Comey and Gorsuch have their hearings, 3/21/17

VB & Guest Host MA Rep. Geoff Diehl discuss FBI Director James Comey's hearing on Investigations into Presidnet trump's wiretap claims and possible Russian Connection, and move onto SCOTUS Nominee Neil  Gorsuch's hearings during a busy day on The Hill.


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If it's happening to you. It's happening here at WRKO Morning show wins came in BP. The respect to the president's tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration. I have no information that supports the strengths and we have looked carefully inside you the the Department of Justice possessed me to share with you. It answers the same department justice and all of the components department has no information that supports those tweets. Real honeymoon period for. Donald Trump with combing her. No he's the president and with the and although those tweets it's you know you do a Korean suites and the people pretty much agree with that. That's Jeff deal state rep he isn't for him Kerrigan I am he'd be right here I am succeed WR KR I it you know. Yes it is one of those funny days where you you do have to acknowledged circuit there there were there are some things that are great for trump yes I would argue the Louisville thing I. There's like one hour show from a to a restaurant money back like you Gaby did our best stuff I was looking for some hail makers it called me last night I was ordered from the talk about Tom Brees Jersey I was looking for. Some serious developments and I got knocked them what we're definitely not just got knocked out of the brackets right I mean so here recognizing that becomes an and he makes them feel good and that's that the dog he's his reference and although it was a little weird and especially down there because you Kentucky still NN for you don't reference that has Louisville eight Kentucky but then you said we should be watching a basketball game tonight but no one was ever playing tonight and it was all a little bit it was OK but anyway. Six or 72666860. Your best and your worst from yesterday. I'm gonna give you my two worst Jeff deal is this tool Obama and when you have a day like yesterday. You can always go to call me you lures losers in trade RD wins OK you can talk about I always liked the finding hidden jams. The people that are just they can't get out of their own way Chelsea handler huge illusory yes and now. As we as everybody knows Donald Trump junior. Tweets out that I guess what me in my in my lovely lady you're gonna add to the trump them laying. We're expecting a baby in ever regret and all the media that hate Strom. Jake Tapper was leading it feels the need to go congratulations. And send out every three wide you don't you don't care and they hate you when might we can pretending stop. Stop that but everybody was doing net. So Chelsea handler decides to trying to be funny about it if you haven't seen this yet she tweets out. I guess sort of Donald Trump's sons is expecting a new baby just what we need another person within those genes. Let's hope for a girl. What's the problem with the three Jeff deal. And another person where those genes JE EA and. And I miss that part. Now while mark Marmara on the luster wrote deal with the was that the clothing store Nordstrom Nordstrom so maybe there was a sites went there. So does Donald have not been immediately follows black jeans I guess I'm not surprised hash tag GE and he has and every conservative across the country. Has since weeded out. She's so stupid she doesn't even not a spelled jeans and you do make a mockery of yourself what your acting like. You've got one over on somebody I mean so big loser yesterday was Chelsea handler. Another big loser happens to represent me in congress and I'm gonna explain that went on a second first let's talk to Bobby in Bedford he's next here and may have succeeded. You're. Right generalize about Bobby spirit they don't like my question is let's look at what we do know somebody obviously recorded. President tranche conversation with the prime minister of Australia. And also what the president Mexico. So clearly. You know let's talk about how much are upset somebody recorded that conversation. And spread when it that the contents of that conversation. Door hopefully it may not have been recorded bout between two when somebody was listening you're right. You. Should make it better preparation. But the trick this Bobby is and this is where I know you're gonna hate me an idea we run into this constantly. That's the thing about yesterday is everybody is flips completely. From where they were six months ago to six months ago trump has a press conference and says I hope Russia is hacking. Her emails and I hope they find more. And nobody won't don't on our side was concerned about that and then yesterday. We're over concerned now about how they get the information I got and how we can justify that. While at the same time ripping them for flip. It's obviously politicized felt they don't want to ever truly investigate her they never been have a dedicated their resources are they did. They did or didn't want to reveal what they did. Yeah Bobby you know it wasn't WikiLeaks pretty much had to force their hand do it at least admitting there wasn't you know these emails out there wasn't illegal server you're right and it wasn't like they'll actually leading the charge. What is our old my ultimate I guess bodies where where are we on. Leaks period regardless of party like try and remove that do you want stuff getting out or not. A previous administration. Why nobody but what I'm asking you where is in this is where I run and I'm banging my head against the wall. My usual defense in this stuff in it still is here alternately I want the truth to come out. This trump tweet something stupid in