Boston College students target in acid attacks in France

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Monday, September 18th

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Austin. You're 35. Here on the great WRK. Oh OK my friends. It is an intern national story. With a major local angle and yet the local media here are downplaying. An obvious truth. Regarding what took place this weekend in March say in the south of France so for those of you that haven't heard. Four female boss think call its foreign exchange students. And their names have now been released as well as their pictures. Are I have to say they look like wonderful. I say kids in a very affectionate way young women. 121 years of age are really salt of the earth. You can just tell by looking at these pictures really just good decent kids students young students. Court ruled several link Charlotte Kaufman. Michelle Krug and Kelsey cost them I mangled any of the names my apologies. They were there in the south of France it's the end of the holy season three of them attend a school or exchange students so they go to class in Paris another one is in Copenhagen. And so they weren't a south of France catching a train heading back to Paris. As they were at the guard DeMar say he saint Charles station Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. In 41 year old female attacker. Using a cleaning substance. Containing hydrochloric. Acid. Sprayed their faces. With acid it was and it was an acid attack. The purpose which to burn their faces off. Two of the girls were sprayed in the face. By the grace of god they were not seriously injured. Two of the other girls just had ousted fly but it went on their legs. So they didn't suffer any kind of facial burns. One of the students the young women apparently has partial loss of vision in one of rice. Now. This store we went everywhere. The Daily Telegraph the times of London. Even to New York Times the Washington Post that got picked. Up everywhere. The police immediately said. That the 41 year old female attacker. Did not shout out Allahu Akbar that she did not shout out a slogan. And they claim that she suffers from corn quote deep psychological problems that they've backed the exact wording to be huge deep psychological problems. And so they don't believe that this attack was terrorism related. And immediately. The local media here like the parents that they are they don't want to do any investigating. Or any kind of a journalism or anything. They just vote no. Wasn't terrorism nothing malicious intended just a crazy woman. Nobody wants to look in to. What the French media is reporting another word to the media that are closest to the attack. Who've done profiles on the female attacker. And noxious simply take the words of the authorities who as you know our very politically correct. And we'll do everything they can't try to cover up crimes committed by Muslims. Well the female attacker. Allegedly. Suffered facial burns herself. When she was a much younger she was also the victim of an acid attack on her face. Because in Muslim culture it's Andy Muslim societies. For women especially young attractive women. To walk around without a veil. Did not have a huge job. A burka to not cover their face. Is considered blasphemous. And offensive. And anti Islam. And so for that she also had acid thrown in her face. And so one of the reasons why she targeted goals for Boston College female foreign exchange students. Was out of revenge. For what had happened to her. In other words I had my face burned now I want you were face to burn. How in the local media here is in playing up this angle at all. How come their burying this seminal truth. That in France. And the French media reported on this right after the attack. There are hundreds of acid attacks upon French women every year or foreigners or tourists or western women. That in fact in England in Britain right across the the English Channel. Last year alone 450. British women. Suffered massive attacks from Muslim extremists or Islamic fundamentalists. What's the send because western women walk around. With no bail. They don't cover their faces no key job and sold they want them to cover their faces he would throw acid in their face. What goes Boston College students suffered. Is increasingly out increasingly now becoming mainstream. It is becoming a common occurrence. Whether it be in France. Where 3-D in Britain whether it be in Germany where the read BMS. Add them. Whether it be in Italy and other words and all of these European countries where they have imported large. Large elements of the Muslim population. The more Muslim refugees they bring in. The more Muslims they bring in from North Africa and the Middle East. The more they bring their Islamic customs traditions and frankly some of them their barbaric ways with them. And one of them is I acid attacks on women. Now. I know the Boston Globe how to front page story yes. True. But where's the editorial. How calm the liberals in this state all of them supposedly feminists. All of them there Elizabeth Warren supporters by the way where's the chief fund its but let that go. Where channel four worst channel five where's channel seven where's channel and where's channel 25 where our day. In condemning this attack. On the faces of these four Boston College female foreign exchange students by a Muslim attacker. You wanna talk about patriarchy. You wanna talk about sexism. You wanna talk about misogyny. You wanna talk about oppression of women. What is more sexist what is more patriarch all what is more misogynist stick. Than compelling women after covered themselves from head at all and in part they could have to cover their faces. I ask you. And then if you don't. To splashed their faces with acid. To dish Figaro them. To make them ugly. To mutilate him. To ravage them. To desecrate them. Where's the Boston Globe. How come there editorials are screaming about this. Where where where's WGBH. Where's NPR. World book liberal feminist professors at how the outcome they're not all up in a Tizzy about this notice. Whenever Muslims commit crimes especially against women the left there silence is deafening. It is absolutely deafening now I said this to Britain always to a pre show meeting. Should Britney let's flip it. Let's just say there was one quote deranged I trump supporter. They would quote unquote deep psychological problems. Some personal gut acid thrown in their face when they were young. And so now. They attack for Boston College female students forget France they do it here and they throw acid in the face. They threw acid in their faces. Do you think they would be doing. Lifestyle puff pieces. On channel four per channel ten or whatever about. Foreign exchange to dance you have to be careful when you go to Europe careful with your daughter or your son and you have to these at a tips you need and. Or we Dave beat condemning Donald Trump himself sent look at the furor. Look at Hitler. Just like the Nazis were out assaulting women and try to oppress women. This is the new patriarchy. This is the new sexism. This is the new misogyny. Forget grabbing them by the you're throwing acid in women's faces. Their stoning them for adultery. In most Muslim countries women are not allowed to vote are not allowed to drive a car they're not allowed to have an education. They're not even allowed to. Face their accuser when their rate unless they have multiple males who'll corroborate their story. Where's the outrage. How come the lives never speak out against that. Where is Elizabeth Warren. Where's the Boston Globe. Nowhere. And the only thing the liberals in this state now worry about. Is almighty god. What will happen come my little Cindy or my little Jenny because for all of these limousine liberals. Whether it be in Cambridge. Orwell's leaked or new moon or Brookline or whatever swamps caught you can pick pick your neighborhood. Sending their daughter or son off to do a semesters say in the city of love Paris. Or in London or in Berlin. Or in my lawn it's like a rite of passage. Flickr read a passage. So all they're worried about is will my child had an acid thrown in my face but god forbid. You should actually single aisle to perpetrate. God forbid you should try to call out and hold accountable. The faith. The religion. The culture the political religious ideology. That justifies. And supports all that's. Dan they don't want to say award. Then all they care about the floor votes. Well that we don't want your eight year and all they hear no home for hate you trump voter you. You wanna throw acid in women's faces a c'mon mount Jeff Jeff c'mon now. I say any you say B I say tomato you sick a model let a thousand flowers bloom Jeff. Everybody is welcome Jeff all faiths are welcome Jeff. 61720666868. Is the number. Let me ask you this. For Boston College. Female foreign exchange students. She parade with I see it anymore say train station. Why is the media had downplaying. The Muslim connection. And the Muslim angle. Why will they not let the people know that asset at packs. By Muslims. On western women in France. Britain across Europe have been soaring. The last several years. Are they cowards. Or do they just not care about women's rights for all of their talk. 61720666868. Will you be telling your children. To avoid France and Europe. Will you be sending your children to be an exchange student 6170666868. Your calls. Next now there's another way elicited WR KL Alexa voice Obama I'm totally RK. Pat in Beverly you're first going head patent. Yeah I'm Dylan good. I'll blood under at the register for a couple of listeners out there that they don't find it a democratic actor but at the mercy police. 41 year old but unstable woman there's no collection it connection it is on a brotherhood or. Ice is there any. Really any muscle at all and the vast majority of the attacks in England as ordered sixty have reported that the attack at a London police department and they say gang related. So I'm not entirely sure you're getting them well connection here. While she and if you read the French press she is a Muslim you know. All if you read the report and mark say police department she's 41 year old month mentally unstable woman. Well no I did mention that that she's an unstable woman and that she's got deep psychological problems but the fact is. Also sure to judge what we believe. We'll get to that hold on pat we'll get to that in a second so the fact is that she's a Muslim. This was done to her when she was younger because she didn't cover her face. And so she's never really recovered from dot and so she feels a lot of anger and frustration now. It's four women being forced to cover their faces. You know only Saudi Arabia women are compelled to have to cover themselves head to toe. When they get out of the house you know. Out on a repressive. And you think that didn't utter idiot you think hold on hold on I'm just getting warmed up Almonte. Any wrong you know it's the same thing you realize that. And cutter in the United Arab Emirates in Kuwait. In large parts of Pakistan. In large parts of Afghanistan. I could go country after country if you want increasingly now in Turkey really only. Merit no no no no no no I don't wanna play those games the fact of the matter is that in most Muslim cultures and in most Muslim societies. Women are fundamentally oppressed. They have to cover themselves from head at all. They are at best second class citizens. They're denied the right to vote are denied their right to have an education. In many countries it can even pro life. Now that's just the fact now why is it as you as a self proclaimed liberal or progressive why will you not condemn his long. Why would you not speak out against the Muslim thing. Think it's just right now the eagle on behalf and I I choose want to speak for everybody to buy I can't do that. But I condemn people. And violent action like this would be almost like being they do not belong in the world they're not okay if they are replicated in name of his armor into religion. But they are not representative of that religion. I think that won't know well hold on 12 and that I think that you would agree that if someone. Commit you know those Planned Parenthood baltics and in crucial and it. We're Brian. And ride a ride now the evil Christians unbelievable. Nominal let me ask you this story. Not pat let me ask you this this and cut. Are you are being very serious are you a Muslim scholar. Are you almost don't tell Obama has to question are you Muslim scholar. No I don't think you're either hold on hold up are you an expert on Islam. I again I am not but I don't think that you are fine that's okay. But I'm not speaking at target it I know but I'm not I'm not speaking on behalf of their religion you war. You said a recent hold on I'm pat let me get the question now you said that this is not representative of their faith how do you know that. It because. Coral red color on wanting straw poll won't occur on a few radical Iran. So then you know explicitly what the Koran says about women men. Yeah I know the Bible and none and then I'm not asking you about the Bible had been OK I'm asking when you said I don't believe you how to. I don't believe you've read the core Ron but these since you've read the car Ron because I have. Path. So I can cite you chapter and verse tell me what does the cry and say about women. All my god. And the like the facts are you saying look at these moon bats. See they can't argue on the facts so notice christianity christianity the christianity along I'll ask you about Islam. Date they can't answer it because if they look at Islam itself. Is a long needs to be fundamentally reformed. And the liberals don't have the guts to call fort. Jam in Boston I've got one minute go ahead Jim. They gap. It is sober remarks thank him on because my my. Except in the traffic here is mark cougar that you are over Aaron you know if you work it. Depositions in your set up and not its sophomore we my wife artist record on Italy or semester. Look at all these issues and with those of great concern you know what you're you know I knew that the citizens of the world you could garner. You know we packed into several of these things can happen anywhere you know you really can't live your career they have the glow. And and live your life. In Kuwait news you know it is going abroad for massive which large lead regular go. I would like to me to leave the court he's. He's been honestly awfully slow and old hero within that excerpt well allegedly cortisone eat a sex ring mommy make he decisions. You know him into it and ordered out of the system. Barber chair and under Jim you're completely right listen look. Your daughter should go to Italy but she has to be careful she has to be alert. And she can't cover the wool over rice and I think you're being a great dad. OK in my friends I'm up against that OK please Mike confrontation with senator Elizabeth Warren. It's up on WORK old dot com. Please watch it send it around I'll have the fallout. Tomorrow on the corner report got to go. A report he's been presented by Kelly financial services the voice of Boston it's. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston.