Cam Newton insults female locker room reporters

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Thursday, October 5th

In response to a question from a regular female reporter after a game, Cam Newton responded that its funny to hear a woman talking about the topic. Was that offensive?


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Getting to work with Kim in DB. And Boston's morning show WR Cano. Good morning everybody and welcome. Came along with the you need gym this year as Maria good to have you along this morning we've got to get started. Talking about here. I love today and I love today's program as we've set it up because there's so many random things. But we have frank Kelly I know on an hour I know he's coming on at 815 this or. The greatest impressions tomorrow lifetime. I had to wait that's going to be fun I'm asking if he can do Cam Newton. Well what we're doing it again there's a bit but like drop in Vegas is now like the sixth thing on the list there's just so many things that. The story out of Detroit there we've been kicked around is crazy with the sheriff invaded said last night was like wow maybe we take a break sheriff and if we get some shut eye because. Well the biggest story is still I mean we have a lot of we have some things you wanna talk about but the biggest story still just to me is just the story. I just can't get away from it I just cannot help myself. And the things that occurred yesterday and how it all unfolded. Has not answered much for me yet you know it's in fact I think it just keep putting more more question marks author from the Vermont solve all the proposed. Iran newspaper story that we've got to get to at some point is again when what year is it is it 27 seniors in 1970. Which takes us back to Cam Newton because it SA questionnaire what year is it. So let's do due to lightning goes with the sure like OK okay am noon is he's quarterback out of Tuesday just beat the patriots he's having his weekly presser out most quarterbacks who went and fell on Wednesday. Cam likes to be colorful clamor came usually to Wear some sort of loud outfitter weird outfit and GM's actor he likes to. So I can't likes the attention was just out at him and somebody calls you Liberia calculated guy normally he's very controlled he won't go up he got almost definitive on Charlotte a couple of years ago in what perhaps anyone definitive on tapper neck and he likes to tow the line and stuff and yet out of nowhere when this female reporter for the Charlotte Observer who covers the team asks him a question is is his response. Get in bunches if you really embrace the brutality. Is scraps and we need him in the backyard. An and you. A little limited right at the stadium it's. Funny to hear females talk about. Routes. So. Really. Really cam. Nobody in the room there. It was like I I sat there watching it and it was like you can hear a pin drop. These every where else in the room was like I cannot believe he is sad that he throws his head back he tells. He's like the last thing yeah really is fine. And I just thought like Floyd Keith the NFL doesn't have enough on its plate just when. It seems like the anthem thing has died down at burn so hot and now it's cooled. Jim goes and throws some logs on an NFL fire and now we have for a league that he's so self conscious about. They're female fans. And how they tried desperately not to patronize them even know underlying everything they do is patronize and even though cameras weren't pink shoes in the game before the conference call he just comes right out. Cancer awareness about it he's really concerned about women. You know. First off. Kim Kim yesterday he was feeling pretty good about himself as you know they want on Sunday shows and I was his first big news or return from being injured in all. He's feeling really good about who he is that he has the audacity to do this the woman. By the way the reporter again is the be mentioned covers them on a regular basis she's there all the time. She she goes up to him afterward and says. He. Hit you owe me an apology. And really warm. Up slowly not utterly familiar talking about. So the quite well today art into our. And it was actually Wally presided will this do we are what you won the the apology come before lunch or after launch you'll be before logging. And it a lot of credit my I have this morning camel would very uncomfortable about it yep but he is an actor it's Cam Newton is an actor and so he will. The former defense. But then what percentage of the NF as NFL players. Thinks like him doing things is it above 50% or below 50% a buff no question about that I I hope not a boy cannot I don't think. But I don't know I'm I asked the question I'd BK is. IC Drew Brees. Talking about the anthem and I think you know this is a pretty rural reason guiding Tom Brady. But I won't show I wouldn't say we can't I'm just gonna say would you have thought Kim didn't felt that way I think you would myth. I don't know I just. This big again it was the 1980s when the president the New England Patriots. Became a laughingstock of the league because. Lot of players is the call lad couldn't take a female reporter seriously and that adds urgency in my patriot missile. And the patriots head on that for awhile now the Panthers owner thirty years later because the league. The more the league tries to change the more the league is the same. Well listen I mean he can Wear pink shot. I'm just gonna say oh you know what let's not hide under and you know