The Big Ka-uhner

President Trump is on the verge of announcing his FBI pick after this monstrosity of a week in the political world. Who will the FBI pick be? It's now been rumored that it very well might be former Democratic Senator, Joe Lieberman. 


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URG you know. Home the voice. We'll get back to. Secondly do you have to say as I'm watching him on the screen behind you can meet Karen pence line dance studio is just unbelievably owner. So impressed easily and it's cold and look at that and really a precedent some of that out. I knew we don't know her at all now we do that is just don't pretty easily all we know about areas that are husband won't go anywhere without her for fear of trouble. And yet his guy just picks or opt in and starts thrown around in advance and then she's like horrified to learn I didn't like. It's just hilarious and love it. 62666868. Is our number and we are talking about whether the president. Should hold his own press conferences do away with like the the press spokesperson. On a regular basis he would obviously still soon have a spice or war someone like Spicer. But these would be holding his press conference all the time and said the present would come out once a week. And speak on his own behalf I think I would be huge mistake BBE sort of thinks it's a good idea let's check in with Mike Milbury as he what do you think's. I. I think what can the trampled rights thing we can all agree he doesn't listen to anybody it doesn't take responsibility. He has no self discipline her nose self control. In when he gets on the Twitter machine. It's seventeen year old cheerleader with no date to the problem. He is Matt. So. Might they have to just. Let them go out there and it's just what this its whole thing implode. Once and for all in we can move on in an amount just let him implode. One armed. And will be done with this nightmare this dumpster fire that happens every week with this guy he's never gonna listen he's seventy years old. It's not in the cards in I am just so darn it that I cannot watch this anymore. So our. You know. I think having kids is every iron just in the mediate got together. Okay keep it from the union mission every damn week Egypt can't stop. That the problems in the barrel. You're fired the FBI director okay that's that's bad enough but the government Robin in the guide me on Twitter in interviews you threaten them. How would that ever gonna change that this guy. It's not he's never gonna learn it's 27 year old grant park he's the ways not changing. We all have to would. Well this is why I think it would be a mistake for him to go out and speak on his own behalf even though. I think you know yesterday he was pretty measured me just it was spoke gill like Belichick but like a channel because many bella checks in the world I don't think you can you can do. Quick show lands. Hoc group bullies might in Melbourne was a trump owner. Yes he sounds of the her great joy hands now he would I don't know no way no way around. No way. I dare it doesn't matter to me Baghdad's that was clever enough Smart but I'm not buying and no way be used. Most of what might just set a lot of people knew anyway pardoning withdrawn biz you got to take the good with the bad you've got. We saw how many how many times up a New Hampshire do we hear him drop the F funded we hear him tell people punched people in the pacers say I would do. This is not know OK don't act like all of a sudden you're like wow where is this comment from around I feel so cheated I'd buyer's remorse. You know you were by and if you're from voter you know you're buying when you're gone. I would I would argue that I think a lot of people believed because time and time again this was said oh you just wait when he gets in office. You know there's going to be people around him he's getting symbol the bass he's Golub listen to advisors and where. And that certainly has not been the case. And I don't think. Mean I wonder what Mike said it was true which he fires the gun and he comes out mr. castle and amp. And I think I think about my mind he didn't say wow maybe I shouldn't have done that as. Prozac will never change he's right about then that will never change although again because call me when household an early doing hi Gloria possible that it does. The difference with what I'm talking about is a Texas says oh really be how is more from the front of the camera but I deer for trump. Isn't this way. There's never never one thing me you can point to with the Sean Spicer breast arms ago yes. Yes if you're trump far. It's all bad or it's not that I don't think that's true absolutely no on your nearly striking my brother and laughing with him or you're making fun of him and laughing at them but either way your making fun of in try gays I don't inclusion sorry yesterday where there's some good there's some bad news some ugly but at least there's some good. That's why he's a better candidate for this and Spicer now to know because here's the reason why because the bad can be much worse. For the president than any Bentley I just hit a half but at least it's he's very few are trump supporter you don't want that bad. That mean he is bad could be really bad out there drop is the epitome of if you want something done right do we yourself to doing yourself. Well then live with the consequences. Barber is ending on good morning. Hi I'm currently I think whether or not she doesn't. Big news conference once a week they got all we find something to complain about. Shall I don't think it's a good idea. But I thought it say on another note. I would let you think you. To cope component Miette. Yeah what a good mood or have to see what the big co owner. Went right. And we eagerly. Leaker. Who was. Rich I mean that's the story that's out there are no one knows yet. What rush. No one. Else again memorize the wall that result there can be multiple league's number one number two. The the separate story that did Hannity in particular continues to get all worked up about the dude there's. There's a lot more murky about that and areas fact because the guy that acts got dead ball roll in this region since. Battier anyway you are qualities yeah way off of it let's just put it that way right until there's nothing to do you know factually. That you know the big defense of the Russian. Stores where is swears to brief. Well I would so I would argue that the same could be argued against average case. There's some murkiness there for sure. But nothing there is no new fact. There was a guy that said definitively that it was set rage in the NC and said well I haven't seen anything and I don't know that. And I'm backing off of in fact he was hired by the family in the Stanley said that's bull. I don't know I don't know when separates but there's no definitive there. Let me go to Lou losing Rhode Island is morning good morning low what do you think. I do okay good morning balked at the first of Lattimore part of such urgent or not I'm not for the whole thing is that. It's up to merchants something or an. And if so is about blowing mr. trump the media will be all over instead the media restoring out of its way to downplay this at church. And so what I don't know. And meet you this guy and global force some ridiculous talk about it oh god about changing. It's oh tiger and changing your stripes without Bill Clinton you'll go to clintons ever changing your strikes. And then might bring up the same without feeling is just always going to pay to play is always something serious about the clintons wasn't the person that you voted for. But I think it's really important. There is that Donald Trump's simply Tokyo has been attacked by entertainment media. Well the news media. An average bumpers. And and he still held his ground because he's such a basic principles. That's a large percentage of American public voted for dough ball lowering taxes. Bring jobs to America I think they hate and he's against the open borders that's I think that the Democrats really hate B did dumping all over I think trump you're back is based. No doctors based on promoting the policies that that people voted for and I think you'd be better off doing that but it's been a matter is is that. The Democrats that people in the swamp do not want to change that swamped.