Did Aaron Hernandez's CTE cause him to commit murder?

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Friday, September 22nd

Kuhner doesn't believe it. Do you?


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Are killed. Did Aaron Hernandez is CTE. In other words his there's a brain damage. Did cause him or was there a major factor. In having him commits murder. This is now what many liberal media outlets are openly asking. In the wake of yesterday's revelations. Through brain scan. As a researchers looked at the brain of the late New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. Who by the way it was a convicted murderer. Committed suicide. In April. He had a post humorous examination of his brain. Apparently showed that he had a severe form of a degenerative. Brain disease. Known as CE PE. Chronic traumatic. And so follow up with the the Arizona CT. That this they said was so bad. Valet at the age of 27 they could not believe how advanced and severe wise. They usually only see this kind of brain damage. To players well into their sixties. And so according to exempt for example to the New York Times. To the Boston Globe. To CNN. Too numerous liberal media outlets. They are now openly saying. That perhaps it was CTE. That caused Aaron Hernandez to behave violently. And erratically. They say that when you have CPE and I'm just looking at the New York Times story. That this causes erratic. Violent behavior. It leads to a lack of impulse control. If they have can seat he is often marked by problems with controlling aggression. Impulses. In some degree even demand Shia as well as a mood swings lapses in judgment and may dis organized manner. I'm quoting directly now from the New York tops. Even though they admit. That there researchers quote did not make a direct link between mr. Hernandez's violence and his disease. So there researchers may not be making a direct link. But the New York Times is and the global aids and generally liberals in the media are. And sold piling on top of all of this is of course the lawyers. And so. I Hernandez's lawyer held a press conference yesterday. With members of the Hernandez family. And now they are showing the NFL for 3040 million dollars. Saying that they are responsible. For why his four year old daughter now no longer has a father. And according to them it's because the NFL is covering up the problems they have with concussions. The problems they have with brain injuries or brain damage caused by playing the game that is just so violent. And god because they were covering up these sort of concussion issues and the uber brain issues that you come from playing this contact sport. That the NFL is responsible. For Aaron Hernandez having brain damage. And IP so facto I kid you not for why he ended up murdering old Lloyd. And why he ended up committing suicide. So they want to shoot the New England Patriots. They want to shoot the NFL. And not only dot. They also won a shoe I swear to you. The NCAA acres he played college football I've Florida university. And they also want to sue Florida university the Florida Gators because they also believe he may have had brain damage while he was playing college football. So basically now the family has no money. And now there on a major fishing expedition. To try to get whatever cash they can blackmail. Out of either the patriots the NFL. Florida university. For the NCAA. Listen to wish I still lawyers say we want the money and we want it now. We have submitted his brave for testing. And to determine if Aaron had suffered from combat. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Also known as CT. Prior to announcing anything I'd like to think. Doctor and the key. And her entire team for all of the hard work they've done and the professionalism. Which they've shown us. The results of Aaron Hernandez as a result tests. Were positive. Parents suffered from a severe case of CT. Not only were the results positive what we're told that it was the most severe case they had ever seen. And someone for someone of parents' age. Aaron Hernandez head in advance. Stage three of CTV. Which is usually found in the median age of the 67 year old man I was safe for lawyers representing. Athletes. Contact sports. That this is something you should definitely consider. Having your clients. Take some of the presumptive tests that are available. It's something that we considered as a team. But did not pursue. Simply because his defense was one of actual innocence. And not one of litigation. To something I deeply regret. They were also announcing. That and my team has filed a federal lawsuit. Suing the NFL. And the New England Patriots. On behalf of Aaron Hernandez daughter. A BO Hernandez. That that lawsuit was filed. This afternoon. Will be made available to everyone and afterward. So this is discussed and I mean now you're even pimping out the kid the four year old girl. First of all let me just say this OK couple things need to be said and I don't wanna throw open the U 6172666868. If you want to weigh in on this. To me point number one. If you've been following this in any way shape perform you know that there's no money left. There's no money left for Hernandez's girlfriend. For the