Deval 2020?

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Wednesday, August 2nd

Politico reports that team Obama is trying to convince Deval Patrick to run for President in 2020


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URG you know the voice of Boston. Kelly financial poll is up at WR New York also look at who. He even Mike Richards who pulled the one is related to Jeff Sessions and the latest word that he is going to be going after some universities for. Some of what he's been making reference to his to search discrimination. And to with the exact wording of your poll may be true. Usher Jeff Sessions go after colleges and practice affirmative action then yes and don't hang your opportunity to proceed. We're talk more about that coming up in the 7 o'clock power also up this morning. Yes audible will former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick run for president and point one. Why don't we put that pull up because we found out yesterday. That Barack Obama among others but many members of the Obama team. Have apparently been urging the ball Patrick to run for president in 220 Booth. So let's talk about that for a second eighth. Likelier he's gonna run would be chances Diaz if he does Ron. Likelihood these get Iran I think will be pretty gory. I think you'll definitely start to test the waters now he was asked about it and he says it's just far too early. To make any kind of you know comment about that. I don't think it's far too early I think he's out there. Check it out testing the waters on his own in the party certainly is. Chances. I don't know I mean you know you get Cory Booker whose gonna push pretty hard I think. I think you got you know a few people I don't think it'll is this war will end up running quite frankly but I. Guess time will tell. And I know likelihood that he's gonna run high a lot of chances that he has. Fairly high. And I know you're gonna laugh when I tell you that but you are crazy. If you underestimate this guy first of all you did it once already in Massachusetts I remember when he ran for governor we don't want. How does this guy you joking nor did it ever and let him the last name is a first name and a first name his last name it was sad all the time he was dismissed. Immediately because no one had ever heard of them and oh by the way you do not gonna have a black guy as governor in Massachusetts the second thing that came up. And he shattered all that stuff in a real sorry and not only when buddy wanna get you're so. That's one reason not to underestimate in the other reason is whose encouraging them around. These guys the Obama crew wants him to run. Don't underestimate the Obama crawl axle rod wants him to run. Valerie Jarrett says that her exact quote is it it's my heart desires. That he would drug. It's obvious what my heart is his comment was. All it's way too early so that's nothing. That's and that's a complete I'm absolutely open to be and talked to measure it by area haven't decided to wing and but. Couple things let's have some fun when this first of all I needed campaign slogan for default one point one. You know you know better than the rest of the world obviously does so give me a campaign slogan Foreman and let's talk legitimately about what kind of chances he has. Not whether or not you like Jim we all have our opinions of Deval Patrick. But but honestly what Elizabeth Warren I think has a 0% chance why. I I will forever tell you this she was given a chance to step up but the DNC and she stepped back she doesn't have it pushes no charisma whatsoever knowing what you know who does yes I do you know as I know him and so do you know was given a chance that the DNC four years prior to Elizabeth born and you know who stepped doc yep. Of all Patrick. I have said over and over in my lifetime I've seen two people who I thought were had regardless of how you felt about their politics. To. A bit did great politicians. Politicians. So what I'm saying your room. Played the role. On an unbelievable level number one is Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton when he gets in a room not not anymore but when it when he was at his prime and he got a room he could boo anybody and everybody. He could play that game. And Deval Patrick is very very much like that we knew me Deval Patrick you may wanna try to fight him. Because you don't believe it is politics. But I defy you to meet him and not some walk away and say wow. That was a really likable person. And I don't waiting to Andrew because Clinton's Clinton's oval smarmy about what he's hiding out but every kid that wrote he's got sense solid. Sincerely nineties slowly and there and I think the way I always judge not not a lot of politicians. And of the way I judge down. Is when you walk away. Whether they heard a word you Saturn not if you walk away and you think that you were the center of the world for the last two and a half minutes. Then they are doing what it is they're supposed to be doing. Deval Patrick is a legitimate threat I'm just tell me your hand. First all the countries of sets of Massachusetts people running for president for some reason it happened it's happened almost every election cycle in my lifetime it's going to happen again. They've been shocked. Warren there'd there'd desperately trying to figure out a way to give her it that you can't get you we to have it or glory don't she doesn't that's just for starters on her. Seth Moulton. Seth Moulton is a child. The politically he's a child no windows here outside of the people that we're talking to right now Seth Moulton has never had a legitimate debate tonight. I mean he knows he isn't he's. This moment has shown no ability to raise money I get the there'd be a national park. It is not going to be Seth Moulton. It is. All three to meet its just and it's no question it's the ball. If he's the one that as a