Anti-Muslim terror attack in London

The Kuhner Report
Monday, June 19th

Kuhner says retaliation will only escalate. 


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106 here on the great WR KOK. Fairer now strikes one then again. Late last night there M London time. In North London outside of a mosque. Worshippers. Engaged in evening prayers during the festival of an Ahmad Don. Came out of the mosque. And out of the blue. Eight white man in any way too man. Well I deliberately went onto the sidewalk and began mowing down pedestrians. One person was killed several others injured. After he mowed them down he then got out of his truck and began running away but according to witnesses. 'cause he was running away. He says kill all Muslims kill all Muslims. I've done my bit why don't shoot do you worse. And then he continued to run. He was chased down by a lot of the a Muslim worshippers. They tackle them they pinned him down they began to beat him repeatedly based on them they punched them. Until a local the local imam I wanna give him full credit. They intervened. Told the people pinning him down to not hit them any more to leave them alone. Just keep them on the ground apprehended. Until the police are rife. There was pandemonium. People began spitting on them they began screaming Adam. In fact if it wasn't for the mom they probably wouldn't Warren these suspect either driver on a limb from limb. Here's just a taste. Of what they were saying on the scene roll it Britain. They're yelling you wanted to kill me want to kill me you wanted to kill me. Several in the crowd said let's kill homeless biamby a mom. Refused the police came he was arrested. As he was dragged off into a police car to switch extremely strange he was laughing and he was practically gloating smiling. Even blowing kisses. Blowing kisses and waving. To the crowd outside. One or elderly person is dead several others are injured. Eight were treated on the scene. The British authorities are treating this as a terrorist attack however an anti Muslim terrorist attack. From the initial. Reports coming from law enforcement and the media. Here is it seems this is what's happened. In retaliation. For the previous terrorist attacks that have been taking place. Whether it be in Manchester. Whether it be in London whether it be all over England. It appears now that every action. Creates a counter reaction. And so it appears that this gentleman just he's 48 years of age just snapped. He targeted that place because he knew their B Muslims ending their evening prayers it was done right in front of a mosque. And he shouted out I wanted to kill all Muslims I want to kill all Muslims now. Teresa may has condemned the attack. There is never any excuse or justification. I don't care why I don't care how. To ever commit an act of terrorism. Against anybody. It is disgusting it is immoral it is completely wrong. What I find remarkable however. He's one I compare wilander in knife attacks and the London knife Rampage. Or V Manchester Islamic terrorist bombing. The way the media is strong treated those cases compared to this one it's night and day. Mean it's nine page. His skin color is immediately revealed. The fact that he's white is immediately revealed. It was he immediately called a terrorist act there was no hesitation no equivocation. I'm whatsoever. Is Lamo phobia outweigh see immediately denounced. Notice. There are very reluctant to name the terrorist attackers when it's an Islamist. They never target radical Islam they never mentioned their religion they never mentioned anything behind the motivations for the attacks not on this one. On this one they hit the motivation right away. On this one they labeled terrorism right away on this one you know where everything about this attacker. Everything about this attack everything is now known to the public. The bigger point is this. And if nobody else has the guts to say it I will. Which are now seeing in London. Each stage two. When you do that when you have radical Islam. Take root in your country. Stage one. Is a series of constant terrorist attacks and the growth of Sharia law. Stage two and you see this in North Africa you've seen in the Middle East. You see it everywhere else where you have a substantial and growing militant Muslim population. Comes to reaction. Comes the ball back comes the backlash. And so just like secular rests. Start targeting militant Muslims or Muslims in prayer or whatever. In Muslim majority countries or in countries where islamists have really taken hold. Is now beginning to take effect in England and in France. Acts of retaliation. It becomes then tit for tat. The islamists move in. They start committing acts of terror and bloodshed. There's only so much a population can take or wants to take. And then the other extreme the other side gets mobilized and they start targeting Muslims. Then that fueled the Islamic community. And radicalized is damn even more. Which leads to more Islamic terrorist attacks which then leads to more counter terrorist attacks. And before you know it. You have a deeply divided deeply polarized society. On the verge of civil war. They're not safe on the streets of Muslim of of London. They're not safe on the streets which so many Muslim militants. That the authorities there have allowed in to Britain. And now Britain is literally starting to fracture and break apart. This is how polarized