial economic health of this country popcorn broke. My friends were twenty trillion dollars in the hole. What are we gonna get her out of control spending on under a problem under control. I mean to me enough is enough. So we're spending money that we don't have. Were racking it up on the national credit card. And there's a certain point where I think we just have to say no look I have to live within my means I have a family budget. You have to live within your means. How come we the American people have to live within our means but our government does it doesn't and it's not just an abstract point. They are more gauging the futures of our children and grandchildren. This debt is gonna have to eventually be paid. And the bigger grows the higher the interest payments. So soon just the interest on the free conduct. It's gonna consume. But at the budget it's gonna be the biggest item on the budget more than defense more than Social Security more than Medicare more than Medicaid. So to me there's a certain point. We're right say look enough so enough. Now here and no further and neither you balance the books are sorry. I guess I don't care. We declare as bankrupt them which is spare creditors and maybe this will force so shock costs and to finally balancing our books. So let me be clear. I don't like more spending I really don't and I don't like raising the debt limit I don't. However. However. K this is the world that we live in this is the reality that we live in it's much Jeff corners world it's the way the world it's. And so I'm looking at this deal. And what trump clearly wanted. An up and this I think he's right. That in that time of crisis. And you have Texas serve much of Texas underwater. You now have hurricane Irma and I'm gonna get to that the next hour barreling down on Florida. It's decimated Puerto Rico its decimated there are US Virgin Islands it's decimated other islands. You now have evacuation orders in place. The last thing he wants. Is a nasty floor fight in a bitter partisan battle. Well you have hurricanes. Pounding. Almost the two coasts of the United States the Gulf of Mexico in the case of hurricane. Our heart beats now over and now Irma in the Atlantic. Furthermore. I think he wanted to be part of his legacy. That he would deliver on its promise to rebuild Texas and rebuild it quickly and rapidly and swift. And so he didn't wanna be held up at all and he wasn't gonna let anybody get in his way and for that honestly I commend him. Now. I ask for him undercutting Ryan and McConnell. Let me tell you exactly what I told my wonderful wife grace yesterday were talking about it last night in our living. So let me get district. The Republican leadership. Is specifically. Mention squish and Ryan all right. You stop this president in the back repeatedly. You undermined and undercut him repeatedly. You call them essentially a racist after Charlottesville. You. Blowup. Repealing and replacing obamacare. You utterly bungle it. To the point that McConnell does he have enough control over his own caucus. To per two pass a steamy repeal of obamacare. Where you have to make maniac being the deciding vote. Where even though he got a call from the president on the freak and senate floor saying it is saying John. Look we can at least repeal the most unpopular parts of obamacare. Do it for the country and instead he walks down to the well of the senate. Looks at the Democrats. Like the old Roman emperor and ghost comes down. So here they are sabotaging. The president at every turn forgive me she growing the president at every turn. And now all of a sudden. When he gives him a taste of their own medicine suddenly you know how dare you to direct. No normal mold you can't do this stars all Mike called you've got undercut our bargaining position how dare you do this to us. Good. You want my honest reaction good. Good. Politically good and I'll tell you why. He is putting the Republican leadership he's putting the establishment Republicans on notice I got options. You don't think you're the only game in town. Don't think that somehow you get to run me and you get to run my administration. And you get that sabotage me and undermine me. And nice for me and there are no consequences. That I'm not gonna going ally when I have to do with the Democrats to get something done. In other words the president is now showing the Republicans. That they need him. Jurist as much or even more then he needs them. And what he's also showing his base and what he's also showing the country. Is that he is willing to go world. He is willing to genuinely be independent. And if he's got to cut deals would Democrats to get stuff done he's gonna do it. And if he's got to play the Republicans off against the Democrats. To get stuff done he's gonna do it. And maybe maybe after being slapped in the face likeness. Called final Ryan and Mitch to squish McConnell and make a maniac and all these others that these establishment global list Republicans. Are gonna realize you know what there's a price to be paid. For constantly defined and obstructing. An undercutting the president. That this guy can hit back. And he can do is