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Fun and historical facts about July 31st


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Given TV talking about what you're talking about Boston's morning show. WR KEL. 61736. At 686866. Is our tax on hand to. We are. We're talking. About this day July the 31 it's the last day of to keep believed him and his first summer come unknown I know who purchased it can actually kind of makes me. And in an area where summer is so short begin Monday. And here we are the very last day of July the 31 course. This last day of July is on Monday and the commute is absolutely. Horrible and coming up in a couple of minutes. In carbonite will join us to talk more about what's happening on the roadways and. If you're sitting in a car right now and you are stuck somewhere folks and I'll bet you are. Please feel free to give us a caucus would love to get an update on what's happening out there 6172666868. If you're moving at all we wanna hear it. Meantime let's check out what this day is actually old now. Hey mark it's. Retailer this day's about its national avocados to. Super good threw. I was just gonna say let me read on that he's never did have got to because he is not a agreeing guys I tried it and every word axles or do you it's not I don't mean and that's also argue week. Tomorrow I'm only human you know try to recently and was like god this is gross and I'm not I'm not not the kind of person either. Love it I don't think a day goes by that I don't avocado. That's really no joke it's supposed did I don't talk as many times in a brown and on supposed to like her but I don't that was the Simon Cowell on. In there are certain things like avocados made for me guacamole is made for me it's sole fact the itself. I just you know your guy who likes like act like a sauce like a dip and I feel that most anything that's pure rain dance I don't eat vegetables but I can puree stuff put a lot of stuff and Thomas yah I do needed in sauces one has its. Down then I'm good not. Not guacamole I don't like yeah I was gonna ask you it was the texture but I would I would instantly feature it's wrong just like getting blockage is where it's at it's I'm with him Morita a hypocrite a hi Gerri it's also national raspberry cake day. I have never in my life have raspberry occasion that such a stupid phrase. No one makes raspberry cake. There's no such thing is resident is there. I telegraph great coffee cake I guess but I've never. Who has pineapple Kate kept ample upside down picture blueberry tickets which are pretty ignorant or whatever. Never raspberry uniquely and like red pepper hot sheer terror. Never. Today is what's interesting about today a number of things for one as. There's been a lot of talk from time do we usually loses some points. Will Seth Moulton run for president junior this is weekend this is getting hotter and hotter now. That's a small may be running for president the congressman. I keep telling people. I told you that would say lastly I'd like heard more about his that there there's no way. Today is the birthday of someone from Massachusetts why am increasingly believing he's going to runner president and that would be Deval Patrick got. The wall is 61 today for. Handy if you're gonna run somebody for Massachusetts and 2020s it is going to be exact it. And I don't I actually don't understand why he's never mentioned in this stuff. Elizabeth Warren forget it way too polarizing also. We saw her at the DNC and she did he kill joys speech and nobody likes kilter right so that's why can't be our. Seth Moulton. Seth Moulton his name no way even close to ready for prime time I'm sorry more mean it absolutely is not going to happen. But the Democrats are in need of somebody. And they are in need of somebody who has a connection to the last guy and that guy is Deval Patrick so much so that Obama was plagiarizing his speeches and and I don't understand why it hasn't come up yet but it will at some point. They are gonna dance with him whether or not they decide to go home and is another matter as saying they are gonna dance with. Kept I've I I agree with that 100%. Also on this today there's a lot of birthday is today Mark Cuban and he's 59 mark in Iran. You can Mark Cuban let her run for president. I'd like to be a political guy I don't play our past that a group of people meaning. So hello we are now made yet as he would have certainly made themselves self important right so it that's very possible but you'll you'll never be the president Wesley Snipes birthday he's 55 he will not be running for president believe just remind you Wesley is it to you were not it's not too close too early to think about attacks musical. Hit any JK rally today she is 52. This is also Harry potter's birthday he had your Harry Potter fan. I think Harry Potter is 37 today for those in the and I only know this because well it's a long story. Because a dear friend of mine Mark Fox. He's not on our list but today's also his birthday so