some false idea that these guys are not know macho macho man who. In a lot of ways are neanderthals and who you know do you look out and go what is that cute little chick over there and right new in here. But there is a trump wrangled this guy switch irons at. Plus they're big let's wait till after the break I just want to explain this year because it's unbelievable how you can't just have a thing. Without with the and it's like you're six degrees of Kevin Bacon or six degrees of separation. How many levels do you get any conversation before bowl now trump is the topic is it took to lose two steps in this one is cam Newton's a big two is always. Breakfast with Kevin GD greedy fat pigs out there you can help it's. It doesn't look like. Oh count our Boston's morning show WR TL. All right so we're Cam Newton. And Gloria it's worth playing it again he got played again for those who because this happened yesterday afternoon has been so much else going on the world of people didn't see this. Can't let Newton having his. His weekly press conference after practice last night and he's asked a question listen that. But just to see you really embrace the principality. It's crafts and meet them in the backyard. That he knew a little bit of an indictment to see him healthy people. What's funny to hear FEMA won't talk about Ralph's. So it took. 84% of our. Kelly financial poll taking audience believes that more than 50% of NFL thinks like him to fight Ike are now before we get their calls I wanna share. So the Financial Times for example has this one article about. Twitters response to cam knew not just the NFL's been twittering general right. So can he should Jackson is the one I'm going off on but there's several of them but her tweet is. And that's why get to how long been Asian Jackson isn't so when we go right if this is there a woman who who OK okay but her tweet is. Dear 53%. Of white women you can't be trump supporters in bastard Cam Newton said that's not how it works. There's another one canvas of white women are outraged to Cam Newton but the majority and voted for president. Drop. So. There is still part of that how far into any any conversation that you have on anything how long does it take before it gets back to try. For me that's to check out points on this conversation would mean Kenny Jeanne Jackson were down. I'm talking about Cam Newton and what Kim who answered when you have to make it a drug issue I'm Don would you that's how I know your crazy. But second ball on Kinney shoe Jackson so for 53% of white women you can't support trumpet dash Cam Newton. Marguerite tweet to her was you tell me were wrong in this so what about the blah. Women Asian women Indian was an honor that voted for hair and day bash Cameroon. Where as the white women saying. Why or where where does it have to be white women here she's she's not only assumption that that they're very few. But there are always being yeah I agree I high salary all know that there are women of all colors. And all ethnicities and all religions that did vote for trump yet she has singled out white women into it you can't dash Cam Newton. Well because everything is trump and everything is racial and it's always hurry and I always. I and I think that's gross I know is I don't want to bring in you know I don't bring the president and everything I judge him separately. You know things that the president does doesn't mean Kim Newton has been some kind of green light to do whatever it is he once and vice Versa you know or anybody yells for that matter. But I voted for trump was trying not critical of trump during the Billy bush situation. Lifeline not a music I believe my comment at the time was. Any woman that says they're not voting for trump going forward die a martyr criticized him that that included my wife right now was the straw that broke you Campbell all meg and Kelly really was but right. But regardless I. The fend trumpet those comments and anyway she performed and I don't love Jones cut defense of its just locker room talk that will be that could be Keanu his defense today will seat I was. Gotta say which may be Cam Newton is supporting a president that idea. Let me go to Paul in a rain on good morning. Good morning as you know. This seemed like. A lot of Spain. Surprise and just let out. You know the world. Court reversed the universe around the NFL as though. They're so big shock that this is let the weight again Newton would think. It is a shark off tell you why. Because Cam Newton has been there every week for the last five years in every week he does his press conference. He sees women sitting there women this is in 1987 where Jack McMullen was groundbreaking somewhat unusual. It's not 58 years old I mean it's shocking he's hit there's been women in general don't doesn't the media even his jaw when nick nick. Doing is picking Rick and immunity for Cam Newton an entire life that pregnant. Cam Newton is bench and he has been in a rare but there there may be 200 guys in the world. Who have ever done the job that he got 200 guy. Ever so what that does an approaching this week's what he did OK anyway it was absurd. But that probably isn't the infected brain washed by right. Being told that they are immune. To retribution and in backlash. All looks up and they are about. The world don't. Hundred why aren't right you're right in practice and I mean I don't mean practiced like in about I think just. How they let them get away with everything from the time that we're eight and