much damage to us as we do to him. And maybe just maybe it's gonna scare them into a final lease supporting their president. Instead of trying to undermine him at every termed. So you want my honest opinion. I say good. I think Ryan deserved it I think McConnell deserved it. And I think what more importantly. What he is tolling wrong what he's telling Ryan and McConnell. Is hold on. You guys wanted to kick the can down the role till after the mid terms. So you can loaded up with all kinds of spending bills and pork barrel projects. And nobody can hold you guys accountable until after you get reelected. Norway. No way. We're gonna extend this on a three month basis and I'm gonna keep you want a tight leash. Do who you more job. Stop loading up the pork. Who your job. The president I believe now put Ryan and McConnell on a leash. I say good. I support this deal I'm just curious do you corner country 61720666868. The corner country poll question. Do as sure as the French would say. Do you support trump striking a deal. With Schumer and Pelosi. If you believe yes. He's now playing them off against McConnell and Ryan textile letter they need to 68680. If you believe no you gotta dance what the one who Brung you. And this is a B trail of the Republicans and the Republican leadership. Text the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at My question to you is this. Trump Scott's a deal. Do you support it. And should he continue to. Twelve point 8412. Point five now on the great WRKO. Schwab cuts a deal. But we've Schumer and polo scene. And Marc Connell and Ryan are not happy let me ask you this double barreled question corner country hey do you support the deal. And beat. What do you think about him now working with the Democrats. I mean if the Republicans. And especially the leadership. If they're gonna obstruct them. Is it wrong for trump to say OK. You don't wanna give me what I want. Maybe I can deal with the Democrats. 6172666868. Steve is this truck go ahead Steve. Or jet hides your hair go ahead okay just let them. They also run outs we don't reform absolute sonic. We got it all they want the president to eat. We don't have our will not listen to them about that and I'm not only look at that you want to run a bit don't. I had to mask as he can beat you know he's going in the two year program and Mitch McConnell genocide issue appealed to beat and one count like lions back. They can communicate well. And I'm trumpet it's gonna slot in the state or don't know. Tropical roster but one that's gonna make a built in you can do what to expect but I am an obvious that get out of his way. Steve amen brother peck at I mean that's how is exactly my gut feeling yesterday. I mean I'm watching Fox News. And I'm watching all these Republican commentator zero Karl role ball mom and a dish is treason dishes betrayal. Almost caught how dare he do this to Ryan in McConnell stopping his own party in the black and I'm like. People won't won't won't won't. All the companies have been doing just stabbing the president and the back it's been nine months of shank in number and shank in numb and shrinking number. And now it turns around and slaps him and appraisers say you know what guys screwed now all talk going to be eighteen months. So what you can loaded up with pork barrel spending go after the mid terms. We but I am stupid. All going to be three months. Government finding a continuing resolution lifting the debt ceiling OK till December 15. Okay poli OK admit she. You don't like get back. Rick in Boston. All ahead wreck. I can't believe I'm on corn off the path. Oh ahead direct listen yes sir he wasn't armed but it is great what trump still in. He's a tough cookie I mean it's just so disappointing to see how they're treating them I mean I'm talking about his own people and you sit. The leadership I pick a smaller fellowship that manipulative and a lot of guys need to go USA they just came out of my fault looking. Bet and yeah I've read USA today in my basement when nobody's out that they should this hold states that there are key to the granite so be interest in the read it. But don't give up on truck I hate these guys that are in their right now actually able look at them and fox would did that that's the right note vision or right there. Audit their strike I mean Rick look I thank you for that call your I DVR talker. I love Tucker crawl Kent watched the whole show but I I do some of the segments are very good I always sleep I always have like vanity. And that's it. I mean how I'm just behind I mean like Laura Ingram a pro engineer her own show will see. But that's it. I mean that's it. I duress is just fast forward fast forward a Bonnie Limbaugh. So. No you're right look they're out to bring this man down. And I think what he's doing now is decent look I'm above party. I will speak for the American people I will be the true independent in the White House. And so he just put the Republican establishment. Unnoticed and I say good for him. Our third Chestnut Hill go ahead Arthur. Well to begin with such. They didn't bring him he'd brought them back to it took. Too low washy too because a lot