The Boy Scouts of America start allowing females to join

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Thursday, October 12th

The Board of Directors of the Boy Scouts of America has voted unanimously to begin allowing girls into the scouts in 2018


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Kim in DB's we're DV stands for very boisterous refused revolt all of the right whenever it's Boston morning show on WR KL. 619 here are the new York daily show me where you are the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts for that matter how do you feel about the idea. Of girls. Being in a Boy Scouts. Six were 7666868. X 8680 is attacks on. Little did you even know this was com and like it did anybody heard from I'm not my kids are in the scotsman. I this I see this thing from Fox News on my Twitter feed it's his. Breaking news boys coastal led girls and a and I might well actually appetite BB after reading a bit. What I know was that they already had some programs for girls. So grossed could actually get an eagle scout. Badger was sort of a different path but there were few local. Groups in the country on that had were already allowing it to now this is. Countrywide and they're actually putting together a program for girls. No problem with the girls being part of that Boy Scouts and like getting that opportunity. Sure I understand why the two organizations Boy Scouts Girl Scouts just don't come together to make. One really big strong organization that both boys and girls can be involved. Kelly financial won't question is not should the Boy Scouts allow women and these I I put dissolved when I first started yesterday. And 86% saying now and I just chocolate because I. I I wanna hear the argument against is a wanna hear how this could possibly be either detrimental to the organization. Or two boys right. How we is it that this would be any problem and not a good thing I don't get it. As are we buy that this thirty years ago I get were we people were still stuck in the 1980s it. Women are still sort of evil let's not pretend but are we past that well women are just really not like. I mean that right well they can't they don't have the physical key remedies to do any thing made don't have the strength they don't have the mental fortitude absolutely I get all that. But it breaks had a Pastor Wright we know Rhonda Rouse he can kick ass we know that people can be on the front lines of battlefield that are female they can fly jets well. And let's let's also look at the reality of what the Boy Scouts had become. It's not just about hey can I tie knots and build a campfire and if that's what you think it is the best way outdated. Boy Scouts and they will tell you circle is to teach leadership in the country why wouldn't be teaching young women that is what. And that's their whole argument here my Irish aren't what I will. Light through some firmness that is that it is second this happen that the head of the Girl Scouts said. As you're aware open for business boys if you wanna join us is where we're kicking ass ourselves and we don't really need to be in Europe movement but. Ultimately what you said is accurate like these there should just be scouts and what is the possible. Point of right Scott Teixeira installation. I don't get it anymore it's ridiculous and here's the other thing which I can't I would I would be all in on this if we had scouts of America. We they have when they're little. And this is what the Boy Scouts are gonna do. So when they have games so that's they've what does that I was never voiced out but I'm assuming that's probably you know the group the grade schoolers still I have single sex digs. So okay so at that age you know they don't mean you know they wanna sort of. Runner the boys were run run be a little more rambunctious may be your whatever putting. But as they get older they're gonna start to integrate these two. And these you know the boys in the girls. Perfect way to do it I'm Rory why can't they just let things alone. Well number one because it's hard for the or they organizations and that's both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts they're numbers are dwindling. And I think this helps to boost the numbers and keep the organization's. Vital and thriving. Number two rule changes are okay folks. Just. My boys and girls doesn't work for sleep away camp it doesn't why. Why. He is my kids have sleepovers with other kids in it's no problem writing daughter's high school when they were freshman. They had right off the bat bat you know I know your way trip and the boys and the girls both wit does it work for women and men on naval ships Utah governor we you can argue it doesn't but you're wrong it does not summer camp. There were a lot of kids go to summer camp that spears especially here they. GUK I want you to try and convince me but I I have yet and I had its bureau one of the guys because he's a friend of both of ours the was adamant and with me yesterday about why this is a problem and it's a we're drilling down to society and were given up and bottle blonde Heidi but he made no argument to me that I said ball even give youth that idea was not one. Well my Gil argument is that this decreases my chances of winning the pine wood derby and for that reason I don't want is that a lot more people. I was feeling I ever got out of the scouts personally. I feel I think if there's a lot of men who are a little bit older who may who were part of the Boy Scouts had time to think that this is you know. Taking away male masculinity which is is is silly in my