so unfortunately. I don't think it's that the I don't think it's okay they're still think it's surprising that Kim Newton per I think he thinks the saint about the guy to ask him questions. If you were to actually get him to talk. All the way we're not Reggie that you're equally much extinct. But those guys asking a question because they have no concept. Oh well he made the error I understand apology saying he knew that you're saying you know his arrogance and he thinks he knows so much more than everybody else and all that but I've never heard him say one word about while that's really strange that are that a man would ask me that question about routes. I hear what you're saying that I was as condescending as it could pop recently and that. She may look at a male reporter and say you got nobody's we did you ever played the game and give you that kind of thing. But this is literally. Don Draper having a press conference in doing me. Can you fetch me a cup of coffee on inflexible and woody would have liked to have asked her. Yeah let me go to bill he's in Boston Heytvelt. Yeah I think it's much ado about not a registered quote not. Sometimes I hit DC knows you know one side or who I'm. Bill you know I act on Valerie McDonald. I'd say it myself or visit the site jargon it's going to sound kind of fighter like that they will football player at one point. Well are you kidding I mean really you know does girl on the sidelines and girls they've finished a bit of people looked at that's about it who now. Came down. Bird dog thank you see where I actually don't existing and jerky I don't know on purpose of a loving he was just doing that because he wasn't. While well I do what all the blowback B I mean I think he'll just say sorry this woman and she'll move on and soul everybody else but. I don't know what it wouldn't. It's it's actually well odd man here's a question for you is yeah now. Hi Euro white female I wanna white I want a racially identifiable white female who follows football pretty closely by is there an apology Cam Newton can give today the U would you was sincere. Well I can tell you this I mean I mean she doesn't. She's fine. Her like it if you work in the world of sports like this you can be assured. That she knows that there are Jack asses like him who think this way and she knows that she isn't the first time she's tolerated this. She is wants him to have to stay in their grovel bit. And so she is a really careful this is not a good. That's standard but let me. I wanna ask you in light so let me go I may first as you were at a patriots game this year my correct lightning lightning is it white females well but. Ladies and you know what do what the phrase trucks sticking means. You know 99 was trucks can do you know what the phrase I don't. Snowflake I assume you don't know what truck sticking means not in this context I have never heard the phrase for every so. The only it's not a defensive cam knew but hurt if you if you can hear her exact question does the Orioles a little muffled. She's DeVon pledges one of the panthers' receivers embraces the physics tallied his routine getting those extra yards does that give you a little bit of enjoyment to see him trucks sticking people. Now. So my guess is had she said blowing by people which is what I think she means it's kicking into high gear now he's got so much space between them they have. My guess is what caused him to laugh was the actual use of the term truck sticking I've never heard it. One court argues that she was trying a little too hard here to make sure that she really is all in on the on the football stuff. But regardless. It's it's hard for me to believe that any other. Reporters and hurry in that Rome uses the phrase struck sticking Cam Newton drops well. You know what if she I'd never heard the irony though let me say this. If ifs if that would have if Tom Brady would've been asked that and he would have laughed and said. Truck sticking I love it you know like while you you know that phrase everybody would have gone up right and laughed and now would have been it that what Mitt. It was if if you would have just laughed and said truck stick it wow. Had a hard that you Syria. You know and everybody laughed and probably he said it's so funny to hear a woman talking about routes. I don't that was probable. Noise phrase he office. Rhetoric and now you're talking about frustrating I get I'm right in his statement today urban dictionary I'll post it actually I would recommend you don't I just looked it up and you do not want the answer and urban dictionary I'll admit I don't understand about I don't know I know. It's it's got to connotations but there comes from the John Madden football game which is understanding what she meant yes what is that definition. I don't get mad and I guess on the controller they call it that they called and truck sticking when you like hit the stick in certain way and it makes you knock the guy over. These kind of like us and Iran on our country got down here that foreign bigger offensive player knocks down a salary yeah you just use these so golf but I'll think it'll say like. It would Vick I had no chance and stop please let it basically only comes from the Madden video game. Vega but. It in cam Newton's defense of the older definition of it would guess more of a sexual slowdown that would be from a walk them. At what it is and they need it at us and I'm. She deserved it kind of I guess. I've never heard the lot of many resistant trash except.