Are we headed to war in Syria?

The Kuhner Report
Monday, June 19th

Russia threatens to shoot down US planes after US shoots down Syrian fighter jet. Kuhner says no war. 


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We saved. No more. He's that cool their road course. Gold to a war in Syria again store shock. This is now the question my friends. Okay very dramatic developments taking place all over the weekend. Here is their absolute latest. Over the weekend. American F eighteen fighter jets. He encountered a Syrian regime warplane now. This isn't a war plane of the I Syrian dictator Bashar Al Saud. It was spotted it near this city of rock up. Which is an ice is stronghold. It is the capital of the crisis is so called cal a fake. According now to US Central Command. They believe that that's Syrian warplane. Was bombing US backed Muslim rebels. We are backing this so called moderate rebels in Syria. They are engaged also in the offensive against ices in Rocca. They believe that that warplane. Which pounding rebel positions. Near or just on the outskirts of the city of Rocca. In defense of the moderate rebels that we have been supporting. Because they called in for help. The USF eighteen fighter jet shot down own the Syrian warplane. This Syrian regime argues. But the war plane was not kidding these rebel backed positions but in fact was on its way. To hit ice since militants. In the core in the center of Rocca. Whatever. You think is the truth whether you believe US Central Command or Bashar Al Assad. The fact of the matter is now this. We have now shot down in Syrian warplane. This is an act of war. This is an act of war. Syria is now trading at the Syrian government is now treating it as an act of war. What is now even more dangerous and please listen my friends it's why I'm leading would this segment because it's so important. The Kremlin and Moscow has now made an official announcement. That from this point on. The Russians will shoot down on all US planes from the sky eight in Syria. That they will shoot down as they put it quote all US flying objects. Quote unquote. Not only are they now threatening to shoot US planes out of this guy. Which could be a declaration of war upon us. And put us now on a military. Collision course with Russia in Syria. But furthermore. To show the extent and the depth and the intensity of the anger in Moscow and with Walton and his inner circle. There was a secret. Telephone communication line. That had been set up between the Kremlin and the White House. So that they could clear. Yes make sure that in certain air pockets of air space in Syria. That Russian jets would never shoot on American jets American jets would never shoot on Russian jets. So Moscow in Washington the two militaries would constantly be in Constant Contact. To make sure that there's never an accidental shooting. Of one another's planes thereby triggering god forbid they larger military conflict. That's communication. Hotline has now been suspended. Which means we are flying blind in Syria the Russians are flying blind in Syria. Vis a vis the planes in the sky. So. If things do not hold back from the brink. God forbid. If the Russians shoot down one of our planes or we shoot down one of their planes. It's on. It's on. We are now staring down the barrel of world war three. And the question I have now is this. Why. Why. Timmy here are two fundamental points that need to be me. Number one. Why are we flying in Syria. Launching air strikes. Supporting training and equipping the so called moderate rebels are going to know really who they are but let that go. Without an authorization. From congress. What you've been seeing now. Is essentially a shadow war. The Covert war being fought in Syria. I understand the objective is to eradicate them destroy crisis which I support a 1000%. Don't get me wrong. But where's the authorization from congress. If we're gonna start shooting up ya Syrian. Air basis. If we're gonna start now shooting down Syrian warplanes. My friends that's an act of war. Why has congress. Not to weighed in on this as the constitution demands. And neither gave its approval or vote against it. Are the ultimate authority to go to war rests with the people and with congress. And you know governments make common goal presidents make common goal but to me the constitution is the constitution is the constitution. I don't care who's in the White House. Timmy if you're gonna go to war. And if you're gonna start shooting down planes. And bombing bases you need the approval and authorization of congress OK that's point number one. Point number two. And most importantly. What are we doing in Syria. We really what are we doing in Syria. Because the only vital national interest that we have in Syria. Is that the black flag of crisis does not fly over the capital Damascus. That's Syria does not become an Islamist state I mean stronghold any