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Wednesday, August 2nd

Fun and historical facts about August 2nd


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WR KRO bruise and so. Go ahead tell me what it is you always excitement around he's all you never do participated national ice cream sandwich day yeah. OK oh ice cream sandwich automatically. The chocolate. Wafer in the chocolate Wafer in the excrement between now let's have a lot else this is a chocolate cookie. And so you're saying you can be anything and an anti Kenya. Because my favorite if you verify I was gonna have. Would be to waffles with nice criminal. We just have this big conversation my house from my parents were there because when I was a kid my mom is to make this whole time so she had this recipe. To make a sweet waffled really three you know not just because most waffles are really all that suite which could make you deserve waffle so. You know a couple of times a year she'd get up a waffle iron this would be a really big deal. And she would make peace sweet waffled and then we slice the Vanilla ice cream that's been to get Vanilla ice cream in a box. You need to open it up on the side canyon slicing it pretty between and you have that all hawks. Well well well it is an ex is well the thing about it. And again a lot of food snob I try not to be. While I do both ice cream sandwich the immediate image that comes to my mind is the chocolate prepackaged Carol rent ice cream in the middle and two things. What would you call two chocolate chip cookies when they. Scoop of ice cream in between and if not an ice cream sandwich and. I think I definition they're William Triplett for but it tonight I think you anything it's to choose something with ice cream in the middle is an ice cream sandwich right. Yeah. At I think this is one you can just sort of be agnostic on it you know whatever whatever you wanna make it out of this long as there's ice cream and earlier good move. And balloons also national coloring book today which has become a big deal because now there have all these adult coloring books yes. Here's what I noticed about on this there's several things one of which is that there's there is really not a lot of famous people born on this that. I mean when you're telling me about butch Patrick from the monsters and Abalone. And Cassidy heard on the capital we are still alive yeah. There's not a lot of Emmy Tim Wakefield okay. Lance Ito Archie Bunker Shimon Peres I think many people were born in this state Peter O'Toole. Wes Craven. Now I'm not a lot then there's there's people you know Victoria Jackson every day there's always someone that stands out I wouldn't see here ounces. We're not an avatar person on moon. I am I am in fact that I love Sam Worthington but he's not. They're borrowing is not 100 greatest actors of all to know god better I'd but I did Mary Louise Parker please get prepared and more things I did tape. Unabomber I do DVR that kids she's an Alex and wanting to a lot of Lance Ito is 67 today. Yeah you gotta figure he was old enough for you judge twenty years ago. I'm actually thinking he was older I I I would have thought Lance Ito was 75. Lot of movies on Newsday that unlike the birthdays where there's no Stan announced the movies there are here the night 1967. And testing or American graffiti 1973. Six cents 1999. That's a pretty good triple right there all three of those are great in their class I loved that movie sixth sense. American graffiti you loved to. Is big American graffiti person as everybody else I don't know why that is reared under yeah you never seen fantastic it's just you know to me it's just okay. So when he can all go Jane go however just because they Alice in Wonderland was published on the stage in the 1865 cannot. 181901. Parachute jump attempted in the US. I don't care how much planning you've done now I don't care how much dotting the I's and crossing the t.s. If you're standing at the door up there are gone you know. I guess that's why he wanted to be the first pray that god was his longest one yet from Ryan. Who won't continue unfortunately we didn't put the the first parachute or died on this day is that within that have been. True in the first pair shooter lived. Assumes no. Moon moons I feel like if you didn't AMA he would be out there right. 978 text in its math costumes birth state today. He was the key to hit the walk off Grand Slam to take peavy to Louis World Series in 2009. I did not know that but happy birthday man osment that's worthy. You don't do though is that those early hello random local one ever now when there's topic that that's worthy will do will judge you don't have to ask her to say that he's got to be in college now ha that's a better claim to fame that any of us and are now that's a lot older now out of that we'll see a 1009 so he's bound airliners in 99 yeah 2009. Yeah he's probably because you would have been twelve probably. What about the. He Tebow going to ounces 603 donated 43 JFK's PT boat sinks in the U that's the Solomon Islands. And another one of those moments in somebody's life etc. it's that are. In 1975807. Degrees in New Bedford still a Massachusetts state pays com that's interest and why she I don't know. Because there's two words I never heard of in 1975 and yet there was honor in seventh. OK I know what they are in an OK I just like to point those out some of now I wonder why that happened that it was a 107 consider re never even heard of no one in every even invented that. Concept yet and still it got down half. Well I'm not I'm not a global warming. Person by. Just because of the 170 in 1975 doesn't mean global warming doesn't exist that's what some would say eighty. I mean they're the hottest it was in Missouri Saint Louis just to get a record last weekend it was a 108 analyst it was a hundred meat was in 19100. Me you know when is hot underneath and there's a hole right exactly but it was a 107. The you know one argument against is that geez we've had a hot temperature ever and we've only recorded him for so long battle plan. So it's kind of weird when your main argument is that the temperature is rising on the planet due to man. But when there were times when what your argument is weren't in play and we were still hitting those high temperatures. That would seem to be a good counter argument now. One of which would be in 1975 was on in seven investor. In 198530000. People die in adult or crash in Dallas. Don't its catalog had accidents cited battling think I realize that I sought spelled out here is they were the ones who led the exit here in Boston. Is that plane crash is the overtime you forget about you do you just tell me you don't need to say that because I know there's people from. Who had somebody on that plane. Back in 1985 that they need. He different can't Hawpe and they aren't Boof threw 39 thanks annoying thing about as much wanted to chip which you need to. I donate Mae west was born in Newsday is gone through bio way today's my birthday thing I'll have a good night and it. Happy birthday. Yet this did chip which thing that does sound good that I scrutiny on a wire act. I'm not an ice cream real person too much but that sounds good and you know and just I sort of related because I'm sure a lot of people who are interest in this probably chip which is after they're done eighty years ago today marijuana became illegal gnashing nationwide. And now suddenly it score right come back territory or her wants Burris I don't do it under way right which would hold chip which sells I say. Did do you remember in 1991 Rick James is arrested for sexual torture or do you know what just that little I don't know what was sent can you say you are no big enough to hated. We for those that know Rick James rewind donated varies awarded yeah life that I knew what what was sexual torture can you say that on the air. He kinda quiet I don't remember all of the specifics I'm not the biggest Rick James fan or was an interest in murder trial anyway. But I do remember being on the stand I remember hurt through. And they were graphically explaining some of the things that were Don nailing. There was a question as to whether you could actively participate in knows willingly. Did Rick James go to jail for that I don't remember this. Like this I but I'm not positive I died origin went to jail I think he did. I thought it was for that I'm not positive. Leo firmly in the it's his first birthday today June. Leo from now yeah oh yeah I Columbine and kids. I. Only you know discriminate as if anyone has stick it was so. All of the new terrorism he was just you're new sticker on the show oh you could do no have seamlessly that they made the that is fantastic.