it's not true which it does appear to be the case here I want that no I don't want people in their covering for him. I do I agree we need some impulse control I totally understand that and I grew at. But the bottom line is jet that people allow poor weak and stopped and they they got a pretty input I'd feel order. I mean that the people from the previous did not loyal they're not gonna do how to destroy the chairman and and and the presidency bullet. Problem is in in some of this stuff that there's very limited are their retirement is on fox last night it. 26 or eight people that are in the Rome and one of the moon would be called me. But these are these are the higher crops in the intelligence community now. Just Jeanne Kohl meets they are is clapper. Think these guys are gonna dying each other out right. Suddenly you're gonna find out some of that stuff B you're gonna have trumps version of it you're gonna have the intelligence version of it like we were not sure. Yeah like she leaked his comb these emails are clapper seems let's let's find out what these guys are saying behind the scenes to each other. Because it seems like it just continuing to cover and Bobby tear your other point the bigger picture. The hypocrisy of slipping in and PB you've been saying is flipping positions just for convenience I mean let's talk about like 45 years ago Hillary Clinton was. Had to reset button with Vladimir Putin hey my greater relationship with Russia now all the same trumps an office rush as the biggest enemy in a world how could you do or even talk to them. What a bunch of baloney and that's exactly you know the hypocrisy and we're talking about in using government agencies to try to now you know get you know get at the other groups prefer. You know advisory position you had five years ago is insane. So that leads in nicely to my other big loser from USA which would be congressman Seth mall my congressman. Why is he a big loser well he she re tweeted something yesterday endured between you know itself fine whatever. He retreated Garry Kasparov the former chess champion. Who we did himself the houses on fire trucks running around a box of matches in the GOP demands to know who called the fire department that's gas frost week. Molten or tweets that now why does that make him a big loser. Because mold and like all these Democrats her hyperventilating. Over the fact that trump was somehow colluding with the Russia. So what is more we do to make the point he read tweets are rushing tweets this. This beautiful. It's I still yet. I think you're you're ripping trump for being on Twitter recklessly but but bush checked and all these tweets this thanks sir thanks for example many Russians I mean good what anti American that trumps in bed with Russia as somebody get your question it knows this whole lot of thought Hillary tweet -- that's basically what Seth Moulton dead. I don't get it this is my congressman right I mean is just unbelievable. Well David touched on course or jet let let's get into him in just a minute. Because courts it is my big winner from yesterday. And course it is going to be the big news today and we're gonna have to find out okay. Because that's what happened briefly what have yesterday widget you've got a little taste of the is this really just gonna be about but Merrick Garland didn't get a hearing is that's all I heard yesterday yeah that no one wants to Europe and no one cares. Well let me just tell you the word I'm qualified I'm sure is gonna come up. By somebody from the Democrat party fun on capitol today and this is going to be the bashing of a guy who formerly was totally acceptable. To the Democrats when he was given the federal judgeship. But now that he's going for the Supreme Court you are getting used to and every awful thing about this person it just seems to be the formula nowadays there is not a single person evidently qualify. That Donald Trump has nominated that she'd be a part of our our government today. URG you know the voice of Boston. I think. Closer look it's the sides of the same coin. To put it only metaphor I hate to New England Patriots. And no matter who they play I'd like them to lose. And so I'm at the same time rooting against the patriots and hoping their opponent beats them because only two teams on the field. But with the intelligence community concluded was early on their hatred for mrs. Clinton was was all the way along. Mr. trump became a nominee there was some sense that it be great if he could win. Great if we get help from the we need to hurt her no matter what. And it's shifted to he has no chance let's just focus on undermining her that was the judgment intelligence I don't know I don't. How boy so did James Dalmiya just a little taste and out of nowhere he brings and the patriots for some unknown reason was at a CNN clip has become a pundit I mean this. And known as a common that we all political prize that whole thing was weird exactly that whole section was a sort of weird discussion but thought the whole thing was weird actually. And so were asking you 6172666860. What did you make of the whole day yesterday whether it be judged Gore's itch. Whether it be James called me. Whether it be the wiretap saying whether it be Russia weathered the trumpet in Kentucky that was that was crazy and strange and funny and weird. But all of it all of it lumped in the one. Seven he wants is a big winner yesterday trait Doughty. The big loser trump for his irresponsible we've bigger loser judge in the Paula how are yet he's now awful fox until they yanked further notice prevents. Weird silent or Dick Morris yeah. We finally let's find out who told judge and upon tower was actually the brits that was doing this because nobody had his back on that nobody and now he's he's Satan. This judge corsets on day one and there's no judge