family for nothing so they have no money. To me this is in naked cash grab. This is now simply an attempt to use this guy's suicide. And he whatever the brain scan showed the buyout CTE. And use it as an excuse to sue. To go after the patriots. To line their pockets from the NFL. From the NCAA. From Florida university. Sue anybody they can possibly sue. And somehow bring his four year old girl and that is saying all she lost her daddy okay she lost her daddy because her dowdy murdered somebody. She lost her daddy because her daddy committed suicide. That's why she lost her dad. So if there's. Anybody to blame it's Aaron Hernandez. Don't blame the CT. Don't blame the brain damage don't blame at the NFL bone blame the patriots don't blame anybody. Okay he still blame now furthermore. Furthermore and this gets to me the heart of the issue. We're dealing with grown adults. Does anybody now not know that playing football can lead to perk traumatic brain injury. It's like smoking. You know when you small is a good possibility gonna get lung cancer throat cancer oral cancer you don't have a good chance you gonna get cancer. Well it's the same thing when you play professional football or college foot. That if you're gonna play at that level with how big they are now on how fast they are and how hard they hit. You're gonna get concussions and if you keep getting concussions. Over time you're gonna get some serious brain injury. So the players know what's involved. They're adults. You know and tell me what is really particularly disgusting is they make the would just find god bless them they make millions and millions and millions of dollars. They know what they're doing. So why are you know trying to essentially criminalize. What consenting adults are doing they know what they're doing. And frankly. For many people play in the NFL and let me even put a little racial spin on this is it needs to be said for many minorities. And how much is being Latinos I mean for African Americans for many of them and whites but a bit to a lesser degree it's their way out of poverty. It's there Toyota already. Now they know the risks. Are all adults. Or something called personal responsibility. So don't blame the concussions. And don't blame the brain damage and finally let me just say this. They're acting like he was the only one which CPE York somehow we had this incredibly severe form of CTE. Junior say now. Hide our brain damn much then that Kenny stabler there's many others. They didn't pick up a gun and kill people. At worst they committed suicide in other words they harmed themselves. Suddenly now having seat he. Doesn't justify. Or rationalize. Or excuse. You taking a gun. And shooting somebody in the head. Because by that logic well anybody has a brain injury or anybody I CT Jiri whatever it well that's the reason why they killed somebody I know. Nobody forced them to play football. No one told them to play Peewee football high school football college football professional football he chose to do that. Nobody told them to shoot or Deloitte he did that I think he killed those two other people but let that go technically he was acquitted okay. No one told him to be a gang bang you're no one told them to be a method nobody told them to be a drug addict. Nobody told to throw crazy parties go 345 in the morning where he was stoned out of these freak in mind. Nobody told them Toronto with the crowd that he ran way. Day that day. So now you bring up a shy stir lawyers. Warlike you know we want one email thirty male forty mil for which do hold him. One last thing. No we ever happened to working for a living. I'm talking now about the mother of that poor girl. Which wrong. Which simply getting a job. You have no money that's fine Aaron Hernandez whatever it all went to a defense fund or whatever it was he shot somebody kills somebody was convicted committed suicide. So what you do ways to feed your family here's what you do. You get eight jaw about. And you provide for yourself and your daughter. Notice nowadays it's saw the fast money the easy money. She old scholl's shoe Null mutt and Jeff corners America. It's work work work. 61720666868. I don't buy it. I'm rolling my eyes as I speak to you right now this is another scam to try to sue the NFL. Agree disagree. We saw in Boston going and it looks. And that the little bit. You can. Tell you why. Don't. Can't get that and they'll tell somebody nobody told the it. You don't go. Get a brain injury. It. All of it in there. And there he is. These type of injury. But she needs to be. All that break. You're talking about you know rationale response. And the light they see it can not control. I I are actually at. It's a shame that bought the only now got to. You know what was going on outside at night it or. Are. Until label that. Saying where you know it at all we all that. Even at you at all. Anwar audit that actually eat. Like a net interest sorry. People cannot control because that's how their brain wired. And that's I want to the. Well Lisa look let me just say this thanks for your call. When I would you say is this. Everybody else who's had concussions or brain damage your CPE. And this is nothing new Mike Webb served famous