estimation it's just silly. I think this should be an eagle scouts I love it. Higher regard just being a scouts of America at a big girls don't need to wake up because I think that becomes a very deep in situation is well. Do I take it. Far wind of the person that we're speaking out of their friends that there was. I said to him by the way would on your on your membership card not to the Boy Scouts but that the Taliban what is your not. A missile because I don't go. What I and again I create a direct rock or Massachusetts or maybe I'm just uber liberal whatever how does this play in Missouri how does this play in Alabama snow. I I assume most states aren't pleased about that. This is going to be is bigger problem is you think I don't I don't get any problem I believe I mean in those in those places I. There is you know and in the interesting part about this is that. While boy scouts of America isn't he they're gonna be fully inclusive I think you are gonna be allowed state by state to meet some of your own rules related to it. So my understanding get is when you get the little games they're gonna be single sex than when they become paths. And paths bring in different games that's would make an invite girls in in them that I. So that our entire text line is assuming that the Girl Scouts are failing and that's why they wanna be in the bush outside believe the article the problem is that the Boy Scouts are failing and yeah they're trying to recruit girls it's not good but again don't failing. They're small. Actually you're looking to increase numbers but just like the Boy Scouts gonna shut down next year if they don't do this I think they're small ice should view this morning. First thing and I spoke out a big dirt so I take this back. Only in that minors I thought that it was because the numbers were dwindling so much and they were having trouble walk. Two billion I don't know they're not. That allow the I was totally wrong about that and it is to have like one I read your town has one but we're eagle scout aren't on or not we do it was a big project didn't sound a couple of years ago which we still have up and you Selig is now around the they're doing good work. I just I just think it would they could do great work for a lot of young people if he put. Out that here's the 339 YouTube lost your minds Boy Scouts is for boys. Alone. But I didn't mean that I hadn't even thought he did you don't know three's I'm Bob mock you but here's my follow up you retirement because why. Tell me watch scouts of America urea is very good Boy Scouts were boys because it says boys okay. Bull why does it have to be that way forever it doesn't need to be they are sold like what I don't like is giving voice got any credit for this that should have been done twenty years. Right let me go to Jeff in Salem just been holding and not our guys not. Yeah. Who are not as though the riot. Luggage trucking Joseph Jose and Connecticut this morning NATO. As. We speak briefly about. Myself I'm about thirty year old I'm not too far out where was the or. But my experience what it always been about wilderness survival he leadership I'm in my experience. So that you please correct me if I'm wrong girl scout has been a little bit more on the domestic side in the wilderness survival side might. Interest. And not girls want to make it more of that outdoors these types we got clobbered broke girls. They show hasn't he goes out as an Eagles gal what is it that you did did you think either. Girls can't do or that girl shouldn't be allowed to do it. I don't think they're anything that I did in the Boy Scouts or girl could not deal. Now just dust and the whole group called ventures out does the little girl to bear in that works perfectly fine. Now finally got would be if they are being short term logistical concern with some of the campground that that was how well. Because while there are now scoutmaster and you know members in the toy company out management crawl there aren't as many you know facilities. On the teacher boy scout camps total out such a sudden influx of a lot of emails unto those amber. I don't think it's going to be that big an influx though Joseph I think they're going to be able to accommodate along the way I I don't anticipate that all of a sudden every young lady is gonna quickly Girl Scouts in the lord of the boys have do you really. That it's going to be gradual you know object. And again I don't that'll probably at my only concern would be you know. Slide the girls was used up that I know right poison gas wants you to sort else. Can I tell you something though opt out you lie because I don't think there'd be very needy boys who would say Yemen between the Girls Scouts I mean that's a problem for Paramount about. I don't know I you know if it was just again it's just the scouts that might be different. URG you know the voice of Boston. Saws and all taking a little search and I guarantee you. I got some friends of devastation which I talked to periodically. We're going to content related to a man into a lady because lightning joined in to chase every one of them said. I could care less about any of this is long as you keep your hands off my Girl Scouts. I've Michael Douglas's ex yeah right so I kind of stuff. Thought that was Sargent Harvey Weinstein's. Awesome deals are always clear to get your hands off. Thank you I thank. But then all the cookies that anybody in this building cares about when it comes to anything scouts is their laws are there. One of the main ones called them in the arrangements within minutes yet they don't care about. Great learning how to get tender foot badge or make a pine wood derby car or can I ask you something to how fire with sticks which you can join hands who can do that. How many how. Community think cookies could be saturate the world with if it was. Just here and I don't they just out cookies and run that rode on the back. Here's the thing would be one if we're gonna merge these two. Can we teach the Boy Scouts to maybe not charge so much for that bag of popcorn twenty box that bag you jokingly. I mean. I wanna support the scouts I don't want I got a morgue well aware that remember you you only India and you'll only get twenty cookies now you pay Y 454. 