Chris Versace (TheStreet, BETR, OLED)

Chris Versace (TheStreet, BETR, OLED) by The Financial Exchange


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This is John Mooney and for Barry today along with shock and time person doc talk right now. Joining us from the street is crisper Sochi Chris thanks for joining us. To be here are very good Chris were top a couple of stocks here right. DE TR is the first when you amplify snack brands. Is this high tech snack company or what. And I. What one what are we would been witnessing. At the research which is my company that. We seeing consumers increased leadership towards what we call food that is good for you. Whether it in the hole who went phenomenon expansion of Eliot gluten free and natural product. You know under the group restored to Amazon line. It will bite act it would they're better known the worst at any pop. That really. Organic. Snack food that is no creep up popcorn and understanding their platform into not only other product. But they're bringing other hand should market now increasing their footprint over in Europe which we we we think is all part that being. Unplanned who best to be. Taken out from. General Mills PepsiCo or some or another is that they did a very big active. You need exposure to this booed or you who the good where you know. Yeah I had that popcorn it's really good and and the nice thing is it's they actually make money. I know surprise surprise that. Yeah they've made me make money. Bigger apartment and you have they're under little pressure near term that they look to rip up their grant but again all part of building the company. Which we think it's a good long term. A hot stock no question about that is Universal Display corked. All right OLED and all I hear is that that's the future that's where the screens are going to be I know it's an expensive stock explain why you like it. We like her old one if BA history the past week. And we're seeing more capacity being added that happens will seek greater adoption. It could be Smartphones like apple was rumored to a couple of weeks when they take the wraps off the next iPhone model. But there's other Smartphone vendor that are also take on. All that are organic let these dire blaze TVs where locals were seeing. An application emerge in the interior automotive. In an important here entrap you yeah very much like the company Cree was about ten years ago. When we saw color displays Burton never it never backed it by and we see you on a solution. I and market application in an explosion in the crease stock in the that we we see this playing out once again but this time or your personal way. Yeah I've heard nothing but great things like this is a real game changer in terms of what the cell product actually looks like so. I can't wait to see adult on the market crisper such from the street thank you very much in June issue of a great day. Take care thanks.