in the volatile a lot of talk about judge corsets and what's going on so yes he he definitely would be the big loser. Just just to take. The down colonies. Analogy one step further does that mean that Tom Brady is Hillary Clinton since she was the one and supposedly hated than Tom Brady is the one nationally hate him as a patriot in a so the that doesn't make a lot of sense especially when he had that again make America great again. Hat in his locker and I think we need to really polish his testimony at this was the wrong way the only thing. Well any classic was fashioned to he says that the delay withdrawn. By the way I think I should clarify the reason why I hate the patriots do that because there are the epitome of excellence. And as a giants fan I hate that like there was a nice try and you don't need to explain it we all have our teams are we days in the funeral is the patriots that's fine just leave it that but now. We using classic DC fashion and uses much of politicians and human. Again if he's for the underdog at trump was the underdog against her it's let's talk about coming off because I'm fascinated by. How does this guy get to keep shifting. Who loves them. Before every finally somebody's at another hours you know. They we all of dumb right up until hole you know he's given that press conference about he's got to indict Hillary's innings lineup that gays are like Ohman got reliable reliable reliable and then he says and so on not doing anything we are all okay economies. This guy must have a file on every single person the United States of America if you can't find her urged this guy has stepped down as a this guy has gone all over the place. And putting. He's winning each case coming outs Rollins sort of like a rose where. So in that case you know everyone ships on a dime you love the mob the mob dominion hated them but Denny reopens the case in does. Almost the exact same thing as he did yesterday just says we have an investigation but offers up nothing on it. And you saw the media yesterday which would be the you know of the Clinton lovers. They are now and all my dog always got an investigation that must mean there's some serious stuff that validates everything they say. But one thing we know what's called me. Because we just sorry it's just because he has an investigation doesn't mean anything's gonna come of it because nothing didn't come from the past when he told us about it and he dropped it quite quickly. In there has been nothing about out. Evidence. Okay Russia did want to metal he says but there's no evidence yet of any sort of collusion between Russia and the trump campaign. That's retreat Gatti was really good did there that rep for markets always regard to your let me just tell you that the platform. Of the Republican Party at the Republican National Committee. There was a move afoot to weaken it but actually the language and a being stronger against Russia then what was originally proposed so how would that be if and combing similar you're in politics or whatever he just sort of sergeant but. The whole point was to get on record that there's no evidence at all in Kobe clearly has no evidence because let me tell you he did. The leaders that have been lead and other stuff would be leaking mad he has no evidence of any sort of collusion between trump and Russia and I'll ask you this Jeff deal. Put on your. You know year carnac had heard looking near crystal ball. Best guess as to whether we're home he's investigation into the Russian hacking leads my best guess is it leads to nowhere. Swore I mean gadget James clapper Michael morale both CA guys. So does logo there's nothing there there's no there there. If anything this guy is got to be Evan my predictions of books coming out a month or so because. This guy is just getting media attention that he totally doesn't deserve I guess congress is just using him like a ping pong ball one day they think he's good in the Democrats have not the next day. The Republicans haven't I mean it's it's really wasting a lot of our time. And I don't see anything coming out. Six on 72666860. What did you make of yes say what was your best moment or your worst moment. Because there was something for everybody estimated just wants. I mean we give you my best moment yet but let's go to the phone 6172666868. Paulson rain on your next here on am succeed. Bjork do out. Good morning doing a call people you know. It's rarely turn it sad that our director of the FBI. See something doesn't matter what it is because it's the epitome or. I mean did not seek the entire bottom line of what we have gone wrong here. Darn well it was a stupid tab yacht that he threw an effort toy you don't need to explain why I say the Yankees that's understood right so you don't need to a I went. Where we are we missing a range distinct. It's deflating was potentially under FBI I think there may have been a lot of us as a news there's things there we just don't know when I don't know yes it. You know and if you're gonna if you gonna compare Hillary to somebody I don't think it would be armed I think it would be bill you they go to this same makeup artists I think. She looks more like emperor altitude like just filled us. This easy to Bill Belichick sitting in the wake up here. But I'll tell you this Hillary is not honest Cincinnati she's still fighting the last storm damage she's still working on that so that that would be one difference. You know it definitely. Definitely the only horrific loser that we have right now. Is the American people and the our. Intelligence community just. Seeming to be a dog chasing its tail with regard a lot of this stuff and I think it's bad that we just keep losing faith and am because they see yet seem to get out of her own way and I'm not seeing that that's the real case on the ground but that is. The