413 want to leave the Boy Scouts along and to start an organization. My answer to every question you're gonna his tweet text anything today is going to be. Why does this bother you why is this an affront to you he doesn't affect. Your sign you in any way it doesn't limit your ability and it might actually enhance it. I curry Paul is in the rain and good morning Paul. Good morning guys. Mike's under an Arab blatantly come out which is the oldest coastal city and and I am. One of the leader of expelled through. And you know adding girls dubbed previous culturally an eagle scope brings up the only the only hurdle that we're gonna happen short run it is logistics. All in the bathrooms were idle most of you already have men and women terms that every. And after stations the tricky part is going to be good to be. Coverage truck process that we have. Oh you also be no leader it ever along with a Skelton yeah like so this would have to go to the bathroom in you have to take this a Tibetan that's true leaders. In that. True adults not just want to Tor protect our kids right. That yet to be a little more complicated when we're dealing with a knee injury Jenny Kirk. Up the group will make network because. It'll will be forced to intervene it's like. It's not like those of us sort of ultimate 10 my god what are we gonna do bunch curl not this'll be great there's nothing that Boy Scouts cub scouts give it. That a girl can't do equally as well. Or better or worse you know I know. Special difference. Whether the boy or girl. Right into it and would you would you say no parallel to the young men who were in the organization. I do I mean I do think that'd. Going to be an interest in transition. Because whenever you. Whenever you dump a bunch of change on anybody. It's going to be a challenge because. The big thing is going to be OK so now what I've got thirteen boards that we mean another gentleman and one of the moms we eat. To a three person team on. Now we you add another seven girls that. We're going to have to incorporate that into our laps and didn't take into consideration that we're gonna have twenty people. And it all learned differently we're trying to teach these kids are able lessons and get absent on wall erratic and you know it don't matter whether or did pitched searching boys or whether or at six boys and seven girls. I cannot build those thirteen boys don't all enjoy the scene I knew then. I have to incorporate. How we break up our. Are reading this so that everybody's enjoying themselves and becoming a better person. Anyway different it really change I mean. Mistrust and various because we're going to have to be a little bit more. I'm on a roller skates and species because there have to be thinking the ball and. WR anyway Paula you know back like way too weak system is gonna be nothing it's just too busy. These some minor league there really isn't even any logistics for minor logistics I think the only the only issue I would think would be that if you have us if you had your uniforms that's all right like you have if you have a girl in the organization. Or in your near trooper whatever it is arms I apologize for not knowing the exact term. Actually pat Porter yeah you if you don't have a mom. You have to have. It'll have to be her again until I don't think you do. I do because I think the bathroom issue and all those things I think that will become an issue knots over him he's got tens of why you're breaking news about the matin daily news release about when you're going to like what I am being we're doing all that you're gonna have to have a lot there's gonna have to be a woman. You know with everyone about I think I think Paul's artist though I mean I'd I'd. I think his argument that he's gonna have to change the types of things they do because people are interest in different things and learn different ways I think the point of a girl wanna hear your voice doubts. If she wants to do what the voice got to do ranked Irish cricket still join the girl skirt that she's not interest is sure. Adam is in west front for this morning good morning Adam. I know your gut. On the other that record close that it. My my point is. Evident that there's are still at that don't want sister and younger voice notes. But they wanna eat the Wake Forest is a little bit and stuff I think it's sort of a doubt wanted to see young boys don't. Like. A lot of Kitna crumpled beer don't support an Arctic. I could've gotten more on the way to go to France now. I'm excited that you don't look at I don't think you. By the way seven anyone has a pretty good reason would you read and follow because that's why our taxes are so great you guys are missing the obvious problem cast. Okay what about booties. Well I know that's like pending whatever we just things you like if you'd like when he was young to go to that wouldn't know who he's. Given DV Boston's morning show. RTL. We're