The Boy Scouts will now let girls join

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Wednesday, October 11th

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Oh boy so Boston. 136 here on the great WOR KO OK go Boy Scouts will now admit. Girls it's official. An historic change really for the Boy Scouts I think in many ways through America but before Wright gets about. Burning topic. The corner country full question and visual word of the day. Sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Do you think trump was joking. About Rex Tillerson IQ was it a joke or was it a veiled jab or shot. If you believe he was joking text of the letter they the 68680. If you believe no I think he's trying to send him a message you may think come on moron you may want talk behind my back. But. I think I'm smarter than you are you should know your place in other words he was serious. Tax the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at Let me be candid with you corner country. I know trump. In some non member buddies who go golfing together but I know his character a little bit he loves to joke. I think some ways he gets himself in trouble because he makes jokes which he thinks are funny. And people interpret the wrong way. To me I think this was clearly a joke. I know that he respects Stiller sent in fact he was the one that pushed for Tillerson to be secretary of state he called them he reached out to Guam. Are there were many people like Rudy Giuliani wanted the job he was the one that's sought out Tillerson he's got the highest respect form. So I think it was a joke but precious my opinion. I'm an eight on this one Brittany what are the results thus. Or 76%. Yes when he 4% oh. OK speaking of T Rex he was an eagle scout. And the reason why I mentioned that is that now there is then a monumental almost sea change decision. So earlier today. The boy scouts of America for the first time in over a hundred years since their founding. Have now announced that girls. Soon be sitting and integrate its next year and the following year. Will be allowed to become cub scouts. And eventually earn the coveted rank of eagle scout. And so according now to the chief executive of the Boy Scouts. They say that it's simply social evolution. We believe it is quote critical to we've all power programs meet the needs of families. Interest data and positive and lifelong experiences. For their children. And so they say the board of directors voted unanimously. To make this historic change which as most of you know all the Boy Scouts has been essentially primarily for voice. Since its founding as I said more than a hundred years ago however. Starting next year young girls. Can now join cub scout units. That are there are known as vents. Local scouting organizations. Can then choose to have dens for girls and dance for boys however. Cub scout bands will be single gender. So are not. Lower what do you call younger level whatever you wanna call it it's either going to be these bands will either be all boys are all girls. There will be a separate program. For the older girls. And this is gonna kick in in 2019. According to the Boy Scouts. And this the older girls they will be able to join the boy scouts of America. And by doing this vacant earned the rank of eagle scout. And they say that the big reason why they get it they claim. Is because they took tool nationwide surveys. In which. A lot of parents said that their daughters who would like to participate. Both in the cub scouts and in the Boy Scouts. Now apparently girls are part of several scouting programs. I was aware of this. Venturing and sees scouting. Artists are more like outdoor activities exploring. Which is apparently a career oriented mentoring program and spam which focuses on science and math. However those programs do not operate off the eagle scout for the girls. And what's really been driving this has been now the national organization for women. Big supporters of abortion radical feminists. They say that it's time for the Boy Scouts to admit girls in all programs. And the reason why they champion the cause. Of a teenager in New York by the name of Sydney Ireland like the country Ireland. Because she wants to attain the rank of eagle scout as are older brother did. And so here's what she told NBC news. I just want to do with the Boy Scouts do earned their merit badges and earned the eagle award. Now she does admit that the Girl Scouts is a great organization. But she says I don't wanna be part of the Girl Scouts quote. I think girls should just have the opportunity to be a member of any organization. That they want regardless of gender. Now. A couple of points need to be said and then I wanna ask you your opinion. Should girls now be allowed to be admitted into the Boy Scouts and other words do you agree would the Boy Scouts decision. Do you think girls younger girls older girls should now be brought in to the Boy Scouts. 