Blake Burman (Fox Business, GOP Tax Plan Update)

Blake Burman (Fox Business, GOP Tax Plan Update) by The Financial Exchange


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Anthony Weiner jailed for 21 months for sexting underage girl 25 September 2017 These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Weiner jailed for sexting underage girl Ex-New York congressman Anthony Weiner burst into tears as he was sentenced to 21 months in jail for sending sexually explicit messages to an underage girl. He pleaded guilty in May to transferring obscene material to a minor and agreed not to appeal against a prison sentence of 27 months or less. Weiner, 53, quit Congress in 2011 over a sex scandal and was again exposed in his 2013 run for New York mayor. His lawyers had asked a US District Judge for probation instead of jail. But in sentencing Weiner, Judge Cote said: "This is a serious crime that deserves serious punishment." "Anthony Weiner, a former Congressman and candidate for Mayor, asked a girl who he knew to be 15 years old to display her naked body and engage in sexually explicit behaviour for him online," Acting Manhattan US Attorney Joon H Kim said in a statement on Monday. "Justice demands that this type of conduct be prosecuted and punished with time in prison." In addition to jail time, Weiner was sentenced to three years of supervised release, according to a statement from the US Attorney's Office. Weiner's attorneys contended the former politician had acted out of the "depths of an uncontrolled sickness" and was now seeking treatment. In a letter to US District Judge Denise Cote, Weiner said he felt "profound" regret for his crimes and his "continued acting out over years crushed the aspirations" of his wife, Huma Abedin, and ruined their marriage. Ms Abedin filed for divorce on the same day her husband was found guilty in May. She did not attend the sentencing, but asked for leniency on their son's behalf in a letter to the judge. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Anthony Weiner (L) and Huma Abedin split last year An investigation into Weiner's sexting case played a role in last year's 2016 presidential election, when authorities found emails on his laptop from Ms Abedin, who was a senior aide to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. A separate FBI investigation into Mrs Clinton's private use of email while she was secretary of state was closed after officials said nothing incriminating was found. The FBI began investigating Weiner last September after the Daily Mail reported that he had exchanged obscene messages with a North Carolina teenager. The 15-year-old girl said he had asked her to undress on camera. A month earlier, Ms Abedin announced she was separating from her husband after it emerged he sent a photo of himself in his underpants with his toddler son nearby. The New York Post reported that Weiner had sent sexual messages along with the photo to an unidentified woman in 2015. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionAnthony Weiner: "You're my judge? What rabbi taught you that?" Once a rising Democratic star, he stepped down from Congress in June 2011 after a graphic image sent from his Twitter account went public. Initially claiming his account was hacked, he eventually confessed to having lied. Weiner also admitted indulging in explicit online exchanges with at least six other women and pledged to seek therapy. He tried to revive his political career in 2013 by running for mayor of New York. But his campaign imploded amid reports of further graphic online messages. Tax reform as the number one issue on many American's mind and we're joined now by Blake Burman from the Fox Business Network to talk about it. I don't like. I'm doing all right it. It's kind of wild. Tax reform coming out the week and that might be at their port big story like. This critically when you think about it. Critic Monday. Let it may be third or fourth but Alitalia in terms of long term economic impact it's number one where are ready and when will we actually see. What the proposal looks like from the Republican Party. When they've indicated that. You know you're gonna the president on the road. And Indiana and that's the day that you can expect this summer BL I'm old. He put forth that it locker initially told we gonna twenty victory are one that September 20 cents. But. It is going to be getting the the next order as. Okay so in the next 48 hours we're gonna get a look at what are you hearing from Capitol Hill what's it gonna look like. What are the rates going to be easy state tax gonna continue with wood with what do you what do the rumors telling. What do start on the latter minutes opt for awhile. About it estate tax going. You know Tony says it was on our air this morning he is now part of the White House cop shop it will allow. The tax reform plan and the the message from him was you're gonna be a lot of the deductions. You're gonna do this state and income tax deduction go but you know others they're gonna be some of the very high profile ones of course being you know a terrible production. The mortgage deduction and bill or you're not gonna get I don't believe. A lot of intricate details on Wednesday you know I think you're gonna BA a book produced you know Hagerty guys talk about the last car that rolled out. You know how how wine you're you're gonna get a lot of hotline levels stop and an ordinary bit the line from the White House folks close to that Bedard allowed the the committee's sort of fill in the details and fill in the gap and you eat you know they expression doubled in the seat belt that is certainly the case or what does what. What about the top rate of 39 point 6% does