talking about the Boy Scouts this morning folks today announced yesterday. That they will now allow girls to be the organization apparently the waves don't work is when they're little they'll still be single sex but as they move up the change here. And ultimately getting to the eagle scouts ranks. Girls will be incorporated so how do you feel about that should Boy Scouts remain just Boy Scouts Girl Scouts and Girl Scouts or do you. You like this idea of boys and girls both being members. Of the Boy Scouts I wish it would just be the eagle I just I keep singing I'd switch would be the scouts of America and both organizations we come together to make a stronger organization to. We're off one is it I'd I'd like that he does stay silent on things but I would like your former sailors and honest sincere about the Boy Scouts. Secondly when I was in this doubts. The only thing I ever got out of the scouts really. And we we were on the back to back 23 we did this thing's fine whenever god and I why I went to we blows I was in the Boy Scouts for a year and now without. The only thing that the only memory I have evict the only thing that I thought was great in the only thing it was a good still Purdue has been into these days is the parameter. In the very first year I was in the pine wood derby I told you is during the break him. And my insistence of buzz at the thing right this is awesome and I thought. What'd she be in the pine wood derby because look like we're doing. We all pretend that we build the cars been gagged pushes aside immediately on how I think I'm gonna build the AJ Foyt IndyCar and Ariel Andre whatever. And every girl I today just like every boy our earth is no reason they couldn't be ahead. But for some reason they were excluded because I guess girls all race cars that we were recent cards right. Is so. There there's nothing did not this is nonsense to say that this is a bad thing. Well we go to Tony in Weymouth good morning Tony you're an eagle scout. Yes it and then bring that to my phone call sure. I've it was really very night there was that the peace sum up the entire idea of all it out what I look very guilty in a separate out that the fact. There are many Baghdad for me ever bigger court bigger quit so feel it you know what happened Tony it's a big star. So the year I was supposed to win it. Had this awesome cars jet black and white star with the yellow you know you not a bit. But you have that weight limit and I was point one over so we had to she is a little bit down. The clock that we put in the whole. Truth to keep this hire plays. It as the night progressed it got warmer in the place I was winning the damn thing but we got the finals it GM might tire I'll never forget what is your quick question and maybe you're overweight the car has enough I think that's. I don't as a totally. Got it up a I'll never forgive the voice does not having air conditioning in that I have all of gag their girls creating an all right Tariq. More than it in my opinion yeah I think this is the difference between principle and iron. Environment difficult because it can become difficult call at all that it the principles are good ol' boys and girls and that's great. The probably as what do we don't lose once we have the girls participate if you think boy Alec Cramer back. Now when I was a report out I was a nerd that it would tell you I was in the band. There were kids that were older than me as part of the leadership that worked out well ballpark and what cropped up in the I wants the hallmark of all what it meant to be. Our guys are you a boy. Public the girl. You know what let's stop and learn from other guys that I admired role model but I cat. And I would've been embarrassed. The Arctic are all the masters when he put that outlook MySpace page growing up. Right here that they are Tony here's the thing I do I need a kidney stone well I kind of understand best I do it and now yeah. There are a commitment to know here's a thing I I totally get where you're saying here because I do think the girls. Bring in two totally different dynamic for young men at a certain age I really do. But they're golf how at what point would you say it would be okay to bring the girls and because they're gonna keep our singles sex Y. What was grossed out simplest out all the week you still in the global. And then in high school age from 200 score some type it in effect since our top. A light gray suit that at all like the background there at Billick called adventures. And that richer than it was cold weather and we just you know I woke. High school organization. That would aren't exactly the way they're sore right now but our on line block. And now they wanna do is combine everything. I think a big thing Tony they don't want combine everything the younger kids still gonna stay single sex my understanding anyway. I think the big thing is it girls wanna be able to become eagle scouts so they're gonna bring a man at that stage together talk all the Internet. Are right in early forty years old I was so I would highly. Are you and I are similar agent when you say you know when I was executed I wish I needed niceties baser whenever he's women work. The kids are grown up now know Rhonda Rosie more. And they know Floyd Mayweather like they know women. They see women in these veterans day parades in these Memorial Day parade. They realize that women are running companies we didn't when we were growing up it wasn't like that so we would've been unusual. And we would've maybe been a little more uncomfortable with the just as it was out