Anthony Weiner is sentenced to jail time

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Tuesday, September 26th

Anthony Weiner will go to prison for his sexting escapades of the past few years. But its the sentence too harsh? Not harsh enough?


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Wake up with Kim and DP is unbelievable it's infuriating. Boston's morning show WR Cano. Good Tuesday morning to your TV win you want I am sixty WRKO king Kerrigan has today option for the next couple of days off as a matter of fact. Filling in today for Kim Kerrigan is. Michael rod and Michael Grant and by the way tomorrow night I'll be at Amherst College speaking Hattig organs group gathered by the college Republicans and Emerson state responding to. To the 9/11. Banner if you were called that was posted that day that said. No flag is big enough to cover your blood remembering the victims of America's so called the war on terror. And so I'll be out hosting a forum. I'll why America's military response to 9/11 was the right thing to do and save American lives in the will be at Amherst College. The starts at 630 and I'll be booed off stage by 632 that's the that's scheduled dodge dealer where your getting. Some sort of been an attack and it took you guys you know who I'm truly look for to got some great speakers gonna join me including a democratic state rep. Who supports. Read them. Your result a better I don't I don't care about the college thing someone but I know the area well. Get there early go to Judy Easter dinner and get on top firm as they get the pump is Jews all my job on the sabres college not UMass Amherst Amherst College this is super crazy I am doing is an esque jacket you wouldn't know what that meant but yes I know Amherst college and just furniture right downtown hammers -- is right on main street and off the top get the apple butter was it of course of course a lot. All the details are Michael what I would come here for one of my wife made him pop overs last night but she knows all of them but she does egg whites and no water. In so neither pop blunders they sort of imclone. Which is good they're fine but but mr. Cabrera overs I need her -- and you have your life porn I always last night I was instructed to get your wife's recipe for the cookies because they were both very much for enjoyed it at the animal for this that is is actually amazing is that he's Bobby Wheeler married like say so far -- how do you go below I don't unless he's wearing Anthony Weiner this is not a lot of room down word for Bibi to go I'm glad you mention that because that's not gonna happen for 21 months Anthony murder sentenced to yes today. Now. Joseph reason I'm even doing as well and a night not true we no real reason we're doing a one reason because I want ponds at six it was junior and Anthony Weiner being sent that's Carlos danger TO. But I know one due to stiff sentence there of justice because we've already been naral now that he's gonna prisoner might be Carolina danger. Very good point. They're gonna send to the pokey how he may not obvious sign of drips oh no improper not just me right. Going into this yesterday did you think he was going to prison. Yeah I know I'll body was for maybe six months I love doesn't I had been fired just moved on from the story when I saw that we are wasting our time the money sending this dope. To prison for 21 months like what are you kidding me I am not surprised when I sentence at all it was I think a lot of the people on that jury are in the pool of people that partially blame him for who is president right. God so this is he's going to that it's a prison for punishing Hillary up I did not ballots in the makes it so we are three theories on the going to the clink for Clinton let me just say right on the record as they wasted time money this guy does not belong in prison he should be some humiliating halfway house with a make you tinkling majority Don today. They don't you go on the Internet you have to get therapy about stop talking a stop off in the bishop he should be treated like the pathetic little perky is he's not a danger to anybody even when he was. Tweeter tracks being whatever you're doing he was not a danger you know I mean he's just being up her. Did he does not belong in prison tiger wax then whatever you call that burning but it well as always more than that it wasn't so I think implies that there's a two way that he was literally and I some K this is how much of that and I love the fact that for months Democrats defended him. He was finding random teenagers on the web and sending them pictures of a blank there. He's got more time than Michelle Carter is that where we are in this country since final point that's a fair point on the other hand. One of the reasons why this is the right thing that happens. Today Graham is first of all they already done what you said he already had the east European sessions you don't therapy guys like Wiener because Wiener. Is never gonna get right with this the only way you do what did you drop his big blunt object on as you can which is 21 months. Then may be in it leads you don't have that fuel them for 21 months if he does what you do we still have him cause he's not the blog so prison's gonna make it doesn't hurt me. He's helo one and you all your fellow Illinois if you got let off clone doesn't need a phone call yes I did. Can you speak right around belonged there and Kermit the point at which what prison these anxieties that. This is the lack this but I think we can do for you we we tried everything now you've always had anyone like some would like to know if we know it's gonna take any when he gets to present. I. He's doing Tara I'm until Heidi got predict your niece definitely be able to absolutely do I did OK I can help this like a cut imprisoned downward dog is not about yoga as wanna say that I noticed I. I've done cold hard time behind those steel walls as you remember. Muslim and I'm a one and Nottingham look what happened