Canadian judge suspended for wearing MAGA hat to work

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Wednesday, September 13th

A Canadian judge was suspended for wearing a Trump hat into the court room as a joke. Have you lost your job because of your support for Donald Trump?


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You all guys here on the great WRKO. OK my friends let me ask you this question. 6172666868. Have you ever been. Punished. Persecuted. Or suffered. Loss or paid the price. War. For being supporter. From. Believe me personally I mean like value of these stories will incredible. But first my friends we are broadcasting live video remote today. Here at the comfort inn in Randolph Massachusetts. Located just off of route one EA. Off exit five on route 93. We're gonna be here until 5 PM. It's W York Leo and the American Red Cross our annual blood draw right. Please if you can and after work whenever come on down give blood. I'd like you could save one life apparently now they're telling your blood today it saved up to read lines people from cancer. Heart attacks all kinds of operations. They desperately need blood especially in the wake of our team Irma. And hurricane Harvey so if you can't please corner country come down. And to those that already came down right now waiting to get blood. I cannot thank you enough is truly great cause. Again right the comfort inn in Randolph Massachusetts. Located on route 18 often exit by on route 93. Please if you can and com they will be here until 5 PM okay. Wonder why it's because it's. It's a big story. It's in Canada but it's now gone I mean viral if it's not a Canadian story now it's becoming huge international story. Remember this name current state. She. Will hell is Bernd Zabel. Able is a long line judge. Sits on the on oh. In Ontario that he's in Ontario judge. And he's just been sitting on the bench as I said for many years. And he's apparently 69 years of age now the context is everything. Zabel apparently as spotless right. People have been testifying on his behalf coworkers. Colleagues people who worked with them. They say he doesn't have races ball in his body a misogynist pig bone in his body. Is that this guy is just that very nice guy with apparently in my sense that you. Well they do after trumps election victory. He decided to play a bit of a joke and so the joke was he entered this courtroom in Ontario. And he wore. A make America great again baseball cap that iconic now. And he was joking he was laughing some people in the courtroom thought it was funny however I swear to you. Don't own bats and there are a ton of them. Up there and in the as socialist republic of and Pakistan believe me up in Canada. There are so many freaking liberals you wouldn't believe they actually make Massachusetts looked conservative I sorority but let that go OK so. The all hormone bats up and Canada said whoa whoa whoa whoa. Always this guy to be wearing them make America great again but that's that's a symbol of fascism. That's a symbol of white supremacy. Of the symbol of nazism. And have bad work. So they filed an official complaint. He was suspended. Pending this investigation. We pay so for the beginning it was almost a vacation he suspended with pay. However. However. The Ontario judicial council panel. After investigating the complaint looking into the complaint. They said that it was improper of him unethical. To Wear a political cap in a courtroom. Because that violated. His impartiality. That he was supposed to yards your judge you're supposed to be impartial. And the image that it gave the signal that it sent. Was that he's not impartial. He's actually partial and partisan and political now. The obvious point that this is Canada the last time I checked we do in the next at. It's not the 51 state of the United States and he didn't vote in the election they have the wrong elections we have elections so if you want the war baseball now. About an election campaign that has nothing to do with Canada. How is this issue is beyond. That goal. They now claim that his behavior compromised his impartiality. And objectivity. They now say he must be punished the liberals wanted him I swear to you to be fired. Instead. He is going to be suspended for thirty days without it. For wearing. A baseball cap. As a joke. We told his colleagues before he went into the courtroom with a baseball cap. It was a joke. By people who were saying he's the nicest guys you'll ever meet he's very funny it was a joke. So even now. It is better bulletin. To eve in where H romp baseball cap in the workplace. If you do that they will come after you and try to destroy. Vista is an incredible story. Now what they're doing is they are trying to censor. It's obvious. They are trying to censor and essentially criminalize. Conserve its conservatism. Conservative beliefs and support for trump. Support for language reporters and culture. They want to essentially criminalize and banned. Any opposition to the liberal regime that is clearly now what is going on. And neither