of of one of lodged. If so warfare is popularity of the states where they have a problem. And I agree with you a 100% that you have he'd made the deal the had demand to do. That we get aid to these people by the way without but it page you're right now we're politics. Andy's serve the Republicans of messages. And you know what that allows scumbag. You know but but what if Foley's like that Republicans. That's the worst kind of people that you can deal would. You know I always say this. The first socialist. Was Lucifer. The first trying no was Judas. And I'm being honest with you. Did dabble at least you know he's there he's the enemy and you can fight them but you know what I can't stand. Is it Judas. Somebody who pretends to be your friend a family member somebody who's close to you who gives you up. Kiss on the cheek and says I love you. But he sharpening the knife to stick it right in two years right into your back. Will bats we're trying in and McConnell. And sold deceive them squirm yesterday at at. It was a beautiful thing to watch. 61720666868. Okay president trump speaks out on the budget deal let me ask you. Good move bad move or did he just betray his own party don't touch that dial. URG you know those boys from Boston. For the evacuations continue in Florida. 1236. Here on the great WR. KOK. My France. 6172666868. All law to get you want today show jam packed show. But first the corner country poll question and the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Do you support trump. Stew right team is deep hole. With Schumer and Pelosi it is it's really. Almost someone say unprecedented. But it's almost unheard of for a president to go with the minority party. When his party controls both houses of congress to go with them on a budget deal three months continuing resolution. Our immediate relief for hurricane Harvey victims. And at the debt ceiling will be lifted just for three months until December 15. So. It's it's it's it's really is quite remarkable. Do you support his decision. If you believe the answer is yes. He's teaching the Republican leadership a lesson and who's playing them off the Democrats and Republicans against each other. I text the letter they the 68680. If you believe the answer is no. He is just arm undercut and stabbed in the back. Ryan and McConnell this is a clear betrayal. Decks the letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at Brittany I'm just. Curious what are the results thus far. 88%. Yes 12% it's so. I'm with you so it's almost 9010. Almost 921 in corner country almost yeah my interest and wow okay now the price. Honestly I thought there would be more people not because they love crying in her McConnell. There's just as a planet he wouldn't cut a deal with the Democrats yet they would cut a deal with the Democrats and that he would force a government shut down to build the wall. Instead he's essentially punting out until December 15. While in heaven now I mean it's been said she did a deal with the Democrats may be built in I'll give him some money for that already on now believe it when I see how it went public. Now hold on Britney though Gerri the break and ask you in some of the listeners. Well a little and we sat a few other hand what I do and and you snubbed a Lou Dobbs. We are snubbed little icy deal elicit a hit it bought kidded. They can pick used that dubbed food so I just because I was mentioning Fox News. You don't blue dog is on fox this nice now I don't even turns Fox News on. My station now is Fox Business at all I'll watch except for when Kennedy comes on edge in the station I gotta I gotta talk there. So no I love Lou Dobbs I think he's great in fact my suggestion was movement of people listen and let let that go. I would've moved who. From 7 PM on Fox Business to Fox News 7 PM not everything it's Martha MacCallum did you organized woman. But I would go with you all so boring yet that's the thing about her shoulders doesn't have much sizzle. I would put long before talker she's had meg and Kelly on a day. So I Aaron and I also like Maria Bartiromo I pretend I let her belly autorad Saturday and Sunday morning that I like her like she's also very strong on fox business and so anyway. So everybody out there was talking about Fox News I meant no insult lol. Or to Maria Bartiromo so please. You can stop please you guys are killing me on the packed machine. 