Delta pays a passanger $4000 to give up a seat on an overbooked plane

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, September 13th

An overbooked flight from Atlanta to Indianapolis before an important NCAA game led to one woman making $4000 for giving up her seat. 


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You RJ you know the voice of Boston. To real life. And we wanna have a Hyundai as at the Hawkeyes had posted on FaceBook on I'm gonna leave it to the pond master says that he thinks it's worthy but I thought this is a pretty good on. I'm just looking at it now it's first time but anytime you get a headline this is a Denny's new mascot drops at deuce. And get it through some pretty crappy idea I get excited. Yeah okay so we don't FaceBook goes into I don't know Danny's a mascot on line it's on our FaceBook page okay near. Take a look at their new mascot and a 9 o'clock. Just get ready and just lay it on and on potted up may be. In the meantime Delta Airlines get them just what they deserve I shouldn't say this I such a good friend. And one of my dearest friends he's like a brother to me. He works for delta air and so I just have to say I'm so sorry right now mark I'm sorry. But airlines in general I'm just so sick of this overbooking. And and not you know really paying the price. Except this weekend which is fantastic so there's a flight going from. Atlanta out. To grow. Two out great where they go Indian it be recorded Notre Dame subtleties have been. And most of the people on the plane were University of Georgia opinions. Going to see them play. Notre Dame. And they are rabid and they want on. And to pull the fight over Brock. So they start trying to get people to get off. And they realize that they got a real problem because not enough people are getting off for the people who were standing near who have purchased tickets they don't have a seat. There's a woman sitting on the plane she has said to herself. I will get off this plane that only. Old when they offer me 4000 dollars costs and she sat and she waited. And sure enough. They got panicked enough. That they hit the magic number 4000 bucks sure that your answer I'll get off. She took the check for 4000 dollars. She got to South Bend. You know numerous hours later on the next flight. And that was that and they had to pay the price and I could not be worth throw. It's always a dangerous game when you do. I have a number. But I could not really she had nothing to lose she's in her seat she's right at 3500 dollars. She clearly resided in no sweat so to me. Here's here's. What wouldn't we all fly occasionally what is your policy personal policy on mass. You but to me I can't get to a plane now in not think OK so what will it take to get me out of deceit and move. It's sure a bomb on us after Vietnam and any kind of college football down. They're rabid right they've got to get out and they gotta get there but one thing that. So in other words for thousands hi I I think I've what I gonna have to institute grant an eyebrow relate. I remember saying this one out or not why you started between 200 so I might exhibit 25 and would have been my number I think a war zone thought lady Laura wool but I'm surprised that it got to form. I. Analysts and I'll I can say is it wouldn't have to be 2200. If you just did the right thing and Jimmie isn't this earlier how does this happen. How was it legal that they sell more guaranteed seats the math right if elected standby has been a thing for what fifty years. You sell the number of tickets on the plane and and you sell standby tickets and you fill those seats with a standby. But they don't want to do that they wanna sell full price tickets you know stand vice cheaper they want some more full price tickets assuming people won't show up. I don't know I don't get how that's legal I don't either so there they you know if you foreigners seats on that plane you self order tickets right. It's that simple you can sell 450 tickets if you want but those last fifty people have to know your stand by you're probably not getting on the right. Yes right to tell someone we will be guaranteed seat for you on a plane when you don't have a seat for them can't be legal now. It's so wrong and it's greedy and on Friday afternoon. In Atlanta delta paid the price for. So what would be your cut off I'm curious I I would. For me I would be happy to get off that plane I would've gotten off for three to her box as long as a knuckle and some plays and I have to get there right. And I would I would guess. That. I don't know I'm just he's in his numbers or of the 400 people on that plane. Probably. 