football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Played in the seventies I loved him. Apparently was drooling in his fifties or whatever could barely talk. So this is something that's been afflicting players now really but just recent has been 304050. Years. No one's picked up a gun shot somebody else. Yes Durbin suicides. And use lease because they find at the headaches are crippling the pain. They can't remember any thing. The depression and but you know that leads to suicide. Okay Rivera couldn't ABC an argument. But for murder. Now and you mentioned law and order on his release so that's that's right thank you you you shot yourself in the foot. That's fantasyland moreover in an oh no moreover law and order is an incredibly liberal show very politically correct. You know I don't deal in fantasy ideal and reality. And he knew the risks. He knew the risks his family knew the risks in fact when he was drafted in the fourth round. After he came out of Florida. He actually was working at some little job driving a 300 dollar used car. So nobody told them to play in the NFL. He chose to play in the NFL. Well a. 126 here on the great WR KR OOK let me ask you this. It is the corner country poll question how big day. In the wake now of the brain scan and what the researchers say are the official results. Do you believe Aaron Hernandez his seat he is he in other words his brain injury. Dated cause him. To commit murder. If you believe the answer is yes it was a key factor text the letter eight to 68680. If like mean no absolutely not. Text the letter beat the 68680. Has always you can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany what are the poll results. Thus. 4981%. To know. And 9% say yes. Are you are an era beyond this wonder I'm gonna say no I don't think that. This is the reason why he supposedly murdered people. I mean is that it's 00. Most contemptuously. Sarcastically. Or why do you say yeah. I just don't. Oliva shaft and I think that when you're an athlete and misses any sport. EU would know the rest that you take effect you are gonna get injured whether it's a brain injury or are. Any other thing you bring your hand you a break your ankle you break your leg breaks up in your back you know like. And that happens accidents do happen but I kind of think that. You know the NFL kinda does cover up this the brain injuries. And their players I think that a lot of them do. Have concussions. Ends they lie about it personally. I do. I think they a lot of the coaches are players that now and buy it I'd just don't believe that this was what lot up to. Aaron Hernandez murdering people. 6172666868. Let me throw one more log on the fire. Should Aaron Hernandez's family screwed the NFL. Do you think they have a right to sue the patriots and the NFL. Mark on the North Shore go ahead mark. They definitely do it on good are you. A quality source they're satisfied concussion Losman speech and my sorry twice as. Youthful mania like a real young boys and actually having told anyone yet today. Mark if you don't want me ask you hum what did you do to get all those concussions play. I resist. Also a lot of talk on bit as a kid. One time on the back of a slow playing chicken on the pavement you know head back on the game it's. Some bike accidents and that booed the whopper was an. Junior I was running after tennis ball on the guide wire was I didn't see to guide market net income down as far as Richard buck in the throat. My body spun up and there are ninety degrees with a fury and ninety degrees in the ground street element that was the worst one. I'll mark did people report what they get like massive headaches. They feel disoriented. Memory loss. Are you said you've gone blind twice. Yeah a lot prestige Emerson a short strong from the injuries. And would you rob thank the lord you got him back correct. I don't know your site you can see now. Yeah yeah no problem it would be it would separate. The second time was probably for about 24 hours the first it's a little shorter than that in the yeah I'd. And model police department I count the site just I don't know that's telling you anything. I'm mark any long term you feel any long term effects. Now they told me it couldn't I'm that if fight took another blow this system go back probably actually yours now. The secretary and other extreme blow to the damage might be permanent but there was never anything like I you gotta be insane you're gonna. Do this and that you gonna kill people there were none of that outage just have to be. Up to be careful about what shot educated at which I think. Young kid has or about any power would know what the kid did they get their all the time I just happened to a new extreme and up until probably junior times last one but you know just it's that flight and again I didn't kill anyone just today this week or this months. Mark thank you for that call gob bless humor to crack up that's that's what I say 6172666868. I think it's one. Big scam. I agree disagree. More so Boston. 237 here on the break WRKO. OK my friends 617266. 