they're gonna do which formally. Or informally. And let me give you an example of how they're doing is informally. My sister in law when love dearly. She's very close for the grace not gonna say your name on the air. But recently complained. That she had applied for a promotion within her company. Now here is the key point. Her own superiors admitted she is stellar worker mangalore telling you should work force. She's incredibly reliable highly educated very motivated. To get her as your employee I'm telling you one law. All she does is work. And work well. She appeared to be an option Chou win further promotion. She by the way never. Never discusses politics at the office never. I mean she doesn't Wear baseball cap. She does Wear button she does Wear the shirt she NC two wars at the water cooler she never discusses at work. She's completely people. Outside of work. On base all. She's written some articles. Whatever. The year for a public issues she's a trump conservative. She's like I mean she's a staunch conservative. She's a patriot she's a nationalist she voted for from she wants that wall Chu once the wall built. And as somebody who leaves in the southwest she has seen the the devastating consequences in clause of the legal immigration up close. And let ago. One it was time. To announce who got the promotion. Guess what she didn't get. And the reason why she didn't get it although nobody had the guts to tell. Was because they didn't like her politics. They didn't like the fact that she was a conservative. And especially the fact that she had voted and supported Tron. Even though she never discusses politics at the office. It was used and held against her because they background check the start to look at Facebook. They start to look at some writings which are extracurricular. Nothing to do with her work. They held her politics against her. And they discriminated. Against her based on her political beliefs. Now. Decrees. Call me crazy. That this is much of the owners America. Inject coolers America. I believe in something called freedom. You have the rights to vote for the candidate that you want. To espouse the political philosophy or ideology that you. I may disagree with the picture right. Unless you're supporting I don't know G autism. Terrorism. As some kind of a totalitarian. Regime mass murderer. Obviously analyst with those obvious exceptions. But. Outside of that. You wanna vote for the Democrats both Democrats wanna hold for Bernie vote for Barney wanna vote for. Hillary won a vote for trump whose jet though. Little Marco whoever you want a vote libertarian you wanna vote the Green Party you. It's a free country men. Vote whoever you want to vote for. And you shouldn't be penalized for it in your job. Now I'll be honest with few if you're going to work every day in your argue with your colleagues about politics and you're using your offices of soap box of something else that's impeding your ability to work. That's something else. But if you're good you know a good lawful employee. And you show up to work and you show up to work. And you work hard all day and you're pretty much. You don't talk politics in the office to keep it to yourself what you do outside of the office. And who used support. And what party you back or what candidate you back or what political philosophy you espouse is nobody's business. And certainly it shouldn't be held against you. So that you are either not promoted or fired or demoted or persecuted. That should mean is a form of discrimination. And what I find absolutely. Incredible. Is that you have the media and the liberals and Democrats. Going racism racism racism thing in my bigotry bigotry bigotry being in night. When in fact the only real persecution and oppression taking place in this country concrete I'm talking real that you can actually tangible week. Is against conservatives. And in particular. Against people actually voted and supported trump. And I can't tell you how many people tell me all the time. Jeff I listen to you. But I don't want to help people loyalists and I listen to you because you say what I Hanson. Jeff I listen to you because if people knew my political beliefs or I said what you said I know it would cost network. It would cost me my job it would cost human raised it would cost you my promotion. In other words conservatives are now increasingly being forced to live in the Catholic homes. To be quiet to be silent. Because god forbid. If they do support from they will pay a tremendous price. In professional price and the public parts. And so my question do you is this. Have you suffered any kind of persecution. Any kind of injustice or harassment or bullying or intimidation. Because of your political views and in particular. The pleasure libertarian. Or conservative or constitutionally is when you support from. How has it been used against you. 6172666868. Is the number. Should that judge have been suspended. Without pay for thirty days. For simply wearing any make America great again baseball cap. I wanna hear from you 6172666868. OK lines