Can Trump supporters be denied service at public establishments? 3/20/17

The Kuhner Report
Monday, March 20th

A Trump supporter wore a Make America Great Again hat at a cocktail bar and was refused service. Now he’s suing the establishment. Can Trump supporters be denied service at public establishments?


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206 year on the great WRK. Though. Okay my friends. Call me sticks that knife righted their trumps a back we're gonna have that just a little bit later. In this hour. But let me ask all of you this question. Should. Eight trumps support Hillary trump voter. Be denied service. Highly public establishments. Such as they restaurant Horry bar. Would you make it legal or illegal. This is the question now that is now confronting. Several individuals. In particular. Greg pie attack he is thirty years of age he and is he is an accountant from Philadelphia I'm. He was in New York he was visiting New York on a business trip. And then he had a bunch of friends. Decided to gold truly Manhattan. Kind of a cocktail bar cocktail club. It's called happy as the hour. The owner easy raging Hillary supporter. They were rabid. Anti trump leftist. And so. Greg my tech walked bin. And had eight may heal the iconic red to make America great again baseball cap. And so there they are to have a couple of free dinner drinks. And so they walked in. And the first round he said wasn't much of a problem. Because the server did not notice. Peruvian pay attention to his baseball cap do is make America great again baseball cap. However. When he and his friends wanted to order a second round the drinks. For some reason they couldn't hail down a server. No server wanted to serve them. So he then went to the actual bar. And the bartender pointed to a scout. And said is that a joke or are you serious. And then Greg biopic said. Yeah I'm serious. What's wrong with being a trump supporter. To extend the bartender said you're racist. Just as he's a racist. Your xenophobia. Just as he xenophobic. You're a big hit. Just as he's a big hit and we don't wanna serve your kind here. Where in he and his friends began to complain. The manager who had just spoken with the owner. Came down and told them we will not serve you in this restaurant. We do not support from he is to us a complete racist they not see any white supremacist. And if you support it and your probably 12. So please get the hell out of our bar. Your business is not welcome here. Greg biopic said he found the experience completely humiliating but frankly he's not surprised this is New York in Manhattan. Which is liberal liberal. Who were pro Hillary who were anti trump. But nevertheless. He feels that his political beliefs. Should not be used against him and this is discrimination. And that the bar discriminated against them. Because of this political conservative beliefs. That the bar the establishment. Discriminated. Against him because he happens to be a trump supporter and they conservative. And so now he is showing that bar. For damages for refusing service stay AM. Based on his political values. And based on his ideological and political affiliation. This story is going national. There are many other trump supporters who were saying the exact same thing has happened to them. It has happened to them in bars. In restaurants. In bowling alleys in you name me a dry cleaners. That data have been systematically. Discriminated against denied service. Simply because they've been caught wearing a trump button or make America great again T shirt or make America again baseball cap. And so liberal owners are refusing to serve them. Now. Technically according to the Civil Rights Act which the liberals love to site there is that our public accommodation costs. And that public accommodation clause states if you're public business. Here they're a quote unquote serve the public. Basically. Their club they claimed a public park accommodation clause. Gives nobody the right to refuse anybody service. Weathered beyond race. Religion. Color. Read philosophy he believes in values sexual orientation. That whatever. Now that according to the public accommodation clauses were liberals keep arguing all the time. But you can't deny anybody service. A couple points need to be neat. Why is it okay. For liberals to go after Christian Baker's. Or Christian photographers. Who refuse service. Lets say for gay weddings. Or lesbian weddings or whatever it is something that violates their religious beliefs and their conscience rights. They must be compelled and coal worse to provide services. Even up to the point of bankrupting their businesses and suing them for hundreds of thousands of dollars. So if fury gay or lesbian or transgender or member of the LG BTQ community. Then blank you. You have to serve him. Call public accommodation under the Civil Rights Act and blank you. You ought to provide photography Europe or whatever for a graphic services you have the upper Baikal wedding cake whatever it is it's. But if you're a political conservative. And in particular if you're trump supporter. Dick can deny you service all day all night. Dickie VQQ out of a bar. They can kick you out of a restaurant. What's sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander. Notice now the liberals are not