6868. We're gonna go right back here phones I promise. Aaron Hernandez's CTE did that cause him to commit murder and should he sued the Ares scrambling to be particular. He committed suicide should his family sue the NFL. But first. He always comes on at this time. Today however that's particular special meaning for me. He is the sponsor of the corner report he always has in my back he always does the show is back. Even though it makes them a lot of powerful enemies. And that's the one and only bill Kelly CEO president of bill Kelly financial services. But he I am so excited about tomorrow's event how are you doing. Well throughout this sometimes you wake up in the morning and response coming up call on her serve my whole life Christians to the very. And your partner though there are resources board a boat. You know we've got to get people are attacking us because our unborn children have a chance to come into the world people attacking us because. You know the mayor Austin didn't provide a large jacket to a young child in the article are Carter and support our security aren't jumpstart. Did speak up about that a yearly goals in her first class treatment also apparent that we can't speak up about their Tareq. We can't speak about the fact that we want people who serves. Some remote guard we can't speak about these things. Georgia which you speak about them and we have to like it or you're exactly right when you're you know our guys that are out sometimes. They'll look I mean now I don't wanna revealed too much or are confidential conversation with police say stays with us but. You know bill I said this to you and I'll say this again. I really believe that we're defined by our enemies not just by our friends but by our enemies. And I think the fact that you have so many powerful people out to bring you down because of your support for the show and frankly. The public positions that you've taken on your show on WRKO. And other places to me is a testament. To testament to your character. To testament to your courage to testament to your principal. And it's a testament that you wanna stand for something in this world. And so I know right now things are tough for you when nine. I embarrassed Elizabeth Warren. That video as you probably know always up on the Drudge Report says talks are using they're playing at. It's on fox website the daily caller Sarah Palin's reach weeded it so. We've done a lot of damage. To the lie ease and the deceptive in year that Elizabeth Warren has tried to establish over the last couple of years. And now to build their lashing out because that's what they do her. Well I had someone on the assumption on my program to talk about well I usually that kind of our that's some somebody sent represented. Clinton. A political statement. Was made in the contrary to long to to make a statement against. What Planned Parenthood does just abuses are there are some additional. The little could surely nobody goes so chuck. A look at the arm. Because I have a son. You might see some good or discard the former built illustrator. Come upon them hard. I was WP didn't hear. Look it has nothing compared to order concert and what you are turned your lunch. I stand up almost near partially what's been pro Americans. As a permanent citizens are inputs open another old but yet hundreds of thousands of dollars to lecture these Bertrand Catholic Charities. And I pray that her conduct in return for I don't want our help as many people. Were just. That we have the first and still don't we just. In theory bill but the more bats wanna get rid of it. And that's why they'll look. You know you when I have talked about this and I really you know let me say we sit in private let's say a little bit of public. You know won't you when I have talked about this the leader of Italy. The leader of Germany. The leader of Britain the leader of France. Would they'll have in common none of them have children. None of them have grandchildren. They don't think for tomorrow. They think only for today. Where you are a father. I am a father. God you know god willing soon you may even be a grandfather hopefully Winger. You know when your wonderful daughter grows up and gets married so don't think just for yourself for don't just think for myself. We think for our kids we think for our grandkids we think for what it's gonna come in the future. And not why we defend the First Amendment that's why we defend freedom and that's why now well we've got to stand up to these thugs. He depended on to such as reference people in Iraq did not have to purchase and can't go to a when rapper truckload of raisers to purchase CDs. Where these or at least people what are your records are being considered as 22 of the current secretary of civil not just people can't get. Medical care. We're worried about it once this kind of person they send you this your parents since your question. I don't sincerity. Who took their cause I have to regardless of the Warner are sincerely Tim burger. Well on the twenty current and obviously part of our secure now. I didn't notice and simple and so there are an important center weren't sincerely in under. The 23 which probably would burst onto straight to here. All of the argument that our expert did not appear Oral Roberts football. For some of the war so their chickens it while speaker well organized. Because I didn't really are just it was