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Information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax or investment by its investment advisory services are offered through Arcadia wealth management LLC a British or investment advisor and charged products and services are offered and sold through Arcadia financial group LLC Arcadia financial group Pelosi Arcadia wealth management LOC are deleted the supper entities for full disclosure visit Arcadia dot financial. Your retirement. On track where and dawn time. We retirement news networks Megan Melissa. Your retirement conductors Michael Jessica to an ego. Michael and Jessica are the founders of Arcadia financial group located in Salem New Hampshire. Serving all stops between southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts over. This is your retirement. On track and on time. Only two mega NASDAQ and the retirement news network so pleased to be here with Mike and has been Nico from Arcadia financial group and this is your retirement on track and on time I wanna start or showed today. By giving you might get desk phone number it's 888 Arcadia. That's 88877234288827223. 42 we have a great show lined up for you today and it's a real pleasure to be here with Mike and says you know this is a family affair for them and we have a great time in the show we talk about your retirement retirement planning giving you some. Great strategy is to start really looking forward to your retirement years and being confident or talk about balance today now if you've ever tried a tight rope or. Maybe you're like me you just took up yoga or he's learned to ride a bike you know. Talent is everything right without. It'd take a tumble but. In the world of retirement planning you know there's a different kind of balance that we really need to be thinking about because. During our working years we all feel that push don't we we've got to see we got it. Still the biggest nest egg we can't but. As a retired gets closer protecting that nest egg it starts to become increasingly. Important so out here so we're gonna do on the show today we're gonna explore this balancing act my kids as I know it's so important we've all got to find that right balance right between accumulation but also. Protection and I think it can be really tempting. To think that growth trumps everything right. We navigate people through change for a living right and one of the things that people resist sometimes more than anything is change. We get up every day we put on the same pair of bunny slippers we have that same brand of oatmeal we taking the same commute to work. We passed Janice at the front desk Heidi Dylan Janis we settle into our routine a lot of the same launch you get it right. Every day kind of is a reflection of the day before and anything that rattles us from our routine or threatens to change it causes anxiety to a certain extent. Well there's a harmony to what we like same that's we'd like routine because there's a certain safety to it for most of your working career. You've been working you've been saving and if you want a bill that nest egg you've got to take some rest and that's really your recipe for success to save take risk and with time your nest stable ground. But Americans point. As you approach retirement having balance is gonna be more key because having too much risk certainly invites. Other problems. We see those problems spent a while oh actually because 2008 for some people's becoming a bit saint distant memory. Been nine years since that happened. What do you think happened to people who retired that year. When the market was down 203040%. For some people was summoned some of them dinner retire nine. When you're on the track to just build that NASDAQ. Set back like that hurts but it doesn't really hurt because you've got time on your side to recuperate. But when you're getting close to the end of the line here when you're almost at your objective you're ready to retire. Getting set back 203040%. Of what's taken you a lifetime to build can forever changed the trajectory. Of your success of what you're gonna do in retirement. When you can retire how much you can spend amongst many different things here. So balance is gonna be absolutely crucial because having a mix between risk and safety oriented investments. Is the key to kind of navigating through an uncertain future. I talked about they had dynamic because you're right it feels so uncertainty people as they head into retirement they wanna have. And that confidence why should we think about changing the strategy that's really worked very well grow our nest egg just because we're getting a little bit closer to retirement why mess with a good thing. Yeah it's funny it's hard to break that minds and especially where of late the market has been doing so well in fact we had a meeting where it was kind of like a tale of two cities we have the wife and she was very concerned about the money they over or retiring inside of the year. And wanted to be more conservative. But the husband and this is very common Wright was saying you know the market's done very well this year we've made a bunch of money. And I feel like if we get safe too soon. We're gonna mess out and any more good times at this market has to offer and boy that would really hurt. If we were to miss out on some of that ops like the challenge I gave to them and what I would give to use here listening. Is that. No one is the best time to adopt balance or adopt a safety oriented mindset when they were thinking and then I try to answer the question for them I said how about the day before the market crashes. And after when they did again. You know so if you have that did make it may be you have that date penciled in somewhere near an air calendar. But since things are uncertain and literally you know we like to argue about. Whether or not a trump policy is gonna make a difference or when the Federal Reserve gets together if that's going to be where the winds start to blow in the other direction but you know these days and we know this. It could be something as silly as somebody Lou and at some loony tune in North Korea pushing a button. That changes things so we just don't who aim we know we're not ever gonna get that memo in advance as to when the winds are gonna blow in a different direction by the way. It's an inevitable all sorts of market changing events will happen over the next ten. Twenty thirty years but the idea is that if these events happen somewhere in end or around when you're trying to transition. Into retirement. Sometimes those catastrophic results can't actually for ever put our retirement off course. And that's a concern that we have for people so this is an important distinction. Finding this balance of knowing what amount of money is appropriate for us to have at risk vs what amount of money maybe needs to be kept in a safer. Position you know we've brought up reason for concern and that doesn't mean that your money does not. Or shouldn't be participating in the market. Both near and certainly long term the market's gonna be your best growth engine. But certainly in the short term. What goes up we know sometimes goes down and that might set us off course. For our goals and sell knowing what amount of protection we might need for some people is absolutely. Crucial. And it serves our interest to periodically visit. What our strategy is what it's doing what course or wrong so we can make prudent decisions about the money that we've got and what we should be doing with that today. Now I know some people listening have these concerns and it's been awhile since you know I know for me sometimes I let things go to the wayside the back burner because life is busy. But if you've been thinking it's a while since you've focused on your own situation your own balance your own mix between risk and safety. But I want you to be one of the next ten people who calls 888 Arcadia. That's 888. 272234. Tale. Call us right now you'll get your customizing complimentary ticket to retirement review. There's absolutely no obligation. We're gonna look at the big picture. Talk with you about your needs your wants your goals and then based on that conversation provide you with the retirement income strategy that's developed based wholly on your individual circumstances. If you want a greater level of certainty about your income and your financial well being during retirement do you not pass up on this offer. If you saved at least 250000. Dollars or more for retirement. Be one of the next ten collars right now we have folks standing by you can take your call at 888 Arcadia again that's 888. 27223. For two and ask for your customized ticket to retirement. We can't wait to see you and look for Africa actually having this conversation. Which view and about getting your retirement. On track and on time and you are listening to your retirement on track and on time we're so glad you are that you're spending some time with us here today. Meg and NASDAQ from the retirement news network of course alongside Mike in jest unique though they would be happy to sit down with you 11. And strategize for your personal retirement plan and they call that your ticket to retirement reviews don't pass up that offer make sure you dial today here is that number again 888. Arcadia that's 88827223428882722342. They also have a fantastic website for you to check out it really is a great resource as you're thinking about retirement head on over. You on the track and on time dot com again net on track and on time dot com today on our show we're talking about striking the right balance between growth and protection in your nest egg might just how he did it how early builds stock market based investments into a balanced strategy. Well Megan I'm not gonna give anyone any stock tips today I think that too often we take our eyes off the ball you know sometimes people what they're really wonderful to focus on are things like. Do I have the best mutual funds do I have the right kind of mix of stocks and bonds and to a certain extent. Whether that's true or not. Sometimes there's even matter we've got to take a step back here and kind of take a look at what it is that we're trying to do here we're talking about retirement. You don't retire on the strength of Mastec alone in the portfolio allocation that you've got. We've got to know to a certain extent if we can replace that paycheck and have the income it is that we want and have that income last a lifetime. You know John I mean higher invested is important but what's most important and is you know what take the income do you have during retirement and what is my income to root for you I mean we have clients come in all the time and we see what's your objective care retirement. And sometimes they start to give us a number we say no no now. They know how much money do you wanna have what you want and doing our tax money is just as he would call to get EU. You knew what you wanna do spend more time grandkids call for a few nicer meal let's take a vacation. That's what's important focus. Yeah my preference is having a real conversation because having a conversation about what's the right mix of stocks and bonds and what you want your portfolio and a deal. The average person doesn't really know how to answer that but if I ask instead. How much money do you want to arrive have arrived like clockwork in your hand every single month so you can have a lifestyle that you want. When you retire almost everyone can just name that number Mike any 5000 a month I need 8000 a month it doesn't matter what your number Reyes. But that's what drives everything that's what drives our plan. It's panic we you know outdoor backward it's been like in retirement I want a boat and I wanted to keynote traveled to four months off the air right now how much nineteen need to get there now how do we get that money you -- you working backward ball just you're exactly right you do have to work backwards a successful retirement plan begins of course. With eight solid foundation an inside of that foundation remained at work backwards. By first identifying your number what do you wanna spend every single month for the rest of your life. And as a result what are you need your nest egg to be doing for you to produce that outcome. How much growth do you actually need what is going to be that balance that mag in reference between both risk and safety. Because for some people based on their number they might only need their portfolio growing at two or 3%. To get to where they wanna date. Some people might in study that portfolio be working harder to get them toward their goal maybe they need a five or 6% rate of return and imagine if you know that number. If you actually had clarity as to what it is that you need your portfolio to be doing hot. Now we can make decisions about what it is that we should be doing with that money knowledge is power. So what Arcadia financial group. That's the basis for our ticket to retirement review don't it's an analysis that gives you an in depth look. As to what it is exactly that your money needs to be doing. 21 lockyer future potential and align yourself and line your money to get you to where it is that he wanted to be and that's a retirement that's on track. And on time to get your ticket to retirement all you have to do is give us a call the number is 888 Arcadia. That's 888. 272234. Tale. Do me a favor if you have at least 250000. Dollars saved for retirement be one of the first ten collars right now to book an appointment take advantage of this opportunity and make sure your retirement is on track again call now we have folks standing by at 888 Arcadia. 888. 2722342. Of. As important as growing your assets is in the delicate balancing act called retirement preserving those assets is equally crucial. Mike did jazz show us we are finance protection coming up next. You're listening to on track and on time with Michael and just a company ego. This is on track and on time. We Jessica and Michael let me go. Hi it's Megan goes back from the retirement news networks and glad to have you with us here on the show I am joined by Mike and jest and Nikko of Arcadia financial group. And boy is it easy to get in touch with a penny goes if you are serious about getting. Your retirement on track don't wait another day reaching out today hears that number it's 888. Arcadia. 888. 27223. Forty to make sure today is the data you'd get your retirement on track. And on time and we're really having a great discussion today here on the shell because we're talking about growth and protection in your retirement plan and you know who doesn't love growth right everybody does but with that growth comes this need for protection after all you do want a way to preserve all the dean's that. Your nest egg makes it an act given it all back right if the market dips are you had some kind of up. We really financially draining issue media health issue. Might ingest what do we do hear how early position are nesting that we worked so hard for so it is less susceptible to some of those sharp downturns we see in the market. Your right leg in growth is almost always a good thing usually when it comes to our money not an all circumstances are my pants us. Hand side yet our boy is our course growing and that's kind of a bittersweet thing NN you know a little monster ends. But when it comes to our money surely wanted to grow but we know that when you want money to grow. You've got to subjected to risk. Let's hope things work if you want your money to be safe full that's not gonna grow by all that much as evidenced by the interest rate you're probably getting by it you're at your local bank branch right. So the idea though is that in that pursuit of growth depending on timing you can get yourself in to a little bit of trouble. I imagine what you think the conversation or sound like if when your within a couple of months of retirement. The market decides while to go the other way on you when drop 102030%. What do you imaginary conversations in a sound like hey Mike just so there we on track and on time here. Well. Not so much the market it's not really working out too well don't blame my strike is we don't control these things but I know he wanted to retire and a couple of months. But now we maybe need to go back to work for three to five years on average because we had a big met market dip it often takes that long to recover. And people are gonna respond as they do right just. I can't work for another 35 more years are you crazy in my commute is horrible my back hurts my bosses driving me crazy. Yet and that's conversation we never wanna have a clients and you know you really. There's is big spectrums you know growth is on one sign and safety is on the other and what we do here is we find that harmony between. Right you have to find because something else will have to be sacrificed as a result. If you're gonna wanna have to go back to work. In the midst of some sort of a market calamity will something else we'll have to be sacrificed okay. We can still retire but you've just lost 1020 or 30% of your NASDAQ so if you're gonna stubbornly move forward with your plan. Well balance of the spending five or 6000 a month permanently as fixed income maybe you're gonna have to learn to live off of four. Or 5000 in other words take a pay cut instead so. In the pursuit of growth there is always a risk and how big that risk is depends on your proximity to retirement so of course. We need to really think about diversifying. The way that our money is exposed to rest there's all sorts of ways of doing that you've got more risk oriented items certainly Maggie and Mike. Stocks right real estate things of that nature you're gonna have more safety oriented items like what's up the bank annuities may be some real estate. But the idea is finding that right balance and that's gonna be unique in each individual's our situation. So key and is we talk about diversification and it's hard to talk about retirement without talking about taxes Mike and Jess so. Waited diversify when it comes to taxes it's. Of course and this is always a huge topic because for a lot of people they take the tax. Question for granted. Reason being is because a lot of times people figured attacks. What they're gonna pay in tax is gonna get easier as they retired you know the big refrain as well be the low over tax bracket. Because I'll be bringing in last saying come right we hear all the time we do these educational and dinner some of them are snatching four times a month and there's always somebody who we start talking about this has known on outweighed pack and when I'm retired I'm not working and their form my tax brackets gonna cut out. And then you know what do we said well think about it almost all of your sources of retirement income. Are taxable the same way that your paycheck is taxed so whether. 401 k.s. It's all ordinary income so if your lifestyles not gonna change very much oftentimes neither does your income tax bracket. And by that point your life oftentimes are bigger tax deductions like kids or mortgage interest there out of the picture. So the idea or is it taxes if anything can become more onerous and also where everything taxes are growing in the future I mean I don't have a crystal ball but every time we asset pricing CEO. Ever run says. So precisely so it might make sense for some people we're getting close to retirement to think really hard about diversifying their tax strategy. Might it make sense to you'd like something Michael Roth IRA were qualified withdrawals in retirement come out tax free. Maybe how that complement what you've got going on in the 401K or those traditional IRAs. And certainly we're gonna try to tie this end to questions you have an opportunity to save required minimum distributions. When you reach age seventy and beyond where sometimes it's the tax pain can if anything. Just continue to increase so the idea is that you have to really be mindful of taxes. Not take anything for granted and have your money work as hard as possible to be sheltered from your greedy Uncle Sam. Creating and then implementing and periodically revisiting a strategy for protecting your retirement nest egg. Presents a unique set of challenges of course challenges you don't wanna be put in the hands of just anyone. When you're among the first ten people who call 888 Arcadia. And again that's 8882722342. Right now you'll get our customized and complimentary. Tickets or retirement review of there's absolutely no obligation. We're gonna look at the big picture. Talk with you about your needs your wants in of course your goals and then based on that conversation. Provide you with the retirement income strategy that's developed based wholly on your individual circumstances. If you want a greater level of certainty about your income and who doesn't. And your financial well being term retirement please do not pass up this offer if you saved at least 250000. Or more for retirement. Be one of the first ten callers right now at 888 Arcadia. That's 8882722342. To get your customized take it to retirement revealed. If you're ready to sit down with the pen Nico I wanna give me that phone number again and egged jotted down to keep it nearby as your listening it's 888. Arcadia. At 8882722342. 888. Series 722342. If you're online you wanna check out their website we invite you to do that as well. Go to you on track and on time dot com that on track and on time. Dot com and Jesse and Michael Niko they are the found nurse of Arcadia financial group of course New Hampshire's premier financial advisory firm. Making it's so easy for you to plan for your entire retirement they cover everything marriage is a comprehensive approach. And boy does that simplify things for you so again that number. At a Arcadia financial group to reach out to Mike in just an eco 888 Arcadia that's 888. Years seven to 2342. And on the show today we are talking about striking that right balance between growth and protection in your nest egg now a really big gear these days Jess and Mike is not having enough retirement income it's. You know last long enough right so. Federal way these days to actually protect your other. So I don't there's a lot of people who have concerns about bridging this gap between having their money grow but also having it be safe. And there are ways that you can have your money actually be positioned to do just that both grown but have some protection against calamity something perfectly. Well there. No matter what product we invest our money and just there's a certain element of risk to Bryant that there are products that can help you participate in the market when it's doing well. But protect you when the market's going down. And specifically those products he should explore in this circumstance would be your annuities while Mike. I don't think four letter words for a lot hunt fish out actor I know I know for a lot of people because of the reputation that some annuities have it gets the other hackles raised to hear that word. Because there are a lot of lousy annuities out there there are ones that are confusing and there are ones that are expensive there are ones that you should absolutely avoid there's no doubt about it there and there are. In many different types and we've seen a lot of folks have come into our office looking for help with. Horrible horrible products they should have never been pregnant but. That's not what you're talking about obviously lets an annuity at the end of the day it's just something that promises you something contractually. In might be principal protection. It might be income for life or some combination of these things. And of course there's going to be some price to be paid maybe there's a feet maybe the money's tied up for certain period of time or you're just gonna play by the rules but. Every one retiring is gonna benefit from an annuity at some level if you're gonna call Exel security. Ladies and gentlemen that's an annuity right it's an annuity it's a promise to pay income from the US government. So the idea here is that any additional annuities that you put inside of your portfolio. Are just gonna kind of serve like additional protection or like an additional pension. You know I'll give you an example there annuities out there again that when the market goes up. Your money goes up you grow to bow when that money goes down you're protected. Thanks so the idea here is that these things are deserving of a look especially if you've got a more cautious mindset. Where you're concerned about your principal balance and preserving it so you can be safe in case the market were to take a turn for the worse they might not necessarily be right for everybody. But to ignore them entirely. Might be a little fool hardy only because for some people they will make such a great solution. And Mike has given us some really great options to think about their are so many directions you can go in retirement that is why it's so important that you're aligning yourself you're working with someone who really is your ally a fiduciary an independent financial advisor who your best interest at heart he can walk you through the options available to you. The best options for you and Mike it's easy to get a hold of you today and I know you have a great offer for the folks listening today. We do you Meghann and we know that a successful retirement begins with a solid retirement plan. A customized strategy that takes everything. Into account. Here at Arcadia financial group. We call it our ticket to retirement review. It's an analysis that gives you an in depth look and it's going to include a fully personalized retirement income analysis. Because this is what is replacing that paycheck you've relied on for all of your working wife. We're gonna look at how to maximize your Social Security benefits to get every dollar that is rightfully yours. When I see just how much are currently paying in fees and expenses. On your investments in and that risk analysis we're gonna stress test your portfolio. To find out where your weak spots are. Or where you're taking on too much risk. We guide people down this track to retirement every day we can do the same for Yale. Com now ask for your personalized ticket to retirement revealed that number is 888 Arcadia. That's 888. 2722340. TO if you have at least 250000. Dollars saved for retirement. Be one of the first ten callers to book an appointment take advantage of this opportunity. Make sure your retirement is on track and on time call us today 888 Arcadia. That's 888. 272. 2342. Again 888. 272234. Tale. Your hard earned retirement nest egg it needs protecting now more than ever. Coming up next Mike Ijaz offer more ways to make preservation. Part of your retirement strategy stay with us. You're listening to on track and on time with Michael and Jessica opened ego. This is on track and on time with Jessica and Michael and eco. Meg in those neck from the retirement news network glad to have you along with this sport and your retirement on track and on time with Mike and jazz and ego. Here's that number at Arcadia financial group it's 888. Arcadia. 88827223. 42 and we're glad you're spending some time with us here on the show if you haven't been to Mike and just as web site. Sure you check that out if you're in front of your computer at your Smartphone just go to you on track and on time. Dot com really great resource for you it's you areas that retirees have to balance Mike in jest when they're. Starting to develop a strategy for their finances is growth and protection and we really bend. Zeroed in on those two things today a protection that becomes more important is retirement draws closer. And insurance that's a popular and pretty cost effective way to protect your nest egg from risks. And that includes I can chess what are the biggest risks out there and that's health care. How the the threat are we talking about here I don't think. Any thing when it comes to retirement planning is as merely. Unpleasant to discuss. But also so important to make sure that we do you discuss as the health care conundrum. No one likes sitting down. Picturing what they might be otherwise might look like. 2030 years in the future when they're older and perhaps you're dependent on others are dealing with some sort of major sickness illness or injury. I'm in fact it's so unpleasant that so many people do absolutely nothing about fiscal in fact over 60% of Americans. Have absolutely no plan for the health care conundrum specifically because either they don't think that it's worthy of consideration has some pleasant right or. Because they erroneously believe that Medicare is an assistant at these issues. It's crazy Tim thank because after a mortgage if he still have their retirement health care is the biggest costs everybody have to pay it. And some may view which is don't you want talk about. Yeah according to fidelity the average couple in retirement is gonna need something like two to 300000. Dollars. Strictly to deal with health care expenses. It's a whopping sum. And it requires careful planning to make shore that we can actually offset these costs. You know one of the things that people say to us oh all's I'm all too often. Is well gosh Mike when I get to that age and I'm in that position you know I won't care what I don't care Thurman in the back for him. Right you know put me in the rowboat and push me out into the harbor in the dead of night and you know who cares what happens to mean that sort of thing we get all these colorful. You know metaphors that people want to use but the I gears. You know even on our own families just. We've seen some of our grandparents. Really struggle with health health issues and these weren't all necessarily end of life things you know we've had aren't seeing grandparents struggle with issues. Recuperate go back to retirement and the thing that I have universally found is that you don't not care. About the quality and the location. Of your care you care a lot. You care where it is how good it is who you're working with the circumstances in which family can help. Especially where you're not a burden to that family so what's so important that we take this seriously. Absolutely am and we have had a number of our folks coming here she is saying well I'll just gone Medicaid at some point. And I don't think they actually fully realize. You know implications of. Yeah I mean of course Medicaid is the option of last resort it's effectively a welfare benefit offered by your state so if you're on Medicaid Europe absolutely out of all other ammunition. And so I think that's light but who's this man again to make sure that we've explore all the other viable options that are available to us to prudently address a skull. You bad health care such a huge planning point out to talk about life insurance might ingest do you think. That starts to add a little protection here to someone's retirement strategy. You know I'm glad that you brought that up is a lot of people are entirely unaware. It life insurance can actually play a role in this conversation. You know when we talk about health care expenses and how on arrests how burdensome they can be. I think a lot of people know the basic options that they have available you know number one you can ignore the risk and that's normally not the smartest thing to deal. The head in the sand to purchase it hits come yeah you know you could also take on that risk holy yourself what we call self insuring so you can put your own dollars and cents aside but of course it require to a certain extent substantial net worth to do that you know according to fidelity. You need a quarter million dollars or more at least to be able to self insure expansions and good discipline tailings dump detection and over there that's for that rainy day and that's not easy so of course the third option that we have is to insure ourselves. Bring in a third party to take on that risk and I know a lot of people are familiar with long term care. Which doesn't necessarily have the greatest reputation their expense than it is expensive it's hard to gat. There's no guarantee that the premiums don't increase argue over time. It doesn't mean that it's not a good option. Across the hallway at the insurance company sometimes life insurance policies can play a similar role like insurance policies are a little bit easier to underwrite. The pricing as a little bit more stable and actually a life insurance policy can actually provide you benefits. While living top offset some of these health care concerns. And the best news of all 'cause this is a hang up that some people have is that if you never end up getting sick ill or injured. Life insurance policy won't pay death benefit to your spouse or to your state so the insurance is never truly wasted. Yep that's one thing we care for the long term care policies Stevens they will I don't use it than proof it's just gone its use it or lose it yeah but you know we say well is that completely unfair I mean if you don't get into a car accident is a little. Geico gecko give you your money back blizzard gives enough I. I don't get anything back there either but that's why for a lot of folks that life insurance product is kinda high Brad and has some long term care. Provisions with say it's very helpful. What's important here Jess is that when your planning for retirement. You've got to make sure that you're gonna have to funny having come to go out to eon to take those trips see the national parks whatever is gonna float your boat. And really make it seem like you're doing everything it is that you wanna do to have an awesome retirement. But also a prudent person who puts and dollars aside and budget for the protections that don't need so they can get the best possible care. Along the way I keep your retirement on track and on time when it comes to planning for retirement the first step is often the hardest. Knowing where to start can be difficult and thinking twenty or so years into the future can be absolutely overwhelming. But for the first ten collars were offering your ticket to retirement. To make the process a little easier this is your opportunity to talk to an experienced financial coach about your current financial situation. Your goals and how we can develop a retirement strategy that takes both into consideration. When we meet. We're gonna look at ways to help maximize Social Security benefits we're gonna analyze how much risk your current portfolio is taking. We're gonna make sure your accounts are tax efficient. Protecting all the money that is rightfully yours and of course we're not gonna ignore these important health issues. To make sure that you've got a plan for both when you're healthy but if also sometimes inevitable happens to you. This is completely customized based on your unique circumstances. It's complementary and there are absolutely no strings attached. But we're gonna limit us to our first ten collars on the show today if you saved at least 250000. Dollars for retirement call. 888 Arcadia. That's 888. 272234. TO now to get your ticket to retirement review. Again that is 888. Arcadia that's a forest in Maine where Arcadia financial group that's spelled AR CA. DIA our to make it easier you can miss dial 888. 272. 234. Tale. And keep that number with you and jotted down right now it's 88827223. 42 we're glad to have you with us here with Mike in jest and Nikko of Arcadia financial group what makes Arcadia stand out in my opinion. Is that it's a holistic approach to your retirement that's what my contest aimed to do any make it. So convenient for you everything under one roof from beginning to and everything is covered. In your retirement strategy and good news is you don't have to go to the big city to get this done it's. Right here easy to get to you and you can reach down to Mike ingesting Nikko right now T get mad visit sent. It's 888 Arcadia. 8882722342. Also online check their web site. On track and on time. Dot com. Mike suggested there's a presidential speech writer out there is a pretty well known guy is written a lot of famous speeches as the Richard Orban and here's what he said about inflation. He said inflation is the crab grass in your savings which I think it's account colorful way to put it. How inflation affect retirement what are we need to now. Are you a big fan of presidential speeches over there and I am I've got a thing nerd that way Mike. OK we wonder about you sometimes what you do when draft time you know. We'll just I know this is funny because crap your grass is is a subject that's where the close to your heart. Right well yeah I think we have a couple acres of it I can't and I can't get adamant I thought well I like what Richard was going for their and his analogy. Inflation really is a tricky thing it's a very very stealthy. Risk it's not something that you notice affecting the view from day to day but with time. It can be like an avalanche and it's a fact. I remember when I first got into the career I had a coworker who would describe for me. I'm what is grandmother went through. I'm she was on a fixed pension and also on Seoul's security after she retired and his grandfather passed and she was not around to get to keep all of these benefits. And when she first retired which was in the late seventies he described how those benefits cover her rent. Cover her groceries covered gas for the car in the insurance and left plane left over city she develop that reputation that grandma's deal. A being the one that spoiled all the grandkids including himself in the family. What time things change because out in the real world of course every single year things get more expensive right the cost of groceries taxes certainly. Amongst many other things. And the problem with pensions Social Security is they don't grow very well over time sometimes they don't grow at all. And what happened is that year by year grandma found herself in a position. Where she didn't have all those extra dollars to spoil people the money wasn't going as far month to month. And I remember actually matter went out to lunch with him you know her in the co worker one time. And he made a remark something to the effect of you know grandma must have been really tough for you that day. When you knew the chat coming in wasn't going to be enough to cover all the expenses. For the thirty days ahead and she said honey. It was all the years before that when I knew that day was common. So she's lucky she's in a big strong family that's helping to support her financially but she's a proud moment and I know that that hurts right because. You never wanna have to be dependent on others. And in the absence of others to depend on. You might actually just have to forfeit you know some of your lifestyle to adjust for how inflation takes its hole over time this is a risk that just simply cannot be ignored or understated they know things like Social Security you know there's a cost of living adjustment that's supposed to help offset the inflation and bite it's just not keeping paint their resident they're getting stranger and stand here in fact just over the last ten years. Three times now when they've announced what the rays is going to be for people currently collecting Social Security that raise has been eight goose egg zero. So. Those costs of living adjustments just aren't what they used to be and as a result inflation is taking a bigger hole so it behooves us when we do our retirement plan to make sure that we can make those adjustments on our own. Have our nest egg pick up that slack. If the government or affirm employer is not going to do it for us. We get a inflation is an enormous risk but it's one of many we've talked today not only about inflation but taxation health care amongst many others. In the key to actually wrangling this risk. In being in control of it so it doesn't dictate dictate the pace of the tenor of your retirement it's simple. You need a plan. And it's busy out there I get it you get a full time job and family and hobbies the last thing you wanna do is sit down and focus on figuring out your finances but that's why we're here. To help coach you to have a healthy conversation as to where it is that you wanna being. Take account of where your resources are currently and align them together so you can get your retirement. On track and on time let's have that conversation. Today give us a ring the number to dial this 888 Arcadia. That's 8882722342. Again 8882722340. Tip. The goal is to ensure your retirement nest egg last a lifetime by balancing growth and protection to cutting up next Mike and Jack show us how to strike that balance. Stay with us. You're listening to on track and on time with Michael and Jessica to an ego. This is on track and on time. Would Jessica and Michael for me. Hi Megan NASDAQ from the retirement news network very pleased to be sitting here with Mike and jazz and Nico from Arcadia financial group if you'd like to get your retirement. On track and on time if you wanna feel confident about your golden years in your future. I would encourage you reach out to my contest today it's very easy here's the number. 888. Arcadia. That's 88827223. 42 and when you call you can be confident that your reaching out to a fiduciary the are independent advisors. Working in your best interest. They love the chance to meet you find out what your goals your vision to your dreams are for retirement and then get started on that personalized. Plan here's the number again 888 Arcadia. 888. 2722342. Our showed today it's focused on the right balance between growth and protection for your retirement nest egg I want to ask Mike in jest how a financial professional help here with that dynamic really finding out what's right. For your individual situation. Other question because it really pertains to the value that a financial advisor I can provide. And it reminds me about you know different walks of life where it serves our interest to get some help like it's sad peach weather the sun is shining. And we wanna get our beach bod to where we wanted to be. It's not rocket science we just need to maybe exercise a little bit more and maybe eat a little bit less particularly with the junk food type stuff right. Q that. So the Nigeria is that why do some people still go and find a physical trainer or dietitians why don't we go to an expert where it's really not. Rocket science well there's a value to those people provide some of its accountability someone that you have to go see every single morning or every other day. That's gonna look at your progress applaud you where you've done well or you don't give you some pointers are trying to help you when you're breaking have that are going the other way right. Also they're gonna be better aware of certain techniques or things that you should be eating or proper ways to exercise you don't hurt yourself that might take you a long time to figure out on your round because this is something that they do. Day in our day down there an expert. Now I say these things number 1 because I am I'm obviously concerned about my pasty body on the beach. Right now all the children a tank but also it's related to what it is that we give us financial advisors. This is what we do day in and day out right just they say that it takes about 101000 hours of development expertise in something. Literally all we do is eat drink and sleep retirement plan I think we have a little bit more than 101000 ours so we can be that accountability. We have those techniques we have the products the tools and strategies and it's not cookie cutter every situation is gonna be different. To figure out where you wannabe. Where your resources currently are and align all of these things so that we can be. On track but here's a thing it's important to really checking and on the source of this information and the quality of your coach I think nearly all of this and I think maybe you ladies can speak to this little bit more so is this is a thing that you see more so around the other female camp. It's you'll have a friend who all of a sudden has really gotten into dieting and they're telling you all the success that they haven't and exactly what they've been dealing and then they pop their trunk. And they've got like a trunk full of chic mix and out snack bars and all the things that they're trying to sell you write like oh you're giving all this advice he can sell like this of one thing that you represent got a loud mouth little problem right the idea or is that you know while those shake mixes while those snack bars. Might be good. While there the offerings of just one company. And your friend isn't getting paid unless they sell that stuff. So their advice is going to be contour. To