Dear Abby on kids and guns

Dear Abby posted a rare retraction and apology column after receiving negative responses. Should a parent be able to ask other parents if there is a gun in the house before allows their kids to play there?


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Boston's morning show with Kalin being paid. Please pardon me. Okay. Good job or they're safe yeah. Really look I know that we're talking chip cookie was invented truth no when it's down now that's halls. When I am in that area I will take a day that because Coca could make talk about it more about a total. Regina it's aimed at this is where it's started although the building's gone I think that there's a plaque there and this is and I think there's a Wendy's right now as I can kill two birds along stole my Clinton from from him but you got to show more of a chocolate chip cookies party and I mean that's. Don't like that in your you know within an hour radius you can go there secret to disappoint because they go and they go off. In the charter for mom does anybody know why they're called toll house cookies I mean there is any reason until his oracle reason why she operated at all house and and that's why it is that. Can you she was serving meals there did she make the chips. She was that you didn't you never use those and didn't cookies yeah or but she ran out of the chocolate that you would make them. It's a she dumped demeaned because she didn't have anything else. Since peoples of Jesus these are great and so then people started going through that whole house specifically to get the cookies and they became known as tall house cork area. As they get her name my name and our text mrs. dole. No no. I know a dessert and I hear this cookies can beat Nigeria heavy was it not oh. They're -- not to your addiction. But. The woman who goes right into the pseudo. Dear abbey which is actually her daughter. Jeanne Phillips. She. Recently was asked by New Jersey parents. If it would be off putting me to ask a parent if they have guns in their home before allowing her to article play. Appropriate date. And dear Abby said yes that it is off putting well apparently is in any in June 27. Column and she had so many people reach out and say you are wrong you are so wrong try child's safety comes. Before anything als and it's absolutely. A parent's prerogative to ask whether their guns on the premises before your child goes or play. That she actually meaning dear Abby she is actually issued. A retraction. And has said now at how I apologize I Syria loud and clear. Asking whether there are weapons on the premises I obviously gave the wrong advice. And people if they are concerned about that and they want to know if their child is safe should ask what ever they need to ask before their child goes somewhere. Regardless of how it's accepted or how it's taken. Ruth Wakefield thank you leader tunis answered and. A calm. I don't know that an apology was necessary are also do like when people issue them home because no one does anymore in San ansari is not the worst in the world. I only her initial advice was horrific sometimes you just avoid conflict. You gotta go case by case who you gonna know the person in question and if you're suspicious of women you know. Just maybe let's have their kid over and that's fine I've never asked I've never done it's. Was our kids doing plays a much more concerned about dogs than guns. Because I am very young kids. In their much more likely to get bit by a dog than they are to get shot by gun so let's and that's parlay the neighborhood that I live and as well. Let's go let's go with this so. First stop is inappropriate to ask about the safety of your child in somebody's home period the free ticket well yes. But here we go 6 or 7 I am irresponsible gun owner weapons secure in my home Don't Ask Don't Tell. Different 617 in Indian nurse for daycare for my infant of course I asked about dons her husband had them. Dad toddlers and a seven year old I wouldn't use her because of the gun movement. That's weird because the nets are weird that's your choice and that's all fine there but if you. Then that's what my issues and there's deer every letter is. Generally I'm with 617 here once you've asked you party decided at the answer is one thing is nothing you can do about it. These guys as these are responsible gun owner has child announced the child doesn't have bags is their number you still walked. Is there a way that a gun owner can convince you that it's still OK for your child to be in my house because I have a gun. Yeah I think she probably could for me in a lot of that would have to do with. How well I just know of the person or the family. You know I think it if I know a family to be a responsible family that I belief. Breezes are kids in a way that you know I I. I would also agree with most of their. Their views that I probably wouldn't have a problem I don't know if I would ever ask about the gun. I didn't I never asked anybody through the years ago and the dog thing for me was a bigger deal and I also I have to tell yeah. I also was very leery when my kids were were younger about swimming pools. Because my kids both were swimmers but it. Neither of them. Was such a strong storm that I wouldn't think that they could be gotten in per in a problem if there was an adult around. So sprinkles were also an issue for me. So in those cases if I thought there was a dog or pool I would make the suggestion sometimes that they came to our house. Did you know we have a pool and we're very cognizant of Edwards aren't about having some people over and agreed to work and we are concerned about other people's kids being your again when we I totally get you gonna be on a so couple questions are 1978 Texan. One time responsible gun owner here. Is absolutely. Appropriate to ask if there are guns in the home if it concerns you it is also appropriate to ask if there are locked up they should be. From whom obviously that got orders not offended not somebody else thought Roy and I'm pro gun ownership responsibly but I would always ask. Natalie are Natalie I would always ask if they drink alcohol wide because I grow up and home within alcoholic mother. In this stuff was always around where kids could find it. So that's my two part course and one as it did you ever ask somebody a bit if they haven't gone announced. Is there are there other things you have I mean I'm very concerned about dogs but I never ask somebody I've always figured out a different way. And then acted accordingly like I don't deer there is someone that. Had