are blazing. Carlos Europe next go ahead Carlos. I deaf culture management congress. Hi Carlos openings. I'm gonna probable thing first I wanna mention them I'm happy that they went that way when I am glad I am actually not in my area. And that might formal formal announcement Kennedy tomorrow at the English. Well that's the perfect plate which is my hometown so that's fine. Basically. The judge nobody thought. On and they got a different thought that if you are not thinking these people want to thank. Doesn't what's gonna happen control which. Can't keep the ones we can't let. These people do this to a I guess that while this is deeper than that and adjusting government that's 10. And actually deal with. Carlos let me ask you this is just obviously agree with few which is to play devil's advocate. He's a judge he's supposed to be technically nonpartisan and objective impartial. When he puts on a cap that size with one political party or one political philosophy. Is he compromising his objectivity and impartiality. What do you say to that argument cardinals. I think it. Yes because when we got to it on the Indian liberal people and Georgia that basically shoulder they'll build light that you know what Iraq they don't buy articles. They do they basically people everywhere and they want them but they've got rewarded. Opening day. Independent directory punished. Just because he wore. Just because of RW was punished for his thinking I think apologized and all that I have a problem. You know and that is why jobs. This is why I'm gonna win. It offered to go to regardless. I don't care I am not political ground and not you know that a lot I'm even though that this. Carlos losing you on the fall movie watcher point okay thank you for that call Carlos your cell phone is dying on us but no you nailed it buddy. No look they're punishing him. Not for the count. Because they don't like what he's thinking the only way he believes because ultimately this you take is that the bank. And he warning Hillary won sixteen count let's say she had won the election nothing what happened to. You've got these judges who were writing op Ed pieces articles you name it in Dorsey one Democrat after another. Endorsing one liberal after another. Nothing happens to them. And I got a Davis. If somebody can find this story I'll be more than happy meter reader on here. I have not seen one Rican story so far. Are they liberal or rate Democrat or Hillary supporter. Either being fired. Or do you molded or losing a promotion or whatever because of their political news. It's always the conservatives and it's always the front supporters. Don't believe me just ask my sister in law 6172666868. Have you suffered any consequences. At work. Have you been bullied or intimidated or persecuted. Because of your political beliefs. I wanna hear from you 61726. Josh in Framingham. And Europe's first go ahead Josh. Jeff are area so I would say that shouldn't you know they'll should be fired and are you saying that she shouldn't be fired on. A confused by the whole thing here she should be fired. Which are made comments are personal Twitter. She called her a while personal. Insert personal political opinions. Shouldn't everything to do our work. Yes but you have to understand the context of ESPN ESPN put out policy guidelines I'm sure you're aware of this Josh in April. Where they explicitly told all the hosts. You are not allowed to comment on any officeholder. Or on politics. In any public facing form he's determined to use especially on Twitter and FaceBook. So and she completely violated ESPN's own policy guidelines. If I did it or anybody else didn't we would be fired secondly this is a listening to and this is why they are Redick or chilling. Now secondly secondly here's the key point she called president trump the white supremacists. With no evidence and no corroboration. In fact she then went on to say that of his victory was based on the rise of white supremacy. She is a black supremacist. That's what she gets she is a racist she is a big. And she's calling the president of the United States essentially terrorists. She is a mall if fomenting racial hatred and division. She is using her public position on ESPN and where she supposed to be talking about sports. She's using her public position on ESP and to deliberately foment hatred and division. And she's she's basically part of a radical supremacist agenda so you tell me how the hell can CNN not fire. Just ultimate the first private political. Convictions shouldn't cost that asks but I also know icing on the masters like well hold on unless I know the. Josh Josh you'd you left out my qualifier. I said unless you unless two hours unless won't know unless you espouse a radical political philosophy or espouse violence. So if I am an employee that's calling for violence. Calling for whites to kill blacks or blacks the kill lights are gone. But if you're talking about peaceful. Her personal. Like the one out and I don't wanna argue about it you're the one that brought it up so why did you bring about. This you can't defender. Where's it doubles I mean again seriously sit and lament in my education Amanda my learning the people have to put up with. It is so he is the one that mentions Jameel hill I explained to them. She violated ESPN's own policy guidelines she's a black supremacist. She called the president essentially a terrorist. And disposed to be no consequences for. Now if you wanna support Bernie you wanna support Hillary you wanna support. Traditional political party or philosophy that's fine. But except for if you gonna espoused for extremism and violence and that's what she does then what obviously is going to be consequences. But the last time I checked trump won the election. He won fair and square he won the Electoral College what's the problem. So you see look at the moon bats when it comes to a racist black supremacist. Who wants to foment hatred and division. They defender all the way you Wear make America great again that. Blank you. You are Juno though. No ice layers of boxing globe just pulling it out there. General right now. That's where these moon bats. Are good for a laugh it's worth it. Milk let's sit at his. If Elizabeth Warren had been Hillary Clinton's running mate. Would things have been different. She will walks the popular well. Trump look up I do you really bring reader. Milk bottle then won the native American vote that would put him over the but chip it abroad and begin didn't they'd be over right now. All of those men of America's with the casinos in Wisconsin and stop. At Wisconsin when a dog. That Hillary Clinton is sort of is it's. These people live on OK my friend 61726666. He would is the com or Elizabeth Warren. Okay my friends please. We are broadcast. Life via remote that the comfort in here in Randolph mass located on route 218. Off exit five on route 93. We are here with the American Red Cross WRKO. The American Red Cross steaming up for annual blood drive. From new and we've already a lot of people already common donated blood I can't thank them enough. We will be here until 5 PM so please if you can and after work. Com give blood. You'll probably saved two to three people's lives just by giving blood IQ Jew not. Especially in the wake of hurricane Irma and hurricane RV. Is an incredibly good cause. I know many of your busy belief you can come down. It's huge really you're going to be saving up to three people potentially so if you can please come down okay. Charlie in New Hampshire who apparently does not like that made America great again slogan. Go ahead Charlie. And yet why don't. Say welcome to lack great country. Know that you're no arrival. And you could argue that our present president. What Obama for a month figures that I thought you what I'd like US citizens. Country. You want and you also and when I can't stand is the slogan made America great because you know what else. America is great. OK my son at the islets in the arm my Brothers and disabled American veteran. A great job. John McCain was appealed W Europe. A trump. Created and made finally a guy that serves that country and shut down the plains and what appealed that I think I think. It's it's it's more. Question would keep calling Colin normally. I don't know if you're gonna play my best friends we had a drink the why it right America great again. Okay I'll get to the site about this you keep calling Allah I don't know I don't know I I got it. The B a friend of yours okay. Now secondly you're acting like I just came off the boat yesterday I was in this country for twenty years. I did everything the right way. I came in on a student visa and I went on the H one B visa I did work visa as I got a green card. I pay taxes and never went on welfare once all I did was work work work and contribute. And uneducated the right way I'm white and eventually hold on and eventually I became a naturalized citizen now why are you holding that against. While what you can only got a dent you're saying that I had no right about shall have generate an. OK now I ask for making America great again. Charlie I don't think you know this but do you know where that's at that slogan officially came from. With it. It denotes that ultimately came from people official it is it'll basically get someplace where. It was Ronald Reagan was the first to use it it's called let's use it as let's make America great again. So try your short and it prompter shortened it to make America great again. So the slogan was used in the past now why did he use the slope and often you why very simply. Under Obama we racked up we doubled the national debt almost twenty trillion dollars were essentially now almost bankrupt country. For over eight years we had one point 6%. Economic growth. Anemic economic growth so the economy tanked under Obama. We are almost bankrupt as a country he hall load out our military. He bombed gold are when we pulled out of the wrong you brought was taken over by crisis Iraq was rampaging across Syria. We were losing the war in Afghanistan. In other words we were on retreat on every front. So our economy was in