Republican you should be most threatened by because he poses several problems for year. I trump Patrick race would be. Would be wild because one would legitimately trying to go high when they go low around like the last one who lied about that yes. But the question is would that work in how would that play and could drum get under his skin and all that. But Deval Patrick can look you in the eye and tell you that it is raining when he's whizzing in you you'll consider that yes. He's done it he has sonic in we felt bored don't pretend we didn't we did. So would you do it here you can do with their because Obama proved that. Given DV Boston's morning shell. WR KL. A lot of interest and taxes on this what do telephones in the seconds it was 766 exits exit Texans aren't given me good slogans for the fall that's our water. But. Five or it to Bjork devastation and bash is trumping gushes the ball. Always good to hear from our depth listeners because you're not you don't have your ears open side. If you were gushing over DePaul and there's an old line it's it's it's called no line enemy. If you're hardcore Republican and obviously you are new here where you wanna hear texture finally. How you might wanna know this guy is and what he's done in order to best combat him. You can stick your head in the sand and say he's nothing but. 978 ball would be formidable but he's got the Obama team. I the question is is it detained or is that something that shines a bright ever occur on his approval numbers right now. In my 20s20 some. It took a miracle. It took 30000 votes in Pennsylvania for trump to pull this off the country's not that far from Massachusetts where for a Republican to win. Man the stars have to line them. The ball's gotta swing 30000 in Pennsylvania 30000 in Wisconsin and he's good to go you think of all can't do that. I think he can I wouldn't underestimate his politician I'm telling I really wouldn't and I think. Anybody who does doesn't it and it is because there had missing. If I'm ordered Massachusetts candidates have lone national appeal. Really based on based on watt. All rounds to their credit based on the fact that the last four that are krona lost yes what are what is lone national appeal John Kerry lost by 40000 votes in Ohio I wouldn't say that's lower national appeal. Mitt Romney. Was nominated for president and up until three weeks prior we all thought it was a pretty good she. The guy could be the president let me tell you go why why Deval Patrick is it different Massachusetts politician. Because the two people you just mentioned. The reason part of the reason that they never won. Was because they came off as eastern snobs and they couldn't push the way there's themselves over that finish line for that reason. Think about it that is the reason both of those men want lost. This is a politician that's why I told you what I told you in the beginning it was we talked about this. He's unlike other politicians. He's he he is someone who can connect to people those two men could not that's what makes him very different. So not coming our way right he's he's our western Turkey she cars right. He's got he's got that. He's got that midwesterner appeal. And that East Coast sophistication. And those of the two things. That will be very attractive when he runs as a politician regardless of what he's stand it. 603 I'm begging him to run so that we can just see him standing next at trump on a debate stage he is a foot shorter than him my phone now marquise political. The optics and that would be pretty about a good slogan by the over seven cents or. Default point one me it's anecdotal. But I mean to that is a word he likes to use a law he's also foot shorter than Charlie Baker. I agree I NEV Charlie Baker I I agree I don't underestimate this guy at all you guys on the tax line wanna confuse. Not underestimating women with some sort of love of the guided those two very different things but. You'd better be wary of this I had a lot of text of friends yesterday lap and then I'll bring it on and I I texted everyone of them and said. Our tweet everyone governments are you better be careful what you wish for 'cause this is no joke. We got a giving duties in South Boston good morning. Good article entitled thoughts are you. Storage a lot of little doubt that don't get the chilly here in year out and the courts here girl. So our whole our that that you think you'll say trump has got it spreads that out as he decides to run then you've got a grand aunt Minnie me. And yet he's got a ticker it will about it or more years of Obama policies we just started right leadership blob blob blob. I agree give me but that's what I definitely want yeah they want the discussion to be this is it. This is the pivotal moment in the country where either we're gonna have healthcare or not we're gonna find out who we are. The dams want that to Bernie Sanders people are engaged. The Elizabeth Warren people there but they're candidates can't win this guy could win in the crowd appeal to them in my opinion. And he could appeal to them. They want this war to come and you'd better be concerned I think that his Achilles heel is more about being soft on crime I think that's in his state where he was soft currently was soft and other states on crime to an act of the basketball. Out right into the basketball issue the reason why the Pelletier cases and I don't think while I understand that give me that's a complicated case number one number two. She ultimately did go back to the family wasn't it would've been different if she had died in custody or without the family she didn't. That was very complicated to understand that's a little Iowa the American Idol alum. You've got to look at the broad brush issues. It's a you have to look at how weary stood on health care in the state you have to look at how we how we dealt with crime it. You need to look