Are you all done watching Fox News?

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, August 16th

Fox News has attacked President Trump the past few days over his response to Charlottesville. Kuhner says if he wants to hear people attack Trump, he’ll turn on CNN or MSNBC. Do you feel the same? 


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She's a schooner forgive me. WRKO. Over the boys of Boston. Won all five here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. I have a major column. It just file was for a post that about an hour ago. It is called trump is right on Charlottesville. It is a challenge to the entire mainstream media by the way. When you read my column this is why faux news will not have me on. And I'm gonna get the Fox News by the way in about cool five minutes. This is the kind of peace that scares the establishment Republicans. And they never trump Republicans at Fox News. Where I I posed a challenge and I got to get into what happened at Charlottesville. And again I'm reiterating that challenge. So far no liberal can accept it. They cannot refute one simple fact. What did trump say yesterday that is impromptu conference. That was inaccurate. In fact what he said was not just a 100% accurate it was practically surgical. And how he was describing the bulls ropes there were some people on the even on the neo Nazi side they were some people reduced their bumpy. Robert. On the other side that's also troll. Everything what he said was a 1000% true. And so please I urge everybody go to Please read my column our corners corner. Trump is right about Charlottesville and if you can pass on to as many as possible now. Trump made another statement yesterday in that Timmy an incredible press conference. Where he said. I'm not gonna rush out with facts that I don't know unlike UN the fake news media and many said this. Many do you still do not even know the full facts. Now. Some of the facts are starting to come out. And they're raising more questions. Than. Settling answers were settling questions. I wanna give a big hat tip to bright part for having the guts to go with this story. The Southern Poverty Law Center is now reporting. That the organizer. Of that white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. Jason Kessler. According now to the Southern Poverty Law Center by the way. And ultra liberal organization. On Mike de hate conservatives and all my god do they hate me OK but let that go up. According to their own research. They now say that Jason Kessler. Is not a neo Nazi or at least he was fair we late. Do the white supremacy neo Nazi movement that in fact if you look at Jason Kessler. He would say longtime member of Occupy Wall Street. He was in fact AA big Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders. Radical leftist for many years. And not only that. He voted for Obama. He was in fact an Obama supporter he voted for Obama in 2008 and he voted for Obama in 2012. So apparently it's only been cold the last couple years allegedly. Then he's become now supposedly a white supremacist and neo Nazi. Now if you know anything about the neo Nazis and I I did some report harsh on them. When I was at The Washington Times. Usually not always but about 1995%. This goes back to what you don't like Dylan roof and did her when they're almost like kids when their children when they're teenagers. Many of them honestly are psychologically deeply disturbed. And they've got serious issues. It is very rare. For somebody just in their forties all of a sudden. Just no big liberals. Radical leftists. Occupy Wall Street the 99% vs the 1%. Class warfare redistribution of wealth. They love the dear leader able for not just a liberal president a left Winger they vote for a black man twice. And now all of a sudden on a dime. He just becomes a neo Nazi you know white supremacist. Something is. Bear re very fishy. There refreshing. Very fishy. About this guy Jason Kessler something doesn't smell right point number one point number two very quickly. It appears that the animal that's savage. Jason now fields the one who drove that car into that poor woman and killed her. It's now coming out from his family anyway. That it appears that he suffered from swarms of schizophrenia. They he had no serious mental illness mental health issues. And the more mentally ill he became. The more obsessed he became with Adolf Hitler with the national socialists with the Nazi movement. Not to the point that he kept talking about in school his high school teacher said we'd be talking about something completely off topic. And he would raise his hand to start talking about how great Hitler was and how great democracies work. So it appears now that their could be even mental health issues involved with that lunatic who ran over that poor woman now. Why the media doesn't want to touch this I don't know. I don't know. But I will tell you this. After trump delivered his brave magnificent. Press conference yesterday. Blaming the violence right leaked on both sites. And showing why both sides were to blame. The press went whine when