6172666868. I don't like hit and I'll tell you why don't like. Not because I don't think women should do or little girl should do outdoor activities or become scouts or. I'll learn survival techniques are so much of what the Boy Scouts offered that's not the reason why. My question is an obvious one. What's wrong with the Girl Scouts. What's wrong. Like again why don't we have to reinvent the wheel. Why are we constantly. Revolutionizing. Transforming. And destroying institutions in America that work. The Boy Scouts work they've worked for a hundred years the Girl Scouts work in fact. And on this one I'm with a Girl Scouts all the way. Very executive director is come out. And she has said in fact that they have done study after study. Beak and according to them many girls learn best they say in an all female environment. They're more comfortable around fellow girls. There's no sexual tension especially when they get a little bit older they don't have to worry about boys asking them loud door. In all they're starting get teenagers or adolescents. That all the girls in an all girl environment. Leadership qualities survival qualities mentoring qualities. All of the great traits of the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. They say that girls actually do better in an all female environment. I'm like yes. To me it's pretty obvious. Now second point. Can there be one institution. That doesn't have to have gender fluidity. Notice this attempt to create human sex world. And more of them got noticed this attempt. In the name of diverse city what's happening were becoming homogenous. We're becoming less diverse. Everything has to be the same. Everything asked have female male integration all the time in every institution. And so what I am asking what I'm just pointing out is in the name of diversity. What are you you're creating an organization now that is losing its uniqueness what was unique about the Boy Scouts it was for voice. What was unique about the Girl Scouts it was for girls. Or gross complaining. Yet. Were boys complained yet. Were boys sank volume on the Boy Scouts it's just really boring we got to bring in some girls. We're the girls all except for this one is Sydney Ireland okay backed by the radical feminist. We're most gross counseling and aunt. Puppet or not would the boy eighties it really sucks to be a girl scout why don't we just be what the Boy Scouts. I was in the boy scout I wish I was a boy scout I loved my friends who were in the Boy Scouts I would make only about their activities the campaign and the outdoor activities. Obviously I I was envious. I wanted to draw my guy wouldn't let me I wanted to join the Boy Scouts. And I'll tell you what appealed to me as an 89101112. Year old kid. Boys like to be with fellow Boyce. Is nothing more attacks. And to go swimming together and to do campfires together and to learn how to survive in the wilderness to gather and to do. To do all whatever to rub two sticks together and you can start a fire and why can't boy he's be allowed to be boys and girls allow to be girls. And it's not that Jeff corners and it's just. Why does everything that works. Have to be fundamentally. Changed in revolution it's. Why can't we have. Institutions. A rope Boyce. Why it's this attempt. Ultimately and you may disagree with me it's this attempt ultimately. Two goal after the mail. To feminized men. To take away their masculinity. To take away these organizations. Or events. Or institutions. That uniquely cater to voice and uniquely cater to young men. What's wrong with that. Why does everything have to be the same. And so here's my prediction I'm telling you right now. The boys are not gonna like it. The girls are gonna start to feel uncomfortable. They're not gonna like hit and what's gonna happen like everything else liberals touch within 51015. Years. The Boy Scouts either gonna go out of business or you're gonna see their membership drop like a stone. Because I'll tell you this when I was 891011. Years old with all due respect. I didn't wanna go hiking or camping with other girls. I wanted to be with other Boortz. And there's nothing wrong with that. 6172666868. Agree disagree. Paul in New Hampshire. Go ahead pull. Up our you know and I'm good how are you. Good that's why they were talking you know baucus today. Abu conversation. In a former one of those former tips yeah actually confront the leaders were talking boat. Bringing girls on I don't know how seriously wolves but. Those talks. Well. Sorry about apology I miss that there was talk of lacked. A pretty girls all into the Boy Scouts. Are all it's official now is gonna happen next year and an a year after that. And it's funny because all the numbers going down and you know the Mormon Church full load outs in a normal under could solve the problem but there were big part of Boy Scouts or troop. A long time and then you know after those trees gender stuff it's the most awful lot of people looked. So we hope all what do you what do you think of this change. Isiah Europe boy scout leader right take it correct. Your least well you can be used to be former boy scout leader do you think this is gonna help the Boy Scouts are hurt the voice counts. Well it's boys go you aboard cargo there and it turns in the draw an explorer and I would upon them. You know they're small wanna get altered or eleven years old. Until leaking when their hope beleaguered Eagles coach unpalatable. That he could be LP are doing more to count. On the different school and seeing the girls command. You know react differently and there are. It's not going to be a good part. Paul and I agree with you thank you for that call look you guys you know it's the Boy Scouts amounts the boys and the Girl Scouts. So you've changed the Boy Scouts. Now I just wanna ask went in Britain made a very good point. Those Girls Scouts they keep a you know