300 of them did not have to get where they were going here. For a few hours six and. Seven actually raises a good point. I I will give them credit they say they said they did deal is there if they sell a ticket for 750 dollars at the last minute to someone and then they give someone else 400 dollars to give up their seat their star making money. That's why they do it. So they take a gamble someone else take 400 and I won't go to 4000. But they told us they weren't gonna evade this is part of the doctor Dow thing that there are gonna start. Scaling way back on national clearly if it's in Georgia today Indianapolis flight they're not scaling back amassed. Some took his memoir that anyone in the airline industry and look different enough on this because our members are pilot friend telling us it's time. This is crap this is then the policy forever is going to be the balls forever and I thought. They got they got a knock off the overbooking but apparently then. And it apparently had makes financial sense for them. To eat the four grand it's worth the role of the diets because for every four agree and they write it must make sense to be right there must beat 25 flights where they make that 400 dollars to access the one Weatherly support us. I think you're right. Six or 72666868. X 8680 is our tech fund. Dual question here. How much is take to get you off of playing. And does this at once again I ask does this deter you from flying at all because if you. They continually Eric. The voice of Boston is huge every morning. To predict what are yes no most important show which came in VP NW RTL. All righty is 840 and I were talking about Delta Airlines what happened this past weekend this is solid like. You know this constant issue of overbooking. We know what happened to doctor Dow and you know last summer and how he was dragged off that playing. Because they were looking for. Another seat. And you can this past weekend going out of Atlanta head into Indianapolis. Our University of Georgia fans were going up to see their team play. Notre Dame and the fight is overbooked people to panic they wanted their seats they didn't have. Yeah they have a holder or ticket didn't have a seat assignment which is how they do it by the way they overbooked but the NATO did seat assignments. So they started asking people pray to order Bucs who will get off because they knew these people were gonna get this crazy I don't know how many people. They were overbooked but in the end they still leave one seat for a fan. I just I wanna be on one of these like that's gonna get exciting it's like an auction. And your your looking around as is anybody even more considering the window I could jump in here when we're gonna I've told you before should. Should Jen have a thing to hold that up. Like a bit like bidding. Kitchen is silent auction house so we got a guy on standby and is willing to pay. You know here's my number if he wanted out you start. Lake who who would come up ten grand Ahronot attend Brentwood united 500 is not about hundred I yeah I'm hungry and 8880. Well there really started the topic let's move down right. At. And did you see these guys were trying to get on the plane. They tweeting out everywhere till this woman hey you this guy drink because he got your 4000 bonds gets Hugh we'll stick to get up on complaints are bad. But it's just I don't know I don't know win the airlines are gonna stop this it just seems like after the doctor Dow thing in the promised it was kind of like almost you know. Passengers' rights we're gonna stop this this is gonna happen anymore are still doing it. And now is we go toward. Day day. Holiday season and they're pull this you know it's this will you know he of the stories that she was on a flight that the guy would have made a game. She'd do anyways yes she actually flew she made digging I mean. Well that ridiculous pars is these guys just once together 'cause it's his party I wanted to hurry and get South Bend so they can get the party started. And what do they care right. They want to bang and it wasn't their money. Again I've always described as Syria like once you're on a plane known Gaza does is his only trouble lurking around the corner but for Graham there's a lot of cash earth. And it it's almost like you wanted to do I feel I should start looking for flights that are on big game days. Like am you know when the patriots are. I'm offline in Mexico bowl when the patriots are playing in Mexico should book the flight out of Logan now also gas overbooked and so that I can sell the seat for. Well I mean if you do that you never actually to get out of they just fly down Mexico flight back. And then just make the money. You know Biden ticket Hooper and never get on the plane and offer immediately to get off for whatever they offer you mean you never actually get on all I know there's a problem but doesn't consent only thing is I need to know that there's overbooked and desire don't wanna go. That's I this cammarata and you know I need it. You big guarantee and I'll give I'll sell it to join his drive you don't need to go to war. The probably see you gotta make sure you've got a seat. Maybe this guy who stand outside. Because then you're not getting anything for. Yes she didn't she just made the decision for a thousand bucks that I in you know do you think she ever thought she'd get 4000 dollars. She I would. She did the ball we need to learn from her she got up she has a plan or who she said the second base edit my sweet spots for grand. And so they got the 38 under and she's like it may happen. And reason for Graham and she went I. All right air can you