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Wednesday, September 20th

A look back at this day in history sparks a conversation about what celebrity you irrationally hate


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URG you know the voice of Boston. All right it is September 20. And of course WRK. Process. That means it's national string cheese day. Of course clearly. And national you reach that day I love stringer Jason. That string cheese and a really long time I'm gonna I'm gonna get some today. Staple in our house our kids almost every day I do said earlier stringer she's saying it's also national punch basis basically national children's parties epic tennis. You know. When your kids eat string cheese to they pulled apart and they just see it. Both Nia compounds we Condit for a million little ones and for the big ones we don't put. Generally it'd just needed to know if you. Birthdays today of that any. Upton Sinclair Sinclair rather. Four and 1870. No noses as. Everybody knows in next on Red Auerbach. Upton Sinclair was a giant one time but the funny thing about life as it moves on and what you know who doesn't who doesn't. An error anymore personal and Zune in his time. Some people are out of their time and some people write for their time and then their time passes and that was off he's been a long he's been gone for it to the jungle would be the most famous war. Read our box can. John Henry both born on this today certainly not born in the same year. Read was 1917. John Henry and 49. He's a total probably the most famous one because you're not in on the show but that's by far the most influential right now. Which is George RR Martin. It is close I don't even know what I indifference it again throws at the moment he was not even matter that he sold for a block anyone all of them collectively come all eyes are you kidding me Henry's on this list. He's on the list but he's not close to George. RR Martin has been to 100 well first off it's got to ours it is Mittal whose each year George RR Martin or John and I want to deposit on Aaron for. Then we'll really rich how. Men. Opened John Henry got to have that tale. Could be on our enemies are you don't know he's not on our Henry he might be well I think yeah if it's infinitely rich. What happened on the stage. In an 1814 to star spangled banner is officially published as a song. The constitution was launched. Yeah I mean that's the biggest that's Colorado I disagree I think the biggest happened in 1881. Through do you think very many people would name that person is the US president if there were asked today. Yeah I think so Boca West and only. Well I Nadal I think I think it would be like home. Just Arthur sworn in his 41 president what's interesting about that is. So on is there 1981 Chester Arthur is sworn in. As president but this was the day we found out yesterday was when Washington gave his farewell address. So when the same day basically one lap or illness be naturally and the other one winning office naturally. I've always well he also wouldn't officer as a result of assassination yes. Did Chester Arthur going was yeah I think McKinley I think you. Post McCain McKinley yeah so Garfield. Garfield yeah. They don't. I I cannot be honest with you know you wouldn't know engines are you know how would eat well let's see how long was he president. From. Well actually if president longer and I wanted to even guessed that her. I believe he's the only president that will ever have the Manchester. Do not know names acute Chester and you don't adjustments no because of the rhyme. Nobody wants their kid to be just that a monster this is Stalinism nobody names in jazz era and ironically speaking of which. Today in 1984 the Cosby Show debuted. And I. I. And the fans that. He and I did that seven years earlier. One of the most infamous moments and entertainment history happens. 1977. The fonds jumps over sharp. Pain and he jumped the shark baby literally. It became yes. I mean how many how many TV moments actually beat that either part of became a Larry's right. Do you think of another one I can't I mean assigned dull finale is sort of thing but nobody says oh you signed on finale don't write just references like. Signs that a lot of things within it. But they're not they're not grasping writing like that like revenue shark. Like jumping the shark to need more akin to. Everyone in the country no knew what it meant if Johnny Carson called you over the couch that meant they Euro median that's made it NN's drew right yet. Yeah that's true it's funny out. That's it's it's stood the test time so much snow. Then my kids use that term so one day I just ask randomly they don't don't know enemies and no idea they had no idea where that came for it's still a challenge too because I tried to I was one of the ones that thought it should be. After Indiana Jones