of the norm. Kids today Dell but dared to think outweigh my kids don't well wait until it isn't like a son who went to a single sex high school and he would tell you. That he'll learn more. Me. He did more he took chances he never would have taken if there would have been girl sitting in the room. And he's very well adjusted it'll. Young man who has no issues with girls single sex schools I think I think there are valued dorm miles undervalued a coed schools I don't know that there should be just only one and that's it. But in the case of the voice cuts if the Boy Scouts are telling you we think this is a good idea. Then there must be something to consider in then when I see you wolf what has a non scalp will would be my argument against this I have nothing right. All my I have an argument with it I mean I I think it this is perfectly fine and I especially think it's perfectly fine with the idea. It's sort of their experience culminates with boys and girls together. But I get what he's saying when he we junger. And he just sort of one that's safe space where he could. But here's what Pellicano about is that space right that's what I thought oh boy you don't like sleeping in the one G here and howling you think there's a Barrett to ten that's the whole point. You got a break got stopped now that's what you're doing year. Owned all. Can I mean they're twelve yards and it could be made do we really need to be tempting in the woods anymore I mean is well down that. Refer to first library that the country has shifted in the nadir of survival in. When building up to new wind figuring out how to get from here to there. You know where that was valuable a hundred years ago when the scouts started vs what it is now. You could argue that those aren't necessarily now it might be more important to teach him how to wire you know computer I get right up and power outages something like that. That's all fine. But I think the concept of the Boy Scouts being a safe space from women implies that women some sort of doesn't have a lot of and an early age we get a break that down yeah. Ensured that did it it's like a seat space from girls but just a place where. You can you really feel like you can be yourself and maybe that's you know that's. What he was saying in what he means by that we go to Elizabeth in New Hampshire hey Elizabeth good morning. Oh good morning how are you hungry. I was calling you weigh in on this issue. Being of an age demographic I actually went to inaugural high school and inaugural college. My husband went to an all girl I'm all tight tight ball and my thing about it is I certainly on think that if that's the way the organization would like to go look. Bear here there is nothing wrong with it but I'd also hope that we aren't going to you. I'm always thinking that the separation of wait that girl is a bad thing because I ain't really received a lot of empowerment. In both those environments I don't know if I would have at that time. IE you know I really feel like it was a lot less distraction in the and our you know the boy and girl saying. And so you know I just that's my take on it is that I still think there is a value. Com in that you know how things are groups. You know boys and girls groups I think that you know what a certain age you are going to be speaking to different things we're focusing on different things. I'm I also wanna they do that I don't think there's anything wrong with. Don't knowing how to survive in the world and they're doing it's it's. When your cell phone battery diet and you're your kind of on your Rollins felt again that I guess that might take it that I certainly hope. If this is the way the organization look like to go I think that's all finding good but I also think that there is someone we know are out work. In. Having separate groups. That's an interesting so our point because I Goering the theoretical. It for me theoretically what she said at the end. I wished there was a week every year where you couldn't use electronics. Just in theory so all I had to get back to base right you can't. In the theoretical yeah there is a place for single sex anything but ball what is that place because when you get down to wait. First of all every time we've had him throughout history they become problems. Look at fraternities what we're getting it into that a little bit later but. Often times when you do that big men in particular and up. Turning those things into. Harvey Weinstein tight situations which is that dear old boys' clubs that are Neanderthal and thinking so. I mean I get why wouldn't the girls get together the girls can be girls and and sometimes guys just like to talk I stop and have a man cave. But as societal groups. I get the worst to hit a lizard but. I'm not sure where you do it like I don't think women's Jim's should be allowed anymore. I think that. I have to say I think the way to Boy Scouts are setting this sub though is not a bad thing. I think that by letting down. Have single sex for a certain amount of times. I think that's Smart way to go about it I I liked that idea you know for the reasons that she just pointed out there are sometimes it would. Girls' groups in boys groups are good it. Getting the word great kid and DB. Boston's morning show on WR Cano. 8:30 this morning we're giving away tickets for Kelly M note coming to Boston Saturday night. We'll open up that box office 830 be sure you don't miss that. Boy Scouts are now going to allow girls into the organization. And we're talking to you about that and whether you think that's a good idea. A couple of Texas necessity or one or address. Boy Scouts in many girls has six on seven just another proud institutional tradition that's being scrapped. 774. Says. Wolf first knives and I usually love the show what could scream today been involved scouting for years and you guys don't get it 774. You guys don't exist in the real world if you can't handle Boy Scouts were raising groups of feminine man. Social let me address that. So. When you're in this doubts. You have your Bjorn your badges junior merit badges and you build up towards eagle scout in the you do your community projects and they're good enough and you're one of the few you get to be that in the community embraces you want whenever. Now other women or girls are allowed to be in the scouts what happens for you is. You earn your merit badges you work towards getting towards eagle scout you do your community projects and if you're good enough from one of the few that do you get to earn that needed to be embraced by your community. What is different about what I just said because women are in the program then what it is before women were in the program. How are you a fan minute because. You did what you did as a scout but there were women they are watching why you do it why is that how does that make you fat I have absolutely no idea. Mo 11 issue we talk about this during the break is with Girl Scouts like the girls that the girls got sort election a little bit the Boy Scouts it's and I don't come looking don't take from our ranks as you're failing one of those things yes. What then the Girl Scouts always failed them and they're still failing to this day is. What is the girl scout equivalent to the eagle scout and by that I mean a what is that thing that girl's got a building towards I don't know I wasn't obviously in the Girl Scouts and you know my sister's. But. I do know that whatever the equivalency is right. The community doesn't embrace it in goal while it is here there's never their picture in the local paper that is all she achieved. Crowned status and if there's nothing on the resonated says by the way in my might drop is that I mean eagle scout. Right because that is for eagle scouts that is an identifier that we all go. Well you have to be something because I didn't do that and I know they don't give that away. Now I this is what I was saying to you I mean to this today. This being an eagle scout is. It is our demands were Al Reza you know I mean that is the yield is I said dear Scott DR should have got get Jeff deal. Was an eagle scout and he'll tell you that. Each and every time you meet him and he's proud of it good for him. We just talked about the fact that. Our app are. Secretary of state he had a Boy Scouts he's in eagle scout mean that is a big grid resident anything and it's something that. Young girls don't have an opportunity to climb toward. And so for that reason I am happy to see that this is opening up for them. 603 agencies don't snowflake you probably programs like I want mound. Boy Scouts died. When it went pro homosexual. That. I played the one about MTV Europe girlie man I thought that's when you're all this when I told you that I don't get it they can look I said you know that that was the first. The whole idea that. The Boy Scouts embraced gay members. That was the first allowed people pirates are still would not function. How do you think yeah I was gonna you gonna fight down on six was hurt I was in the Girl Scouts and I didn't like my brother was in the Boy Scouts it was way better. Both now you have the choice you can make that decision yourself and depending on what you wanna be part of either way it's the gold award. What does that do for him I'd never heard never anybody know that I was of morality. Then that would allow a long time ago. I was you know I starred in the organization I got out. But I I didn't even know of the gold award so that gives you an idea on an average person Woburn this morning to wanna burst. All right guys still you know. This is all like a transgender economists say I think I don't all. I'm I'm kinda confused by the whole thing because I remember are all these these local water off all of this here. You know. Off the deep freeze camp well you know. A girl is not gonna survive. It in January or February in the freezing cold why it. At some lines. That's about it. Why is she not gonna survivors she made a statement why would she not. Because that guys are gonna make it so she's got to survive she's. There aren't that belt. You know they go through boot camp now right you know they are in every level of the emblem of the army navy air force marine right yeah. Well what any idea who this guy job unless you want it what I know I was gonna love the Iditarod yeah example you. A lot of things the fact they can't survive in the cold is only one. Away somewhere and then. That's what in the world are so little all day because I wanna get with. They're it was Geithner and that's. OK so that's one thing Bruce but to say that they can't or sonic game together any homosexual lawyer Bruce come to bag and it. Either way it went on yeah I mean. So your argument is girls are good enough to be their biggest men don't want them there well and then we should know that it excellent candidate rival wild wild west did not work out well for anybody it's. Save big game. And in just wanna be around banned because I'm sure is Lotta women who just won bureau of women that say they can't survive make it up six. Still what is the what is the degree there and I well where women start to you now forty did you. Thanks guys are going down I know I can be cold aren't about to start losing my mind 42 can't think straight. Came in TV Boston's morning show you picked him this ABB utilize those casuals. W Archie. All right let's stick work your calls were talking about the boy scout who. Here in the fact that Boy Scouts. Particularly murals pretty girls it. It in my coat the there's Hillary because he reminded me that there are chilling point at which we won't sir. Was I not want your favorite calls in long. I will say I actually did you hear me go to them all now and I was and we were laughing I could hear Marino laughing as we walk because you never feel like are you wanted to abuse the show is in avenues. Free form discussion is that you never know where it's going where it's coming from and sometimes you're still far out there. I just ahead of that we don't even like. Sometimes during the break we should you go can you believe that call right how wrong they are we should we can tell you are with the caller even though they are on the other Texans even better all the time that we just raise them to the rafters ago that was one of the most. Awesome calls ever that. Women can't survive in the cold the day I die. I I actually had to do is I want I want first. And now. That first shoppers don't stop listening goes up call and we we appreciated and you know. You're off on this but beat out as it may but I did have a friend of mine who is in his car and took time detection just say. That call or is Willie. Financially and final act has suggested that I I personally infiltrate the Miss America pageant because that will be the next passionately. That we need take down. I'm me I'm wins that's where I I will let you know that might pageant days are behind me but I thank you for thinking it'll be a chance. I know could look at it could be in line Mattel. That well I know that's the proper let me get to Chris Chris is in Walpole takers. Marty I all right good thank you. Well here's the question before us. Others might quote state it is built of all the awards and dare I don't know what it is and that's as as far as the the difference between girl scout boy scout I was Eagles felt like we thought it. Girls helpful toward its 21 and eighteen. Is old stuff. People that scholarships some people like he had been able god because bad girl he liked being at a point out they do everything that boy scout does. Except rich people being edited Eric that is they all taxes. So I don't know that misconception. Well Chris let's start with this yeah I'm glad you're calling yeah so for you when you got your eagle badge or you're eagle scout award. Did you was the local rep there he take a picture when you. Okay what's he care for your daughter's. Did this same did you did the local rep take a picture would you daughters when they got their gold award. It would fit the would that the war. Well war I got up. Our commitment was I know I'm asking I'm not argued deed was easier to take because I would assume he wasn't but you can correct me if you didn't. OK so maybe there are more equivalent and I thought them so that's good enough. Our part just being you know that sometimes. It I think it. These ego did when you get the eagle on scout a war that's made a bigger deal love and those to get the gold. Award. But a nice because you may not because the eagle award is better. It suggests that I don't know if the Girl Scouts and if they have made needed something big enough for the generally eighties. It goes out over under eight years old. And I'd just as equipment that you love them or expect Gary Europe are being might not attribute and I think the Girl Scouts in the first two up. Do we should have. Eighteen ill in Q&A girl scout which is why you got a label on they don't sit there and say oh heterosexual B note. How old you are a lot heterosexuals and gave you know of any era laid at the point out a lot of people he's been too. Into the boy scout out the boy scout to do we get it is totally ludicrous because these organizations. Would it drills can beat girls and a girl thing. And boy indeed Boise do boy thing. They've all it's a chance at kayak in Daly have you rolling. They do not think you ought jury so it's a big. Political propaganda over this terrorism and the younger the Boy Scouts went down 10%. And now they're just trying to Beckett and under the commodity take dead then it's billions of dollars invested in real estate. And who better according annually. From a girl scout in the boy scout now it's totally disgusting and it's horrible. What. What this organization the boy stepped on the coast about that intrigues about the the boys are asking them not to do it. And it's been awful situation somebody are we out of what stolen and that Europe but it might. It's ball girl scout so what did she boys still sitting girls and it's horrible and ally will be built about what Europe the boisterous debate are ought to point out. It's just been. What a good what they're good. Good very good culprits for gas grill and inform the end of the bush who has seen it from both sides want this is the best argument I've heard so far against him which is the Boy Scouts who tried ultimately the bush is trying to kill the Girl Scouts movement and they're trying to take over there. I perfect ironically. This is being put forth his his parole girls right but you know way. The wait could play out in theory is that they destroy the perfectly fine we didn't have any issue win all. Girl Scouts organization because if enough women leave those girls leave those ranks to go to the boys. The Girl Scouts start to shrink they get smaller senator senator so. That's the best argument I've heard against and so far it's nothing to do with the boys and girls and whether they not to. Accepted does in the end because. If the Girl Scouts if they're providing. The kinds of services and activities that the girls want that why would they leave to go to the Boy Scouts. So because really apparently society that says it did no matter what you say. Society views the Boy Scouts is superior the girls right so this is again so it. In the DR and I think they like LSU what do you think you think guys in the woods starting fires right when I say Girl Scouts were you thing. Cookies that's well that's not why any anyway and I and I think you know it again if I didn't know was the gold. A war and whom I appreciate the fact that our caller says that. That the girls you know got scholarships and got all kinds of things off of it but I think in the end if you were to ask someone. What is the highest award in scouting. In scouting. They're gonna say the eagle scout court. I can tell you though it weekend of some of our Texas for a 3M in the scouts that caller is a 100% right so that's debate that's why we need and guys like right flank. So I never heard the gold award I'd never indicted some one Texas says that the gold award is much harder to achieve an eagle. Intersect and how it could be car. Like eight and maybe it isn't maybe that's why more girls dirt cheap it. And we don't know as much about it may be it's just that much more lead I don't know lose in Boston let's go live good morning. It. Local and global leader of bulls organization. Art boys go through my son he's. Party build out my daughter does gold go. Last year so leader both organizations that trio the things I do it my girl scout troop are our product of the boy scout troop. That certain temperature as we have the all the boys then put the rules or old goats don't have that rule our girl scout troop earned the minus. And all latest on hold on hold on low how can that be true reason would Bruce in Woburn is this which is that women can't stand the cold here. Are you glad I had to hold up a little bit. Of a half. Valero it hurled earned their minus ten knotted the parent. An ability that just put that toppled the my list and middle went up minus 22 winch. Aren't that camp. Ari Gold do it's slightly different. You won't see boy and Girl Scouts because girl got this he would towards girl leadership girl empowerment getting girls on their own pre. To make they're all called to do their own thing but all the orders by product or current boys got that do if the if the I was. Earned their eagle scout award the girl have to do 75 I'll earn it although it's our product has more hurdles for the girls to go through. But they're also left on their all to do it they don't have help from their leaders they have to do it all on their own and they either succeed or they tripped up but it ought. And it just to promote growth leadership and get girls stand up there all to beat and say I get. One more a lot of awesome what if I'm putting up to Kelly financial poll question right now based on the last two calls and you're one of among. If if they've held feet to the fire on this what's the better organization boy scouts of America or girl scouts of America. I would prefer Girl Scouts over the Boy Scouts Boy Scouts have been pushing for girls. To go on an organization for a few years my parents about a Florida now. This commercial on the TV bet on it TV for about 34 years they have your kids joints goading. They don't say boycott of girl scout. But at the ball mark about by the boy scout avoid accountability wrecked. Two years way before it transgender irrigation about grows up in the closing ranks for years. All right both organizations have been closing camps across the nation bid trying to build Iraq. Boy scout that had girls and Boys Scouts were both forty years called ventured. All right girls enjoy when they hit. Ninth grade and they can it be proud of venture crow but venture crew kids cannot earn an eagle scout or. The girls will be on a boy scout this year the girls will not be mixed with the boy scout. So I'm sure more Wright while more low before ledger you've been awesome. If you had to do over again and say it was ten years from now and so you that you just started having kids. And you know what you know about these organizations let's say they were both open to everybody. Would you would you put your girls in the Boy Scouts and would you put your boy in the Girl Scouts. Absolutely not boy scout with the boys and girls go to for girls. Yeah actually go hey at thank you Paul appreciate our Lou I'm sorry I appreciate your call. Peter quickly let me tell you I'm looking this up and. But don't go anywhere I go yes I did because guest says the girls don't is that harder so why would he put his boy so I'm learning a little bit more about his he just thinks boys and girls should do their things I I thought related to the hardest thing period lighting gold award. Only five point 4%. Of the Girl Scouts were eligible to get it. Actually do that's how hard it is. And if you have a gold Warren honestly be the same thing for eagle words and they've you know appeared eagle scout. But if you are gold award recipient if you enlist in the US armed forces. You receive a higher rank. And as we heard universities and colleges offer scholarships for gold award recipient. Tops of vehicles work was no matter who called girls is that their line so you go golden girls.