believe that she's the only one yeah I can't believe that they don't that's where they really run the risk you start. They did he never thought I would they've gone and she'll forever wonder that. But she looks like she doesn't care if they were gonna go to five somewhat I got four and I'm not greedy and it's three going to be in the eastern yacht. I just wonder how I would love to know how this whole thing went down because. Again I just can't imagine that the flight attendant can stand up in front of the thing in dude like what Jim was saying it. We're 2500 who's who's not looking for three a look at the three he buried three. Our right to let's try for western and we don't get a get a war. On the play you 4000 you don't think there was more than just this movement who would. Yeah I'll get off while I wonder what happens if she's is okay four and then and before his she's left somebody in front of the other 35. What do they then go OK take what you hear what are they going to lose our big roar down like once you've said Alex Arab. Is that a contracts. Or can somebody claim the prize at a lower and comer no kidding. That just becomes a mess and you're really does that's stopping airlines that's the answer for this Jim's gyms on to something here. Jeff 400 siege is important cell 400 seats in the other ones are on standby and they already know that they knew as soon so I. Shocked that there isn't some senator that went wow this is something everyone would be like this is like easy. Winning it he all right let me why don't hide. Do what bill for the airlines can't sell more tickets and they have seats on planes see who votes against you know. I mean I can't end in less than bears and a particular senator who is getting a lot of money from the airline industry. I can't imagine it wouldn't be a hundred and often I like. There's no one out they're going won't know airlines should be old get differs much is they can't enough that that opinion is not out. Or anywhere. It's. It's unbelievable careers. And believable. I think gadgets just strategists are you know since February fine 4000 dollars and airline credits did not know the true I think I don't think that is true I think she got 4000 dollars. She got a check back. I'm almost positive it's as she walked away with a check and she need. And I'll see her two hours see this the price. Eventually hitting 4000 dollars volunteered to get out of her seat. I'm almost positive she walked away with a check. And yeah FY says it's what says she ended up with a hefty check I don't know if that's yeah the post being moved from you know. Colloquial Rorer. I kind of tend to believe it's airline credit. That would make me angry I don't want your airline's credit once again that did you need that doesn't bode well for what you were saying you going out there doing. He you don't want 4000 dollars for the two are no I don't. I mean you might and I probably would bit a guy like BB doesn't want that he wants money. Show me the money coach and to and to the people asking about taxes I imagine if it airline credit you don't pay taxes on. Right if it's cash you might. I would think you would because it's familiar when a president real fortune you have a pair of attacks are on its I would think it is a minute still. Sensing come technically it's a prize or. After pocketing to have the payment. For her good deed she accepted. That she had to wait. For the airline to. Put her on the next flight which meant she was arriving in Indiana and Indiana. Eight hours later mark. Which was still Friday night so she still could have gone to the game that was the last that was our Indiana and I don't think it walks and curious going home she probably was the one person on the plane not going to the game and that's Bush's apparent. She was and she was on business probably don't in Atlanta. And scattered computer for a 1009 Egyptian was on business in her company paid for her flip it and now all that's fantastic. Yeah and in the end she just she's got the dough and only issue it's on seven jetBlue does not overboard. I try to see if anybody needs to see don't give it up and they say we don't overboard. This is more likely do get me to fly delta because I wanna have that shot. Boy that wants in my life going to Vegas and it only got Dioner box performance and got off I had that time certificates 2000 mean need to really think about it. I'm agreeing. I was on a plate this year where they asked for volunteers and some B volunteered to get off for free house that Basayev and your three I don't know subtitles in way no sent. If you do anything under grandeur on your mind I remember thinking wow what a nice person like he's. Never and what a nice soccer. Right all you get on the phone a meal in final when he is the next plane to aren't going to like got to get a room if I gotta get a room. No I'm not doing that first appear in your luggage and articulate hours in America where pretty easily but your luggage is already gone that's way too much that's too much sort couple days I cited amid beautiful bodies ourselves you don't like ourselves they do different I'm watching them.