how spending how went while he was governor those are the kinds of things you have to look at when you're governor running for president. Let me go to Paul he's a grain of glory ball. Good morning guys you know. Maybe take exception being here statement that we eat shell Ford. Some moron in this state felt Horry hit more than fifty and unfortunately. Why instantly. What that they again we circle with a week. We live here you live here they just because the that it. All right but my point is. He would absolutely win the democratic nomination they are eight team without a bench right now they've gotten no prospects coming up. And who did you fight against the get that nomination it is almost assured. That he would get the democratic nomination running away. And the scary part of all it's unlike the Republicans. Who trained in spite. All work and no state and Iran over the 2% of their principles that we candidate doesn't stand or. The Democrats once they get their guy. They have carved mine will get the Democrats in congress right now. Not one moment is considering anything outside of what the leadership is telling them to do their autumn on once their once they're on a roll. They don't care what their party in sport as long as they're partying and getting power. I would argue that were true of Bernie Sanders voters would have come out a lot stronger for Hillary and torn sixteen and yes that's a that's a rare exception like it is a general rule what he says is true then this interesting news. Is a little more complicated but I'm pretty sure default could get them didn't you write a letter of support for the rapists in jail he did that would that's Ashley I'm talking about age group yeah. He was soft date the he was definitely soft on crime Sanctuary Cities is going to be another issue here him but gee he will only. Yeah I know you already lost more really tie absolutely and he would he will throw down you'll take down on let me go to Scott in Weymouth. Good morning Jim good morning BBM and forgive me I just started on who's our other parties have flooded. What's your answer smells like felt like I'll meet you what. Yes I liked other evolved evolved soft after that I think it doesn't Iceland do it. I only hope or I should say one only hopes that this is what the Democrat party is gonna put forth some 20/20 kidding me. If Vick if the Democrats are Americans without a device that progress Elizabeth Warren. I mean at Dover trumpeted future president. Did not and on that editing to stand on their volt soft able to static. People illustrate the region from one in the first in the first place. And I can't see note either one of them could win in the group in the excuse me the presidential nomination. God here's my issue we don't like about that you. That's a good thing this day and that would be nice if that was the world but Obama has 60% approval rating right now everything you just. But everything you said about the ball applies to Obama yet supposedly the country loves them. Well remembered not the popular vote is Electoral College yes there's lot of ignoring the result there so I'm not really concerned about the majority I'm concerned about days thinking voters and. Do you think would you be concerned about Pennsylvania the ball Patrick was absolutely. You have to be. Got to be concerned about no matter what because it was so laws. I mean with all due respect is I retired from the sale of all due respect but I do respect into the public servant speculated that with a straight face. Someone who was elected. In my state Governor Patrick he's he would even do a joke. I would I would vehemently didn't it was disgusted by everything he did when he was in office and in Massachusetts. And if that country decides supported that is double left. Decides to put that came forward is that representatives took left for the highest office in the land putting it on tropical committee is not even going to be. Oh. Hi I get the Udall light come and I've I didn't. People always like to point out that I voted for Obama once I did I never voted for DePaul I didn't. And he did that I had my house and thousands of all as a general I think I'd like him as a person I don't like him as a politician I don't. What I tell you pack your area this guy I mean the reality is if if everything was exactly the same in 20/20 is it wasn't 2016 except the black voters that came out for Obama exact amount for Hillary he wins come out for Deval UN yes by a lot. Enter in he is a guy that will legitimately say. Are run on I will undo everything he did in put it back the way it was. And he'd be happy without. On top of that. He's got to do Bernie Sanders free college education. Freed you don't preschool for everybody and and not say how he's gonna pay for because you can't pay for that sort of stuff. But he will get away with a he he is gonna be problematic and one thing he will run on is I can promise you. He said what do you have to lose inner city youth tell me that your life has gotten better over the last four years or you're gonna hear that no matter who runs. But the ball will say that with conviction and he will act like he spent his whole life in inner city Chicago when we know he hasn't it you'll be able to get away with a because they named a street after him. Jimmy is in Dorchester good morning. Rewarding can be ordered BP who are born that while Patrick. Are so cute the people of Massachusetts he made his office and and not and should be all not not a be all in the state house. Well but he got it at all or why don't like thirteen known as the green speed becomes president. What were you trying to is bad food and everything into gold. Yeah that's a tough argument for trump to make though that the guy's been 111000 on draped slight. I I'm with yen in these are things that are definitely in the loss column for the guy. But. Overall. To me it's