public face of our intelligence community right now is that we get Abbott Costello. One in this show and it's it's unfortunate. And we need to get app to spell out there and get some guys that we couldn't be. Proud of what an ideal. You know Paul this kind of brings you back to die are the movies back it was it two decades ago now whatever bad idea reference and men yeah when the bag I says you know US for America like give you the FBI and he basically count in their incompetence to cut the power and give him a chance take over the building. I mean that's that's unfortunately what it seems to be now is just. In Abbott & Costello routine up there with with the FBI immunity you know. The pie in the face and we have the evidence we don't have the Aniston isn't it there's no wiretapping here but there's wiretapping here but then two other guys is no wiretapping that it it's. It's like who's on first only it's a lot more serious topic. Waking up with Kim this new age man they do indeed he's unquestionably. Wall. The morning show WR KOR. Tonight 78 Texan it's X 86 season I miss something good to station changed formats who are you guys. RB BB with a frog in my throat that would be state rep Jeff dealing for him not arrogant and it's still WRKO Tom Brady's Jersey's international espionage man this is secret. Think about the global ramifications of what just happened here Jeff and what this may mean for the future of this country. I put this up is another winter trump that's what I do. Big rat in the pillars president there were found in Jersey I'm surprised trump did not talk about this in Lawrence Don actually I'm not getting a fight. We we like to do prop bet surrounding area and so we did a bunch of them about global. His speech last week. If we didn't prop bets for last night it would have been how soon in it does he mentioned to Tom Brady Jersey and is never did or is it before or after the North Korea which which takes imports. I'm Shockey I really am shocked you didn't mention it. One other thing on him remember it would take a quick call him and yet. Pull on and a trumpet. Doesn't it don't you what's the percentage chance that that. Trumpet Fey asks who for grass ring in the gets the ring back to oh I forgot about that Christ that says that ring nice from crab in the day. We craft was just on Air Force One right and we also all the pictures like I think he's going to try and and I think he is going to get that going back for crap. Yeah and that's that's much more interest in even the breeze stirs. Ha now did. Resentment Air Force One at least think if I'm on Air Force One. If you Bob Kraft do you grab like an ashtray and I'll grab something now to see you on therefore I don't think he does at his level pub I probably not know you'll yes Jim you know yeah I mean I'm looking for anything brandy. One of those little napkins you know for your drink don't but the but the good drink and a taken that where I want one of those cups that they have been these hearings where the water cups that now have the lol go on Yahoo! I don't know if it's of the rigorous senate Lauro or what it is but a much to pay for those that's gonna be at what were those high. And cattle and hit a bright start in any exact time Melissa isn't exactly a Jimmy's indoors just he's next that I am succeed every York Jim morning Jimmy. Wondered. He'd be sorry about we call we have no problem with patrol I want you to try to edit. I'll lick that got I told you what the ball. Keep you posted on maps craft but it's gonna cure for Intel and I'm sure I wealth. Who all in GS GB. Your wanna speed it up a call and it called that guy it was a complete moron you don't. What it takes to make a football team it which is in the crap. Belichick. Jimmy invest tax we got to our previous callers have all pats fans are morons fibroid is geez if he thinks pats fans are more on what is going to lions or browns fans that's pretty good point to actually. Yup what that they used. The older is brilliant. Up coaches up the best these guys believe it to waited. And they put themselves. It's one with these soldiers in many eagle albeit he practiced practiced practiced big deficit still looks like it's. Oh it's fun I'm totally final portion of mis as a mom apologetic about their what I would should work your perseverance that that are of you don't start tracked or like what. I think he's so footballs for a large parliament somehow embarrassed and a right all resented it forest at all way and the best and by the way you point out Jimmie are you were about to point out on wanted to steal it from you guys have a call it I believe the patriots are playing in Mexico next year. I against parade yes. So no media no media allowed my locker but think about how much today Boyd adjusted the build up to about how much Brady you have to talk about that Jersey yeah. Each bring ten Jersey just in case what what ultimate last thing on this what happens to this guy. I mean clearly they want the death penalty in Houston formal what does happen we don't hear about Mexican justice and homeland you don't wanna be on the wrong side of a Federer always the what. What are they gonna do this to help us on a hanging offense I don't I am I don't know why laser and bringing your pets is it even an offense like I don't even know if you steal some sir are not Mexico care if he was over in in Egypt and losing and you're right it's not I what does happen here I'm curious I don't remember Nomar Garciaparra had. We have he had abstentions and you know a room in front his little thing maybe that's what Brady needs to balance sort of trying to. Some rope line you can't go past few media I will tell you. You know I'm someone a name drop it nearest me is nearly an accident manna in the wrong place arsenal's goal on the field but when the Red Sox won the World Series