and divided. The country is slowly becoming. And so to mean there's no other conclusion but Ferris. Unless Britain really gets control over its borders. Unless it starts to really crack down on Muslim migration. And Muslim immigration. The problems are just gonna escalate. Muslim terrorism is gonna increase and now retaliation retaliatory anti Muslim terrorism is going to increase. And it's going to be end up a cycle of violence with no end. With no end. The era of political correctness. Is over. It is over. And either the west confronts the nature of the threat. Or you're gonna continue to see these kinds of actions break out and my friends I am just telling you. You sought in the Netherlands after the hour murder of the film the film maker of Bengal. There was a retaliatory killing upon a prominent Muslim imam. This is what he's beginning to happen in Europe. The attacks Wal-Mart just come from the islamists. Botox will begin to come from a population. That feels besieged. Under attack and paralyzed by political correctness. And in this cycle in the end nobody wins. Nobody Wentz. And so my question to you is this. There is now another terrorist attack in London. This time by a man. Deliberately targeting Muslims. In retaliation. For their previous Islamic terrorist attacks. What should the brits do. And do you fear something like this happening in America. 6172666868. Wind sir blazing Bruce in Hartford Europe next go ahead Bruce. A caption about this luck this period incident. I think it started and we can be called what we are under airport which we had no business doing. Nauert now particular plane this guy. And landed it would in the United States' responsibility. To get involved in civil war to a country. It is just doesn't know that it insight for us and I think you're absolutely right. That Charlton hit a very bad device but it is good and bad replace her recent. That's making a one term president. Thank you. I thank you Bruce well I think look to me. Syria would be an absolute disaster if we win in any way. This thing escalate into war with the Russians this to me would be an absolute disaster. I think he's being undermined by people around him I think they want and can be a one term president I think they wanna break him. And look this is the problem of hubris. The other famous expression pride comments before the fall. We think worth a global call up. We were founded as a republic. George Washington warned us. Be aware of foreign entangling alliances. Don't get involved in the core roles of Europe or the corals of the world mind our own a fair source. We have enough to deal with here on our own continent and instead. We go around playing empire. We go around playing the big cop on the beat and you're right we now metal and everybody else is internal of sorts. And it's not even look. I'm a nationalist. Fits in America's national interest you do what you have to do to protect your country's national security strategic interests. But outside of wiping out crisis what's the interest in Syria. So we're shorting down a plane. That is trying to shoot down the very people were fighting against. Or now potentially going to be at war with Russia. Who has the same common enemy that we do. So okay we don't like us are trying to avoid government's we don't like. Who may does god that we can go around. Toppling one government after another because we don't think for whatever reason that they conform to our ideas of democracy. Or Republican government or freedom. We do business with all kinds of tyrants. Soul what we do the eyes of the world we look like hypocrites. But getting back to this X I don't wanna get off topic. What are the Syrians fighting the secularist its radical islamists. Whenever countries. CEO rise in radical Islam. And the other side begins to start lashing out. That's exactly what you're seeing now in London. Your slowly senior population saying. If the authorities won't protect us. If they won't crack down on these Muslim militants and the crazies take over and then they start targeting Muslims. And before you know it. Then they start counter attacking then there's other counter attacking and before you know it everybody's eye each other's throats. That's why you don't let him in I'm very in major numbers. You're only asking for trouble Julie New Hampshire go ahead Judy. Don't know I'm yeah I'm good how are you. Aren't doing well and I just wanted to make a comment that. So route recommendation should get out the wall which you have about her place then. And then I'll have to worry about it she. She's not making that kind of statements that she needs to be made gains to protect battle where she's coming out in just making statements. But I mean a lot of they're gonna continue to elect people comment on that made the cut off globally they don't want what are bought. And I believed that this white person who did this terrorist attack this. Time it'd probably from the Soros group to. At higher jet declined more. People against other people. Oh the good luck lunch came to me. They typically. Having an issue with us out so it's outside turning everybody again. Every bingo. I. Judy thank you for that call that's what's happened. What happens is then you begin to inflame all the Muslims. They want you once you start targeting their mosques. And mowing them down as they come out of the mosque as was done today now remember he drove a white