four I think he was. Some of us tried do make it a little more current and go nuke the fridge if you saw that movie yes. I'm not saying that 10. But it didn't take because people just are comfortable we jump to sharks you know yes. And I think in 2011 wasn't the single most annoying day in entertainment history because both new girl. Would silly Deschanel debuted on fox and Carly rejection released Caminiti. Call me navy's big user groups on I'm surprised you don't mean a profile I'm surprised you didn't like new girl that's high speed stand Zooey Deschanel. All I find her and horrible and that's still on the air yeah yeah yeah I wanna talk about jumped the shark. But Schmidt seems to be like that because I Schmidt a big goal of TV icon. And are you asking if he's a gay icon Ira Weiss an icon but yeah Colorado got up body it is nice to look at but I don't. Yeah I'd Schmitz a thing I mean got Schmidt you've seen notion accidents that are so I know what you're talking but doesn't look like. See what I like about that is the random people that drive you crazy like Zoe did illegally and old Bryson you know lots. I think if she and elites and their Counting Crows were in an elevator. That might be where I would you know be taking I want. Take my I want shot and on was looking at kind of thing. Our during the break I want you to think about who we your result we Deschanel yeah. It's got to bother you that watch while she did that you've put a minute elevator we'll take your one shot and let me hear yours I can't Dodgers L 660 that's how much at all. Whatever I don't like it when she sings heated so cute. All right real quick break and will rotate your girls. Wake up with Kim and Gigi when Malia and it's infuriating a lot of trust in its morning show. WR KL. Got some good that he got some people people were hurt Johnson's. Good so we Deschanel says we were so we know where I just mentioned you know. We're talking about this day in history and through a thorough they show young girl debuted and without. Just couldn't stop himself a snowflake blurt out I can't stand Zoe Deschanel she is my one biggest celebrities hate for a lack of better term. It's always that person that you just hear the name you see the image and you just have to let people around you know how much you can't stand that person in honor of snowflakes visceral. Guttural hatred for Zoe Deschanel you've never met or not it's just that now though exactly. The BP's that would be different if you matter and off fair and you know in an interview you found you might or whatever okay but this is just. No it's yet this existed in very rare and I'm like I know people are like listen Monroe Lena Dunham died that's sort of obvious I mean like you dislike her because she's very vocal about her tries to bad so well I don't I couldn't tell you and a million years would so we additional political beliefs are I just. First there's just something about her that mix we wanted to strangle kitten like north. A lot of people would say like so it's it's 978 says Katy Perry. Okay are okay Terry get although I would get more likely arrival because as and that the one that a lot of people say Jimmy Taylor yeah well that's on here too there's a tail and she's a natural in this discussion Jordan 97 eights is George Clooney. I I understand that I do but again is that for his politics are just. For him wondering I don't like about Clooney is that Clooney continually gets a pass for making really bad movies I mean the guy is considered a movie star. But what was the last good movie George Clooney me and he sucked for along time. This new one he's got out the Coen Brothers didn't apparently that was good enough to do with themselves yes took on that looks like total crap to me. I so I get where someone would say that he's not on my list but I descendants was the last and I really liked. I loved that movie did you did you like him or is not a forgettable movies don't like has anyone talked about the sentiment since then. That that just hit a lot where that for some reason I don't know why I hurt. I like it is very muted rhetoric as a went to Hamilton college and he turned out yeah pretty cool guy and don't for that reason I'd had under a mile receive descendants again in my mind. Arnold I feel as strongly as. I noticed coming to my mind like. She came to your tears streaming or hassles are you going home but I hope I want person I don't like that I add that if I don't see you again. Mining is Mariah Carey I can't. I just is she an. And her. Do you. For a wide. The reason I don't know she's one that was the last news as saying something that was new and fresh and interesting I have lowered the boom there. Finally it's a Savannah Guthrie allowed one after his battered don't regret rip it definitely isn't she's definitely somebody who brings that commotion out I'd say. Rosie O'Donnell OK