happy birthday my friend mark. Let's see here Zach brown. Zach brown 39 today. Love Zach brown signed between at Fenway Park. What does happen on this day. A couple things 1932 George Washington quarter goes into circulation in my early only one that thought that the George Washington quarter been in circulation for thousand years. Click before George watching news even born there was the George Washington quarter like. Could have a hard and really conceptualize a world how to George Washington former yet do you do lose track of time. Based on as it's been in your life they have been forever and now that's not one if there's one. Pretty much every piece of currency has been debated as to whether we needed weather channel changer there should be altered not that they're the ones who quarter is gonna be around firm. Hundreds are ever more court my favorite. That is my favorite. A piece of currency the quarter I don't know that I have a favorite piece of currency you don't. I like the quarter. My favorite is when I'm never out of my hands as the 101000 dollar bail. I understand Tuesday's organized by night I think you I'm realities the ones that I you have a lot of basis. I make a raspberry Kate was raspberry filling a white chocolate butter cream frosting is my seventh. Bringing out OR I just got that text message to you good night and bring that. Over I let let me try that I'm and I and I just like K guy I have no doubt that it would be good I just. That sounds fantastic show up at try a blueberry raspberry await chocolate cheesecake. Yeah I'd seen raspberry cheesecake but raspberry cake is something different than the 1987. I would argue that. And I don't even like these guys but it. You could argue the most important or most influential or just most interesting album of the last thirty years came out on this day. Appetite for destruction. You've been in the music business. You disputing that's not I don't know that. I don't know I mean that was voted cereal thirty years I sales in the last thirty years of familiar with the you can argue Nirvana nevermind that I think that would be the one. Candidates I was pretty rich. This pre tiberi is a definite top five I'm not a G and our fan mostly because I can't stand slow Axl I never could. I don't even know I don't even own that album won't albums anymore I guess but it. That was a big deal I mean was it that at data talking about what changed the landscape of music the most I might go Snoop Dogg. Just that is are before that Brock just wasn't mainstream at all and that album and I know that would be met fairly there as analysts say right right Rite Aid it OK to play hip hop aren't mainstream radio. It would be in the discussion but I'd appetite for destruction is one of those win like the history of music is talked about yeah. Appetite for destruction has to be unit. And it was a absolute sort of forests whether you like that genre of music and on right. It was just it was just the impact it had on music business as a whole Indy 500 years from now. Where I don't know until replaying snoop songs they will be playing not one to probably three songs from the now. Including parents and you put that in as the third. In 1973. This a big deal here and I think it's worth mentioning delta flight crashes in fog at Logan Airport. 89 people killed. Think any. I don't even think I remembered that or that registers with me. Beaming you lived in this state I did. No yeah I remember what area. Are with a point I just remember hearing about it I don't remember that the time congress for years old we. Three years old but I mean it but I remember sort of you know I write my movies to talk about the lines yeah that was a big deal. Appetite for destruction is absolutely epic. This is attacked Jews are my favorite brand ever Nirvana was the most overrated and never will you're NASA should be blocked from. I don't I'm not like I'm acknowledging I don't like Guns 'N Roses I think that their next album was horrific but. I have to appetite for destruction was from there was human it's. How always get to a level and with so you're you're like Eagles girl I'm guessing game Kerrigan like OK probably a Fleetwood Mac like flew her back rumors parallel but there are fitting at all. Problems get to a level and there is no doubt Ireland right somethings don't go to eleven they can only go to attend. Appetite for destruction wasn't I mean you'd have to put Michael Jackson thriller an encore I don't think they're all out there but you get to that and entering the hall of fame and there's not a higher than that an appetite was there. I'm in the finals this little tidbits because 11 GM Peabody Massachusetts survived that crash is mindset tonight but really died shortly thereafter. Was that everybody on the plane I don't know I don't know sorry I don't know the words I'm Darren and yes there is only one survivor from the plate who then died a few weeks later yes. I'm sure it's. A lot about them or knew someone who's on that flight and stuff.