asking safer happy is the hour the name of that caught they'll bore. Notice there are not asking for that owner to be sue to hundreds of thousands of dollars. To be closed down. To have our civil rights charges pressed against them the way they did to sweet cakes. That poor business up in Oregon now all of a sudden liberals say will you have the right to refuse service. Now the liberals suddenly say well north sir right to refuse service. So. You can't deny service to gays or lesbians. But you can deny services. To conservatives are trump supporters. Look. At the hypocrisy. And double standard it's. At the core of of the progressive and liberal movement well I'm sorry. Do you believe in public accommodation or do you not believe in public accommodation. Now I don't. I'll be honest with you I never have I think. This to music gross assault in violation of private property rights. I have been arguing this for many years. I know what's a position that's very unpopular here in Massachusetts or New England but to meet truth is truth is truth. I believe. If you want a business. That's your business. You torture capital and you've risked everything. It's shorts. It's to me akin to your home. You're actually doing the public service. By opening up a business. Because before nobody was selling cakes now somebody's selling cakes. Before there was nobody that federal making Italian food are serving Italian food now could Italian eatery. You're serving Italian food. If a Christian. Who runs his or her own bakery out of religious reasons or conscience reasons. Does not want to bake a wedding cake. Because they believe that the sacrament of marriage is between a man and a woman. And this violates their fundamental religious liberty. That is their right. If they Christian photographer like the one in Arizona wonderful woman. Says you know two lesbians are getting married. I don't do lesbian weddings I'm sorry this violates my fundamental conscience rights as an evangelical Christian. However I recommend many other photographers. Nothing personal just my beliefs here they are. And will be more than happy to do a great job for. This came out twice frankly to a person who owns a bar or restaurant. If you don't wanna serve somebody because you'll like their politics you see the trump how to make America great again have. Or make America great again T shirt. Greeks. Honestly. You don't wanna serve on that she walks. You have a right to refuse service now. I have a right to tell all my friends. And tell all my colleagues or in this case stole the show. The name of the establishment is happy sour. If you're in Manhattan. Never gold there. Don't give them your business. Now if you wanna be stupid enough. To alienate half the country. If you wanna be stupid enough focus trump is president. He won fair and square. If you wanna spit in the face. Of potentially half of your customers prefer a go ahead. It's going to be your funeral your business is gonna go bankrupt not mind. I generally as a businessman if I ever ran a business would never mix politics and business I just wouldn't do that. I think it's bad business but it's your right. Now let me go even further. If I'm going to a restaurant or bar. I want to bill personally I want to know. If the owner so hates me for my political views. Or is such a rabid Hillary supporter are such a rabid never romper. That that person would even refused Meserve this great. I don't wanna put money in your pocket. Thank you for disclosing that to me because I'll tell you why. Chances are I'll betcha dollars to donuts. You'll buy drinks at this guy's establishment. You by finger food to disguise establishment. You buy a nice bottle of wine at this guy's establishment. Both profits torture is going to the pockets of rabid intolerant. Hate filled liberal. I betcha he uses some of those profits for leftist causes. Causes that I don't believe it. So why what I wanna put money in his pocket I don't. So to me if I'm Greg my tech you'll wanna serve me because in my baseball up thank you I'll take my business elsewhere. Thank you the last thing I want to do is make you rich. The last thing I want to do is put my hard earned money in Q your stinking pocket. And I'm gonna tell all my friends. And all my family members and everybody I know the owner of this bar. Is such an intolerant rabid leftists he won't even serve conservatives. So everybody. Show us boycott them. Just all void the bar or restaurant in this case the bark like a plate. I'm consistent. Freedom is freedom is freedom for Jeff corner. Don't force a Christian baker to violate his or her religious liberty. Or religious beliefs and conscience rights don't force a photographer to violate his or her religious liberty or conscience rights. And don't force some one battle liberal in Manhattan if they really don't wanna serve conservatives. Don't foursome to server trump supporter if you really don't want to server trump supporter. And let the market. Then judge and decide and let the market. Dictate who succeeds and who fails. I know Manhattan is very liberal. But there are still many conservatives even in Manhattan. And I'll tell your right now backed immediate owner. Just cost himself a lot of money. And so my question to you is this. It's that corner country poll question. Division war. Should trump supporters. Be allowed to be denied. Service at a public I stop bush meant such as a restaurant or bar. If you believe the answer is yes it's their right I don't like it Jeff but it's their right next a letter made the 68680. If you believe the answer is no owner should be forced to serve people whose political views they disagree with. In other words they have to server trump supporter Greg Biotech is right he wants a lawsuit and he wants his money. Next the next the letter I beat the 68680. As always you can vote. Online at Your calls next to 25 here on the great WRK. RO OK Brittany. What is the poll questions. And why are their results thus far. Can't trumps a plotters be denied Sampras at the public establishments. 