decline. Our fiscal situation was in decline our military was in decline our geopolitical position was in decline. And so which says he's completely right. Let's make America great again because under Obama he had essentially hollowed out and destroyed. Erica it's really that simple. Now I thank you for the people in your found that serve our military their heroes and patriots and I salute them. But the fact that they serve in the military just hung up on the fight they serve in the Perry. Doesn't make the fact that under Obama the country went out. Obama's. A product ST plain English he was one of the worst presidents we ever. Tickets decades that the level that that's fraud and con man. So he appeased radical Islam every step of the way. Socialism at home radical Islam abroad and he put America to its knees and now and I'm. The great American giant is starting to rise again 6172666868. OK let me throw. One more longer on the fire and then I wanna continue to take your calls. I love Gary. Let me just say this right now I love I shouldn't because I'm diabetic. But let that go I love dairy queen. Ashton loves dairy queen able of dairy queen even my wife everybody loves very important to be honest opinion buster par fazed by four. I love that peanut buster park. You know with AG artists like you went Tyson with a 72 virgins in heaven right. Well. If somebody said to me you know this religion you can have all the peanut buster parfait you can meet in eternity for happened. I may go and hello Carla. That's how much I love peanut buster Arctic ice birdies anyway I love dairy queen now even more this now activists. So a dairy queen owner in Wisconsin. Today it's and he wants come Wisconsin home by pronouncing it correctly he's local owner of dairy queen. I saw outside his rest remember. He's the older he paid for. As employees he is their wages. Keep a sign. Saying quote we are not politically correct. And year. Our patrons may say. Quote Merry Christmas. Happy Easter. And god bless him. I mean the sign says we are unabashedly supporting quote god and country. Saying. You have to scenery. You have to say puppies. You have to say god bless them where you have to believe in god and country. So it is if you see him Christmas. He wants pleased regardless of what we want our pitcher should ever. You believe in god you wanna make America great again baseball. Guam and I'm mice that. Will be happy answer. Axel. If you think there's something controversial. Who better. Because according to the liberals on the moon bats I swear to you. They are saying that this is assemble and assign. Here it comes racism. She is Tom that Big Three native exam it's non inclusion in errie it's offensive. And so now the moon bats have been taking pictures of these signs I swear. A month FaceBook. And now they wanna shot the owner now. They wanna closed down these very. So they took the complaint the dairy queens headquarters. And dairy queens credit they said it's a local owner. Made for the dairy queen he's serving well I screens in cheeseburgers and I pulled people want. He's saying he wants regardless. Merry. Christmas he's it's stressed. Rules. And words dairy queen is not backing down now questioned all uses a series. Who held the liberals think they are that now they can tell business owners. They what signs that import outside their restaurants. And be. That they can't even tell their own customers. Their own PH prince. If you wanna say Merry Christmas or god bless America are forward trump. Whatever an American flag T shirt that they can even tell their own customers. That they feel that they should be welcome. And that it was going to be embraced that they coming through there into their franchise are introduced into their. Into their dairy queen. Look at the growing military and Hisham. Look at the growing assault on freedom of speech. And freedom of expression. Now you wanna ban godless America. You wanna ban saying Merry Christmas. To pour restaurant owner. Because you'll find it offensive. And if you hear those words beings don't current year. Enough is enough. And I think it's time that we conservatives told the more bouts loudly and clearly. America. Love it or leave it because here in America we believe in something called freedom. And maybe you should as well. 6172666868. OK Brittany what you want me to go to next. All in Dorchester Europe next go ahead Paul. It just if you look consider a little bit that franchise owner is being bunch dragged. On those are real clue you. In your words. I'm. Jeff you know what make America great did you elect just sit you know reconsider its first. Then the read this Bill Clinton so that also it's on YouTube all the wounds that. And liberals can go look at it on YouTube are put on my FaceBook page. Particularly look at this look at these white supremacists were deported you know we voted for the stirred dissing make America great again and so. That doesn't matter and the other thing I wanted to. Touch on just. I know bill as there. Is pure conservative. Like Curt Schilling you wanna talk about