that connect continue is easy don't they if is congress gonna leave that in to get some democratic votes. So they're talking about Rory all the the question is for the top end earners how well it is gonna go. And then when you take away you know popular in the city California or if you live it and major for example. When they get rid of that. You know state and and local income tax while. How low it actually going to be. Back on Wednesday were gonna feel a bit but you know an incident and it was our about it this morning on honesty and the messages now from the white out. You know initially they were saying that the tax break for all out there now they're trying is the brain that middle income focus and they're not so worried as much about. But the top and folks and a power and a chicken with the. We hear about the hedge funds Muniz and Donald Trump during the election when after the hedge funds saying they're not paying their fair share of tax and fact of the matter is they pay 23%. In. You know the anesthesiologists. Is paying 43. Bret priority for them and and I don't think you're gonna hear a lot of that on Wednesday are gonna try to raid nets. And pay a bill class tax cut you're probably gonna get. Great layout I doubt you're gonna be some you know it matched with income. By you know I don't think the focus on Wednesday as it's gonna be on on that part of it I think it and and it said happy. You know I. It's it's not gonna be a and everything I'm hearing aid back and roll out you know chapter of chapter chapter that details. Think we get this done by the end of the year is this a 2018 project. They've got a couple that different that it on the one for the White House Treasury Secretary Paul Ryan are insistent. That that they wanna get this done and what seventy. However Mitch McConnell keep talking about that Congo. This congress that a lot different than 2017 because that all believe. The door open for fall of next year. You know there's there's a lot going on they're gonna try to do that grand Cassidy thing this week which is health care. You know and and it and based data that tax reform is their number one priority whether it's done this year. Or this congress. Is there's still an outstanding question. Would Teddy. Now now now not on the out front like about it you know in the main focus here for men and and and what they talk about it when when he talked to people air. Across BC is. You know how this is gonna play out. Want the corporate tax yup and to do or the average you know average Stanley of course held somewhere in Europe is on the nightly news. I bet that that's kind of I believe what what budgeted for the most part on one. If bunker had tried to the issue she is a big proponent of some kind of increased child tax care credit pray that that's good that's something that would be. Well received by millennia all's I can tell the that that's an important issue for young people. And Democrats yeah yeah right better than it is an issue that strikes all the Democrats however. It's one that. It is necessarily a Republican priority here at an early I think that Republicans circle around you. I highly doubt that that. Dot org and it. Or at least some of mass civil allow. Of new child error. Policy because it is at at this point. They're trying to reform the tax code and and they got a certain. Handful or certain you know group of issues that they want and that's something. That is that it says politically at least maybe maybe some some sort of credit on that making its way and but the wholesale change. That you talked about it the president has mentioned. That is one of the enveloped it went is it at all. Right and Blake got a mean to blind side you but his health care dead. While. You know they they. But I knew. The new generation of an over the weekend you which has more relaxed got more money for pain and at a specifically Lisa Murkowski into the column but the problem. And rebel spokesperson I believe with a bomb to set that you either get back. Ted Cruz said that it now likely art or. What currently ban it in Collins. And that no. McCain is that now out nearly at its ants we've got a lot of goes yeah if you potential notes and the reality of it is. Is they have until Thursday maybe Friday afternoon. Before the Jewish holiday of the younger port sets and before they're able to do that because as of October 1 may lose the reconciliation. Ability specifically healthcare being. That's the new fiscal year and try to use it acts. Got it got it Blake thank you very much for your time in your insight we appreciate. You gotta get Blake Burman Fox Business. I think what we heard he can correct me if I'm wrong track health care is dead tax reform. Looks like it's got legs tax reforms alive but I don't know if it's gonna look quite like what we thought it was initially know that that's kind of the message that I got is there might now be. The same kinds of change that we were initially expecting. And maybe not the same breath but still you know having some changes just to make things a little bit easier and cleaner what do you hear from your generation and that old child tax credit issue me because we love that child care office. Is is is a big issue I mean you look at the cost. A day up here now. Maybe it's because of the region of the country we live in. It if it's more expensive in New England than it is anywhere while maybe California's. Justice expect Massachusetts is the most expensive states for child care in the country you know it is and it's not even close 44 year old in Massachusetts it's about 121000 dollars all of the only DC is higher seed a lot of families who can afford. No and that's only get one kid break right to get one very.