I say apoplectic. I mean they went berserk. Absolutely. But is sure. I have never seen the media in my life. Beat this out of control and this apoplectic. Listen first. To shut. He chucked you taught. On meet the masts. Openly admit. I wish they can I'd sort of I'm sure it didn't punch Chuck Todd said he was shaken. To its fundamental core. Role it Britain. Books what I just saw gave me the wrong kind of chills honestly I'm a bit shaken from when I just heard inspect it's not just me moments ago at trump tower the president United States. Painted white Nationalists are members they all right it's victims. Of what he described as club wielding members of the alt left. With a chilling mix of what about his and false equivalents and a whole muddying the waters. After one person was killed and at least nineteen were injured when members of the kkk. Neo Nazis and white supremacists. Protest at the removal of a confederate statute. In Charlottesville. Where to begin. Tonight we'll start with president pinning these white nationalist protesters as surreal victims of a violent left wing movement. He never did that. I mean this time talking about. Like this is why I think Trump's gonna win this that's why you now have in liberal New York. UF crowds coming out saying we now support the president because they can see what they're doing to this man. When did he say that the Nazis in the white Nationalists or the white supremacist that they were the victims of the alt left he never said that. In fact he kept repeatedly condemning the neo Nazis and the kkk. Wow what he said was the exact opposite. He said oh they are both going at each other. Doubled to blame. He never once so mold and Nazis deport Nazis all you're just beaten up on by the alt left he said all. One side wanted to war and another side wanted to war on both sides went at it. They are literally completely. All lying and distorting what the president set. But beyond MSNBC. Beyond the associated press and beyond the New York Times. It's. Fox News itself. May have literally jumped the shark. This I don't know if fox is gonna be able to survive what they've been doing the last two to three days in terms with a lot of their conservative viewers. Because one after another whether it be Charles Krauthammer I'm gonna get to that soon or others have been now ripping the president a parked. In a way that. I've never seen a faux ever. I want you to listen first. To our Bonnie Williams. She's ebbing forgive me I have been me Williams. Cohost of the specialists Eric Bolling has been suspended. When trump came out. And the initial statement on Saturday where he blamed hatred on both sides. Wow who listened to ebony Williams. Josh ripped up president up parked roll it Brittany. Mr. President your initial remarks were how quickly and dangerous and they indeed warranted a second statement. Here's why. You're presidential campaign slogan make America great again well it Rosen many questions from mini. We're Jews blacks gates and Hispanics included in the return of America to her great glory years with some of us be left out. Well I was legitimately and shore but apps that more conclusive evidence I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. I can no longer do that Mr. President no more benefit all doubt. In a moment where you could have been crystal clear where you stand on the issue of inclusion standing up against white supremacy and domestic terrorism. You very intentionally chose to be ambiguous. As to acquit the Kate all five Mr. President. Please. President trop I do not know your heart but what I do know for sure is that you've clearly done back. You've decided that your portion of the base that is absolutely racist is so significant so valuable. But you hesitate even in the face of blatant blatant hatred. To risks turn them off and thereby crippling your political stronghold. What's the difference between this and CNN or MSNBC. If I wanna listen to this kind of an anti trump left discrete. Racist bigoted Jew hater black cater to everything Nader. Xenophobia. Or just everything. You're racist your base is racist by Euro a bunch of neo Nazis. Our ritual Matt I'll does it forming. I Don lemon Don Black hole lemon Anderson Cooper to silver haired guy Brooke Baldwin I just click I don't need fox for his garbage. It was sold back to listen to this yesterday. Nader there's a bit too light weights on the shoulders ebony Williams and then there is one that actually worked for me it in sight anyway. Dumb as a bag a brick spoke at cat kampf are Yani Yani she's the blonde okay elect weighed belonged. She literally broke down in pierce. Sold trump finishes his impromptu press conference and she. Starts crying. She's literally breaking down on dissent are buried in both the right to it don't have gone up politically correct Brian. Roll it Brittany it's honestly crazy for me to have to comment on this right now because I'm still. In the phase where I'm wondering if it was actually real life when I just watched it was one of the biggest messes I've ever seen I can't believe it happened. He if