a dog that we didn't trust our kids around we just didn't go there. I can date this Gracie would to a house I didn't know they had a dog. And she never ever wanted to go back there which I felt guilty about that she she was so petrified by the dog. And apparently the dog wasn't under control a lot of the times so six or are you Catholic I was asked by a parent who fired guns and if I did if they were properly stored I wasn't offended many we Sherri good and I'm glad. I wouldn't be offended if someone asked me. It's not a question of being offended it's just a question gee where is this coming from he uses the stock question you ask and I'd bet I would absolutely follow up for the do you ask everybody this thing. I don't I I would MI a bad guy because I don't ask if people have guns announce I would suspect that if someone asked me just because I know me and I know our family they ask everybody. And so I wouldn't again I would not have been bothered by that would make it. I wouldn't be offended I would be perplexed and I would wonder if that's the only question somebody's is do you rescue people of bleach in the house disputes can drink then and I like. Now once you go down that road man you're you're download of helicopter mom for sure sure your. Given TV talking about what you're talking about Boston's morning show. 617266686868680. Is our tax line of what we're talking about if you're Abby column. She apparently told the woman from New Jersey that you thought it was a bit off putting for his mother to ask the parents of of a play date for her kids. Whether they had guns in the house well against dear Abby got an earful. From a whole lot of her readers who said that. That's wrong that parents should do whatever they have to do if they have a concern about the child's safety. So she order traction and said OK and I guess I was wrong and if you feel like you got askew got us. Nines and all my son was Little League play and the boy down the street when their house caught fire. The police had to come retrieve the thirty years so guns that we're in the house for say keeping after that I started asking the question. By the way my son never play wallow and have no idea a little bit this. Well somebody said so if the answer is yes do you never let your card kids sleep over to police officers out I don't know what. Do you have guns announced yes. Do you have improperly stored yes do I have to prove that to you then like where are you going with that converse if I'm just curious. I don't think it's a bad question aisles of its networks and I don't ask your saying is not a question I'm going to ask the dog is much more concerning to me is just. The concept of kids getting their face ripped off seems to happen quite often with the resistance two year old whose grandmothers purple killed the kids like. I'm very if you're. Are about dogs that you big scary dog days at her word eagle I mean it's kind of missing I think it'll be all day. You did it mean if they say yes you to say that they're not coming out of I don't know I ask my wife would be. Uses those and Cindy Lou once one Soledad to go over her blade and got dogs. That's just my instinctive crystallize and if they say yes they have I got him and is it you know homer you fairway let me down year old carry with them. So I've never liked I want avatar resume with the owner about it but I got to. And my daughter loves dogs Scioscia has had Riley needs at a place that has really big dogs that I don't like being around she loves being around him and we did yes. We just cross our fingers. Well because they're like I said I had the experience were great skipped in the car and she was like about you know ten. And she's just she's all great and trying to she gets in the car and and she just starts sobbing. And it's because they had a dog and the issue with that was that they didn't dog under control also the dog was constantly jumping up honor. And I gotta tell you shut the car you could smell the dog I mean she she was very bothered by scared by it. And so I wonder in retrospect. You know. What I've said no he can't go or I'm sorry she's not gonna come over what she keeping dog under control 'cause he's gonna say yeah or dogs out of you know out of control. I tell no one regard. Listen the reason for the question it's a security risk to disclose it for theft claims concerns. It's all chorus to something happened there how's he gonna make damn sure you do have to secure her out as long as you know that no one's gonna have access to it and I understand that has come and. I think horrible that woman for them people who have children and who have guns. I think very. It more often than not they are responsible to keep those things locked up because the last thing that any pier one's. Is for a child to get hold of a gun. Our child to have somebody over in the kids stumble under the gun because we all we've all heard the stories we know the horrible outcome. So I think most people who have kids and have guns probably keep them secure. Five ordered all VB I love those parents who don't want to animals and and transfer that fear of their children. I know I've never had Beckham residual in my daughter's I'm not transferring quite jobs and I'm trying to make sure that she. My daughter loves animals to death she likes cannot just say Akamai are your mind right but she does. But she I'd she does need to be known that they are wild animals and they are. Unpredictable yet she thinks session out there was this reichel still doesn't have any fear I totally understand that we are Kevin in Chelmsford good morning talent. To good morning. Might have they got just talk about the guns in the house so yeah. I'm irrelevant because I have no problem that it would have to be. If I have considered the source say clearly show them. The sabres looked up and I think it's very repressive. A reasonable question. If my kids were younger. And they look a little pleasure island feels very comfortable asking essay question. I agree Kevin thanks for your call we appreciate it. Yet again I think for spinal donors don't have a problem was somebody asked can never asked anybody if their pot now's not yet by that comment huh. So what element you have concerns about it dessert is their free smoking pot in the house to my kids going to like that seems like an appropriate question but does anybody ask you know but but I will tell you this if I would it. If the time would've come about and could still come about. I would so I certainly have no problem asking parents. If your kids are coming over if they're