not even him you got it it's not just that it's him it's that if the Obama team gets unified behind eighteen. We you wanted 2020s acts of Roswell was working for some candidates. While Jarrett wants some other candidate right there all over the place right if they're all on board with the one. Yeah they are all in on now one. The problem now and they certainly seem to be here. Jim and DB we're BP stands for very boisterous very she's very hole old yeah right whatever it's Boston's morning show on WR KL. We'll soon its its paper. And help more. Six current sexson on this topic the Obama people are urgent call to enter the presence of jurors is really Obama burglaries news. What's on that polonium only murder she is. That is a bad combinations it just Glenn Berger in general. Look look look you may be Limbaugh weighing in on that Corey and I got an error out and murdering. As 602666868. X 86 days attacks line. A killer financial poll is up at It's also add Bibi to wise we're asking you if you think the Jeff Sessions should go after some of these colleges which he believes discriminate against white. Incoming students. So affirmative action is what we're talking about and we're going to be talking about battle later in this hour. Are we right now there are talking about Deval Patrick and the fact that apparently the Obama folks want Deval Patrick to run. In 20/20 win asked she's insists for too early to even consider this we're asking you. Which he noted that for wanna years he has of course. Could be a threat I mean he he would've run earlier in this but you know and the one thing that the Democrats do is it's it's somebody's turn right. So it was Hillary Clinton's term. But anyway so what we're asking I'll tell you know what you think is chances might be. I thought it time and opted. And I will forever say ad she picked him as a vice president she would be president she made a mistake there for starters. They they overplay stuff. Why didn't she picked him up he was never. Ironically enough he was not on the short list if you'll pardon upon. But for whatever reason the that he wasn't a guy but they're inspectorate Jim said if he. If she could have just gotten that many more black books of and of all certainly would have helped in that way. She didn't pick him fine whatever bid that's all lol good for everybody else. But. He would be good for business through because there's so many things there would come to Mahoney was in nine it was in Greenfield of all places you stock in the pond. He's trying to hold that Trout that was just a little too slippery forum and yeah. There's some funny I'm that's not exactly Dukakis in the tank though it is a funny image right when you go as you well know like we remember Mike Huckabee. Content in Iowa aren't the primary John Kerry can only do we you'll loan sincere. Of all trying to act like one of the people in Iowa would be funny to watch let me go to Steve in Boston good morning. Go out on 10 good morning maybe look at it it seems to me like they're looking for African American person or one against schalken 21. First they pulled out Cory Booker and I guess a lot of people didn't like him in the Democratic Party then we'll talk about what Paris from the senator from California. She was African American and female and other talking about. Jerk so. You know I just wanna August white people will go they can't get over the wind not Bernie Sanders like get ready to be guided. You know the indictment and are not why they got to find them on the lack preferable for 21818. Thankful let me sheer ice. I don't think you know religious and we're gonna talk about Jeff Sessions and affirmative action stuff. I don't think there's any doubt did you. Democratic Party is looking for minority candidate if they can find one for either part of the ticket. Top or bottom right there would absolute allotment and I both parties kicked that around every four years that's just the nature of politics absolutely is but. The one thing that the vault. They have a story that they can twist. Water which is the devolved was in the Justice Department and so they'll. You could be fooled if you don't know that guy and I think any is that. Always got to do he's got crime prosecutions right round win win we know better but somebody in Arizona wouldn't know better somebody in Wisconsin when no matter and they could. Lee with the I was thinking too just to know his record little more I think they would understand it but you don't he wouldn't. I will say this you have an uphill battle in that. As of right now I'm not sure there's a lot of people in Arizona who know Julius. Nobody Newman Massachusetts yeah I mean well okay that's fine but we're talking about it you know running in Massachusetts is one thing in running a national campaign is another and he does not have recognition name recognition at this point and he's not in an office. So he says it's a really long way for guiding Deval Patrick right now who's working at Bain Capital no it's not really a long way because. He will have to start getting out and make it a name for himself. Because the quarry brokers of the world have already have a platform record book or right now is about to finish introduce legislation to legalize marijuana. Our federal level he's gonna start doing stuff like that you know where he can get headlines and he can make a name for himself. So that is the one thing in the and I think that's how will know if the ball's running. If all of a sudden we start seeing him a whole lot of places you can book you can see why he had probably price for an all these are seen on had a areas with bill Plante. He worked in right Clinton answer areas of Barack Obama hugging him at the DNC. What I sort of think he's gonna how much your buddies over on the vineyard within the next couple of days probably will be. For few photo ops Joseph is in Worcester