Rosie O'Donnell again different league different terrified void and that Mel B. He wins eight passion. Who own spice girl. Smells you know she's on he's gone what are your boys are America's Got Talent up and say how do you pick out one of the spice girl every teacher I regret. She's in a big scandal flow right which would it be auto power to harris' career her husband didn't I think it is just more about. Lottery yeah I disseminate. Tina Fey is my zone revision now. Really. I think everybody has one that's not on this rim more random. A guy like it's it's it's dated now but when I was a younger man. John Cusack was moved top one it is true that I had in one is still but he did illegally work much anymore but. John Cusack and Jack Black. Can't slow Jack black's on Miley still why Jack Black he's a thing musician elevators getting crowded now on realist and I hit a lot of people. Just like Jack I'm glad it and I can music idol over I do not eyes met him and he is very likeable and very and I hope. And I feel guilty about the fact that I can't vehemently oppose and movies that fanatic and worrying do you weigh her daughter that's a shock. I highest political parties they go I think her hearing that for me they know we asked them. You don't you don't law school of rock it was a normal eight. Four little flag now. I sort of like the one where he can't see the difference between skinny girls in fact girls. When Gwyneth Paltrow has got the big fat suit on or she's another one now. Last time we're helper was anything you wanted to go see you here but you just what is she she's now Sally she's obviously can't I don't know and there's movies. And she's big and she's let's not be a lot of CD avengers movies that's why I don't you know. For me she's as good your she's all into the big did displaying things and whatever and I don't I don't get her exactly. Michael Keaton says mindset I thought I write my I don't think I'd never understood him. I'd never from the first time I saw mice and how does this guy get to make movies because I've never thought I. I get but he makes me I don't know how this guy was back man. Wolf that's part of it right now Blake I get him out and legacy are why hack. I just I it's nothing personal Mike McKee I just feel like I. Did the new one he's got coming out. In that trailer Volta I'm home watching I'm thinking I'm watching you guy accepts. I never have thought he was a good act on its online after is current nine cent leg was the rarity when it's time exception that. He was OK and while I was seated did you plot like Jack Frost dot acute and that's Christmas to hurt somebody saw his style like her you know sure that's good that's gonna get a lightning rattled up there somebody picked eastern Shura. And Rachel are okay. Seven at once says I'm that person for them neck I can't could big well. I don't know Evans and I am now so I'm right back out wait let's go back to Kristen Stewart for second now that is somebody Chris Stewart yes I haven't these new ads that she's in for the for the new Chanel. Perfume. And she's like riding toward the gold will all. Every time that big comes on them and everybody in my household we just stop on what. Is that he honor Reeves Jennifer Lopez Nicolas Cage Ben's Ben Stiller and interest I hate Ben Stiller I don't I don't particularly like his movies but I don't dislike them. Late but they key is you're going in the wrong direction happy airshow I really don't just leave your country and hell bent still is that solely in bigger women yelled. I'm not gonna tournament no no she's I'm in an elevator and get rid of no I wouldn't put band when the only thing hitter he's on an elevator he wants them I'm saying I don't particularly like Ben Stiller movie. But that didn't yield the same way as you do her now. Right I don't have a evolve what it's doing additional movies I just to me it's just a visceral thing about her I think there's a difference between gosh I think that's an un talented person. Verses this visceral feeling that you have about some people 617 says Billy Costa that's just a cheap shot they'll fare. You know Billy's my body. You could put that. Just suck it up and do what no war. Sandler Jimmy Fallon Susan Sarandon makes sense I mean that's that's illustrated the opposite want to meet Susan Sarandon is the one I'm supposed to aid because of her breezy political views and she's all over the boys but I just think Susan's friends one of the best female actresses there's ever been I put her in the top ten absolutely probably in the top five yeah I like who's she's the opposition Georgia anywhere about our political bahama breeze consistently kick. 97 meets his Gilbert Gottfried I don't think there's a single person in the world I. Apps at a video for drastic daddy just so you would say they want to talk on the radio that's Gilbert Gottfried get on there. Now