when you don't equinox time this app. Happens Mike Riley asked remind you that PS data matches is forced to drop their case against me I defeated them in the court of law. Door edited it will be did you big objects from brought on an imprisoned I don't look. I'm I'm I'm always in favor of tough justice especially when it's someone who'd been given chance after chance after it shouldn't waste of money to its all good good putting dangerous person in that box well done. Well the army corps. -- article Matt you are wasting his belt and the City Council plenty of people who would move along and sell I don't want overcrowded poorly against us only can you imagine like going for what to. Do whatever it is and you turn energetically Anthony Weiner is gonna be yourself and just the sound effects from below here. Jim and DBs were DV stands for very boisterous Thursday's variables all yeah right whatever it's Boston's morning show on WR KL a blue. Sex line you've been fantastic today. Five or would you be used to go to the break I'm taking you Alabama program that's what we years cellmate. 6030 how bleeds off is the show when snowflake wants to lock up. Wiener and Graham wants and how. It's true there is some role reversal going on in. Weiner gets 41 point one months in the holes and protect. Finally this is knots. But the idea is they present all the ribbed arm of the law of the grid arm is that even a phrase but okay it is now. But then there's so now we'll get serious on this. Seven anyone really did need that guy hits in with you island that is that guy that guy out where I found an answer to that guy is that guy that's in which views saying Weiner should receive no jail time quick reminder. He was sending lewd pictures to minors that is a crime punishable by jail. I agree I agree on a percent waste our money another and I said. So because he's Anthony Weiner he should get no time by any of us anonymously does this you know we're going to jail I. Once you know this is put the purges and the Perth. You know previous minor league manager we got we got important you put in jail you do you honestly think anyone has a range of Jordan Anthony Weiner it's. It's you're in danger from Anthony Weiner your argument might have held the first time but the second time it was the minor she was in danger because we didn't in your game you're. She got fat kids which we decided as a society is something we don't well I think -- reasonable -- can -- -- NBA here for porn because they take pictures of themselves you know part of that video that maybe this is what guys like you do all the time except you had an argument you -- you know this morning I -- after the finish -- a week -- for -- you -- -- I I'm not good to total per call -- now any jail time whatever okay -- look at your tax dollars it's your -- guide doesn't go to prison who beat the crap but as somebody because there's -- little story that I -- stadium well that's -- around and all wrong of course I think -- part of early release happens all the time the city California -- easily tens of thousands of people part of Anthony Wiener -- most early release that it happens. It's. A ouch. Does this guy not have any daughters who's 617 I look at Graham something I know my car rams a lawful and sometimes likes to. No I'm speeds of a new guidelines are as heinous people got he's our brains it is stupid to put some good news viewers hungry for jurors but then you always become you'll remember off line and let me tell you what's kept. It looked where our money. I heard second then your philosophy on the right now. It's about the flag stupor Brighton okay use the same logic here. It's about the general the sexting stupid you're not getting your English is concede I'm not inconsistent and most of America wants guys intersects in their jumped to sixteen year old the BOJ America want to meet in jailed I had brain that's what we all time saves for his football at the constitution I almost for the same reason I can't take you seriously is ever to get excited you blogger had known and admitted what you saw when they'd heard and by the way I. Social just tweeted me they saw the picture in the words of William Jefferson Clinton knew she was my phone that. So thank you for concerned about my health though that might be headed big gash opened. Yeah I I have I have tube and seven anyone Michael on what are your kid shows you the phone with the parent every entity rerun or do you say add don't worry about it. So don't worry about it I say is we punish you called it probably just don't want to crazy and not be able to embarrass the candidate and you want him punished but the all different kinds Emily I'm Michael you realize there is no cure for pedophilia. Once you're doing as you're doing it's forever OK so what he's what we are showing you because you have. Not one not two but three different times he was told. Just knock this off and will ignore it. He recording stop doing nets it's gonna put me in prison now he will start to waste on we're gonna waste 21 months of iffy at three hot to make up for this guy 21 months of all the security. And then he gets out picks up the phone and doesn't all overnight and is obviously Texas analyst at that point both telephone I don't I don't I said it was on that shouldn't get a phone via an I you keep one tell me a public librarian Massachusetts that would turn him away he'll show up you'll sit down you'll do is staying you'll accomplish nothing but it except that you'll blown the tens of thousand dollars but it took you feel good about yourself on the back graduates Tom in Boston you're next on and succeed W market you know. Good morning gentlemen on. All right so first of all everything Weiner deserves some kind of all the way pervert indeed. Some kind of meritorious service the middle for handing the election Nadal prompt we can agree that you'll how else would you possibly. That the thing about the effect of Access Hollywood tape. Would if you didn't have this