what nagging me up. Every time in front of Stop & Shop with those chocolate mint cookies and you know hey you wanna buy a couple are. Well in my giving it to you are giving it to the Boy Scouts lots of things what a fall the girl's little Boy Scouts does not going to be any Girl Scout Cookies staff. Adult messed with the gross out cookies. You know. If there ain't broke don't fix it. Can somebody tell me what was wrong with the Boy Scouts and what was wrong with the Girl Scouts. Did anybody tell me 61706. X 6868. Mort you're more life could onerous on the WR TL. Okay my friends huge decision we'll have immense cultural ramifications. The boy scouts of America announced. That the organization. Will now be accepting girls. Throughout all of its ranks the gonna start next year which somewhat the little munchkin is the cub scouts. But then in 2019. Girls will be envy boy scouts of America and they could actually become eagle scouts good move bad move. Catherine in New Hampshire Europe next coed Katherine. And I'm. I don't mixed feeling Donvan. My my kids learn the girls out there and I want there overtime it became. It discussed at a mutual I like about an hour. It eliminated. That the boys are aware that because that they're doing that I'm definitely doing them like a. You walk out of having achieved especially ordered it right now. I'm a little girl in high school aid is and broke out there are heightened and more they don't run right or. Say. You can't do it became a campfire where the leaders you know and and really all the water. Catherine velocity I don't hype anymore or they don't do campfire user they don't do that anymore. I I got a bigger complaint and and she really wanted to go hiking more actually wanna do that yet they let you can find leaders that would actually do that section had a girl scout leader in the younger age is that saying like I. Hell are you. Oh who does he particular might help it manipulate. Well they don't have a flat well you're young people and the black hiking with something they really were not doing. So Catherine if you don't mind me asking what what do they have the Girl Scouts doing that. There's a lot of contrast the ones aren't good at it like that is what the cooking but I canceled after around listening. Oh I don't and and and that whether leading world where there was an issue. And pat apparently is sort of a lot. What. It was and they didn't they think there was you know what they don't want that happening. But the money that it would get a notebook that says it can go back. Of the members as well say you might as an act they didn't lose a lot of interest and I. My 10 yeah. A wild. I thought about bullying has an issue that not being addressed and I. All what we bullied in the Girl Scouts. What can be addressed but when I want a leader dot com tell it again. Something else that I want it and and then I would go to the ball doesn't know why we think when you have a leader is not a problem when you are only good. Are you somebody that and get out. Catherine thank you very much for that I've boy has a great call Catherine look. I was up most of planned parent or getting involved. Timmy you don't politicize the Girl Scouts. To me that's the one thing you can install but you'll politicize them. Now the thing about the Boy Scouts and it's a brilliant pointed Jared make him because he was a former I think eagle scout himself. Is when you actually think about the Boy Scouts right. They teach him how to use of the boys to teach him how to use knives how to issue to survival skills. You know everything they teach him. It's in a sense they're almost pre training you for the military package after going to the military obviously. But they are in some sense pre training you to go into the military so much so that Jerry tells me. If you become an eagle scout or whatever you become you know you figure a boy scout. Once you get into the military the actually jumped eight category you're no longer just private your private first class. And so weight seems to mean now is this is about money. You've got because they politicize the Boy Scouts. Numbers are going down so let's roll win more girls. So we'll get the membership up get more dollars coming in and if we want girls to potentially fight in the military. We retrain them as well. So. Look I think it's bad for the Boy Scouts and I think it's gonna be bad for the Girl Scouts to meet let the Boy Scouts beat the Boy Scouts. And let the Girl Scouts be the Girl Scouts but let the girls don't do real heroes going thinks let them might let him. You know let them do stuff in the wilderness. Okay. We're gonna continue with this. Your calls don't touch that god. Doing so Boston it's. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston. It's 2 o'clock. California. Wall five here on the break WRKO. OK I've got a fresh call a mop. Trump vs the Republicans it is now above the civil war engulfing the Republican Party. You can read it up on Corners corner please send it off too many of your friends as possible. I think the future of the Republican Party is now going to be decided. Really over the next couple weeks and couple months now. We'll talk about that. Later this hour but first that it broke get a big story. V boy scouts of America have made it official. I guess they've gone PC. They now say they are willing to admit. Girls. Are gonna start with the cub scouts next year and then in 2019. The older girls will be allowed to join the boy scouts of America and they then will be eligible to become eagle scouts themselves. And so the corner country poll question. Of the day. Powered by bill Kelly financial services. Is essentially do you agree. Do you agree with the Boy Scouts his decision. To now openly admit girls. If the answer is yes you think it's a good idea. Text the letter made the 68680. If you're like you mean you think. Does not it's not a good idea. It's not good for the gross outs not good for the Boy Scouts I know then Tex the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at And let me just put out once fought and I wanna go back to the blazing phone lines 617266. 6868. You know have you noticed. They want same gender bathrooms. Everything has to now be coed. Were constantly trying to fuse. The genders. You race the differences between men and women boys and girls. And the question that I'm asking is this what they've made their decision so there's nothing much to corner Rankin do. But I'm just giving you my honest reaction. What was wrong with the Boy Scouts. Well what's. What's wrong with the Girl Scouts. So why can't boy ace have been institution has been around for over a hundred years whereby they go hiking. They go fishing they go swimming Baylor and utter fool they hang out together they have camp fires. They learn survival techniques they learn how to use a knife whatever it is how to hunt whatever it is. And I've got to say this I was never a part of the Boy Scouts but at the door at some friends. I'd love those uniforms. I loved shirts. I love the shorts. I loved the camaraderie of at all. And you know it's not that I'm against girls obviously. I'd I'm always buying cookies for the Girl Scouts. And I would the Girl Scouts ominous. In an all female environment I think girls actually do better. So little bit got an organization where at least in theory they can have campfires they can go hiking they can go shorting. They can go learn survival techniques. So what's the problem. Really honestly what's the problem. And the deeper point is this. I see with my own national. I saw with my own nephews. Everybody that I speak to that has boys and girls. Tells me the exact same thing. Passion at at now and really I think at least until is what I call adolescent years thirteen fourteen. Pretty much and you like me. He doesn't like girls. Up any hits them or anything but he's into voice. You know we watched the avengers his favorite superheroes are all the male super girl he doesn't like a black widow character for example. He wants to play with fellow he plays with some girls but he likes to prefer to play with fellow boys it's natural it's normal. They go wild they have their nerve guns. They're doing survive they're doing son what they're doing to rolling around on the grass they're shooting imaginary bad guys. That's what boys like to do. And then we all know what happens 141516. Especially Bennett's the opposite than all the composed. Yeah I just think about girls they wanted to do was think about girls. Is the same thing with my Eva. She plays with boys don't get me wrong but she really likes to play with fellow girls. Her best friends are girls. And they have they play a certain way they have certain activities that they prefer. What's attacks. In other words there are fundamental. Biological. Physiological. Psychological. Emotional differences. Human nature between boys and girls male and female. What's wrong with that. And what's wrong with having institutions. That reflect an express that why under the name of diversity. Are we creating a gender league society. Where you have more homage are homered united more uniform and uniformity. More sameness. Why not becoming diverse. While becoming the same. 6172666868. Brittany. I just wanna ask you this. As. A young crowd woman. Who also buys a lot of cookies from the Girl Scouts. Arguing just a box are just the boxer I guess on the got a loads up on those boxes are Ewing era beyond this. I think this is so ridiculous. Really like our girl scout so. I honestly have no idea. Why they do or whatever but I just I would never think to pay mom I wanted to be a boy scout. You know it just doesn't make any sense that's why they have Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts everything is so politically correct now. It's just amazing it's ridiculous and both are probably haven't thought. Business. You know I suspect if I agree few I think there about 1015 years have cornered the boys are gonna say I really don't wanna be what the girls. And I think a lot of the girls are gonna say I don't really wanna be what the boys. And then before you know it most gonna go to military and avoids go to Oregon oh. I agree and liberalism strikes again. And congratulations guys you just screwed up two great institutions. This time it was a tool for the Boy Scouts and the growth counts. Julie in Somerville go ahead Judy. Or. Yeah hi ally saying I'm good how are huge. I'm I'm I'm glad I am I am actually I am an old girl out. Am very proud Carl Allen my grandson goes to point scout she just become a point out that we post. We had a huge discussion on the and I totally disagree. I signed my grant park to be calm and poised so. It would have to let me and quite. He changed with the girls and the soccer that they spot of the basketball. Everything in school