Cyclists on the Roadways

Governor Charlie Baker made a comment to cyclists on WGBH. He even warned that he might "get in trouble for saying this"...but "cyclists should consider taking their headphones out of their ears." He went on to urge that it's for their safety. Well a good amount of cyclists were offended by this thinking they were now being victimized. Kim & VB weigh in on the reality of cyclists on the roadways.


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It's just WRKO. morning Joseph can. As we speak. On the steps. Of City Hall. The vision zero coalition to network of safe street organizers are gathering. They're having a silent memorial in memory. Of victims of traffic crashes. Most of whom have been bike riders now I'm not making fun of people who get hit. Buy cars riding bikes please take me to right way here I'm with I'm with the mayor. Yesterday the mayor was on WGBH. And he said I'm gonna get myself in trouble here I know. But the fact of the matter is bicycle listen need to do need to be aware. That if they want a co exist. With cars. BM walk curse. That cars cannot stop on a diamond. And you need to be cognizant. And taking in all of this for euros safety. Take care of yourself. Recognize what you're dealing with here. People who ride bikes regularly. Absolutely went crazy over this. And made it out like they're victims. And that the mayor. Is speaking against the victims. Is this morning. Tell them their reality of what globe story today is humble it's unbelievable to me except I've seen the show before battalion second but. There headline Baum for Walsh densities mean streets the bumper is. The wall said if your pedestrian take your headphones off and if your bicycle is being careful yeah. A chorus of car was his exact. I would argue from Marty Walsh the engine going pretty good for you when that's your biggest controversies. So much for your staffers have been indicted in you may go down because they're gonna treat you walk. We're now arguing about whether it's controversial or not this a picture headphones off pedestrians. Yeah this image is a joke. What's even more of a joke about this is my prediction is that Walsh will walk this back and almost apologize for this and why do I say that. I remember Deval Patrick the one time he ever said something to smile be relevant. He was taught about teenagers in. And I don't know what the context was teenagers get in trouble and teenagers not respecting authorities say here's an idea once you start by pulled up Japan all I remember this yeah I. I don't Barry hey yeah he walked right back into it I didn't mean to offend anybody and I get the stylish jeans tonight. And in my mind today's just in Walsh is gonna do the same thing it's probably be at this he'll probably come out there. I believe me I understand we're gonna make the bike lanes even wider and you guys are great. Well usually after I say something if he does that then I'm gonna get together a bunch of people who drive Carter's. And I let a symbol we must be victims here because we're driving on the roads. And I want all of us to go down to City Hall. And stomp around because we're victims. And obviously the mayor does not care about us highly credible on Clinton's re already. I drive from here yes and from Brighton to Dorchester yesterday. For what took me forty minutes it's about three minutes as the crow flies but it took me forty minutes. One of the reasons was the boy claimed there was broad construction so they had cloned off one of the laurel lanes but not the bite claim Ohno earned. And then. There was another area where I probably could have snuck a body. Because everybody was going laughter I was going right but I had to wait for everybody year old left YE. Because that was a bite claim in god forbid that I was in that bike lane for two are you guys see the cop up man right. I know exactly where you're talking about a lot of it is unbelievable. Now this he is not made her body so. It we're not going to ever make it bike friendly interviewer on a bicycle. And you think you have rights this is crazy cool if you do have brightened his point here. You've got to be cognizant this is his quote the fact that cars car was number regular bike rider. I ride my bike up and hold little dramatically highlighted everywhere I read a bike all summer long. And you know maybe I have rates to be in certain places but my dad at the ultimate goal for me when riding my bike. He should get from my house wherever I'm going in back home to my house and not be dead. That is my ultimate goal and whether I accomplished that. And got my feelings hurt along the way so be it I mean it's it's silly I don't even know what. This man said that could cause anybody to protest. Sits on seven hell hath frozen over because I remain America six months haven't talked clock is right two times a day Marty Walsh is actually got right. What I'm telling you is the global headlines and it's unbelievable bump in the road in Walsh himself said on Tuesday. Practicing his comments. On this isn't your mind boggling to me. Ever the politician wall starts his comments with quote. This is wearing going to get myself into trouble right