57%. Yes 43%. Well. Are you an eight year B I say yes they can. It's up to the owner whether whoever they wanna serve so. So there were is fair is fair idea that were there argue that Christian photographers. And Christian bakers or bakeries can deny service lets say same sex wedding couples. Then they should also apply to trump supporters are conservatives right. But the market decide exactly interest and 6172666868. Told me in Gloucester going ahead Tony. Yeah I agree with your honor society at this point I wanna look at it from a legal standpoint it's good I've watched these cases. Probably these cases where they depression baker and photographer is they would setup. And they made statements. That incriminated them. This bar owner now I would immediately call for a change of venue to upstate New York the conservatives are fighting at their whole county voted for Hillary. And I would and I we used while lefties logic against everything that instead. About not something pops recordings can be used against them. And they would find a little bit like. You know I disagree what that I. He should be able to serve you know or not serve anyone you want anywhere. But people always gives up because they say too much. Tony very interesting thank you for that call. David New Hampshire go ahead Dave. I hate doing great sure though thank you. There's hypocrisy is even greater because of the fact that America we're dealing with different issues one providing professionals Serbs. Waterborne Serbs there are a Baker's that we don't do gateway on the front side. And likewise with the guitar. Part chart here are so. In your way. Now it's a public accommodation. In other were true meaning of its structure of our or Lester college or any other combinations such as bathrooms right arm. No you shouldn't be allowed discriminate against any part if you're gonna open a birdie on the bus service. You can't make the all black people sit back right. No. He did that. Discriminate against people randomly. Public accommodation. Professional services which is what happened with the paper with the the TARP. All my mind that they didn't wind. Chill at all. Our go you leave the court you know. Dave let me ask you this look yours to make very very good points from let me ask you this for example buses are publicly funded. Right so you're using taxpayer dollars so of course you can't discriminate. In the south. This this is were forced. Forced every single one by the government. Even if they wanted to serve blacks they couldn't or only in certain sections. So even if you wanted to accommodate blacks you weren't allowed by the government. So it's a big it's a it's a bit of a different scenario but look they've they let me ask you this for example. In Montreal. In the 1980s there were some bars in the east and the Montreal. Where they would only serve French speaking Nationalists. If you're an angle fold or they knew we let's say you were against the nationalist cause. He does look we're not gonna serve you or we're gonna throw your rear end out of the bar. There were some Irish bars here in Boston everybody knew what they were Irish Nationalists they were the IRA they backed the IRA. As some people were just not welcome in that bar. Did I mean. It can't certain establishments just set rules for themselves. But that's different illegal action. Okay now we're what we're talking about that the differences correct yes I agree you know should be allowed to that this would look he walked. But in the restaurant Argo public license than expected and approved everything else. It's a different situation. It's still come down through some discrimination. But. If you want to do our business fiber nobody should be allowed to bring the criminal charge. Exactly what you're doing and also a little defiance and aunt sue the people that. If there are professional services they'll stand up and I'll tell you that no particular reason why. Okay but some want to walk which as you know what a lot of people have to do to check the PR shortage of apartments. Because nobody wants beyond the arc and that there are. Interesting day very very interest think Brady an aura against the break we wanna jump on very quickly. Sue happy lately that the stress he's money's in a sued the establishment. Just walk away. That it that Elena serve you okay album ever come back channel com difference. A lot of it just sassou of people all those stupid things so you think he just sees money here. I mean a lot of PF and I really over drank. I mean gimme a break it's a it's a little silly.