outside. He needed skills to become a man. Not letting the girls coming soon with the Boy Scouts for corn leak check out away from all the boys. Judy I'm just curious and wanna ask all of you this same question. Is this something about the Boy Scouts like the kind of camaraderie the kind of bond gained. Where boys you know bond together as boys. And it's almost something very healthy as you write I what do you put it as a passage to manhood. But there's something about the Boy Scouts because you're just among fellow boys that is very special and we're gonna lose that now. Yes we won't step early will lose that. I'm aimed. What I don't understand that the cheap Obama making that decision most of them were a Boy Scouts and most of that war Girl Scouts. They had the opportunity. To have their captors could Julianne what are their couch enjoyed it so warm and avoid. What I don't understand at all there's no you know women's rights should this women's rights to Babel where the women's rights to have to Girl Scouts. I feel that the new the only thing new the only batter out. That they do not want to have to do two things that the same time are different places so they begin their all there. Time and shoot and all we know why don't we don't I just changed it then let her come in Tibet. Judy thank you for that call I can even think about. All we are economic thinking that battered arrogant lying which only we're. Eight. Judy thank you very much for that call it's can I it's convenient I do think what the convenience angle baldness. So if I've got a boy you know when I got a girl at third of driving one of the Boy Scouts. The other one through the girl's outs up again this is. I got up. At one pitcher mr. Bible both in the same Christian organization. The same camp fired the same every. All I've ever been looked got it that way since went 72666868. David Cambridge coed day. They'd get buy into that good how are you not that I'm working right now by Jeff if the deal. Got boy scout. Epic just got that no women in the Q boy scout has outlived its all of guy. Told the right guard commander young woman and yes the ratio it happened with a built because of the way that things got to make it great yeah. Especially a big gold camp and all night capital interest are quite and it's gonna go while the war. Yes. So you're gonna have girl are you gonna have girls as boy scout leaders. And then what happens is they think about it so the Girl Scouts are complaining and I don't blame mom. Because now you're gonna have you know girl scout leaders are you sorry girl boy scout leaders. Boy scout leaders. Well our boys gonna be allowed to go to the Girl Scouts. I mean I'm just you know right to two way street. And that the whole thing's gonna become a mass. I mean I'm just telling you the whole thing is you can see it already the train wreck it's already gonna become a mass Mike Europe next go ahead Mike. Agent lawyer good hurry you might be accurate on ID and driving so I couldn't charge yet but he brought about trump was a joke. Yes. It's a little bit off topic we're going might well liked to address second I think it I think is a joke. And you know the press is he may joke about Puerto Rico other particular budget. Already outsold. Like lots erupted. On the Boy Scouts I don't like it. And I think what oil on the line civic acute separate when they both join. I can hear loss coming on girls they want to accept or camp in the or. What Mike just say innocent that's for that we called the cub scouts. So they're gonna keep them all like gender they they call on Dan's. But that's active for the little bambino for the younger ones once they get older they're gonna integrate them sought higher levels they're gonna and to grow. Okay and then. I try to get through before when you talk the most points in order to court to make Ahmet. Go ahead sure what the hell Mike you're. They could comment on every aspect of the show you like Mike do you like the opening I mean is the opening where you might. You know we're. And but wait it out Merrill's street this is such only or never knew this about poppy it would certainly show on. 30 Rock where they addressed his predatory nature. Three big jokes and be sure and probably warrants. Oh she's a liar and Michael thank you for that call looks you obviously Sheen you. And Hillary knew and Obama knew and Ben Affleck new and they all know and they all knew and it is playing stupid but I don't wanna get off track. Look. You know I got to tell you now my honest hurt let me ask all the parents out there. Ashton seven big young I'm prior I was gonna win a couple more years before start getting involved in the Boy Scouts. But after this decision. AM I don't think he's gonna wanna goal. And because I think he what's special about the boy scout is now the Boy Scouts is gonna get lost. I mean really at this point I might as well just enrollment summer camp Mike didn't enrollment summer camp but the local YMCA. Completely with the girls the girls play with the boys they do all kinds of activities become up at five and judge of nice there national. 