good morning Joseph. Good morning what I strength of developed Patrick. If we're to abide prior written carpet. I could and jarring progressive book where I like to it's the grip both be bought hopefully. It choose a candidate that rabbit a foreign all right but general web we are. Who was not the order of Libya Iraq or just the you've got the troops and avoid bad effect. And I can think of the excellent campaign. Being on a good round. More united we span. Divided we fall. And it cuts back should ever being against the wall. We'll be achieved yet better June third view. Who knew that. I was sure shocked he didn't rhyme devolved in there I don't agree with O'Meara he might have been get a better. In IndyCar obscenity. Says hey I'm back up and given DD Boston's morning show. WRT yeah. Are well I'm sorry that we couldn't play portion of that last song. We'll forget that this thing or bumper music. Yeah sure who. Who was steaming together and. Falling united I didn't I didn't I tell when I hear and and Wesley Clark are people really still holding onto Wesley Clark he did run for president he's people who forgot and he was a horrific can't manage. So stop already with the shot as in Wellesley this morning good morning Sean. Good morning. I used to live in Arizona copper almost seven out of seventeen years. And at that time duke almost billiard governor. End. They're well aware of Massachusetts. Politicians politics. Just in northeastern general. And I remember. When and they had passed eight. To dole out Eric come against illegal immigration. M Austin City Council. That there aren't this tube for this. We're gonna boycott Arizona I T look. Backfired when they found out that it routed ten in New York City. I. Revolt they remember all out really well out air Arizona and I he had to use some you know all. Recovery out outlawed because of ignorance. In all. Based the I hear politicians and and bought. They shot when you say though littered with hate and you were using Arizona as an example because Rick you know you're bringing this up because we set on Arnold people in Arizona knew who. Deval Patrick is but there's a lot people airs on riverfront let it snow birds and whatnot so there are a lot of East Coast folks out there yes. She acts yeah absolutely. Because Florida's all of a sudden now every series start and go to Arizona and there's there's a lot of east coasters out. All right so I think that's part of why you know. They've you know when we were just using that as an example but the question as you do people though who Deval Patrick is in Utah and we do they know who he is in South Dakota did they know who he is in. Indiana I don't know what I'll say well if he decides to run. Smart techsters here are 97 if the ball would run for a third term he would have beaten baker jam anyone who underestimates him is making payments to. I actually believe that 100%. Item donuts Smart Texas another Smart texture. Says. Trying to find the exact wording is that I wanted to. Yeah. I don't wanna mess it up it's 978. Whenever I hear the name Deval Patrick and all I can think of is a nutty woman doing sign language maximum. Remember during one of those snowstorms they always have that the person to a close captioning or whatever as. Remember how violently vocal she was with the arms and she was like. It got the point where people in the back like giving her the whoa taking easier. You're too bought like they're not even hearing it on their just lucky you I'm going. It was just so over the top ridiculous. I remember that that put a smile on my face that was. Yeah yeah I'm sure that that anything do with him but yeah. And he was there aren't a I'm just looking through just records when he left office Patrick had a 50% or. Nice emanates snowflake is right Deval Patrick is Bill Clinton without the smarmy. DePaul has some argue but ES Marin don't you teach yourself the thing about the ball one proms the ball as his when he used pushed. It can't quit. Then he is agitated and he does not Wear it well I'll. It doesn't work for him at all and he can be boy. I interviewed him many many times when we were fox many times. And got along with him quite well except one time and it was related to. When they were voting on Beacon Hill. And he was in Washington RG was in New York pushing his book he remember the us. And we were voting for I would say we are voting for casinos. He was snows the breeders' time when it lost right as they couldn't decide in the third casino worn out so he's in New York pushing the park with this vote comes around. And so I spoke with him live on the year and you know that was the direction the day the question was gonna go and that was there with a one time that I saw personally you know first hand. How his personality could change in how angry he could get and how quickly he could get that angry. But I mean you know a hack and isn't everybody that way right I guess I don't know but. I I think for mean Deval Patrick I again I said I like Deval Patrick I think he's a really super nice person and I think he's a really good politician. I don't know there's a number of his policies I don't like it not the least of which is I don't like that he is as soft as. As he is on crime. And I don't let it like his play you know his set position on Sanctuary Cities. You know he wouldn't give driver's license to move that's that's the part that would change so dramatically TV I think the immigration issues that are. Changing in this for years he would changed those back very very quickly. You think do you think obamacare is not coming back within 12 I mean whatever happens real health care. That's going right back in a second and he's gonna tell you forever that we were handling it great Massachusetts and I'm not do this right which is bull and everybody knows it. But you say that enough times people will start to believe it.