now. But here goes. Can you are you can actually picture the scene where staffers going don't hey this is so unlike his. Some sort of controversial thing to say stop being a more wrong I'm right as far as self killed. These Smart so that you leave your house alive and you return their alive if that's what is just trying to say this is so I'm I'm looking at the metro which is I've. Online paper and here's the headline here are safe streets advocates plan protest. Following Walsh's victim. Blaming it. Comments. Did the victim of winning at it he's telling it like it is reducing insulin is bison lets you Lilly jet out rate in front of you all while you're driving down the street. It's it's hazard. It is a hazard. And and he sold 100%. Right to hate your earphones. Your ear buds what ever it is. Off. You cannot hear. You just protect yourself just these were hurt you guys are bike a folds of the I guess I'm not iPad IRA I'm not I love I didn't could be. Do you get nervous when they gem by a front in my car back July because I don't know if they're gonna do on this or will their arms at me and you know give me signals that it is eight really is a little nerve taking. This city is bent over backwards. For biker just treat bicycle is as if they're normal human beings. And it's crazy to me that. This is where we are way the mayor asked like putting caviar on his statement and then B will walk this back and talent you know. And see there was ever protests for this. They're not Republicans because the mayors and use your head. It's ridiculous. Halfback kinda crazy talk I'm telling you why in the streets I think everybody who drives a car in the city she'd get together and protest because now. People who drive cars legally in this city now there now there are being. They're being victimized this Tito Jackson gonna be it Israeli gunners are outrageous stuff must stop that's why I'm running for. When I ask people using their ads we have to. Put on bidder had Bono my guy turns life just to see if they'll did you like what what's the narrative stick to. morning show no informal group sports betting cutting nifty index on the poison Boston's WRT. I just Wear you out on this. There's a there's a picture from. Whoever we'll blue groups and news that they have a 40%. Of all trips in the US are less than two miles making bicycling you finally in sensible way to travel. Might might retreat and there's one look at the size of the bleeping bite claim in that picture that they have it's like at eighteen Wheeler side but second of all. Is there are a smaller group that gets pandered to more than czar Nicholas partially or not. This city is any in other issues are usually don't ever maybe willingness and other cities I you know I get it Mike I'm from the midwest originally and. To our roads are wide. Her and. And people don't part easily are able to world sequel Ron young the road and we don't have easily used war. Now that's more people on the right well to be honest with you I would rather have them by cleaning keeps me. The bikers away from the runners. Because I think sometimes bikers are an arrogant and a video entitled the art and things they got. That's the idea into grass did I know yeah. Exactly like Marty Walsh I'm about to say something I think it might be offensive. Anyway so why did this CD it's dangerous enough to drive here I remember when they first heard put those lanes in and I thought he became. To dumbest thing I've ever seen why would we want to not encourage. Bike riding in this city. Yeah and we'd like to push it as a tourist thing who wanted tourist on a bike in this city. I would one be dapper is not say that much it's dangerous. Bike lanes in the war you know being Yang fired plus minus overall White Plains. Absolute minus for men need to meet you got to drink so does in Quincy good morning SaaS. Hello everybody. Summarize this the best I can't and the former resident of west wing and also noted Cambridge. As a pedestrian who lived on a one way street. Bicycle or other reason that if there are part and I'm going to work state. Arnold one way street. Bite or other reason I look both ways because I almost hit numerous times. But eighth seed bicycle it's going the wrong way Arnold one way street on left side. Also as a bicycle this. Some people weekly ritual load down by the fact that it Kendall Square where the road split this you gauntlet chamber you going towards. Central Square area. That's the likely goes along the side in in cart's own cut across you know where the road splits so I've almost been hit. Three times played quite motorists. Who don't see the street signs that lead up to the split that don't for some recent note I eight is a bicycle or have. Lies in the rights to the roads but I have to agree him I have never met a worst bunch of people. Under ten feet under and cyclists who personally don't feel that yes you do belong on the road you'd have a right to be there but you do not own it. You have to be careful in about ten you know they know there's only a girl Christine killed across in that killed crossing the street children a little crush what. And she was hit by a cup. And the judge and the reason that's not what