using the bathroom that's when your birth certificate you'll get fired by yes yes but if you. Are a left wing liberals like Jim Miller hill. You see anything. You can you can bring to separate head of the president it's art. It aligns with these ESPN's. Philosophy an alliance with their with their beliefs just what these people are never gonna get fired. So I really don't care select view of this country being taken over bird. The the descendants of the children's of the net Nazi POW SRI distance ticket and we'll need to fight back. Paul don't get me wrong I only advice from my wife. I love you. In and non sexual way Paul I swear I love you you hit the nail right on the head bald and new favorite don't you stranger call again immigrant. God bless you Paul. I mean you I swear you couldn't be more eight. Apps will lean. So this is an assault on freedom. And that the phrase make America great again we shoot by Bill Clinton. No he's all bent and the one back orders. Went updated their rapists wonder as the president of the I mean. Look. You are completely 1000%. Correct. A Dinesh D'Souza how as a book out where hopefully gonna do something with him a couple of months in terms of a movie in a movie premiere will get that. Where he talks about the Nazi roots of American progressive is that in the Nazi roots of the American laughed this diploma fascism. It really is. And you look at Jameel hill up on ESPN. Their own policy guidelines that yes PM openly say. You cannot disparage any office holder any political candidate or you can't espouse your political philosophy on. Twitter on FaceBook. That's their own freaking guidelines. And so she's got triple immunity. Because let's be honest number one most importantly she's not liberal. And she's. An African American and that she's a woman so and she can violate ESPN all she wants. ESPN now in my view is going to the left of MS left BC if that's possible. They're actually marketing even MSNBC. Doesn't called the president a terrorist. Eve and MSNBC. Doesn't say ask somebody shut off from until. Even they don't gold got four. ESPN. Is now going to the left of MSNBC. That's why I don't subscribe to ESPN look at it kills me I love Monday Night Football I missed two games on Monday because of that but that's. So I don't watch ESPN I don't subscribe to ESP and it's time to boycott ESP and and teach these moon bats a lesson. Stick to sports. Leave the politics. Along okay here's a great tax this is from 781. Jeff do you like cancer it is worth Jeff you beat. I am diabetic. And now I feel compelled to get an ice cream a dairy queen. On my way home you know what seven it on the damage and may join you. Okay my friends by the way and even if you're diabetic I swear you can still give blood. So join this year with the American Red Cross for our annual blood drive. I think comfort inn in Randolph Massachusetts are located on route 28 off exit five on route 93. Corner country there will be open until 5 PM. Please come down if you can after work. You'll likely say two to three people's lives by giving blood today especially in the wake of hurricane Irma and Harvey. They need blood if you can police com. Don driving in his car go ahead Don. Jeff it's great to talk to you. I sympathize with the judge. And I understand it was a joke but. When I was actively practicing. Many times I was. In the arraignment session. You know criminal court. And Betty court officers were come out behind someone in the audience and slap on the back they had to come to remove your cap. And a fight showed up for formula George will even the most. You know. Blake have. I would have been severely chastised him really it's all about decorum. Aussie jock Don you don't think it's really ultimately political you think it really is about as you said professionalism. And a quorum. Now it is political in this matter however. If they'd said it was about decorum I could go. Clearly in this case it was about all. Don thank you very much for that call I really appreciated. Faith in New Hampshire thing I've got one minute the floor is yours. Go. A rule and allowing only. One single group in the actual console. Perhaps all of our group called the crew encounter. Know a lot alike will. And yeah. We. Start yeah that create air will be grilling. If you ask you sound and I hope you're not offended as he's very young old. You're. You you sound like my mum was fine. All you're you're already a professional actress why now. And so you'd think that my supporting trump does it hurt your career. What and when you say actors you want I mean Broadway this year you wanna go to Hollywood. Oh both. Stay out of Hollywood. Owens. It's a little bit at its full of liberals. Stick to this year in Broadway which you sound very sweet today. And I know you're gonna be very successful. You're very Smart is from listening calling and finish your genius. The care I buy okay my friends. I've. The coup and a report has been presented by Kelly financial services the voice of Boston it's. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 937 WE.