keeping an eye on the kids because I don't want boost. For my younger kids. Do you believe the kid should be allowed to be drink it in your house and they're no all we all know when that wind. You know grace she's groups and where she goes I'm I'm very interest in what's going on there. They're going to be parents are as they're gonna be our they're going to be people involved you know. I always ask indeed I mean to my kids are older now so I'm a different stage of this whole thing BB venue. They you know at this stage like when grace is going someplace and there's going to be I always ask are there going to be parents' home grace yeah. But I as a parent like when it when people are coming in my house there's things that I would volunteer. Work. If you're invited to a pool party by the way there will be an adult there at all times just a you know. Nothing to worry about him we always do the kids swim do they have slowed he's if not we have a culture is blah blah blah. I mean if I was a gun owner I would never think to say by the way before Johnny comes over I just want to let you know I haven't gone like I would never fallen here. But if somebody asked yet. Again if you're responsible gun owner you know what has no one's ever has right from what it's worth I don't think you would feel possibly desert they can shoot deer in my direction. The wizard and its general and wife the underdog. I think I think that. I don't think it's any stranger to ask about that it would be if you have a swimming pool. Keep an eye on the kids and how do you you know is there are deep terror whatever the case may be on the gun owner and I'm just not gonna tell somebody I don't know of I have guns. W sort of do know them if your kids their kids coming over for the play date at which point do book when do you volunteers that are. But what gun ownership is so tricky these people judge you immediately like it's some sort of scarlet letter did you have a gun like which is ridiculous I think part of the problem I improved from these gun owners is they're turning to the way and go and if you're asking me if I had a gun that what you want to earn try to steal my gun. And I think that's what they're out there and 50 it is an unnecessary question and our state the law is that guns have to be locked up with their children announces gambit that that doesn't you know. Yeah but there aren't I mean what are your. It's sort of random seed is somebody is there an unlocked gone in your house for my kid goes over there because it shouldn't be. And you wouldn't ask you stairs. Prescription pill bottle as wide open in my kid can pop so again it's a weird stigma with guns. Give it I've asked about a dog and dogs are legal and. Mean he hit a dozen illegal or wrong but where it's athlete what drew there's things it's not legal to have a gun. Not and secured right in I had that is sort of what did you ask him to do what did you trust that everybody's as responsible as you I trust everyone and I trust you know Laura Johnson who likes in New Hampshire good morning right. They'd listen Cutler just a couple of quick points on dogs. I'm Don need to be trained and not trainer disaster. One quick guy illustration I was working on a group. And about these three right big iris patterns dog kept jumping on me scratching me because it happened. The nail agreement on the face when you don't want to look at I need that thing right in the chaps I hear that's cool. Oh it's not it he taught any dog owner our dog trainer. That's how you stop them from getting from jumping on YouTube and got a. Open or closed but I will tell you this next time you're gonna need someone's dog you might want to ask them if they have a gun in my house this gun owners of dog owners can be used crazy is anybody and you touched their dogs and that you you could be in for. Yeah I think you as a parent you have to know your kid. Because he can you ever gonna say do you yes we have a dog and it's out of control. They never do but they don't see does that as that you know. And I've been to people who I think are really reasonable people and I've walked in and and their dog comes lodging and job and they got. I don't your year. In order means so I mean you got to know here yeah when it comes to kids. You gotta just kind of figure out your child's tolerance. Let me get a Paula injury get. If all morning. To read good morning. So when my age daughter was a teenager. She went to she wanted to sleep at a friend's house. With another friend and I didn't know the parents I called and said I sure. There you know you can have an adult home oh yes I spoke to the other mother and she said. Everything's good you know she knew the people. Well my daughter went slept over the talent took to Google a home show. And that'll. Went out and get in trouble. So you can't even if you ask people. You continued into trucks that didn't tell you the truth. Through you I love birds and you're a lot of birds and drink it Paula. But wait a birds are you on your patio aren't your dad I am yup how tough it out. It sounds very blunt head wherever you are and what you got immunity chickens are what is gonna. Are different I would always. Good for you oh I'm sorry I haven't. Thank her daughter Britney you're limited nice plays and sounds like let me go to Steve he's in west early June in the jungle I don't know it's. Hey Steve departing. Good morning. Yeah are the gun owner and the lord young kids out all time at eighties that are like that. I never volunteered. You know to any party. But I don't know most of the people are coming to my house I know I know that I don't firearms. But somebody who doesn't know I don't all legit information I don't know locked up the you know. Didn't art house that I don't story about it but he accidentally. Caught fire out on that note. If I you know I'm spending my kids are somewhat how I haven't really ever thought I. But I I think that I would like to know only because. Just because I or my guns properly. I don't that doesn't mean that these other people are starting dirt and probably all I know they have a loaded shotgun. You don't go to bed side and that they did not like kids around I want to know we don't hate you begun in the house. Right you do is now locked up just you know I don't care where you keep all of my kid is not there but it might did coming out I wanna know about shot got blocked out there has not storage and near each. Epstein I I totally get it sees Steve doesn't necessarily volunteer the information casinos they're safe. So he knows why they're asking NGOs center.