legion of buying. That stuff the one thing that cinder track by the home teens product and something like 90% of the financial advisory industry operates in a very similar fashion. You know when you go to one bank when you go to a certain brand name financial institution. Those folks at your meeting Arab last financial advisors and really more cell sales people. They're trying to sell the home team's product strategies that sort of thing oftentimes they have quotas right right so. The ninety is that if I'm going to be getting advice about anything. I want that advice to be coming from an unbiased source. Where there's multiple options and I know that they're gonna put their best PMI Entrust ahead of their round and that's why it's so important to work with the fiduciary. Yes just like comparing you know the butcher in the dietitian or both and you know the food services industry. But the butcher you know he's it's gonna sell Unita dietitian is going to talk to but what's the best interest in your help. Exactly like in jest as professionals here in the financial planning industry your retirement specialist. Fifteen years in the industry and the you've seen a lot of help so many families throughout the as yours I think what is a really neat about the to review in Arcadia financial group is. Boy the future is bright you guys have a long time yet to really work with your clients through the years. You're still young you've had a you've got youth on your side which is so cool. And that allows you to walk with your clients through their retirement today you're not retiring ourselves any time sitting right. Our mind me and I thought. Like I don't aren't here at the wrecking a academy but luckily I love what it used so we're happy to be here. It's a great point you know we've read recently that the average financial counselor in this country is just about sixty years old. So we often like to ask people more who you gonna talk to. When your in your eighties right you might like the guy or the gal that's helping you with your financial plan today. But they're getting ready to go to the beach to an area on the golf course next yeah so mega were always proud to report that Arcadia financial group are primarily staffed hereby millennial that's. By design. We want the people who decide to come on board. To really get accustomed to a team that's gonna be there for the duration of their retirement I think that's a beautiful thing. It has any really gives people just a great sense of security knowing who their working with for the long haul. I wanna keep talking about the advantages that are out there for working with the financial professionals working with the firm like Expedia financial group. What a financial probe give up personnel they're trying to planned retirement on their own that the aid they can't Dubai themselves. Well here's the most important thing that you really wanna get out of a financial coach. And that's somebody who's gonna actually challenge you and point out weakness the last thing that you need on planet earth is another yes man. Someone a systemic clap you on the back and tell you everything's going to be okay and everything's cool you know we can to see each other in another year. The idea here is that it's not what you're doing well that matters it's what you're doing poorly. What are you missing the boat on what mistakes he's making. Where are you paying too much in fees right. What can you be doing today to make it's it's in the future you pay less in taxes because maybe you're on a crash course with disaster. So when you work with people who just congratulate you or just work on one thing you might be missing some of these things on the fringes. Whom we actually looked to strengthen these weak spots. That's where real planning happens because the less risk that's in the picture but fewer that we're paying in fees on the more than we've eliminated. All of the weaknesses that we've got the more confidence of we're gonna happen our financial future. And so few people they have that confidence so few people actually even have a plan. For how they're going to transition. Enter retirement with that's exactly right thank and that's what I was gonna say is that I think you know working with the financial professional what you get. It's a plant and that's so important is we see people the walking Hera to stop they have some funds over here policy over the air. But that doesn't make a plane. You're absolutely right just in the first step to getting that plan is getting a completely customize ticket to retirement review. From us here at Arcadia financial group we have your best interest at heart. And we can provide you with a fresh professional perspective on your entire income picture in fact. That's what our team does every day this is not some generic cookie cutter report. It's customized specifically just for you if you're one of our first ten callers to call us at 888 Arcadia. That's 888. 2722342. And you'll get a customized report to show your unique needs and goals and how to get better on track. An on time if you saved at least 250000. Dollars or more for retirement. Be one of the first ten callers right now and get your personalized ticket to retirement review dial 888 Arcadia. Last time it's 888. 272. 2342. You've been listening. You on track and dawn of time with Michael Lang Jessica could Nikko. With 567. Ways to clean your Social Security benefits do you know the mall impossible right but what if knowing which option was best for you. Could mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket each year hi this is Mike Nico from Arcadia financial group and hosted your retirement on track and on our Social Security analysis can tell you exactly how and when to start collecting your Social Security benefits this free customized reports can help you boost your monthly retirement income forever if you've saved 250000. Dollars or more for retirement call now for your custom made Social Security analysis 888 Arcadia. You've contributed for decades now it's time to find out how to get the most of your Social Security benefits down to the mound in the year you should start collecting to get the most bang for your buck. Call 888 Arcadia that's 8888. RCA. DI and investment advisory services offered to articulate and I'm a registered investment advisor. 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