Boston Police OK's Boston Free Speech Rally

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, August 17th

Marty Walsh still says no hatred or bigotry speech is allowed at this rally.   


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But let's not. Steve speak about hate. Let's not speak about bigotry and racism. Let's just speak about that. Now of course was mocked sure all Marty Walsh Boston men are much almighty. Apparently now OK so here is exactly what's taking place from what I know. About the free speech rallies scheduled for this Saturday beginning at noon till 2:3 am on the Boston Common. So apparently much so Mardi claimed that they didn't have a permit these are rally goers. I'm from everything now I've been reading it say rallied to discuss free speech. Two defense they're free speech and especially the First Amendment. And a macho Marty said the bid didn't have a permit well apparently now they do have a permit. And a macho Marty claimed he lied I know we lied and apparently he claimed that it was officially granted yesterday. So macho Marty said OK. They now have a permit. There will be a free speech Rowley. The Boston Common by this Saturday however. March oh Marty said quite honestly. I didn't wanna give them a permit. And according to him if there is any talk at all by any of the speakers. Of racism. Big H three page shred. Any thing that he thinks is even up a whiff. Of something approaching Charlottesville. He says that the police will move in and they will shut the rallies down. Remember. This is what macho Marty said just a few days ago in the wake of Charlottesville. Roll it Britain. We also have a message of hate groups especially any that a plane to come to a city this weekend. Boston is not welcome you here Boston does not want you here Boston rejects your message. We reject racism we reject white supremacy. We reject anti semitism. We reject the kkk. We reject neo Nazis. Reject the master terrorism and we reject patriot. And we will do every single thing in our power to keep hay out of our city. So much so Marty was claiming that this rally. Was going to be a neo Nazi white supremacist rally. What were over a repeat of what happened in Charlottesville. And so all as they say he rang the dinner bell. He basically signaled to many of his left wing democratic allies. Then he wants them to show up in big numbers. As a counter protest in fact he was quoted on the record as saying. He will actually joined the counter demonstrators. If need be. To face down this suppose it neo Nazi mob and white supremacist rally. Chick in Charlie Baker Charlie thinker the Republican governor who by the way now. Is has presented a resolution along with the Democrats up on Beacon Hill. Condemning. The white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. Charlie fit Kerr even got in on the act holding a press conference. Saying to those free speech share of people attending that rally. You're not welcome in boss then you're not welcome in Massachusetts. Roll it Brittany as governor of would come off the Massachusetts. I want to be clear that there is no place here for that type of hatred period that we saw in Virginia. So. Fake or was piling on with macho Marty. The permit has been given. There will be as I said he free speech rallying. According to media reports. The one of the key organizers of this First Amendment rally drawn mettler. Says that he expects about a thousand people to attend. Organizers for the counter protest. Many of them by the way black white as a matter and they're going to be for in rocks debris they're going to be from Cambridge they're going to be from Boston itself. They are saying I'm just reading now from I believe this is yet this is WH DH so they're claiming it's going to be between six and 101000 people. Massive. Character marchers. Against these organizers for the free speech rally. Police commissioner Evans. Met with some of the organizers yesterday and he told them. You are not allowed to bring sticks. Clubs. Holes. Backpacks. You name it will not be allowed no weapons police will also be searching bags. And people attending the free speech rally. There is a very strict boundary being placed upon the people what kind of free speech rally. And police commissioner Evans says they get out of line they're gonna take them down. Roll it Brittany. Canadian fashion that they're all about. Have free speech and I. You know white supremacy. Not any group like dad let. You know. We don't judge whose lives within can make to stay safe back. So now oh well we madam and they just really look like. People devoted to free speech it's not what much Marty was claiming a couple days ago. This isn't the kkk now running and the Boston. Listen in fact to Jong mettler one of the key organizers of the free speech rally when asked are you a bunch of white supremacists. This is specifically air rally about the topic of free speech about the topic. A First Amendment issues about the topic. Of coming together around our shared constitutional values we want people to they'll put down the stakes put down the fists and at least start listening to each other even if they hate each other. I'd doesn't sound like Hitler to me. This doesn't sound like the neo Nazis and the white supremacy shouting white power where in in Charlottesville. So my France. How does Marty Walsh then wind. And how has he been needlessly now fanning the flames. And inciting radical leftists. To descend upon this free speech rally. Well you know what I'm gonna have one of the speakers. At the rally. On Fareed newsmaker interview will be back in four. 117. Here on the break WRKO. OK my friends so. As I mentioned in the previous segment there will be a major free speech or rally being held. This Saturday at Boston commons it begins at noon you'll go from noon until 2 o'clock. I am looking at the list of speakers. I see conservatives. IC progressives. I see independents. IC people from across the political spectrum. However. Mayor Marty Walsh says that this is similar to what happened in Charlottesville. And that if this is they white supremacist neo Nazi rally it will be shut down immediately. So joining me now for newsmaker interview is one of the speakers. Or scheduled speakers at this rally. Garrett Kirkland he is a native of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He is a long time anti war and civil liberties activist he is also a progressive voter. He was part of the and the Fed movement in 2007. And they part of Occupy Boston. In 2011. Garrett welcome to the corner report. Depth Garrett I gotta tell you I look at your biography. Are you were an opponent of the war in Syria I agree. Europe part of and the Fed I agree. You're staunch proponent of civil liberties I agree. I Europe progressive your part of Occupy Boston dot I disagree. But that's okay it's a free country. I got to me is what America's all about but what stands out to meet Gary it is. I maybe I'm missing something but you don't strike me as a white supremacist. And you certainly don't strike me as somebody's got a picture of back out off Hitler in your basement MI wrong Garrett. Well I'm definitely not what departments at all and I definitely not idolize. Any Hitler's or anybody's. Most racial bigotry. So when mayor Marty Walsh says it's. This and we can play the cut again then you're not welcome in the city of Boston the rallies not welcome in the city of Boston. That he rejects racism anti semitism white nationalism. Why is he referring to your group and this rally as essentially a kkk rally. Honestly it seemed like everyone just trying to score political points on the left at this point I mean we had a rally met analysts' you know output to opt out and pitch we had speakers we had a wheel that knows no problem. On a minute we're not strangers to. Happen rally here that I met. I'm not sure what is coming from except that in which he just turns on a political point. Garrett as somebody who's gonna be speaking at this rally. Do you feel that the mayor has now unnecessarily. Inflamed passions intentions. There's going to be a lot of counter protesters. They think there could be running that they believe they may be facing a band of white supremacists at that rally. Because of the mayor's comments do you think he's put a target on your back and those attending the rally. Oh absolutely absolutely. I'm just elaborate why. Yes so I mean it again we read. Being here and on but Kristi go to war on and then there was no problem but now you know coming off of Charles but rather than trying to Abiola encouraging dialogue or discussion on war. Or even talking to a he goes straight react Asian army you know and and just trying to. Urgent signal basically on an even going to be leading. From lines and one of the protest march against. Which. It created an arm a little but he usually take new political position on I don't know whether or not he's or entry speech packed Billick. Really undermines the principle of our country of our Republican are calm while. I'm Garrett just for the audience how would you describe yourself I mean I read your bio but you tell me if you agree or disagree. How would you describe yourself politically and ideologically. He's very simply I'm. I'm a little bit the libertarian. I am. I vote progressively you know my favorites include a single Payer on the very edge or act as our guys are very much favor and lean towards you know defending civil liberties first and foremost and then you know pushing for some of these progressive values onslaught mom left of center on libertarian but I comical progressively harder voting green for the past eight years so black on grass. It's over a KC basically a Green Party supporter in voter. There are Garrett I gotta tell you I don't so far I'm not seeing kkk or David you'll get Garrett. It's incredible OK let me ask you then this Garrett. What is the purpose of the rally in other words what's the objective because the mayor says it's unnecessary. It's needless. Why you're doing this so soon after Charlottesville. We don't want shoo in Boston so what's the point of your rally what's the purpose. Sure I'm so basically all over the past. Then two years on we see a drastic uptick in political violence targeting key on a Republican conservatives. The bit we. Typified by in key and there are you know they're mob tactics against people to be platform on the north and just a practical way and wrong clothing or being in the wrong place. I'll so we feel. You know free speech is under direct attack a mob violence and that it's incumbent upon not stand up and you know. These people you know what are such conservatives and Allah and you know. These people salary difference between L being attacked by mobs without being attacked and derided by you know. Government critters. So that that's really the reason why we feel it out to do these rallies I'll have to re earn that everybody has great speed. Garrett I'm just curious. Are you do you now fear potentially on Saturday that the very thing you're arguing. For an arguing against in other words. For free speech and against mob attacks on people because they disagree. With someone's point of view that this is exactly what may happen to you. That you may have a mob forming these counter demonstrators. Who will be going after you simply because they disagree with your politics are your position. Oh absolutely I'm I'm I'm doing this are very very wary. And where were basic setup we're going to be what sort cage. Would it be completely army or moved even the most. You know. Martin gained quote unquote items are used as weapons which are even more likely an app like Cole's arm and looking at subtle yet to complete mercy of of the state. You don't have to watch a sport athlete at the same time. Agent so that they are inflaming passions around us to try to build up these count demonstration sort of respond by BR I'll people. Com and we're going to be equally at their mercy army and hoping that of are bought and we could easily do the job will protect. The other elect is significant danger to us there and we're putting our statement of Austin Wii's always on a good job we shall we can't do that. Are you street. I'm not you know I'm I'm I'm wary of what might happen but I'm not afraid I'm not I'd. A more straightforward happens to our civil liberties if we just allow the antics on the evils of its people and what we call it progressive left arm to continue to final speech at a Dahmer left the match anymore because. I can't watch speech being taken away. Garrett one of the reasons why I'm such an angry with you a 1000% I'm such a staunch supporter as well the First Amendment free speech. Is that in countries where you don't have free speech. If people feel they cannot express themselves. They will in fact then turned to sticks and clubs and bricks and guns and bombs and violence. Why is it that there are you call on the regressive left why is it that the likes of those on the regressive left Iran he (%expletive) Do not understand. That in fact by attacking freedom of speech. They are actually sowing the seeds of civil discord and more violence. You know it. I'm not that it would have a complete lack of historical perspective on eleven. What to believe that there you know re living in Germany aren't fighting Nazis and trying to prevent you know an exit from coming out. But they're completely. Oblivious to act that it was you know Marxist mob. In went mart Germany actually fuel the growth of the national socialist and you know fashion. I'm a way to get. Well they're literally just repeating history by beating back into the loop or I'll. I really anxious because they have no cost the history of it as romanticized version you know. Communist vigilant yet. That Garrett. In terms of Marty Walsh. If he show any interest is there anything you wanna say to him in other words. Is should he have handled this differently. Had he just basically giving you guys your permit. Not gone on his public soap box not urged others to comment countered demonstrate. Do you think there's basically what matter what a couple hundred people show up maybe a thousand. You make you say your piece and you go home. How he notches gotten involved. With the situation be anywhere near a stance as it is now. I definitely feel like she didn't help any. You know he helped ratchet up some of the their. Potentially gonna and not claim there aren't here I don't know it's certainly blame him for. That kind of protest at a kicked opposite. Like these these mob these groups. You know may keep an old allies. They're obviously looking for uses to attack people pitched by their own little you know holy war receive whatever it is doing. But Marty walks in and help and comment to him I would really you know we have an open slot our speakers lift the Cuba becoming a direct our crowds our lead we are really hurt our people everybody. Or would you were are you won't consider black lives matter or NT five and say if you wanna say something we believe in free speech. Come on stage and say what you have to say but don't attack us don't club buses don't beat us we don't need this in America. Yeah we have actually neighbor seated invitations to organ attitude lack matter organized for bought and calmly given that we often and Allah speakers farce VH. If people are not necessarily because there you know typified by their black or it's not masking and clubs and sneak attacks are so we're very wary of and and associate twenty. The worm has definitely been given multiple occasions become and we would really like it wanted to watch a speech there he. Because we must be so important for everybody I'm you know you lumps and go protest without the siege. Garrett I've only got one minute let me ask you then this final question. The big fear in the Boston media and frankly nationally now is they're looking at this rally. Is that Boston on Saturday could end up being a repeat of Charlottesville. Is that your fear is well do you think something like this is gonna happen. Or do you think now with the police heavy involvement. With all of you being disarmed. That may be it will all end peacefully. Well I I don't. High level it in the box and we've. We have to do their jobs are I really don't think that they're gonna call this article Charles or they took away the permit for the protesters low income middle mob on them and the base brawl. I'm so I really don't envision on this repeating what have a national or not think equal I was not the same situation. So your prediction as you all think we're gonna have another Charlottesville. I think it's a block you know relatively relatively peacefully and are excited. Mean you know told him and then struck you know be on your best behavior. You know don't try to antagonize any the other people there there are protesters are really social goal. Offline and peaceful and I really happy for the Boston Police to do their job ops have been asleep. Garrett from your lips to God's ears. Really honestly I wanna commend you for your courage and your bravery and your patriotism. I support this rally 1000%. You and I may disagree on some issues but this is America. The First Amendment is to me the cornerstone of our society. We have been talking with Garrett Kirkland he's a native of the commonwealth a long time anti war civil liberties activists. And he will be one of these speakers at the Boston rally this Saturday Garrett god bless you and best of luck. Thank you very much take care Garrett stay safe 6172666868. Let me ask you this. How as Marty Walsh been lying. Has he now be mute I just listen to this guy does this does sound like a white supremacist you. How has he been needlessly fanning the flames and fear mongering. And do you support a rally on behalf of freedom of speech. 6172666868. More with your calls next. 136 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. It's time tell all open the WRKO. Box office. Beat their sixth and seventh callers the 6172666868. You'll win a pair of tickets to see yes. But the Wilbur theatre this Saturday or tickets to see young Frankenstein. The north shore music theatre this Saturday night. That's the six caller now to 6172666868. To win okay my friends. Major terrorist attack. Now developing our in Barcelona and it's taken place thirteen dead that we know a lot of dozens seriously injured. Two gunmen are now holding hostages. In any restaurant. The driver of the band who plowed through these pedestrians. Is now on bull moose the police are on the hunt. We're gonna give you the absolute latest and discuss that look I next hour but first my friends the big Saturday rally. You just heard one of the speakers. Garrett Kirkland. Center left guy he says he fears and he sees. My impression of him. Is this in and I wanna see if you agree or disagree. Garrett Kirkland struck me honestly guys. Level headed. Very reasonable. Very very sensible to me. Didn't strike me in any way do we Marty Walsh portrayed him. Or has the speakers there some lunatic or a neo Nazi or white supremacist. I don't probably agree with him on everything but he seems to me like a very reasonable man. Who just wants to discuss and debate them in and then and and then and restate the importance. Of the First Amendment and free speech. I think however. He may be a little money. Because they're going to be completely unarmed. This is the conditions of Marty Walsh and commissioner Evans they've waited down very well that they cannot carry anything as he put it there almost like in a cage. They can bring bats. Sticks flag poles their backpacks are gonna be searched they're gonna be completely disarmed. I'm telling you. The massive counter demonstrators. They're not gonna have their backpacks searched. And if 95 is planning to show up and they say they are and black life as a matter is planning to show up and they say that they are. I'm telling you to the possibility of violence. Is very real. And if I were these people attending that rally. I wouldn't trust the police. I'm not saying the Boston Police don't do a great job. I do know that in Charlottesville when violence broke out the police were told to effectively stand now. And so I don't trust and and I certainly is held don't trust the mayor Marshall Marty Walsh who by the way I think always these people a huge apology. Because the way he's character right do we characterize them is not what they're coming across to me now we'll see what they say Saturday. But I think you're gonna see pretty much what you heard on my show it's pretty much richer are gonna here on Saturday. Now a further point and I wanna dive into the phone calls. Have you noticed that in the wake of Charlottesville. V drumbeat. Of them of the narrative coming from the media. Is that you had the neo Nazis on one side and the white supremacists. And then quote unquote count her protesters. On the other site. In other words you had the bad guys the neo Nazis. And then don't good guy writes. The so called counter protesters as if they're all just in all a bunch of innocent good decent people who just hate Nazis and the kkk. That's a lot of that's why would Donald Trump said to me was so truthful and accurate and frankly refreshment. Finally some honesty because the other side the way the media is painting a guy that he's really just be patient innocent counter protesters. Just take Nazis. And then you've got the Nazis on the other side. None of them home. And Garrett Kirkland touched on this and he thought was on the other site. And he fought is the one with the black fatigues and the black masks. Which pair sticks and clubs and baseball bats. And homemade flame throwers who are like a roving band of fascists themselves. I hacking and assaulting people left right and center how come the media is not reporting that ante for terrorists were there. That black Weis terrorists were fair and that they were itching for a fight. In other words do what you really had in Charlottesville. It's exactly what Garrett Kirkland pointed out like Weimar Germany you led the marxists. And the national socialists. Fighting it out on the streets. Or to be more specific. Because they weren't way Reena hammer and sickle you had the fascists the Nazis. And the left fascists. The liberal fascists the empty cup fascists US cool bands a fascist going at each other's throats. Now that's a fact. That is a complete fact that the media is deliberately. Either ignoring or trying to sweep under the rug. And to me the most shameful ball. Because I know all the media is in the popular the Democratic Party and I know they're out to destroy trumped. And I know that they have been aligned with the all left now for years. And the alt left is essentially dare spawn and their creation I get that. The Democrats the media has been in bed with black lives matter and anti for for years. But what I don't get to be honest if you are these Republicans. Mitch McConnell. Lecturing trump there are no good not cease. John Kasich. Saying the president's comments blaming both sides were quote unquote pathetic. But he gets even worse. Mick maniac. Mitt Romney mark core role be old. They are now literally joining the Republicans for anti fan club as bright part put it. So now you almost have pro and T far Republicans. We're by John McCain is now come out and said there can be norm moral equivalency. Whatever violence came from the ante for people. Is known is not the equivalent of the violence from the Nazis in other words not seized bad and T five good. Mitt Romney I couldn't believe his tweets. Quote. On the two sides and by the way he knew Lou and you know is that anti fire and black lives matter were on the other side. In other words he knows that left wing terrorists were on the other side. No not the same. One side is racist bigot did not see. The other opposes racism and bigotry. Morally different universities. This is on this was his tweet this is unbelievable. Rubio in his tweet. Actually went so far as to say listen to this. That'd be because neo nazism. Is violent speech. Did the speech is apparently violent. Then the violence from the other side becomes justified. In other words rubio saying hey you found people wants to unload on white supremacist sort neo Nazis or or white nationalist. Go ahead baby. Unload. Sticks right to the head BitTorrents right to the skull. This is sickening. I'm sorry. But free speech is free speech is free speech. And violence is violence is violence. And violence from the left is as bad as violence from the right. And violence from white supremacists. Is as bad as violence from 95 herb block why as a matter. And so what we're now seen believe it or not easy political immediate establishment. That is now coddling 95 and black lives matter. Coddling liberal fascists. Or rioting looting. Pillaging murdering and beating people. Because they happen not to Wear white hood over their head. It is absolutely. Sickening. And I pray that the rally on Saturday. There is no violence. But if 95 and block wise matter show up. Don't be surprised if there is. Skip the itself fee going head skipped. I chipped. Or at nick equipment and I'd like to say. At that point to be. Black like that. I chest racist and a maggot. Supreme white supremacist and and that inkjet if they were confident they didn't realize it but. Like it keep it in the Internet that witty black lights that it you know from the get match. I wouldn't at a crime even in artistic touch you the catch 22 EE two at an incentive. Cops in yeah. And I must support out. I want you people actually touched the match with act. What would you wage with a little wall to wall a rate that tickle. Our nickel. We can't have that care plays that. By began about I think you should hear it over an old and we need the Heidi look who should this thing come and puts Eddie. It is not what are going to be tolerated and that they are just. And Brady let's play that again. Where he goes on about the race since the anti semites not because skippy when you listen to Gary Kirkland. Okay and how reasonable he is he's a look now we have by the First Amendment he's he's a center left guy he's. This is set to love you. And he says you know we have that freedom of speech and we have to be able to discuss our issues and because if you don't have freedom of speech thought we talked to one another in the First Amendment is the most important amendment and so I'm you listening to Derek Kirkland. And so this is the reality of at least one of the speakers of this free speech rally. And look at the picture that Marty Walsh has banked and look how diametrically. Opposed it needs to reality. Roll it to Britney. We also have a message of hate groups especially any that a plane to come to a city this weekend. Boston is not welcome you here Boston does not want you here Boston rejects your message. We reject racism we reject white supremacy. We reject anti semitism. We reject the kkk. We reject neo Nazis. Rejected master terrorism and we reject patriot. And we will do every single thing in our power to keep hay out of our city. Where's the heat. I mean really wears the anti semitism where's they hate what you want and all the hate you woman holding anti semitism. Really caught as my witness the spotlight as a matter accent he fought. I. Black lives matter openly calls for the murder of whites and call ups and T fall on to Jews are just as bad as the white supremacists. Never mind their call for the overthrow of the American government what are these people talking about it. So they're projecting. All of the sense. Of the radical terrorist left. Upon bees but what column libertarian with a liberal progressives. Out. Whatever and progressive libertarian I do what you wanna calm kind of center or center left guys civil liberties supporters free speech advocates. This is insane. Now if they're really gonna be six or 101000 counter protesters. If farm at that rally I commend them for their courage don't get me wrong but I'd be very nervous. Because if they start running wild different he found black lies matter start running wild. And remember in Charlottesville this is indisputable. The video footage is there they threw the first punch. Look nothing justifies getting into car and mowing the poor woman now but to me is disgusting beyond belief. But the fact of the matter is we actual fist fights in the club being in the stick in him when that started it was and he thought that threw the first punch. I don't be surprised if they throw the first punch this Saturday. So when I'm warning commissioner Evans is you better have a very heavy police presence. And you better put a wall of call ups. Between RTO. I'm no longer so sure. Welcome Daniel. Okay I'm good how are you Daniel. Where the wild that if you that equipment a lot of callers but that is pretty unique respective. There here a lot better than those tornadoes what was Jewish. Have no problem would like careless saying or even if the web and you're not rally. And affect me also to get on the stats I mean we wanted to I called it when you had several topics before I'm happy to comment on and not get have been on the lap or. Well Daniel I bought my question to you is this obviously you're Smart man your thirty years of age you're a law student. I'm just curious as a somebody of the Jewish faith through the Jewish. I'm Jewish heritage whoever. If there was just for argument sake you neo Nazi white supremacist rally on Boston Common look. My father for my grandfather captain Nazis I hate the Nazis they massacred up my family so just you norm coming from as well. But if they do awful permit. Don't they have the right to peaceful means to you unless they're promoting violence don't they have a right to you know freedom of assembly is this still on America. Of course we have the First Amendment that we have the decisions that are upheld that. About 3040 years ago it got them to not use one much Skokie Illinois a pound bill of holocaust survivors and the London. Supreme Court upheld that unanimously. There are in China also delivered and important note a lot of understanding but it wouldn't touch and all of that. Our right to increase page my annual at Atlanta right now you know on the two trillion in deficit is and how is that. Not he would have to have a right to repeat though because the thing laws in force play at these or law and I got. I think it was their right to each of them used the lip and our right to speech after the collapse all because they can't defend a policy on the merits. And up a lot of money at it but that silence you know comfortable there as conservative Republicans. You know unit made up I believe the results of what max's belt and you know protest sign at in the not if that'll inevitably go out and it. Brilliant. Daniel Libby ever call to show before. Now my good friend actually put me on your optimal days and I looked and thought it'd. Daniel do me a favor here that by the way you're gonna be very successful lawyer my friend I can see that they're very Smart guy. Do me a favor or cult show again don't be a stranger Daniel. The governor calling him a lot school there are very Smart guy generic but he got direct line to. Get Daniel let me ask you this. Yeah yeah obviously conservative correct. Newly actually that's what I mean you're just too Smart but to see that on you like the guy does kind of IQ can't be a liberal is a liberal I can't do it. I'd I'd have talked about Paula that you got an echo chambers then about this summer. I looked at different idea that night spot these arguments actually in my persuasive and now I'm pretty people to do in the thought that. Annual god bless you my friend call us again okay Michael and Charles town go ahead Michael. I don't where I want to welcome welcome Michael. So. Between Israel and I would do everything indicated that your article this Saturday. And support the freedom speech. Now I'll call I want to welcome you know British Open and it'd be Walsh president. Sit and delegates before and I'll amount. Tampering critics. That you can't. Call it an apple since. In Albany speech at city. Music group speaking you better your. Future school quite a lot. And I don't know all of some people remember this board member a few years ago. Yet the threat around the traditional truck decided so you know I'd run for president. In the market watchers don't City Hall plus. Any good I spoke to. Although water Axl Rose you know at the challenger Donald Trump. And like the next fatally wrong that day you know go out global. Trump responses. A little odd ball without the complete any is a cloud in the sense that goal monitored very you know what (%expletive) her over. I completely calm. Crane at Federer can help market I think the cold water frozen brain. By the way it took a bucket challenge. It kind of froze his brain and it kind of like gave him permanent brain damage. But at least that that's my theory. Okay 6172666868. We're gonna be taking more of your calls. And Silicon Valley winner cool goal FaceBook. Now turn against free speech in the wake of Charlottesville. What die Howell is going on here. The voice of Boston. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston it's 2 o'clock.