there's any sort of car attack normally I'm surprised that he didn't come out and say that it was a terrorist. Instead of that you know waiting mommy can't think that's what's clearly an Islamic terrorists because he's done that before. Before it had all the facts to try he doesn't he's not measured in its criticism he go after people's unity has the inkling for to take 48 hours. That is something he has never done before and GAAP. It shouldn't be some kind of bold statement to say yes. I gathering full of white supremacist Nazis doesn't have good people in it those are all bad people period and the fact that's controversial. Makes me wanna I don't know what I should just like laughs so I I Nathalie too much I make up by the start crying right now it's disgusting. Talk come on cry let it now. A right to die young IP. I got ya I eat now Britney I know you wanna weigh in on theirs. Because you actually I think you watched a show yesterday right did you watch this bowl alternate book I Y at last we always last to my goal here. I soften our arts and while I got to get a shot. Without Eric bowling youths let's see how it goes. I honestly think cat attempts as the the meet one of the main reasons why I am never watching Fox News again. I can't she's like a Jesse waters wanna be with Perry you know going around do an Arab man on the streets and its. Her comments. Hurt her comments are ridiculous every time. She is ask the questions like yeah yeah I agree yeah and see. I mean honestly I'd rather watch real housewives of new Yorker real house wives and Dallas because. I feel like I lose my brain cells watching Fox News that I should be executed in learning the Martha. I plan moral watching you know real housewives of Dallas. So you're you're telling me this morning you're no longer watching Fox News I don't know with them on I I'm not all the trauma bashing Charles Krauthammer. Steve Hayes. Now obviously cat damned bad anyway I just goes on I'll just saw salad. Eric Bolling right now you have to send a picture. I'm very you know I don't color here now I you have these two girls taking over the show. Ed just you know you're right if I wanted to hear of this I would go to have as NBC. So you're saying all you do now is watch Fox Business. Yes you love Lou Dobbs and you dislike Fox Business or at least I learns something right analysts and learn about stock market and everything now something good. 6172666868. Okay. Fox News now in many ways outside obviously of Tucker Carlson. Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity I think is now on an island by himself almost. At Fox News. Outside of those I think three I think that's it now. That's hit. Fox News is now going full throated. Never and he Tron. And my question to you is this house Fox News now jumped the shark. Are you finished with Fox News. 6172666868. The media reaction to Trump's press conference. What do you make limit your calls next. The Republicans must disavow and announce that Democrats not so much. But again. It shouldn't be some kind of bold statement to say yes I gathering full of white supremacist Nazis he doesn't have good people in it those are all that people period. And the fact that controversial. Makes me wanna I don't know but I just like laughs so I I Nathalie too much I make up ought to start crying right now it's disgusting. The kid can't. And I did and salsa it's going to be way at. Who is looking at the. She is just a typical snowflake millennium as president everything and even get a bottled water dump I had just cry about it and I are you serious that she really get a bottle water dumped on her had supposedly. Honey Chilo whole ball low water to be dumped on berg I now like doesn't you know I after the water starts coming on Billick bowed to move report about a presumption of ST dammit not captain of the it is let's allowed. I already had. Where she wanted to charge the person what assault yeah water when in horizon asked about their eyes and she did like hills series of tweets she is feeling strap you know she think human. Like and can't. Scott. Ex news boy am telling you board they're going down fast mark in Drake can't go ahead mark. They get the imam. I saw pictures of what went on out there in one of the pictures there were very. Colored gentleman. With a mask on holding an aerosol can. And obviously you don't lighter to turn that are up and into a flame thrower. Which he was aiming at at white supremacy is all tied looked equally guilty in me. Nobody talks about that picture nobody talked about the fact that you know he didn't happen on that Eric and you brought up within two used as a weapon. We really need to focus on all lives matter. Hit it one life is worth more than any other eight in vanity yet and. Mark very well said amen brother and thank you for your courage. To speak the truth 61720666868. Skip me in south feet coed skippy. Hello yet there's these. I felt an aerial. Shot that the bailout that trot is god. At first Toussaint and not that on the place. They've taken it all the they can't they literally would be an particularly from the obvious about it. And a dollar and do a couple of super outside the conservatives up well on the Internet looking up. But the excitement that we talk about the tour. Trap we're at temple it was beautiful. And I say what they could make it'll I'm. It would ever pinned properly protected gear it up in the aisle and judging your opinion. Don't even edit say they are typically oh yes you know we don't care cost of hyperbole get Ilia. What a wonderful thing that you played for us actually from our duke but. Try to heal that up ticket came looked aren't all a debt that but he had to eat all Lori in Saint Louis Malle. Should opt in they keep you bought an extra big battleground. Just think at least it needs and that everybody just be at the end game is they really. All you nailed it skippy you nailed it and key fob black lives matter. Those are Obama's children. They are the product of eight years of the Obama years. And got what it is when you have a community activist in the White House. Who relentlessly plays the race card and who relentlessly demonize is America. But you know you mentioned Obama and the press treatment here Jake Tapper OK if CNN Jake Tapper of all people. Gave an interview I believe mr. Rolling Stone magazine where he now is actually admitted you know now that Obama has gone down Obama lied all the time. He actually admits it he goes and we in the media we let them get away with Paul both wise because we supported him and we sympathize with them. So here you have Jake Tapper openly admitting what we were saying for years. That they did earlier kept lying lying lying and the media. They didn't give them. Coming up next speaking on Fox News. All hole. There shoulder down and it was a showdown. Between Charles Krauthammer. And Laura Ingram. I want cheating here at. And then I want your reaction. Who do you think won and who do you think lost. Don't touch that dial. Archie up. 135. Here on the break WOR KOK okay my friends. Pact to wall five you don't want to miss it. The left now dramatically. Escalates its war. On statues and monuments. It's now way beyond confederate heroes or confederate leaders or generals. Believe me how all they've gone all whole agenda and are starting to execute it but first Fox News. Clearly now major divisions major problems within fox. Our it broke out yesterday between. Laura Ingraham and Charles Krauthammer in a fiery. Fierce exchange. Before I get to about Nance C in the hole I know you want to weigh in on fox go ahead Nancy. Oh yeah I. It. And I'm you know nobody does that it was because they've they've blocked it very. They beat instantly around him know he knows at all advocate Ph.D. and you know we you know. But I continue to come down for a while they eat not. I don't think maybe he was high Arctic it's something you know lack of oxygen in the rain at some point and now. Because they knew it wouldn't be here and the thing that was so uncharacteristic. Of him. Generally you kind of on the on the lack thought others might say well he is usually they're what you wanna hear but he's not being written like yeah a year. Accusing them of being a part respect. I mean you're you're. He used his opinions and really not crazy people all of the rest of our Newt now knowing who watched them. You know and that he could rely on them and I can't anymore bit bigger. They've fallen by the wayside I found another analyst only ethnic ankle they'll let you channel now from our. And yes we want America news network. Yeah one American used yes they're very good. I I I like them and I don't know I. It didn't think went back and edit and you know and on his channel and I enjoy that also because. Youth and everything that I was thinking you know as a. You know maybe they're not into negative thinking and so I enjoy him also but yeah break me in the next you know against helmet take down my American flag. And oil that's coming Nancy at least two wolf five if you can listen listen because the guy yeah I believe me you're not gonna believe now what's coming down the pike. But I wanna get ahead of myself so. You're right about Charles Krauthammer now before I get to the actual exchange. He is considered. Sort of like he professor amor rightists at Fox News your completely right Nancy. Everybody the first storm he's never wrong. They always act like he's the man from on hardy who always tell us that have the last word. And yesterday Laura Ingraham talk he's love do we phrased it took his head off I mean you'll hear you'll rewritten judge for yourself. She destroyed him. And but the thing about Charles crime or I know Charles column shocked I know chuck I used to play chess with him. I his house had a beautiful house by the way outside of Washington DC. By the way in private very nice very charming plays a very mean game of chess very good game of chess. What many people don't realize about shock about the club Charles Charles Krauthammer is. He's fundamentally ID scorer. And LBJ Democrat. Remember he didn't vote for Reagan. Either in eighty or in 84 in fact he worked for Walter Mondale. So you know all who read