it's got to Beatles it's gotta be those people against go to those people that just eight. They they evoke over as I will visit. I was very upset and still am that they put Jack Black in the new king because this King Kong is my thing and now you've taken my anti thing in putting in there. And I'm not pleased about it at all seven at one says he's he thinks that so additional reminds me of an ex girlfriend and that's the problem on their ability not likely but thank you recruit. Probably not that's okay. High fuel probably Deschanel is. I mean you like her sister the bones in rural. But I'd I wouldn't I just wouldn't watch bones plagues and Emily Deschanel is only been in one thing ever so I can avoid her. They do additional lands in the Stanley all our great like I couldn't even Wear cotton when she was doing those stupid commercials like. Fibroid Melissa McCarthy. It's the other she's definitely in that. List of refute all like what she does yeah lots of full. Jimmy Fallon how do you not like Jimmy Fallon pre show I didn't but at least this is it the keys are new easy piece won his way out that I just mean like as a person rice just like he just seems. They just crazy deal work like a whole lot of way but it wasn't there before the show and I just showed us main difference. Can indeed be worth DV stands for very boisterous Thursday's very. Yeah right whatever it's Boston's morning show on WR TL. Hey before we move on it's completely related to movements and what's love Elaine. Tell us who drives her crazy Elaine go act. I heard quite apparent high. So actress but I can't there has learned a psych her voice just makes. Wanna go from. Fingernails on chalkboard. I think what she's pretty immune from these sites just flew for the everywhere resourceful and then. She did tiger right and I didn't understand I choose to not as Israel's point but I I wanna Sykes got hot and I never understood why I love her. If she finally we all I love our I think she's hilarious. No I ever sorry even close just to make me laugh and all was a blockage but even in black keys to get around there and how are you. I'd never seen Wanda Sykes and been like yeah okay again her stand up as Corey is it via its dirty but it's gory. Our text there's a getting personal on this sort of feel like maybe not for us but there could finally Maggie Gyllenhaal and her pig nose like a feeling that yeah a little and that's. Got a girl okay there are now we're getting to know it's not that kind of thing you know we're we're looking for you know. I just wonder what her ear hill newseum the guitar and guys next door within five to I said you know. It's a version of this but if you could give somebody a shock with impunity. With immediately I heard LeBron James Sean Penn Tom cook goes LeBron James not LeBron on him. Not for and what's interesting about that the question is where does your mind go to a course entertainer physical sport talking to end. I think most people if you hold a trump would be on that list pretty high. Did trump or Elizabeth Warren for our audience those two were coming up I need so but here. Most people want an actor for food. And that's always interesting to hear watch because that is where that I don't want a political one right now right yeah why you do wanna. I wanna know why. Tom Cruise a bad example because I think I know why but he's always Deschanel is right so guy. It's I know that it's irrational that I like the grass right Jack Black from Jack Buck I should like because. There but for the grace of god I could beat Jack Black are quoted at one time. I just did something about him I don't like it all and that's why people didn't like to meet because they viewed me as being a Jack Black on the show we had. But I think it just is a -- there's something about it I somebody that like you Wanda Sykes at me like that would be I can understand that there's just something about her that just makes you crazy. Getting messed things another one from me. Machine yeah. Again I bet you I would like an action I algebra lot of fun and I. There's just something there of what he says about. I just think she's so full herself in she's so proud of who she is an anomaly and why are you. I don't know I can't explain it much more than I just can't just accept it. I can't remain much which I never sorry I have never seen one episode of willing grace I'm bemused by the failure conceding. Tigers two why that's coming back is beyond me but I don't know anything else she's even ban. Other than cosmetics. Adds yet she's been in she's been a number of movies. Get a taught that that's how I feel about right Carrie and kids I can't stand her off. Both. Somebody somebody that for use on pollution trots around like she's some kind of sex symbol and they absorb additional sang I can't stand snowplow. Coming back so now it's gone full circle and I can respect that.