6172666868. Is this gonna discourage you from in rolling your voice your children. Into the Boy Scouts and into the Girl Scouts. He's 23 here on the great WRK. Though you know. If there really determined to do this because remember at the cub scout level right they're gonna keep them all gender. So single gender of the dens as they column. Well what did you should've gone in I don't wanna stay is just fuel the Boy Scouts and a Girl Scouts. And to one organization call it the scouts of America. And in all the cub scouts they stay all boys. And for the Girl Scouts that are called her all girls. And then even the higher level right you can keep the two separate. And then once so why Ole. Just pavlik edge amber re not kidding where OK yet the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts together we'll have a big campfire or whatever. Soul. Everybody's happy this way. But instead mom I'm home home they have to open up the Boy Scouts. And now have girls be admitted. And before you know what the boys are gonna wanna given to the Girl Scouts. And then this just a big free commence 617206. X 6868. Peter who is a scout leader Europe next coed Peter. They all are aren't just you know I'm I'm I'm floored Bennett scout leader might not drawing. In fifth grade and I go to Korea it is a clear and global organization. But as I was caught very early it is void left. And not parrot let. And the parent or the organization that diminish this and it was torture understand quite if it's you can is a horrible. The these young men who before you take a Padilla could be. It used it is called passage. I wanted to say it might might challenge just wish people brought to an organization I know you're supported George ouch yes I gonna play out. Essential in our general Kelly's son was killed in action and we're watching more proud of my on. Kicking back to our our country and you're in the real question finished. So likely sacrificed like our freedom. Instant rules such power. In an incredible. I do need that this won't cost a lot is being multiple or mothers but what was out there are in the well we do to maintain that you need for an organization. And moms we appreciate the import or support as well. We do crop you oh probably I'll call and gloat a little. As well published on them being. Out and out in court teaching need it went from. And that's the way it should be. It should be that way here thank you for that call which were the guys really honestly guys and gals ladies and gentlemen honestly. What's wrong with having a Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Which aren't. I'm looking around and I'm like this is still a necessary. And so ultimately destructive and I just gotta say this OK. My ashen as you know seven. I'm thinking of I was thinking before this are putting him in the Boy Scouts probably next year. He loves hike. He loves fish. He loves the Al ports. He loves camp fires he loves being with other voice. I mean. I think you know and instills patriotism. Love of country. Survival skills your character integrity. Mutual respect among boy east. And I love the way it's free it's a rite of passage into manhood. What's wrong with that. And really Ahmad previously politically correct and I see with mine I wanted it would've become a girl scout and I concede she runs with other girls. And she excels when she's with other girls what's wrong with that. You know like the genders. Or different. I'm sorry god created I had in May need he did. And they're both beautiful and distinct in their own weight. And what we're doing now is almost like a social experiment public a form of cultural marxism. By saying now now boys and girls same thing just literally sent an artist altogether and saint. They just you're the plumbing is different it's just a question aplomb and really that's at. But it isn't. And we're not thinking about the children. And I think when a previous callers that I think is dead on you know the board and decided this executive board billboards notes. They were the ones you want to rite of passage. Did you did you want one year old little boy. Usually want to have girls Malloy collective boys only so why are you denying that to the boys today. And I gotta give the Girl Scouts credit on this say what you want der the only ones complaining and I don't blame them. Saying this is gonna kill our organization. And it's not gonna be good for the girls. Because our research shows it's just common sense. Girls with girls in an all girl all female environment to arrive and do better leadership character building whatever. So it hurts the girls it hurts the boys it hurts the Girl Scouts urged the voice counts. Liberalism. Is a mental disorder. Dead in New Hampshire go ahead debt. Jet flying time that the big quick you know welcomed that. It is just a disaster. Aid to. Take away then they'll rite of passage as Judy said my and a liar is eagle scout he's a wonderful young man. This is just to emasculated male population I am dead set against Pitt and you haven't seen sexual abuse. Match room. Stay tuned. Now that it's a very interesting point I'm just curious why you say that. Robert. Roy. Pretty all I see what you're saying thirteen 1415. Boeing only mixing them with girls thirteen 1415. What happened in the courts. And and eleven that are blooming actually would be a body and it edit be made I'd have Angel act. It's not a good mix to have this is Libre lips aren't plot to activate our male and to make a she attacks which is. In row how are more than batting ethic I think that's what kind. Deb thank you very much for that call really good call 6172666868. OK a lot more trust mean. Let's take get there have been a high dredge in the newsroom.