broke the curse in Saint Louis I ended up in the locker room. And yeah. I never believe me. Everything was there you critter grabbed anything you wanted pretty much I mean I've Pedro was running around where this Dominican flag at one point they're mapping was on the ground for awhile like. Big poppy was there he went like this with a towel and that when Alec you couldn't grab just about anyone I never once thought I gave. He does is in the Red Sox locker room may have won the World Series and this is different is this guy could care less about the patriots it was there make money yeah. Yeah I mean he had a mission and it was not to say. Get a sound bite from Brady was to get the Jersey and he did it. You know the other things humans eat the whole job for a guy he's he's Catholics are authentic. To stickers you know this was authentically tell muse is we're second we're second everyone's got a lot to authenticate right now the priority is room silly here I think is what Merriman yeah football's the deal with the got authorities yet there's a lot of stuff. By the way to your question 97 main told Jeff by the boxes Eminem's from Air Force One when Bill Clinton was president. I've never opened them but I imagine their all the green ones I'm not gonna talk about I don't know what does that even means but yet thank you Jeff thank you for human element yeah. My guess is since he's now a convicted he will be convicted thief that his punishment will be yes to come to the United States. That's what finally suggests that seems like the previous president's policy bring a man. They'll be a Sanctuary City it's here to welcome back so hard enough robberies Jersey for an hour and get back to back as ambassador about that story remember my poll question at Bibi to wise would you rather see the movie about Tom Brady or the movie about Tom Brady's Jersey thief is that one has a lot more entry for me. Let's talk about yesterday's speaking of intrigue because. Yes today to me is an absolute microcosm of all that is Donald Trump I've told you from day one the thing about Donald Trump is. You've got to take the good. With the bad. And then enjoy the circus. For me either Gooden was corsets that opening statement was unbelievable and course it shows like when trump is focused on getting the job that he gets the job done the bat is. Comito Isaiah there's no evidence of wiretapping U tells you there is an investigation of the Russian nagging thing always come off and on that what is that a second. And then the circus is Louisville where. I I don't know what was the really further anything from a week ago but they loved him. And that's strong painted with the Wichita State's life at that she should a lot of players have been on and on stage I don't know I'm crazy left. Eleven is rallies and practice of the deal. But I was stunned like I kept waiting Manning gets you on our ships the alarm goes off pretty early morning how much would you get to the Carl we already and he never got. He didn't even mention one thing about anything that went on yesterday which stunned me. North Korea I think it was about his topical as he got. The very briefly touched are meant to bad guy anyone stupid and I. Had stuffed content of this sort take the whole day six or 726666. EMS series you would your. What was your best in what was your worst from yesterday and I'll star would you Jeff you know. So having Bennett trump rallies I think to Louisville is sort of similar to what I've seen before. But it's great that he continues to collapse into the US. Of course each you know I think yesterday as you said great opening statement. So we're really gonna find out more today when he start to grow them by an on Capitol Hill I think today's really even more than me. Sure I'm with them is that more than it did promised an area that is so it was really call me I think yesterday that was kind of the James colonies and test of testifying that I think was really what everybody is looking mean of course CNN MSNBC if only they their eyes even blinked. The entire time he was talking. And you know it is I don't there's any that's surprising he says he's investigating. This right is he openly admitted they're investigating any Russian ties. But you know I think we've all known that that's been going on for awhile. Here's a thing no I mean I don't understand why he says he can confidently say that there is. There was no wiretapping when. Flynn in when Flynn basically was caught. Talking to Russian official how did they catch that information to think you're saying well no it never was. Any any sort of surveillance that gave us an indication. And and yet Flynn somehow had it at that recording and he was used to about that. And in and then at the same time he's saying that no there there wouldn't win just that everybody including James clapper and the former CIA chief Michael. Morale both saying there really is no collusion no evidence of collusion and yet that is what calm he's investigating you. This guy is going down a road I don't think anybody sees is worthwhile. One of his divisions is is helping recover some jerseys in Mexico. An and then yet back during the campaign and this is agonizing we heard about it over and over in Hillary server. We found out that not only was she using a illegal server when she was supposed to not be doing that as a as a US official. But there was also a ghost email account that President Obama was using to communicate whether that stuff is just you know crickets are that none of the yet where we're not investigating that that's not important evidently they call me. But China still continue to find any shred of evidence of a link between trump campaign officials and Russians. That's the priority right now I mean now I see way I think everybody in this country Renault is sick of teams go home.