is was this the judge says even though that she was cutting her properly motion is crossing the street legal. Even as a pedestrian it is your responsibility. To look out what transcript. And should be able to judge it's an investor durability. Whether it's safe to cross or not because even though the rules judged that two of our entry crosswalk. You all in some occasion you own it. Let me use stepped into it does that mean that the current. That it had been the way Cohen 35 miles an hour is is off Oregon and they're not only fifteen feet knees. Seth my dad. When teaching need to drive taught me a phrase that I use constantly and it's this you may be right the dead right gets you nowhere. And that's that you've just summed it up completely you may have rights but you know what. At the end of the day if you're dead it doesn't matter if you were in the right or not Tim's on the cape pay Tim good morning. Timmy there. I hi Jim good morning. Good morning. I just sort of qualifying my partner. And what BP stated that despite via a Beijing issue and I followed the Q you category. Are due comments. Pressed a ball I was always taught that drive and cops cannot we have salt. Why outside there's a lot to combat because this pulls it out of impairing your spot in Canada exactly. Okay and yeah I just think they'll seek to fight this thing they own the road. Not just at a fellow couple part of me yesterday. Kicked out of bounds and Betty. Touching bottom. And that again as a cultural thing is that I was taught by the fight. I wrote on the opposite side of the direction of the crowd about what movie as they aren't so. Can find out what it's all C a cop and fortunate. Not be opposite way why should a guy who worry. About what I. Mean we have no idea that probably strict or with a look at other people as I do it anyways. Right not somebody on a bike. I I hate. Did dude. Who only worsen a vice it was is a bicycle is who's like a militant hand signal and that's what I was thinking I've heard all there is so melon and about a second bottom I don't know I don't have my bicycle playbook with me so like the other. The guys doing this thing and I'm like what's he doing out yeah does that mean he's taken a right easy do when you're to. Oh you're right summer there right I really just ditching his bat so I thought his these guys are so ridiculous with the signals. We want you left out in the majors these rip this thing over like I'm going image and they lean into it like you know it's sort of France at the annual. What is going on you read you Janet has been shown at right eight I mean that's that's the thing I just heard I understand why people. If deride the biking or walking in and let's use the might then that your phone thing for example. Why is just not make sense to you did that's dangerous why are you just protecting you. Don't you recognize there's idiots driving on the road. Mean that's that's my thing you know one you just protect you. Why do you think that everybody's got to be looking out for you you protect you Jackson marsh field good morning Jack. Like tomorrow urgent it might serve. You know what I what I want shared the bike without. Belgium left now. Because you definitely don't want to talk to our age should take a look at yourself a lot and I let it out. You know not been under. They've taken no well yeah restrict undertaken the last I'm lemon you didn't talk instead of fate is a lot of Olympic get out it'll be allowed to. That kick him out and make the fuel the pipeline and it worked out for a while. And if you get what them. I mean powerful lobby and was on the scapegoat people. And in the open propagating this because village bikes straight out. They rent one place to another love my usual get up doll had taken out likely to show up restaurant on the op that. Do should never movie and it should be like in our city charter that says. No parking space will ever be sacrificed for a bite claim that drives and the and an up close you know a lot of parts everywhere hours they have and that's kind of the idea to take away the parking spaces so you're forced to ride a bike. Can you got nowhere to park and less sure to go park in net 250 dollar 350 dollar a month parking garage. Jim is in need of good morning. Jimmie there. Good morning I didn't break my culture. I just ordered Parker co worker was working in Cambridge wonder our master out. Trucks take the return. Quite coming down or worried under the truck guard killed. These like writers not all of them but some of them think that there above the law and it's ridiculous. The whole family came out and try to say that but my coworker coworker Mary was working west. Was wrong the truck hit the bike. It's like he was sitting there at break saw the whole thing. And I went right under the truck never even worked just kept going. And it's it's getting ridiculous. And that is one of the worst ones. Well again you know. They did there's this this idea that I'm on a bike so everybody else in the world should stop for me. And you may have that arrogant attitude but again that arrogant attitude doesn't do you any good when you're dead so why don't you just take care of yourself. How to get it.