obvious it was Christians following up on us obviously marketer of you know we're gonna have a. Real time with huge not bill will do another event we'll do another summit what good does want good the Brooklyn Marriott will do that we'll do it again. And let's invite the lie a lot thought let's invite them in all sincerity senator Elizabeth Warren got. Don't listen. Thought our sincere very young men and sorry I didn't mean that no insults not seen this. Say I'm content. Of this nonsense. Is welcome to come to an event laboratories. Runner up twelve more this year where Korean reporter elections is not earning their urge to torture. Universe much time. As much time as she wants senator respectfully. Senator Elizabeth Warren. Well respectfully. She dumped all three events. As you can talk for as long as she wants or worse or sooner or. You're so our or senator can com and won't even invite C span and cheek and just rail against and bill she can rail against the 1% chicken rail against who against me a different. It started to lighten up and she she served arm's. Sore you know there's a sort of Cooper is regarded. She's invited I'd love to Mir tomorrow we can have another video conflict I just a discussion. You know a lot of the video there I can ask another question. Well the legalities lonely butcher prototype it's actually are being character. That the darker that the daughter are. You know what it's been a challenging year which most immediately different you know Mark Kirk says her thoughts and a great day for the people on our current. Bill body I got to ask you are there still seats available can people show up to shoulder solidarity alliance to shut down or let it very much shutting them or call your role in their charter Corwin. We don't come you know nervously ladies and gentlemen good yet we had just hundreds of calls today alone. So that's why it wouldn't get too little work as well sort Berkeley. Who don't have a seatbelt come because it's certainly in the building it's all picked there's just. Okay you got a bill I'll see you tomorrow. Hang tough and bill thank you for your support Gerber for senator with a shoulder to shoulder god bless you my friend 6172666868. Okay. Called always and hopefully we'll have some seats available. Let's stand up to Elizabeth Warren and her thugs. Well want to stay they can call and try. 88881881. Britain is giving his dirty look. 88881881. Who knows they call me that got a couple of seats Britney. I would love to see all of and there are a fault lines of a down because there's so why call phone lines gimmick hey look he's gonna try to get them up. You know that's let's try to get as many people there is possible. Britney is giving me this look okay director mistake now Brittany. You don't lesson at a peak. No I didn't I just I don't honestly I just wanna see him I because look I know the tiny he's under now right so I just want people to shoulder support that's all. 88881881. Then maybe you can grab a seat OK out to see all of you there OK lines are loaded Sean in Harrisburg. PA. Go ahead shot. They kept much talked again time my friend I I want to make a couple of comparisons are forced the law I think if you look at the statistics. Concussions or a pro way more often and shocker and you never hear about EG and soccer. You don't hear about so aside the commercial. But players and soccer for a great school loyal to approach that's mumbo. Alberto. Concussions obviously there are way more of an annular placed them in the military. And including myself by itself with a severe concussion with no helmet on on concrete. Back in 1988. And started them complications. Last year. And to find out what was going on you know we can upload migraines every Tuesday vote temples. Just constant nagging and every other day. But unfortunately you know the VA it would actually be because of obamacare that I make too much money. So I can't pick whatsoever what they took my VA benefits away. But and any now. Sean hold on I mean on the Hernandez precedent now while she sued the military Sean. While until I'm not a current approach moral standard and that's. Okay and so you know if the that was probably go on and so the NFL anyhow so remodeled Welsh are renaming CT. That cash transaction. I. Well you know there's so they can move on with just ghetto with its gonna throw open and over and take kids and you know George Dick good little progress so that they are. You know and don't pay out you know in the name of the children or whatever it's going to be but. That's pretty much all I had to say about that and Sean are. Honestly brilliant look our arms and I want to thank you for your service. A thank you for your service and I mean look. Military members get concussions. All the time. By the way the sport and as the highest number of concussions slot football soccer. Soccer because the ball comes in Seoul arts so Faust can make the keep doing matters. It rattles the brain notice the liberal media are going after soccer players you know why. Because deep down I believe. That the left in this country want to get rid of football. I believe their ultimate goal here is to ban football. They want ultimately banned the flag. They want a band the National