68680. Okay 6172666868. Winds are loaded. Let me ask you this. Trump now cuts a deal with the Democrats. Is he sending a message to Republicans. Is it good politics. Or did he just stabbed his own party in the back. And July in sharing and go ahead and. I kept Larry I'm good how are you. You know I'm a Christian I'm looking at it a little bit different way I'm looking act and saying okay. And care so much about the people think that. Most people I think to really understand and that in part. And I believe he knew what he needs to do to help the people are. And aren't going well I eat you out. Undermining Democrats. Who waved at camp and he knew it not only Aaron pound. Bomb. But he's gonna want. You eat that and I'm not gonna knock okay Matt I'm because he is broke friends and and now they can get it he'll get it right now he. Angela I just just to clarify what you're consuming your very obviously very articulate but I just wanna as well hear you clearly and loudly. Which are saying is this that that he wanted to show expedite the process for relief for those people were suffering from her camp Harvey. I he was willing to put the interest of those suffering people in Texas. Ahead of these political games in Washington Iraq. We're very well said thank you for that call Angela 6172666868. Let me just say this about the president. I think what he's also doing I think he start to play a little bit of charts. Because. I mean think about it now what is he gets done just just objectively OK and that we're gonna play the clip just objectively what is he done. He's cut a bipartisan deal. I mean everybody keeps saying the media are well we ought to be more bipartisan we've got to put our. Differences aside and Washington is too polarized the partisanship sonic control so what previous mean Ryan McConnell very reluctantly but still. They've got going along with Paris. So what did he do. He's done something that Obama was never able to do he cut a deal would both sides. He big. And so he's now so what is the image now see look what he's doing how hard is it going to be now for the media. To say August he's just not a control. Always just he says he's partisan he's an extremist he's a radical always a flame thrower he's he's a not sees a fashion as these are races he's a bigot. He just got Pelosi ensured a sign off. On a sick continuing resolution. Lifting the debt limit hurricane relief further hurricane RV victims. You just cut a deal with the Democrats. So he's a bipartisan guy. He's an independent guy. So it's gonna be much harder now for the immediate took credibly attacking him. Market have much credibility darnedest thing for them to do their PR offensive should be much harder. And it's gonna be infinitely harder for the Democrats to demonize them because she's gonna try on sale which one after me for that you're leaders just cut a deal with me so. Hey how bad can I beat and how much of a partisan can I be. So what he's actually doing is. He's playing the Democrats off against the Republicans. And the more he does that. It's gonna make him seem above the partisan fray. Long term. This may big benefits for the president long term this may pay off big so everybody's bragging how sure were just played trump. I don't own. I don't off I was struck key and I was meant C I'd be very careful. Because the president may be playing them. Listen now to trump. On Air Force One he was on his way to North Dakota. To give a speech. Promoting tax cuts. Listen to him defend his deal with Schumer Pelosi Ryan McConnell roll it Britain. We had a very good meeting with the Nancy Pelosi and just shimmer. I we agreed to a EF three month extension on debt ceiling. Which they consider to be sacred very important and always will agree on debt ceiling. Automatically because of the importance of it also on the CI us and also an army. Which now we're going to be adding something because of what's going on in Florida. Win a very good meeting Lee essentially came to order a deal. And I think the deal will be very good read very very cordial and professional. Greeting. So. We have an extension. Which will go out to December 15. That'll included debt ceiling that it includes the CR's and it'll include Tea Party. The amount of money that to be determined but they don't do it because everyone is in favor obviously taking care of that situation so we'll very much agree. So he's basically they're gonna fast track the money for Harvey that was the big thing. Now to weather very quick points and I wanted to dive back into the phone call 6172666868. Number one. The checks believe it or not are already arriving in Florida. So trump might get to this next hour but trump is already like in Texas. He's being so proactive casinos harm a sari hurricane Irma is coming in at the Virgin Islands that it Puerto Rico. It's gonna hit they say Saturday morning about their projecting landfall Saturday he's already rushing relief into Florida. That's literally how quick. He is all over this that's point number one point number two. The big part of this or the second part of this was where Air Force One was going. He was going to North Dakota. Why not chairs to promote his push for tax cuts for middle working class Americans. But he was dare we did democratic senator. From North Dakota. Heidi you hike campaign. Now why is that important. Because she's up for reelection next year. And so what he did now he's got photo ops with her he's doing events with her. And publicly yet these speeches he is called he won by the way you won north accord a big. Not as big as West Virginia but he won north accord a big it's strong country. And so what he's now doing it's he is putting these so called moderate Democrats from red states. On notice. If you don't support my agenda I'm gonna bury you. And you need to meet if you have any chance of winning reelection. And so what he's doing now is he's there with Heidi hi camped