Blake Burman (Fox Business, Health Care Plan Update)


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If there's so much controversy. Around the Affordable Care Act AK a obamacare and whether it's repealed or not I act I lose track of it fortunately we have access to Blake Burman from fox business and he's got easier to regret heir to the ground he can help us understand what's going on with health care I'd like. Hey good morning immaturity track commitment there's been back. Try to make that the. Okay. Where where are we now I thought the ad I thought there was a bipartisan agreement that I guess the president doesn't like it. There was a lesson 24 hour rehearsal for president trump on Mari Alexander bipartisan deal. Democratic senator Republican senator that appears to have been struck worker has struck me that would put more on being in QB that yet our payment. Over the next two years while also giving. Interpret area like. I think they have more flexibility to opt out of about their vision the president on Monday and that Rose Garden. Europe Tuesday rather. Earlier this week that at all action that point. But at what point in the current weight behind it. And then later came out and bad and there Anders yesterday backed up. You know that there was supported. It would you payment to the insurer. That it is supposed to be a short term fix. A bipartisan compromise in the about it Bryant at about him that and how did the White House is now again well. Or the governors are for it. So yes that the but you also have a lot of high level Republican opposition against that it is a short term solution but in the mean time that it's been might not be going anywhere. So just fur and where are we going forward yeah what what's gonna happen to. People that are covered by the Affordable Care Act going into 2018. Well keep in mind that this one's. Action is our payment the president cut off. For the next month shortly and that is or a a portion. Like it that it payments. Give insurance companies or low income family. The greater insurance market at least about it or market is. If they're afraid stabilized in the yeah where the blame lies that they've political and economic argument that an hour days on. You know. The president was asked. In the Rose Garden earlier this week. Well year public health care plan multiple failed earlier this summer the Gramm asked if bill would put some block grants for the states. Mark what is your plan what is the Republican plan that the president and he responded by throwing its weight behind. At grand Cassidy elbit block grant that they built the mind and the president doesn't will be taken up early next year. They still have to do actual form well first off a budget vote today. Then tax reform. Then spending bill in December and the president wants to get to this. Early next year is an awfully ambitious timeline and not to mention about a year now means you'll talk radio about mr. Which halt political dynamic in and into that. And the apple situation. So I mean where and and noted that there is that a lot between now on. From a consumer perspective though would how does this impact the the guy is making thirty grand a year. And buying his health insurance through obamacare C getting hurt is what would or his or her neutral. And you know it depends what state here and obviously premiums are going up. A lot of these they had been wanting a resolution on the CSR payment that they can't. I put out their pricing models that is obviously an October study. When he is I think a lot of the insurer are out there in Ottawa. That are out. And everybody says they want ex pat obviously there's just no real app for Alice. But how to do it or are really stripping a rep pat there's no legislation now. The try to settlement. Beef you're young and healthy are you winner on this deal if it the people they're both likely to be damaged. Are old and sick vs young and healthy. Which which the only topic referring to. Well the the pulling the plug it in the president's action of of pulled the funding. And allowing young people to buy and the on more importantly black or lesser coverage righty because. Brett a thirty year old can now say one is gonna buy a skinny package. But that's gonna hurt somebody who's older and sick as I understand. Well back and that would be expected orders that the president signed I believe last week but keep in mind. We need to figure out certain regulatory process she's about what is name on the and on for the paper. It's still subject because that the executive order. Or at least that's the executive order to go to the regulatory process. And that's not a eight days or that brought eight week event that is something that's gonna take. Months and months and months found alive administration. Basically conceded that that that could be a six month I think so even then. Yeah once again that bring you into. March April. Man a somewhere in there. When the president wants to once again tackle that that grant capital and I forget it. Who even knows the health care as tax reform rather it going to be done by that because that it happened to clear the path. Politically or or any. Major healthcare legislation. Got Blake thank you for joining us appreciate your time. Aren't there. So I'm not sure I know anymore now denying new ten minutes ago I think it just gives shows the amount of confusion and lack of direction at this.