Anthem. They wanna banned the constitution. They want a band the bill of rights and what is more American it's baseball baseball's not racist right. And outs of the outside of baseball what is more American than football. It is a unique distinctly American institution. And an American game. And so I think they're using this issue of concussions. To essentially. Beat the NFL with two eventually drive it out of business just my opinion. Sean and towns and go ahead showdown. Good it really enjoy how it worked a bit and general guerilla that you probably don't thank you Sean. It'll still might accept it social the I. Almost always on your mind but yeah. Mail us at city jobs the kick out of stock promoter that it says that. I consider myself I don't think he birdied it all that he got that can go and let a ball. I mean we go to bed and I thought people thought but I think he will tell. Don't let that so few flights don't beat out there out there capital crime people it kicked it ahead. I don't know whether it got them at all. That is showing that's another I gotta tell you it's another brilliant point I thank you for that call look what was the big rap on him in Florida. They would go out partying all the time I think until bar fights. In fact I was the reason why I think he went down to fourth half fourth round in the draft. Because they really thought he was toxic why is the guy tipped you all either dead now beaten out of him or beat the hell out of somebody else in these bar room fights. Plus he's a gang banker. Soul you know I mean you are sure are mean concussions obviously caused brain damaged but believe me you'll look at this guys extracurricular activities. Bet that hey it wasn't just football believe me. Andean Weymouth go ahead and. What's going up they were going under and hey I just got that thought that if he's gonna sue everybody welcome he's not a one McCain because she was a loyal gang dagger. Even after receipt a year in jail he added. You know polite has to so welcome to gang banger about the ensued as well. At such an outstanding group those gains of our Kevin craft around a few cuts or is it. In other nearby their members of this. Odd you're saying. And be who she day. Now there's another way it'll. It means stands ready and anti. You know pointing out that finally brown act he touched the ball is in fact professed man of nuclear war hits conflict malevolent. But not. That's what do you think. Don't liberals want to band football. While. They're now saying that seat he. Severe brain damage. Caused Aaron Hernandez. To be a murder. Do you buy a Tiffany on 49 B five coed Tiffany. I act and Larry it's I'm an hour yeah. Current aren't on any questions or help it you know how I don't agree that the concussion. I would spot spot or Aaron Hernandez at actions in the air because everybody's different and people could you know. No app is an element but not all and all are gonna react. They're saying black. And my question is regarding like peach state ex soldier. Course see it and the other violent end a trot it overseas. It they that they are spot all prepare actually. When they called. Yes. Now I noticed PTA is. But rarely gets PTA is the lead to mass murder and they may lead to suicide yes. But rarely does it lead to mass murder. So I notice the liberals would never give a veteran a break sang all he had PT SD that's why it's I don't know what he. You know shot some gang banger and I and now earlier something they would say and always got to go to prison. Well it's the same thing with Aaron Hernandez. I don't see what the exception is for this guy except that he was a football player. And again look how the media is trying to turn him into a victim and martyr. He wasn't. He was a thug a criminal and murderer. Sharma in Quincy go ahead Sean. Edgar Prado went on good how are you. Excellent. Under PP at the end of that tree and I got a double whammy. Or because I've met a lot of concussion as a kid claims court. In the Marine Corps played football and doing some work of art collections. Last one was revoked for years goes skiing. So Syria on the scene everywhere it's a buddy you've had concussions then correct. Yes too many to count and Charlotte didn't you kill somebody. But no but I can't tell you. From the Marine Corps also I took the malaria pills which somebody's claiming the malaria pills. Kill some civilians in that Janet and I took the pills in the gulf war vet problems from olds. I actually get a VHS. And I have a great art or Quincy on the BA so. I know everyone says how bad the VA is my dark but in the BA. It's wonderful but. Those still Baghdad suburb out of memory problems between the protections and no. I've had a lot of problems. I don't want to kill it. But I think showing your point is but that doesn't lead you to cause violence. And as an excuse you causing violence might hear you look I think it's a scam. I think he's just an excuse to sue it's a massive cash grab. He was out he was a gang banger even when he was a little kid. That's Aaron Hernandez. Full stop. I gotta go have a great weekend fired by. Who report has been presented by him. Services the boys of Boston it's. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston.