On this day in ice cream history

In trying to discuss this day in history, as well as the president's lawyer and his weekend statements, everything just keeps coming back to ice cream. 


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For some Boston Adam. Hey 35 fewer of the WRKO boston.com morning show. Coming up in about fifteen minutes we are gonna talk about. All the hub bub surrounding the presence tweet last Friday just before we left the year he and his attorney. Who has now made an appearance this morning on Fox News as well talking about the president. And whether he's under investigation or not that's coming up in fifteen minutes but first just the kind of lighten things up we talked about a lot of February yeah hot car heavy stuff. So. Jim suggesting that we take a look and I do think these things are fascinating. And what has happened on June the nineteenth. Through the years right today June 19. I'm looking at this list and there's something on here there's two things on here that really jump out at me the first does this. In 1961. Folks on this day. The Supreme Court strikes down a law and Marilyn requiring state official holder office holders. To believe in god. There was such a thing and it was not until 1960. I mean. So if it turned out long for them to strike that down in 1960 what. If you of the office in the state of Maryland you had to believe in god. Guys I mean are you just had to check on Asia and you have to really believe in it but you know detectable. Effect do you have to check a box. But they were questioning that date and in 61 is that does that surprise. This to me we're I just can't believe it. I mean I don't know if that was all for 200 years I think that might have been some thought that cropped up in the fifties that someone in the sixties when he or eight minute not sure about problem. It's odd to me that it's Maryland. And you know use our thing about it is strange to me I just day I don't know that I ever. That I ever thought about the fact that. You detect a box and say you believed in god for you could hold an office here in in this you know in the nineteen hundreds at all. In your second one and mice and Juan. Is there on in 1846 the first officials recognize baseball game. Was played. It was denying his beating the nick are bonkers. 4321. Now with how is it tough day for. Speculate if that was the first game you go let's evaluate its Noonan yeah. I don't know there's 13 I want is how similar to that I did look that up a little bit but when you were your beef find. For profanity during the course of the game but you'd also be fine for arguing any cold by the umpire. Wouldn't mind bringing that back. I wonder what if agreement on a plane no hidden gripe and we'll let you know though what was the fine you'll hardly was yeah like fifty cents and Rio was not nothing that has decent then it was a big deal it was six in a quarter cents for profanity. Rail that's so. For what it's worth but then there was a number of rules in place this was a social event and it was for physical activities dirt models are well. Full Monty had a lot of physical activity and the other garage just I don't know how. Two things account mile one that's on the list one that I brought in randomly but in 1987 Ben and Jerry released the new flavor cherry Garcia. That's not an insignificant thing I keep telling them we went for ice cream last night was my kids ma my nephews and he's from Atlanta. And they're looking at the board at white forms and at one moment to ask all these flavors and mobilize. Now there's anyway didn't always after the wasn't always that way kids. Q how did you strawberry you're familiar coffee in your jock went and that was about it. At some point two guys up in Vermont accidentally your rag are purposely don't some money used cookie dough into some ice cream and indeed change up but could cherry doesn't want to. God Guerrero but up until that time it was a when I indicated you. You got me opponent you like did a lot of the big thing yeah shocked. Jerry Garcia was a big one is that that was the start of Michael brewer vice glamour we're now gonna do wave. Specifically for marketing purposes we're gonna create something that we know you're gonna fall for then. And that changed everything it was not insignificant at all so that that's pretty good one analyst the other one that's not on there but 78 years ago today. And this really did happen to him in line reviewers the first city but not the last city in the country it was Atlanta. Band pinball machines. Is that the devils I'm. We did area they were not the only one that dad did it. There was of it made about the pluses or minuses of that and whether pinball machines were evil and their reason was because people that obsessed with that would that was that the evil it was the doubles yeah multilateral where you're wasting your time yeah something like necessary and I don't have any could be used better words plus. Only punks. Hong outage involved regime is and isn't. Isn't this all wizard it was an extension of the pool hall and it was it was only going to lead to bad things turned and they they were the first to officially banner. These things did happen in his country and I did and always has. Like to live back and not really news like this and I know that we forget about because you only see the good things. I'm telling you about a world where there was no cookies oh no pin ball machine yeah I think I know. I ran for office juror did pledged an area where believed in god that was all there was to it I'm always a big fan if you take a look at all the people at a birthday staged picture in one room rural having the party together and you just your picture okay. Most from three stooges. Lou Gehrig. Felicia Rashard Paula Abdul and Boris Johnson from London this interim together all celebrating their birthday on the same day. That's to me that's a party that is that is the party's right there. Mold from three stooges if he would have been what a 120. Today. I'll. Let me just. Point out of several tax is 61757. And I distinctly remember when he flavors of ice cream and Howard Johnson. Right now wanted to tell me what those were because I will tell you their chocolate Vanilla strawberry. Glossy yet peach. Red raspberry like black raspberry I. Frenchman ally there are all one flavored ice cream. The most exotic would probably be mint chocolate chip up Hillary is in as soon but chocolate chip was like whoever invented that sure starter. A car knowledge that there was something with car mole maybe I don't know I you know there was nothing cleric into the Vanilla Ben and Jerry's absolutely revolutionized it in cherry Garcia was the second most important behind. Cookie dough quoted. They've always told that story corrected or was the thing that started for them. And that made them what it started it and that is the best team this steak cooking does my favorite items I can avoid debris comes as around Megan ice cream friendlies I think was around then made an ice cream. Obviously Howard Johnson's was huge national chain of time but none of them. We're revolutionizing. The business to business was he stole it stayed right predictable thing and you knew what it meant when you said I screwed up the hood manager yeah. I'm. And you know what I think there are Neapolitan. Me and I mean they were making different flavors but like like what you're saying they were. I guess it was a seasonal smash I don't know right. I don't know had you want to step Visio president they just dumped pistachios or Vanilla. Went to win that went to the dummies only water it was a big like cool that's too much to slavery went to the ice cream watermelon command where you have eleven around the bottom and did I was a bit chips. You know mosques and technologies. I. I'm not crunch here raw. I had one Carter says yeah I was yeah that's I had toffee just being drug are at age 43. On June 19 that's what's going on. Boston is targeting Cuban. Let's say the roles were wrist okay dvd camp. On WORK. Protection of funny that just want our viewers no matter wanted to. The equipment they're they're trying to make the claim that Baskin Robbins was the real revolutionary high school and others are trying to make it that Steve's. Steve's you remember Steve's eyes I don't. I doubt it as a new I was born yeah I was too I was Steve's head flavors too but you guys are kidding yourselves if you think they had anything close to the effect in that industry that Ben and Jerry's just knock it off. Sometimes you tip that the guy you may I guess all you tax you know Byrne who's the Pernod was Stanley. Steve is I went there many times central mass believe me that's all we had. Stephen is was it next to. But they were not the like Ben and Jerry's and Ben and Jerry's put it in your house so yeah he didn't put it in your house. That's that would be one of the big differences like for for me when growing up not the midwest. Baskin Robbins was when I was a kid you know we. We would go there because they did have. Flavors that I had never thought I never heard of debating putting my house that's it that's really is a big difference. Ben and jury's verdict Hershey store so I can take it home and detonate a big difference that. No matter what all the made that ice cream in its own good. All of change gears and talk about our president because it is 851 and we haven't even had a chance to talk about what went on. Friday as we went off the error there oh he's. Tweets and up by the president and you were you were none too pleased about what occurred there. Nah I'm still not too pleased about it because now there congresses as it is roses Steinbrenner recuse himself and people seem think he's going to I I hate that fact and I hope that he doesn't. What will see amenity is going to be a witness any ultimately where I have to I would think. But I we're told they had. Then you're who's next in line that is exactly I don't know but but. Though the main storyline of the weekend was that trumps attorneys. Just saw Jason Cole on FOX & Friends earlier