there in not giving speeches which she's very good crowd out. And he is publicly calling her out just like he did Claire McCaskill in Missouri in Springfield. A couple weeks ago saying if you don't support me on tax cuts. I want the people to vote you out. So he's putting the Democrats on notice. Either you vote for key aspects of my agenda. Or I will be your biggest enemy in next year's mid term elections. So he's not just playing the Democrats off against the Republicans. In terms of these budget negotiations. He's even doing it for the senate. And he's doing it in the political game. Honestly I think it's a brilliant strategy. So now he's countering the Ryan all Republicans. Because what he's telling McCain essentially says McCain Lindsey Graham Mitch McConnell OK guys choosing Carl's car Susan I'm. Well I'm drawing a blank. Susan Collins from Maine sorry guys I bring priest Susan Collins from Maine. He is telling the Susan Collins the John McCain's and the Lindsey Graham's you wanna play your games on obamacare. You wanna play your games on Charlottesville. You wanna come there with your thumbs down in your constant cheap shots on problem. I can get votes from the Democrats. That's the way you guys wanna play it will play 6172666868. Pom in the South Shore go ahead Tom. I kept my technical. I think it's the potential to be a really call strategy. Because he may be able reach out. Those Democrats that want to play ball and do something. You know discount you know there are leftists. And in response to Republicans and concern like to mention doing business from the king columns McConnell Ryan. This is sentenced on this is what Democrats is no difference between them. No daylight between them. In fiscal full cycle million people form. Nu Colbert and I don't what are they go to their part are apt way to attract enough Democrats turn out like Margaret Republicans could remove. Move double fault. Or. Tom yeah I agree with you are you're seeing their already. You're seeing look I'm up against that which is very quickly you're seeing the Republican Party fracture. Between the Ryan all winning and we wanna call it the America first wing the trump wing the conservative wing when every one call at. You're seem to Democratic Party they're fracturing as well. You've got the burning wing. Which now increasingly wants to form their own third party and beat Hillary Clinton and establishment win the corporate pissed wing. So what trump is now doing is he start to build his own coalition. And I think what you're seeing now is not so much a Republican presidency. But they genuinely. Independent. Presidency. Right in front of our rights 6172666868. Deal. No deal. Tyranny stops. Here you're locked into the Kuhn reports on WRK oh no voice of Boston. 56 here on the great WRK. Oh let me ask you this. By cutting this deal with strong polo scene and Schumer. Did they not just undercut. Their entire and he trump narrative. Have they not just in some ways blown up blown up. Months and months. Of their vilification. Of president trump. Because objectively. If this guy is a racist bigot monster. If he's Hitler if he's a wanna be dictator. What are you doing cutting deals with the you know if you were negotiating with the Hitler would you be lifting the debt ceiling. Would you be passing CR is continuing resolutions. Would you be helping them with hurricane relief. Or would it be resist resist resist resist. 617 just thinking out loud. 617 to a 666868. All in Dorchester Europe next. All the ball gently but that Michael is if you're not gonna sit I'm gonna itself. Trump has proven within eight months of his presidency. He could work with Democrats. The same way Obama could've worked in eight years which of these fish crybaby John Boehner and Paul Ryan. Like Brittany went in districts back. You know all of these idiots you know are going to act which went up which doesn't feel and a passion. We're this year have been attacking John McCain who stabbed in the back. You know you've picked John McCain did worse it would obamacare. And people need to realize. That this is not a banana republic. We have one president at time. Fourteen years Obama action George W. Bush. And not a peep from the did you hear press release after press release from George W. Bush did you hear any meat bottle of anything that. Obama was still know we have to president you know that we use it to Jeff I look do we see it tell. Obama blank you. You know I had stagnant until they hear about Obama has staked its key if you still we've had a quiet. Paul I don't pilots at couldn't sit there are better itself. Most good even askew. I go are you a radio talk shows because if you're not you should be firing ball that was some good stuff. Okay my friends 6172666868. Couple of free lines if you wanna jump on coming up next. Hurricane. Firm mom. And I'm telling you you are not gonna believe. What though liberals. Are saying Obama got. And no I'm not talking about climate change or global warming says this is on got to hear it. Double even. The boys of Boston it's. You six AV WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD Jim Lawrence Boston it's.