safe haven for crisis. That is our only national interest that ticked. The original oil in Syria. There are no natural resource isn't Syria. It is not a vital strategic importance to the United States in any way shape perform. Outside of preventing ices from taking that country over we have no other vital national interest in Syria. In other words who govern Syria. Has no affect on us. It has no bearing whatsoever. Is Bashar Asad fighting crisis yes. Easy committed to the destruction of crisis yes. Is he seen as the greatest defender of the Christians and religious minorities in cereal like the disease yes. He's Russia bear two white ice is off the face of New York yes. Our big hair unlike us to be honest. Are they fair at the invitation of the legitimate government of Syria yes. So if we're not gonna ally with aside and Russia. And the directly cooperate and coordinate. To wipe out the evil Islamist scourge of the Islamic state. Get a poked. We literally let this lead Bishara Saud and let the Russians do it. But instead it. In other words if they're gonna be taking on our any need for us and we for whatever reason don't wanna cooperate or ally with them finding get soaked. Literally just get out. Let the Russians do the fighting and the dying let the Syrians and Bishara sides regime do the fighting and the dying. If your ticket prices for us. We don't wanna join him for whatever reason or allied with them directly. Below it. But instead. We are slowly getting sucked in. Vietnam style. Afghanistan's. Sky. In two way guerrilla protracted war. By the way it is now been sixteen years or Afghanistan. Were in Afghanistan and counting. The Taliban now controls half of that country. At Kabul is now surrounded by the Taliban we are now fighting essentially a stalemate in Afghanistan after sixteen long years. We wanna get sucked into Syria. With the original vital national interest at stake outside devices. From my friends this is lunacy. This is absolute lunacy. Now. Here is the risk. That we are now taking. Bite by launching strikes by shooting down Syrian warp points. And god forbid. If Syrian forces backed by the Russians or the Russians themselves start shooting our planes out of the Scotty. We're no longer going to be fighting nicest. We're gonna be a war with Russia. Which has one of the largest militaries in the world. One of the biggest nuclear arsenals in the world we could be staring like Sarajevo in 1914. A small local conflict becomes a potential world war. Have we learned nothing from history. We need another war in the Middle East like we need a hole and had. And if you remember. One of the major reasons why trump won the presidency. Was that he pledged to support America first. And it was America first in three key areas on immigration secure the border. On trade get rid of those disastrous trade deals but what did he say on foreign policy. Let's make an ally out of Russia to fight erratic. Ul Islam and I since. Let's start minding our own business. And stop these endless wars in the Middle East. If we get involved. In any major war in Syria mark my words. It will consume trumps presidency. It will be his Vietnam. He will it will shatter his base. It will drive down his approval numbers. It will completely consumed his presidency. It is the worst thing that could happen to warm he must stay out of needless warts. And so my theory is this it's just a theory. But one I saw that story over the weekend. And I sought last night again and I saw it again this morning. And all I'm thinking is this. There is nothing more than Democrats the media and the deep state. The military industrial complex would love war. Then a war. Between the United States and Russia. They have been looking hammer pew mean for years. They want another Cold War. They are Ross so phobic who saw poor. They have been itching. To teach that Russian strongman a lesson. Hillary wanted war Mitt Romney wanted war the McCain Republicans want war. Democrats want war the war party wants war they deep state wants more. The military industrial complex you get a war with Russia. It's a Cold War all over again. They time government contracts. The military industrial complex will be alive and well for decades to come. And it will hold early subvert and sabotage. And destroy trumps presidency. An overweight. We're shooting down a Syrian warplane. To have back moderate Muslim rebels. Who we don't even know who they are. Some of whom may be infiltrated with al-Qaeda. Or with alma is around or with other Muslim fanatics. I wanna know who gave the orders to shoot down that plane and I wanna know why. Because my big fear it's I think they are trying to hoodwinked. I think they may be trying to push this president and pushed this country into war war. That we don't need. That the American people don't want. But the Syrian people don't want. But that will benefit the global list elites and trumps mortal enemies in the deep state and the military industrial complex. And so my question to you is this my friends. We are now potentially on the brink of a war in Syria. The corner country poll question of today. Should we go to war in Syria against Russia. If you believe the answer is yes. Take out Bishara sawed bombings planes out of the sky back the moderate Muslim rebels all the way. Text or letter paid the six day 8680. Or like me. Dennis. Will be a war we will regret for generations to come it will be trumps Vietnam. Don't do it. If you believe the answer is no text or letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at The poll question is sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. We have shot down a Syrian warplane. Was it an act of war and what do we do the Russians now threatened to blow our planes out of the sky. 6172666862. The boys of Boston WR KL. 1245. Here on the great WRKO. OK. US forces air force is if after eighteen fighter jets for the particular. You be specific cap shot down a Syrian warplane. Russia has now said this is an act of war Syria the government has said it's an act of war. They are now threatening the Russians are to shoot down any US plane would pick calling flying object. Out of the sky. Should we go to war in Syria. Lines are blazing and Ralph in Watertown Europe first go ahead Ralph. Bill in jail you know you'll still liable called black. Don't want anybody to doubt advantage throughout the night was some thought I had something this goes to show what happened. When you let president's style laws and get involved in laws. Without congressional authority we go all the way back to George H. W. Bush who started this whole mess with the desert storm law. I guess is sound lieutenant and guess what Saddam Hussein because invaded Kuwait. Which is really not about business anyway. And we'll let him get away with that. So then the next thing you know the next president comes along who was a Clinton he doesn't bomb in the blaze is out of Serbia who never did anything to watch. Enjoyed change government and George W. Bush decide to wreck the whole country of Iraq. But never did anything to lunch and then we had Obama who wrecked Libya an English try to Rex Syria. Who never did anything to us and now. What trump gets stuck well that's good finish my that's say that how well you guys you wanna spend all your time killing each other acquired when I'm going home. I'm Ralph you know that you absolutely nailed it look notice. That no recess. Presidents come and go. Governments coming girl. But the neo conservative war mongering never and this. The war party never and it's. It's just war war war more militarism more militarism more militarism. And look think about it we are fighting a potentially for the borders of Syria. For the borders of B walked for the borders of Libya for the borders of Afghanistan. Now we're getting sucked in by the way in Yemen but let that go for the borders of Yemen. We can anyone defend our own borders. We go we're twenty trillion dollars in debt. I mean this is absolute madness. And we're going to be work were were were shooting down planes from a government who has the same enemy that we out. Potentially fighting a great military power that has the same enemy that we out. I mean you this is like a Hollywood movie you could make this thing up. 6172666868. Jeff Cohen. And I'm asking you should we go to war in Syria against Russia. Jerry in Cape Cod thanks for holding go ahead Jerry. I have to reject that. Two point so wanna make and then a statement. First of all. The moderate rebels eight QIP and crisis that we're backing which is what would backing. Why do we engage in a proxy war against the sovereign government that's my first question and Mike sep second question is. What do the right to remove the sovereign country leader. But this is all part of the world would doctrine (%expletive) The neo cons. Let's look at Iraq in shambles Syria in shambles Libya in shambles Somalia Sudan in shambles. The only two left the weapon on an I ran. They did get different analysts and fourth of imperialism to profit Jeff. Jerry extremely well said. I really enough is enough let's focus on our own problems at home it's time to point America first. And my big fear my friends. Is that it is trumps enemies. In the national security state in the deep state the military industrial complex. That wanna bring his presidency down and the way to do it look how Vietnam broke Lyndon Johnson. They won has dragged into Syria. To break trumps Barack mister president don't do it 6172666868. Should we go to war in Syria. And why are we even there in the first place your calls next. You RJ bell the voice of Boston. A stand up in sun news this morning at the square one mall that. 1236. Here on the great WRKO. OK very dramatic developments over the weekend. Another one is be a terrorist attack in London another one. This time however it is by somebody who did it. Against Muslims in the name of killing Muslims. We're gonna have not had won all five believe me from noon to three. The corner report is the place to be. But my friends the big story so far over the weekend without a doubt. US forces shot down a Syrian warplane. They char Alice side is now said this is an act of aggression an act of war. What is even more dramatic. Now the Kremlin has issued an official statement president pull them has now ordered Russian military forces. In Syria. To shoot down all American planes out of the sky. He says if there is any more aggressive or bellicose actions. They will respond and shoot down quote all US flying objects unquote. If this happens that would be a declaration of war. By Russia against the United States. Should we get involved in Syria. Against Russia. Is it in our vital national interest. I say no what do you say the warhawks however. My god they want a war. Listen now to general Jack keen on Fox News. Who pouring evil whole idea Russia. They'll never showed on our planes. It's all bull off. We just keep bombing and bombing and bombing and there'll be no consequences. Roll it Britain. OK so we shut down the Syrian jet and now according to the independent of London. The newspaper there Russia vows to shoot down all flying objects in Syria after US guns down first regime warplanes so another words the United States your next. Not just rubbish that they're not gonna shoot at the US airplanes gonna take on the United States have very limited. Capability in Syria by comparison to US capability. And that's just more talk out of the Mets lost or what we've part of before. You know these are the same guys that told us he rock was gonna be a cakewalk. These were the same ones by the way that told us Afghanistan was gonna be a piece of cake. These were the same ones who told us Libya but I'm no problem we overthrow Qaddafi and it's gonna be. A liberal democracy in the desert. And every time they made their predictions they've turned out to be wrong. And so my question do you is this. It's a corner country poll question visual work as the French would say of the day should we go to war in Syria against Russia. If you believe the answer is yes Tex the letter eight to 68680. If you believe the answer is no text the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at The poll question powered by bill Kelly financial services. Brittany what are the poll results thus far. 96%. Know all 4%. Yes. I you're are you yes or no Ayman now we should not go to Orleans area I'm with you I'm with you when I'm with the audience on this one. Russ in Boston in Europe next go ahead erupts. But also about just I agree with your bottle cup or in this prospectus. You know we have ally. And our allies are fact we I'm going to see them and and general award to defend our allies. Now because of Barack Obama's quickness great years. He'd let the Russians get their nose in there. They have now become an ally. In their in the same position but we already it's why I'm all right they're are as attached. And that general that it does and because. You're on the remote site. Yeah average how many Russian I hate the Russians it is Iraq and they caught our eyes people what is absolutely all right. There's no way that you got all those states. And the crazy part about our our people are already out on the war on Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq. What are some of the body and expect coming all everybody got it changes them I don't apparent. Bingo. Bingo Russ a bingo I mean Yunel that you hit the nail right on the head now. I don't know if any have you been watching this. I'd I watched it I think it's an obsolete fascinating I have showtime. And so all over stone why can't stand these are radical anti American leftist. But he's been interviewing who called appalled and interviews it was four parts I saw all four parts. It is riveting is compelling. It is actually in grossing all over stone is a jerk don't get me wrong when even as questions are frankly stupid. But it's not all averse to home it's who. It's his answers. And when you see the interview let me tell you what comes across very clearly. Important as Oliver Stone himself said it is a quote some of Russian. He is a ferocious. Russian nationalist. He gets up in the morning he goes to bed at night he thinks of three thinks Russia Russia Russia. And when you see that interview UCL a man who scoff. Who is hard noticed. Who should frankly articulate. Surprisingly articulate. Intelligent. Well read. Highly disciplined. They go to his routine he works out two hours a day he works out seven days a week. He goes to bed at 2 in the morning he gets up at 7 in the morning. He runs his government and his regime with an iron fist. He is on top of ops so hopefully everything. And this sense you get very powerfully from him. Is that he wants Russia to be restored as a great power and to be respected as a great power. And I think Ross is dead on. They have serious national interest in Syria they have a major naval base in the Mediterranean. They have gone all in to prop up Bashar Asad many Russians have now died in Syria. For our generals to just think. We can keep bombing the Syrian warplanes and attack Bishara sawed and that somehow the Russians are gonna stand by and they kept. Munich. As the Russians could put it yet it's. Don't cross that red line. This is not leave any rock this is not even Libya this is not even Afghanistan or Yemen. In Syria you've got Russia you've got you wrong you've got Hezbollah. You've got a sawed. We could be faced by three or four mortal enemies. And as rush rightly put it Americans will be coming home in body bags. For what. We have no outside of defeating license. Which the Syrians and the Russians want to do anyway we have no vital interest. To mean a bomb the Syrian warplanes. Bomb ices and America I mean it couldn't be more clear to me. 6172666868. Mike in new boom thanks for holding go ahead Mike. That future. I also very poor little weak and that question in Kraft bought and the I assist leader of Baghdad thank Teddy yeah sell 300 rebels so also the late so popular boy who actually doing a good job. Now a solid since. This. Played being shut down. Uga this ex marine general in matters. He wore dark. He's a stroll around the water dark and I told Julie you actually supported. Or less who I respect them mostly Apollo Vietnam vet and of the Gary. Assuming that you don't like this can I don't want our. This jacket and I saw little. Do little Jewish and get through the rock you know that when he slammed a daughter put the spotlight. Actual. Absolutely honest I was right. Let's talk. Would that be be protected I would our administration. Met this totally and so we already did yeah. You watched a western rhetoric and actually tremendous telling irrational they kill wait to go to war that you actually know and I literally. That was a war machine being dosed and by the weight trucks or listen to them when you're gonna drag ascend. Russia what to do a little bit to rights but well. You know we went back and about the return of our soldiers were killed by the and then portrait shot dead three greens are great kids. We want and that's saying no no no. Get out of there and they give America. Thank you for that call Mike or those were three in Afghanistan. And I want talk about Afghanistan separately because we are now sending four to 5000 more troops with no strategy for victory. And so the question is maybe it's time for us the cut our losses there as well but that's another topic for another day no Michael look. Here's my big fear day here's my big fear. My biggest fear is that in retaliation for this. The Syrian. Regime missile Horry Syrian regime plane shoots down an American plane. Or god forbid a Russian plane Horry Russian missile shoots down an American fighter jet. You know what happens when America is attacked I do too I instinctively rally to the country to the president to the commander in chief. To the flag. It could unleash extremely powerful emotions. Once once American planes start going down and emotions start running high there's a war fever that breaks out. And that's when you can be dragged into world war dots when events overtake you. And so my fear is this may happen to us there. Pull out now. Get out. Don't get involved in such a dangerous circumstance. Because my friends we may rue the day. Our third im going head Arthur. You know chair of it doesn't seem like we learn our lessons very well. I try to figure out exactly what LA we've that we were turning around getting involved with some serious. Everybody knew everybody who was a strong dominant in one of these countries ship. Kept the terrorists that they. There was if there wasn't the Shah of Iran it was a bomb was saying. It was a Mariah it ever was Qaddafi. And Mubarak of Egypt. And every time we try to get these guys the results have been horrific. We just don't learn our lesson and and and Russia. They're not quick tidbit about the country they used to beat got to tell me that there are there with Syria as they can really predict outfits they give to pick out a few rebels. How bad elbow but how bad that make double. Arthur very good point. Catherine Europe next go ahead captain. Thank you very amendment to Ku and I listened to every single day and this tragic. I've never had his client revenue equally is filled and I perform at 26 PM Republican State Committee woman in. Massachusetts I went to three Republican conventions and a 100% think Donald Trump and a 100% to patented. That's the Americans. Country with they have done to mr. trump and they have not allowed him to use what he said he was going to use diplomacy. He and I think he should make public. Every single. Treaty that Obama made with. Russia can go in Miette to Syria into do Ollie dirty work. And now Russia is angry because they've done this security wrecked and we do not know what's going on. This is a horrible thing I am tight of a bombing innocent people and I am a lifelong Republican. I'm just sick of it and picket the security act in at the end that well with older in 202. I'm tired of everything. And I am tired of what they've done to the this great great president who is like national Reagan he and this is our team anticipating him please Mr. President. Don't go to lie and make it yet Vietnam to stop now. Thank you very much for that call Catherine. Look. We won that war in Afghanistan we should've pulled out in 2002. It's been fifteen years later how many thousands of American boys dead how many more thousands maimed and crippled. The Taliban now occupy half the country. There are their biggest biggest export is heroin. Which is finding its way here on our streets. Killing our people in our communities. And now we're gonna be sending in another 45000. Troops in no strategy for victory. Afghanistan is slowly turning into our graveyard. Enough within nation building. Enough with the endless worse. Enough with the constant bombing and war mongering. It's time to put America. First. New music. I responded there was a Republican came practicing true stories you do if you were listening to this you parred the resistance. This is that Conroe core Porter RW RKL. Hi here on the great WRKO. OK lines are loaded. Bill is dead around Europe next go ahead bill. Hello bill. Hey bill case I read a bit of a problem there but we got you go ahead the floor is yours don't. I apologize for disagreeing with your but I must let me explain my reasons. Number one we have an alliance with this forest that is fighting crisis. Flooding crisis in defeating this is a vital American interest. Now the Russians were not supposed to do anything to damage. Our forces. But eight Syrian jet did not Russian I mean it was. They'd lose big and got a question but it was Syrian. And they attacked they bombed and they were destroyed. Very unfortunate. The number till. We still have to support our people there as that was our alliance. The Russians have not that we can flight over Syria might want everything I've read in the news it said. Portions of Syria that they control the OK this like we control some portions of Syria. And it in the air mutt I think logically. We have. Act aggressively. Additionally you can look at the whole geopolitical issue was what Russia does in Ukraine what they did in Georgia definitely the do Crimea. Replenished and it would be clear when these same things we need them we have an alliance with a group we will stand by it. Thank you for taking my clock. Thank you thank you bill I appreciate very thoughtful. Look here's what I would say. When you're gonna commit American troops or American power. Easier in the national interest of the United States whatever you think of Crimea. If it's the Ukrainian flag or the Russian flag how was that any of our business. Eastern Ukraine and I'm sympathetic to the ukrainians please don't get me wrong but which flag flies in eastern Ukraine is not our business. Georgia it's ultimately none of our business. In terms of its non our national interest. Syria we have one national interest and that is to see Rocco level to the ground and ice is wiped off the face of the earth. Instead what we're doing is we are propping up and be a solid moderate Muslim rebels they say they're moderate I don't believe I'm. Well I think ultimately want an Islamic state in Syria. If that's the case get out. In other words either form an alliance with the Russians get an authorization of war let's take amount in two weeks or get out. Fish or cut bait. David in war burn go ahead David. Group Jay thanks for taking my call it what you just read or aren't exactly. What power people about this we need to develop you know I guess when it comes downward if you just. Think what would be needed in the best interest albeit I'm in I just. I ask what the war against Russia there we need not to control war which Russia. We need to refine our efforts to defeat Islam because Islam want to support Russia. So what you just said speaks borrowing and we should develop. And alliance were fortunate in defeat the main con common enemy. Brilliant I'm dying on what force on earth could stop. Christian nationalist Russia. Christian nationalist America. Together combining their military against radical Islam he would be over. No force on earth could stop us. Quick text them up against the but I wanna read a quick text. This is from 774. By the way great text pouring in keeping up 68680. Jeff. These are land mines set by Obama all throughout the Middle East. Syria Iran Yemen Afghanistan Iraq Libya Egypt Somalia. Mr. President. Bold step on the Syrian land mines. Terror.