this morning going on saying. He is not being investigated. But you're but. The whole. Anticipate my MI argument on this is what are we arguing about how. Does anybody really believe that date he's not being investigated. Being investigated. And what does that do for you to say he's not I don't get this I don't get why his attorneys are making his big push. I get that trumps tweets that I'm being investigated. By the guy. Who told me to fire the guy I get that trump thought he wasn't says he is. And now they're. It's so important I guess to say that trumps not a leak are. So that these guys are now getting out there saying. But trumps that doesn't make trouble leaker particularly. I don't I would even really call call me a leaker in a sense because Korean until I hear. Other than Colby's one. Memo after he was out of office. I don't I don't think of him in that way particularly either. But I don't know what we're doing here where this this story with Trump's lawyers. The day or so adamant there I charm on CBS yesterday I think there on CNN now they're on the conference. Adamantly saying he is not currently are is not under investigation. What difference does that make all right I don't believe you. Kelly anyway right did that's the whole issue who believe nobody really knows what's going on there so why air week. We know there's an investigation. And I would say pretty much anybody who's in Washington is up for grabs at this stage of the game so be it. That's where we are they did that question in the end just becomes what is what's the final outcome. And an a to meet this just seems very this seems like another distraction and the president keeps saying. You know but the witch hunt is is distracting. That they had false media is distracting while the president is being distracted by this I don't the president needs to move forward his lawyers need to stop talking. UN blessing he needs them to be beat him to be represented. And they need to move forward let's move forward with health care let's move forward regular saying they're gonna have a vote before the fourth of July is that true let's go. That's what I'm interested and. Nine tonight what the hell is from done wrong more dust that's a separate issue and that's been one of my defense is all on its there was on Friday as a matter fact as you well know. I heard Alan Dershowitz on TV today saying. It can't be obstruction of justice to you you can't make criminals something just because you politically don't agree with the he has the right to fire the guy he doesn't matter what his reasons for work he can firemen to the story. And clearly. Even if you don't believe that in using yet you can't fire him to shut down an investigation involved the block is not didn't. While there remain out of we would we would never know any English Channel and it didn't shut the investigation down. For having done so you clearly don't have enough sort of evidence or any sort of case there that would get him on any of that. But there's no way cool court possibly thinks of smaller sitting there brought a wanna look at all the stuff but we're not looking at the president's actions could. Courts they're looking at the president's actions everybody knows it. And of course when this report comes I would. Mueller Stahl offer some sort of opinion on the president's role in this stuff of course he's being investigated. So what is his lawyers do we need. Well his lawyers quote is nothing has changed since Komi said the president is not a target. But. That's. I would argue that's not true what is changed is that now we have we have learned that. The president. Fired James call me and we've learned that if you believe James call me the president had private conversations asking him. Not to look at to let go of the flames story and possibly ask for he is with his loyalty. That's what's being investigated not. You know it when Komi city was under investigation for the the Russian situation OK but that's what's changed. Since Komi said that. Molly instruction is is. Why would anybody be looking into obstruction if not to be looking at the president. I guess there wouldn't lawyers would want you to believe that Mueller is not looking into obstruction we've only heard this from anonymous sources Muller's right senate specifically. But but again I'd just ask do you believe that mall is not looking into obstruction. There hasn't said anything by the way AF LC and and a whole lot of noise all of a couple weeks including John Rawlings is the president. About something that's not even happen. I don't even know I don't know what's happening nobody knows what's happening the president doesn't know exactly what's happening. I'm still lost I've got all these tweets telling me where to get great ice cream in the city outside you like you guys lost group away I got to do this season having. A tough tough putt. I would love to weigh in British is just too many good suggestions on where the word and ice cream he had taken notes so fast he can say and I play exactly I think.