van. Why because the London butchers. They drove a white van when they mowed down those pedestrians there was just no knife in this attack. So clearly he's saying he's he's saying is obviously can make it this is a retaliation. For what Islam as did several weeks ago. And so what that does is that inflames the Muslim population. And that provides a feeding ground for the radical we moms. So then they start saying you seek Muslims are being targeted we have to hit back they started back again. And then of course the rest of the population says one not some off the authorities want to protect us they don't wanna crack down so we gotta take matters into our romance. And then you see more revenge attacks. And then it just becomes older and you've got Syria. Our new and you got Libya then you've got Egypt. Vanish just spiraling out of control. Europe is slowly becoming. Your Arabia. 6172666868. All London terror attack. This time directed. And targeting Muslims in North London. Your reaction. Your calls next is cooler reports. Voice of Boston. 126. Here on the great WRKO. OK another terrorist attack in London. This time it appears. Driven by somebody who hated Muslims and wanted to kill Muslims. One elderly person killed several others seriously injured. In a van that was used to mold down pedestrians. Outside of a mosque in North London scar in the car Europe next go ahead Scott. I don't guess good are you not bad not bad. I mean for me I just sit there and you look at this and if you have any type of brain between you two years anybody in this country you have to realize that what's happening in London what's happening grid in the post clips. It's only gonna stop to happen here so literally. And that we as the leaders of the world even though you Serb people don't want to see the Republican that leaders of the world now if we don't. Do what we're supposed to do here. Britain's gonna do the same there we can't fight these people. We we can't do you Dominique I get from Boston someone to be an airstrip so far simpler yet at the very. We don't come to get so if you let these people in and out and then all of a sudden there's an attacking America will these people that may not be radicalized right now. At the end of day it's going to be them against us and not gonna choose dark side. It's not gonna happen and I just think if people in general need to wake up it is there's a huge problem that happening around the world right now and it's going to be happening here. And I don't think. NASCAR thank you very much for that call look Arkansas you kind of broke up find your major point I thought very eloquently in very effectively. Look. Here is the problem in a nutshell. Do you put a lot above the constitution. And the sad fact of the matter is for many Muslims the answer is yes. As along is that answer is yes. Emea and when push comes to shop. They're gonna be against us and not for us. It's the same thing in England. They put their allegiance to a lot and the crime. Above Britain's parliamentary democracy above the queen above the monarchy. Above British society itself. And so this is why when you get you radicalized population. There's only so much attacking attacking attacking. Look after awhile when you keep taking all these attacks can go and allow the there's only so much a population can take. Eventually something of a gonna start lashing out commuting back. And then that's gonna further inflame the Muslim population. So what you then have my friends is a de facto religious ideological civil war. There are already got big cats so many cops on the streets now we don't know what to door in London or England. Are all working overtime. So the question I ask is this Weir's the peaks. Where's the peace. Because I don't see it Becky Ann Hamilton go ahead Becky. And hearing Nancy and for the first time ever. I thought about the conspiracy where's that woman mentioned earlier that someone may have. Got a hold of this person stir him up and got him he did yes and I couldn't believe that I actually not that. About a group of people that they would do that. And it just it makes me out of print. Because today as I've used to that level where I can think there was. There are people out there who it said it someone who was obviously crazy and it clapping as it is being called the way. And still taunting. Yeah he must have been after the match. I mean Becky it's just to reinforce which are sang when they were beating him when the crowd grab them and they were beating indicates is on tape. He's telling them kill me kill me kill me. If you have the guts skill. And then you know he sees these guys are expected to bloody he's got to Bob Black guys. So they're de Acosta now dry and about to the car he's laughing he's smiling he's blowing kisses. The guy is not a lot. No I'd anyone can do something like this isn't good but just it just I couldn't believe I actually thought that. Maybe the other side would do something like that kid just everything about and it it made me sad and I hate about the personalities or me. It was very eloquent because people you choose religion especially when it. So indoctrinated. Over the happy that they are living and. Mickey thank you very much for that call 6172666868. We can definitely continue to take calls on this. But coming up next. I young young. Liberals. Go after Steve's police. As he is fighting for his life in a hospital bed dot store.