in his life he began turning a little bit to the right. But he is fundamentally a neo conservative. He is essentially for a open borders he's essentially for amnesty. He is essentially for endless wars who want the key supporters and backers for example of the war in Iraq. And he's from the beginning was a rabid never trump Republican he ruled strong in fact he voted for Hillary. Over trumpet after you why you voted for Hillary over trump. Because Hillary vowed to enforce a no fly zone over Syria. Which means that she would sure Russian planes out of this guy. So how do Hillary won we would pro be involved in some kind of a war with Russia. Not to meet absolute lunacy but that's what the war party and the war hawks wanted. Wizard be the establishment Democrats or the neo conservatives like Charles Krauthammer. So he has been itching to take down trump for a long time. And he thinks that Charlottesville. Is now he's big opening to take them down. So he slammed him really hard yesterday. Saying it was a crisis in presidential leadership trump should be ashamed of himself yadda yadda yadda. So today they put up this our yesterday. They had Laura Ingram won. And you can tell the way they set up the panel it was really Krauthammer. Vs Ingram day there was going to be a fight it was going to be an argument. So Laura Ingram is costs and she essentially says she thought the president made a mistake. That he was sounding more like a pundit in his impromptu press conference. The fact he was getting in the gutter with the left. And her point is that this distracts. From I disagree with her but this was her argument that this distracts from Trump's agenda. Whether it be tax reform. Whether it be the border. Whether it be boring on the wall whatever it is jobs the economy. And that trump should be staying on message and not getting into these fights with the media and the left. Listen now so essentially argue it was it's distracting from his agenda. It was a kind of a practical criticism. Listen now to Krauthammer it's replies. Roll it Britain. To critique what he did today. On the grounds that it distracts from the agenda. Or was it tactical mistake I believe this a couple of would trump did today was a moral disgrace. What he did is he reverted back to where he was on Saturday. And made it very clear that would be read on Sunday. Was it Monday. Two days later Monday what's a hostage tape clearly reading off a prompter. Saying these denunciations by name of the kkk it's country. That wasn't trump speaking that was the case may be the reason there's a moral disgrace was this. This generation for the last 5060 years. All the modern presidents. Here you can go all the way back you stay with Woodrow Wilson was exempt but beyond that. Understood there was something unique. About the history of slavery and racism in this country. Then we had to cure this original. It was not cured by the civil war as Lincoln had hoped. Because it was who followed by a hundred years and state sponsored oppression. He began to be cured with civil rights and equality of rights in this generation the last fifty. Or so years has done a splendid job in redeeming itself. Stop director. I saw director. Now. Which you just heard now. Is an argument that you actually a liberal would make. This is the argument that was made by again LBJ Democrats. Great society Democrats. Now here's my rebuttal I don't wanna I wanna in I wanna play Laura's exchanged or she really she really puts the knife into him. What is this America's unique Sam. This is what the political and media class keeps telling us over and over and over again. That we're somehow our roots are racist and that somehow we should be ashamed of slavery and look I hit slavery it was discussed and. How was this unique to America. As an historian I'm telling you the cut isn't always talking about. First of all just as a fact. Slavery has existed for thousands of years in every civilization. In every culture. The Persian empire the Iranians had slavery for thousands of years. Later all owned slaves the ancient Greeks. The ancient egyptians are you think they've built prepare me it's slavery for thousands of years Mohammed. The prophet himself. Owned slaves. The Muslim world is tides labored for 15100 years. The Indians the aspects had slavery did native Americans look it up. Elizabeth Warren's people the cherokees. DA had slaves in fact you the trail of tears. When they were chased out out Oklahoma many of the cherokees carry their sleeves with from. Native Americans had slavery. The Chinese had slavery. Every great culture and society in the world has had slavery there was nothing unique about slavery to America. What was unique was the opposite. And we got rid of it. That we said it was immoral and wrong cook that in fact we led the way any along with England. In abolishing slavery. It's the exact opposite. So what we now all of a sudden. Is this somehow America's unique Sam. It's a way to keep brow beating the country. And to somehow make it seem like. We need these elites because deep down just on America is just it's a