Another stab at health care

The president tweeted over the weekend that he wants the Senate to continue working towards a solution on health care


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One as high stock market ever best economic number years unemployment wasn't seventeen years wages reserved wages raising borders secure. No White House chaos. Okay take of that which you will chocolate and think well there's a little bit of chaos I think putting I think the things he stated they're good collateral that drive that excludes the fact that there may be that chaos at the White House the other one east weeded which he tweeting their version of this yesterday and he's retreated today which is if obamacare is hurting people and it is. Why should it hurt the insurance companies and why should congress not be paying what the public panics. Now he treated data over the weekend to some version of that where he said. Remember I'm gonna find it isn't going through but it's basically. Why don't we give them on obamacare he writes over a strike. Which I think there's tomatoes we heard our listeners and have you been out just chatting with people of said the same thing what makes him really ticked off. Is dead on congress does it does not. Participate in the same health plan that the rest of the nation is expected to. So. A couple of questions let's consider here one is. We heard from Mick malls mania so they the office of management budget director on the talking head shows that. Trump is asking congress or the senate in particular. No new business until this is taking care of he won Tom price. Also was out there talking about. We gotta get this right we're gonna get this done we got to keep working at this. Trump clearly wants in the administration clearly once they were not done with the health care let's just keep going. If at first you don't succeed try try again sort pay. That a good idea. We said multiple times now at some point let's just walk away be done witness and let's move on the president does not want them to move on. Are you would the president should we continue to just keep. Hit in this pinata until it finally pops or do you just walk away go by some Jane somewhere else. Second thing is is the president right that congress should be put on this thing immediately. Does anybody disagree with that but there's so why exactly are but I definitely don't disagree with. I mean. I think everyone is help this way for ever. Nowhere is understood why they have a completely different health care for the same reason that they get raises whenever they want but as they're the ones voting on that allowed at that get a dollar but in this case he can do this right right now. Right my might we often has my reach where quote we was. The second time you've done this you're starting to just make this seem like an idle threat joy right. We've we talk about is all the time what can you do. How can you get Health Care Reform done well here's one might say do it tiger are now on an effective immediately. I agree. I think this would be Smart on the president's part and because I do think that once those who are voting in making these decisions feel. They grasp of obamacare and all that it entails they're gonna move a little more quickly and they're going to be willing to speak to one another a little more readily. And they're gonna find some kind of bipartisan answer to this. He cannot tell me they all those people on Capitol Hill. Our. Not Smart enough or are so incapable of negotiating that they can't come up with something for the American people. So what he then go on to. I I don't know why wouldn't. Why even know what he's all I don't I think he's pro I would be willing to bet he's still on his own yeah I think a lot of Amar I mean like Ted Cruz is the sort of example where crews could be on through his wife percent purposely chose to be on mad because he believes what. Most rational people believe as they should have to report should have to deal when it. But I I don't know what trump has and my guess is he wouldn't be. Pom mirror she talked to his doctor he's been out of the news too long his stock has felt we could talk or get a note. Note from his doctor. I want do you want them to go at this again well wanna do this dance again. You know what Bibi I don't think they have a choice. And we were so if you don't what he just gonna kick it down the road one thing is president I know he doesn't want. Yeah wanna get closer to his reelection. And have this whole thing dangling the air right I mean it's going to come up whether it's this summer. Or fits in a year from now or two years certain this is gonna happen within that time period that he is sitting in the Oval Office. So I think his feeling about this is luck. We're into this it's got to be resolved and for as much as he wants to say well let's just sit back and let it to implode. I don't really think the president feels that way I think the president has more compassion for the American people and recognizes. It's not the people's fault. So I think Hugh he's put this on congress senate and he sure that's where it belongs. I just. We just can't I'm so tired of this discussion. Again no reason to believe they're gonna ever pass anything you think it's really made if they were forced to be on this health care following I don't. I just don't think think. These guys can't get Susan Collins like it we can't stop bending over backwards that she got some tepid applause when she touched down up and Portland when she got home. All they all love her she's a hero McCain thinks he's zero now. And how are you learning how are you gonna get this done. Your price there we go back drummer we're gonna look at every single thing insane hours just driving costs down and that is who we gonna do away with it. Well we're all gonna do this again we're gonna talk about it then they're gonna come up with another planet we're gonna have a CBO thing that there's a down an inning and happen. I think at some point this this is what happened with the automobile industry either you let them learning hard last send. Or we're gonna keep eating the seam problems over and over again and I I feel like that's where we are here's the problem aren't hard lessons. Well the hard lesson is you stop funding some of these. Some of the obamacare things that the government's then funding and you gotta let stuff go down. But who's who's competed Preston. We we've already so why do we have to pay the price. He said I read that or the one saying we want obamacare but I think that's the president's point the president's point is if they start feeling the pain mid to deep the American people are feeling. They're gonna do something about it I mean I don't understand why the American people have to pay the price. They're just asking for a better place and and a good you know one victim sustained. I don't think it's on the American people. I really don't. So noisy out this is a win congress go back again you don't. Some you always keep general he's only just from smarter than everybody else we'll tell me how we Smart here. Tell me how this plays out its morning show with cam. Hello finally and Z base. Earlier the most interesting man in the world WRKO. Hi Georgia health care this morning because the president been tweeting tweeting out already this morning about health care what he is suggesting is that it's. They don't get back to work by the way he's suggesting number one they do not take a break at all no recess. Number two. He is saying that if they cannot come choose some kind of resolution on health care. It may be it's time for. All of congress to move on to obamacare so they get a better sense of it he's also talking about possibly. Not making some of the payments that are made. Two insurance companies so. He's pushing hard he wants this health care issue resolved and he's saying essentially meaning take up any other business until this is resolved pressure I think that's such a great idea. But down. I'm I'm sure with him on this I really am I think that I think that. Congress should be moved off of what they're currently on make them feel the heat of this they will feel the urgency and you know gets done. You can look at Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and column you guys gotta work this out. To your blue in the face they're not capable of working out. If they lived to be 500 they would have married and divorced for fifteen more times because that's just that was their nature. It is the nature of this congress. As it currently consists to screw this up so you can tee if you continually go back to the drawing board with them you were inevitably going to fail. I believe that. If they pass something is gonna be way worse for us. Then what we currently have I believe that I think why so if you believe either of those why would you want them to do this again. Well if you believe the president and the president says that this is going to implode. We're really didn't. Implode it let it implode. I mean you get it so I know what's gonna happen because it's but one of the things you have to change the dynamic of the discussion if the discussion is the 67% of people kind of like obamacare. Did you have to show them why they're wrong and why they shouldn't like it in the way that is is it it hurts. We'll these costs kicking in 2018 and then tell me again how much you like because I try to tell yet. But she didn't listen so physically but I tell your kids only so long and then you have to let them. Goal make the mistake and then they come back in there OK we start over. Yeah but sometimes your kid goes out and they they figured out so my question is this. If it's 60% of their country says they'd like what they have although I think if you were to ask that same 68%. Would you like to see this program tweaked in such a way that it functions better and can continue and sustained they would say yes. So why you. You know if they all get on it and they realize what its shortcomings are because they are failing is dealing whether it. Can't there be wasted then they can all come together and resolve it. Some of the problems gay and tweak what exists regarding determined we're not going to be able that he can't do away with it completely and start again. They're there they haven't had the Jews to do that. We're going to get there is some version of skinny but it's. Nobody like this version skinny so how is you think you're gonna have a good version of skinny coming for you not it's gonna be class. But then they're gonna if if they ever did it which I don't think they can. Then they're gonna have a big you know Rose Garden celebration we finally got there while this is tougher than we Toppert joblessness we did it. And brought gonna go all this is awful. I mean most taxes they just get on the tax reform I'm sort with them. Let's just deal with tax reform its height of the wall let's do some because you have a much smaller tax reform. Because I don't believe you're capable of a massive overhaul anyway I'm no way they're not but what's gonna happen. With tax reform. When you have these outstanding issues related to health care is all that's such a big part of doesn't they told her now you've got to find a way this is gonna get harder so you've got to get working on that now instead of continuing to focus on that which you cannot fix. Mean you keep running back to the girl but the girl keeps growing yet CI any time are you gonna let her go away. The president is nervous. That he's not gonna get health he's not gonna get tax reform because he didn't get health care and that they kind of you know one bleeds over into the next. So that's why you keep school bag beaten drunk we gotta start from point eight if were gonna get to point B. I think trump cannot accept defeat and it's like boy that's part of it. Part of this is we need to teach this old dog some new tricks which is you can move on because this isn't really a defeat for you. So stop acting like it is and you have to. Have to win you're talking about our president who still running against Hillary lark I do it's going to be a challenge Doug grant you. But when Mitch McConnell is are we gonna walk away he's told them we can't to yes. It's not trump is telling him do it again but we can't do win again because we've tried. Fifty times and we have failed we are not capable of doing nets. Well. Carol this is sort of I have to tell you this might be an area in which I appreciate. The president's. Diligence. I I want them to do something about this. Somebody else by the way who randomly points out there's an interest and he finally did take to Twitter so with a new chief of staff he's still on Twitter which I always assumed. But nothing on Russia so far only chief of staff isn't in place yet what is interesting that there are no tweets about what pollutants and downs so for. We're gonna see how that all plays out because there will be your tweet at some point point he did tell China that he's really ticked at them and disappointed with them. So what is the Russian to reconnect. We don't know what we do have the tweets and get off your butts congress to get back to work. 67666868. X 8680 is attacked Klein. Do you think. And number two should congress be forced to deal with this issue until it's resolved as the president essentially saying. I want you go back to work do you not want you to take an August recess and I do not want you to take up new business senate until you have resolved this. Are you on board with that BBC has now he says not a big yes on outlaw New York yes. And a big yes I'm put them I think I think what you can do is you know okay go ahead and move on to to tax reform. But that doesn't exclude you from moving congress onto Obama care. I'm a big I'm a big. Supporter of that idea. Move on do it and it lets see where we are a year from now. Because something tells me that by January. Your truth sending us your post area over my head and I'm just I'm like MIA in the room alone or that or I'm listening everything isn't good Fox News is doing literally doing a segment on which school toys are the best for the money and it's just. Plate. Well the sharks insulin with this nonsense I was listening but it was a federal and that's not. Her hobbies. No I that's my thing that's what I wanted to do. Who are these 68% to seven and one. In at six neighbors I'm like obamacare why didn't Hillary win. These two little look at things like Natalie queued so it's not leave your life that like they didn't like her. That's why her book I such a joke what happened what happened was you right that's what happened you can like obamacare and not like Hillary. That that's the deal eyewear brands. And the reason that people have suddenly starting to like Obama care is because in the ideas that have come out of the house and out of the senate. Because of their plans that has made people say I'd rather stay where I. Is that health care is better than no health care but they don't really know I realize they really don't have any health care anyway they don't realize. They'll take something that they can survive but they don't realize they can't survive this so that what do you do do you prove to them that they can't survive it or do you. Always let it be known that that was what you thought it was an app I think you've got a lot of media you've got all of them really feel that's the only way. Because if you don't have the people behind you you're gonna have.