Did a Sudbury Halloweeen display go too far?

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, October 11th

A home in Sudbury has a graphic display on its front lawn of a man hanging himself for Halloween. Some neighbors are insisting it needs to come down


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Warning show with Kerry beat me. WR KL. Oh I love a good job hurry up. Our if you see this this display actually that is the music that you be playing in the background anyway the guy exists this guy hanging in May on the in Sudbury part of this Halloween display and the neighbors are bit miffed and they've actually called the police about it. He's taken it down he's also not caught on camera VB win a lot of you know who media was out there but he did release a statement. Should we share with the state dinners would pose. He says. Our creation is a contemporary statement on man struggles. With technology in a modern society. Like all art. It does cause some controversy and is ultimately up to each individual to interpret as they see fit. I can only hope that provides a vehicle for a tough conversations. That touch on many topics. Now he could just as easily come out held his middle finger up to get here and there are out of walked away which I would have respected in a little more for. I mean just look this. World what it calls an accident but 603 the entire premise of Halloween is predicated on the scare concept nice to know viewed you've gone full blown beta male. And I wanted to come out a grand. What I like god Wellesley with the sleeping man's thing you concerts this guy calls it art final goal that the in the same way that I thought that should be gone because. Why is the sleeping male in his underwear. What did you and a sonic I mean you got no problem they're clearly doing something more than what is your. That was a comment on a guy trying to run away from the campus after being either us or having assault that both the why did about this this is another one where. He's scary display but I anybody. If you if you another cul-de-sac in one of the rules of the cul-de-sac is that there can be no children and had been you can have this is life. But why should somebody have to explain to the seven year old. Who thinks that somebody is hanged themselves because the thing is so realistic looking I mean kudos again to among the craftsmanship. But. Why should dot conversation have to happen because this guy's jolly he's our bike by having this thing in history. Well I think it has to happen I mean I I don't. I gotta tell you I don't think that. Anybody should tell him what he can't European paying their gives did you do you start down a slippery slope that could just to be horrendous I brought up the idea of you know what happens if somebody puts you know their their Madonna statue out their front yard and then the next door neighbor is an atheist and they're offended by the Madonna statue so they say you've got to take that don't need. You you begin the slippery slope here. I I think that guy's got the right to leave it up I I think you're gonna have to explain your kids you know of the putting our backyard and you gotta put your the big yard there I can see it's why why don't we we'll have to see year craftsmanship. I don't think you know he's yeah he's khaki and doesn't have good taste. Yeah argument is if it's still early in this is my decoration. And I want Alicea that's the spirit 978. This might be the perfect way to keep from having him out Kenya how well first are out there never ever a little get all that officer I think gets. It is a scary it is scary. Dennis is it Lester hey good morning. More. For somebody that's come home. And seeing somebody arm themselves. In your house. I ever see you at good pitches I have no idea what this looks like. But I would be in open arms I'd be talking whoever I could. So it. Dennis let go what do you what do you say to the idea that the guy says this is my tree this is my property. And you have no right to tell me what I do what is it. I mean I don't think it's good taste but what do you do about that. Utter respect for people that aren't. Right. My place has been the DU you recognize scale that would a lot of people don't have respect for other people right so it's. Check unfortunately duke. I don't have any desire living Salem it's okay scary wild on. Yeah I don't think I've ever seen in Salem somebody hanging from a tree now again we have which is the nab issued ounces sort of but also if you live in Salem part of the deal of living in Salem you know that's a way that sailors deal and I want that to be everywhere but I just want people the you ask Knoll. Going into this that. That. That he's going to bother some in the and that's the end of it if you're you're but I have to self evaluate how I'll be doing a Halloween is what. Wheat for example we have some stuff on our house. If the giants go ahead we don't put it out now because we know. Then my two year old might be uncomfortable was that so that's gonna wait a few years before that comes out again we did have an out before she was here. You evaluate these things in new in his case he had to say what is my neighbors reacting to. In its gonna be twofold he knows of one is wow that's really good too that's really bad in the really bad is the end event. But Rick kitten but can you do it I mean you you got you can't. As we all know you can't come you can't legislate dumb and you can't legislate tasteless you can but you're I'm you know Arnie allegedly. Not every. Things it's all by the government there can be ways where the where were all gonna come and would paired against we'll start with a selectmen of that doesn't work well take out an ad in the local people I don't know then well. Willed to have fifteen people go insane guy or do not all but they library as a stations and did or did so far. Com. It I eventually I guess you're gonna you believe it or your eyes at town and it is a do we have to have a bylaw that has no all we displays two weeks before or after Halloween. I b.s this guy isn't putting this up in Maine even though it's craftsmanship and it's about technology I gotta say it's about man's struggle with technology and modern society. Outlook attic. Trying to get that I guess this is so it is appropriate but the Walking Dead is one and I was really chosen television. I get a book. I would I'm gonna tell us okay yeah Halloween there was a time when I was we're gonna television war we thought about buying for our Beacon Hill studio they make this thing it was a little too expensive but at the time. It's a zombie gets ripped off a battle over a 55 gallon drum. In every thirty seconds so would vomit into the drawn to my wife like if you're joking right I know it's awesome. She's but you can't do that because there are kids. My guy nobody looks great and we went by meeting by it. This is that same discussion. They deviate away are we just becoming you know snowflakes as I already would need to okay when that guy why is hanging our human bodies hanging which does not what do you do about what you do about. The fact that when you have the Halloween decorations like for example I am being used person I ever met hold on I've met out in front of my house on the front door. And win the little one step on it it screams and they don't know that's coming when they step on that disagree. All we know is this happening in real lie you that I did you can't do. People can't hang you know people commit suicide I don't know. All narrative that there's no you're thinking nicely hurt the match or at dinner I don't know I know. Yeah he's just been this is just this just part of that he did it also has these things that I reaching up centered around. It did all this right I have a. Our hands sticking out of the ground while again you do debate dad. There's every reason to expect that that's not real because I don't see you getting any other way and that's not really somebody. There are people that commit suicide by hanging themselves it is a jarring image jarring because it does happen. The Walking Dead does not that's why there is a difference. I do think Walking Dead display is a little loud but this. This has like people reaching up and stuff I mean he's trying very stoning hanging from a tree with a noose around his Mac. It's not even grant read just ruin annual Halloween is like I do. I divulge that I have that Nat poison one of the greatest parts I sit in this kind of decide when to work and watching the market we stuck to my brother my brother does this tree costume Wear when it's dark. He's just standing area on the commend every fifth guy he'll go out one guy went running down the kid he rural and all we inform I think his goes too far. There just aren't good that's out there I got a message from my boyfriend thing BV needs to man up. They already are I might have. I think that so everyone says man up Molitor. Justina. Before did you guys you don't have any hobbies that he needed to lose jobs and. I love Halloween I know it's tough but I just can't look good during the break he gets back to meet people.