guy. One trump said something that is making completely un electable. You have to be an investigation opened in per week and Latino voters who had a bumper crop that is that we are affected gentlemen I'm here to what school you want us. What do you know about the Wiener affect and effect that you clearly have never had only female person. That dude that is not too. Pertinent to this case it all good server if I waited. By the way Tom in Boston Common cause here. What year was essentially you're just caught sexting. It's not done Winchester you what year wasn't was it was it 2010. Plus four. When he first did. Did yeah implied by bright part what would that 2000 to 2011 have been 2011 what's united do we deal doesn't go well doesn't go right to manage your time and Boston I am I'm out here hey can you tell them the the story about terra TV. Issue Graham. I did you mean about the crazy psychotic. Program director who set I was breaking the TVs in the studio. Perry told that one. Thank you very much. Almond Winchester tell everybody then you're going to be on TV later we division currently ahead I see the value of their eyes and a political analyst for CBS news the token non liberal an approach or do things. I'm a liberal right now not because you're definition of conservatism is charged with Knightley is your definition conservative ism is it for you call a visual Dell's small government constitutional ism. Like. So not tough on eliminate costs where I am tough on criminals are not saying the guy walks of simply saying that there are you walk. More than half the story on your long imperfect god not in jail that means he walks he's he's going to be out texting after you've spent all the money you could have accomplished. Nothing although I'm zero undermined rules doesn't tax for 21 months on the your rules package doesn't. Hey isn't halfway house per program yeah. Oh yeah dot com Howell Eagles I don't know much take your phone into this is beyond your mind not yet he loves you don't know how. For two hours from the TV blunt. Your head to kick you once again it's your money it's your waste of time to put a sentence we can be surrounded by the hundreds of the things that he was taking pictures of you good luck with that final play at least South Korean air English who want pictures of it you know really because it was horrible and Allred I don't know it I thought Jim was off because it Churchill Downs while he's on our men. That's an insult again miles an excellent Simon is a difference between a pervert and a Metafile. Yeah hmm yeah Bruce yes he's had a five day. And I you I agree we remind you remember back to square regular remember these are the people now know beyond all know all all Metafiles are perverts not all perverts are not of course not okay so that's fine but Graham is right on this is 603 this is premature incarcerate. And look if you let the we're running might have a stroke. Joseph's Aaland he's next on WR Juneau. Boy baby I have to agree with Graham I think you're over exaggerating but you may hear me out the girl said she was over sixteen. Lot of people like pornography maybe shouldn't do with a minor but. I don't maybe why she shouldn't do with a minor may be jealous of you Tony acknowledged that. She told him she was over sixteen solo shots. Such as it says that the age of consent. Yeah but it doesn't make it the age of consent if you're not sixteen. Because then all right what's the point oh no but just make big point big guys total crime is sending per pictures out to people who we didn't know they were that's the entire crime. Yeah I was looking around and twelve year old now dot victims dot com web site. Is never defense of the law over this every time beneath him anecdotally didn't hear any time you're junk in your four year old are in the same picture right need to go to jail that's what I'm. Probably number one domestic product number George you can't use it to defense I thought she was sixteen you know all you. Saying that he's got a criminal the saying -- you punish you don't you just knows why go to jail Branson Wright all criminals should go to jail because that's your idea of logic because that's a pathetic beaten world we live and everybody asked exactly admitted he went on offense against society yes you should be punished so I assume in the old days there were stocks now we used. Prison BA he any would you stocks if he could again because that's who PBS so you would send a six year old girl takes a picture of her stuff and send it to her six year old boyfriend to jail to possess child pornography obviously right I wouldn't however. What you support he's a sports star and always don't listen to and child pornography. Don't like the NFL if you brought a really big flag then maybe the people come back you feel like you can say it loudly it makes it's an hour. Putting out that you do to sharpen our year old case no because that's why people in the same group renounces tricky one rising short about it. What what does that could measures so if that same sixteen year old is then told they'd knock off. And they do it again. Do you say knock off you're going to prison and they do weekend yet and maybe they are going to prison. Is that what Wiener did so you can what's possible for an arsenal be a victim of their own. Not a hero for cold. You think Dennett a teenager can be a victim of their own child predators right. There's a larger disaster she knew that have actually come I notice they're scary when you lose the support people in jail for taking pictures of themselves. And saying you exploited a child in your words play oil it was you know if you look at it over previous miss it's all. How how can I take the most ridiculous extreme position solo drive in Israel and this is grant. It's a ridiculous extreme position don't want somebody was sexting with a minor while he was married with a forty year old in his band I want that person to go to jail that's a ridiculous extreme position of course.