fundamentally racist country. It's not. But hold on. Crowd timer now says something else which is also part of be politically correct a leaked listen to this role it Brit. Meet with trump is missing here is the uniqueness. Of white supremacy. Kkk and not as a yes they were bad guys on both sides that's not the point. This was instigated instituted. The ride began over a Nazi riot. In Nazi rally. And and the only killing year occurred by one of men and pro Nazi pro kkk people. Why is white supremacy. At this is what I'm understand look I hated it's disgusting it sickens me. But if I think it murdered they if I'm shot in the head. Does it really matter to me what there was a white supremacist or Communist who put a bullet my head. Am I gonna stand there and singing and all what it's all black lives matter who you gonna portable you gonna run me over with a car. I'd rather that you run me over with a car and god forbid a white supremacist or neo Nazi. Because you don't god forbid the worst crime in the world is to be killed by a white supremacist. If you're you're black lives matter and anti for guire mark says that's okay. Is not his bat. No I'm sought free. I am murder is murder terror is terror violence is violence. Shall listen now to Laurie Ingram. Core Boise. Was there anything left of Krauthammer after she was done with him. Relieved protective brace isn't as if all those engage in violence are criminals and side I guess what Charles just said. Is Donald Trump doesn't mean that now if you're gonna say downtown or raise this. Or stupid or some dumb trauma diet. And hot tape I guess you can tell all our clock to viewers that and I would I present that you just said it was a cop out when I sat on the set. To critique what he did today is what we were asked to do on the show tonight I'm not gonna pass moral judgment on whether Donald Trump. It is is is you know is morally on the same plane as you are Charles I'm sure your better person and he would. He didn't he had a moment today what he could've been com. And could have gone through the facts of what happened again if necessary and address the issue of the day just to get their infrastructure going in a country. Getting caught in the trap of the last. Which was what the media want to do is not gonna help us and the black person get a job a the Hispanic person have a better life. We have to be honest about the evils of racism and all that honest about the evil at base far left that is trying to terror down both his streak. And intimidates free Wi in the country. You were shaken by that. You could see in boxing analogy she rang his bell what she was and Don. Roll it Brittany. They shouldn't I think his statement yesterday it was always clear and strong. And in deal was compassionate I think he is at an on Saturday. I have no idea why them. But that is that what's been going on the media is about the action goes it's not about people are offended about the statues you know it's about power and control. What's going on with the debate has countries not. My body actors every day multiple I don't know what's on the statue but now we come on ball OK tear down all the actions can take them all down that's what that. Now what we're gonna put people back to work great but white supremacy evil violent evil the murder terrorism what happened to that poor woman. Evil he's called an owl all out but it will never be enough for the people who despise him in his agenda. And their people on the right and people on the left who do not want him to succeed no matter what. I eat you chock. You despise them and you just don't want him to succeed. So van Krauthammer. Says ha ha. I know what's in trumps heart. And when he said he condemned to bigotry and violence on all sides. He doesn't mean it. Roll it Britain. Did you make tactical mistake yes he did so you have no idea why did say on Saturday I'll tell you I didn't stay on Saturday which he made plain today. Because that's not what's in his heart. It's what carried on our wow you really are PH and he said yesterday well as well he was reading off a prompter. He had he was not asked to do the press conference. He was discussed was shot that he went into this the reason he did he has a point to make and he made it very plain of the country. So what he believes and what he's. Feels when he said on Saturday and not what he read two days later both of. OK. In other words. Again he blames both sites. And my question is what's wrong with that. Weren't both sides the blame game they both engage in violence. Look I said this in my column and I'll say it again. By the police found their draw instead of stand down and watch. And stood between the two warring camps. And had the alt left not appear to block lives matter and keep a remember they had no permit to be the Heather here would probably be alive today. Now that's a fact. The fact that Krauthammer and deal with the that's his problem. And so my question to you now is this. In the battle between Laura Ingram and Charles Krauthammer. Who do you think won and who do you think lost your calls next happening.