Another navy collision

For the second time this summer a navy ship collides with a tanker over night in the Pacific


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All the voice of Boston. So the search is on for ten sailors after. The US as we've seen it hits a big taint her. It's it's it's unbelievable on the question this morning for you was how does this happen. How does this happen in our fleet in it's the second time it's happened. In the same fleet by the way in it we're going to FitzGerald happened several months ago yeah maybe two months. I think they're all being not driven by you. Honestly you would certainly think that that is no joke. I mean and had there we can we can laugh about that you think it was some civilian who just was allowed to just jump on a yen. That they turn off all the equipment. Mean you cannot tell me. Did that when that did the ships don't have some radar system that if anything it's close to the white car beats. If something gets close to my car. Mean it's just it's just sensors. President Mir added I didn't anticipate is that an event where they say what you think you're gonna get one Obama is in charge of the navy. Now is 978 the inclusive Obama navy doesn't know port from star bird. They don't know all stop or how to follow stop or what an order even means. The Obama navy is this it's called the inclusive navies so it was again and somehow this is apparently because duties and women are now on navy ships this is what's bound to happen because they don't know so for references to the economy is all trauma. Both up. Any problem in the military settled on call 60 threes as it strums fall. So we're again and I guess there's plenty of blame to go all around but it's either Obama is or is it I didn't think the poll should be who's to blame for the navy collisions from Obama. Because I guess we can do that for every six question ever. Who of course that comes on the pipe but but legitimately what is happening here that. So let's let's say is that it's the women in the gays the other follow on right so so what is the deal. These these alleged cargo ships are just sort of testing to see if they can get through the slip shod new navy. Or are these ships legitimately doing dry runs for terrorism are they are indeed terrorist attacks in and of themselves. And we're just not capable of stopping them. Because my understanding of the navy or my wanted belief is that. I don't care what you try on the water you're not getting within. A hundred yards minimum of these ships without being obliterated. Apparently that's not true obviously and I would have thought after that FitzGerald. Right that was of course tour. But apparently not right this is what that this is we are they standing down. 617 here's an idea wait for the actual facts before analyzing the situation. We're gonna win a long time man 617 but it appears to me that we have a situation on our hands. And the facts we can't wait for because we're still waiting for the facts in the FitzGerald right we don't know. And we've got this again. So we've got a problem here. Let me Al let me go to Joseph in Waltham Joseph good morning. I according gave me a good morning again I'm sorry about aren't. And that. I have recently talked about. Agency former US eating better and I'm forty years now yeah I'm not really didn't believe it. And he did not quite get there. Our car wreck it happy birthday mr. Bradley sixty miles an hour or so yeah see here generally traveling around. Thirteen we're those are not not at all and not being not a final Al or not I'll be beat now aren't. So it be adopted David when he called an hour in the audience beaten. And oh yeah. Believe you just don't happen Gary's hands option. A lot of what you cabinet Aybar hit getting closer than you imagine his kids at a lot ending bottom in my experience. They can be sold brought so many ships has gotten too close bureau. I'm here has been a history is indeed it is is systemic going back here is. Under and not enough people in the military to police and your chance. My guess is that British lawyer. Hurley is anywhere between three to 400 they're probably and it's what to do it again we. Don't know exactly. But there's even lower. You try to do more on this ship. She's are accountable or they're here the way. Can it has happened before it opens in its current outbreak IA. I worked. And low end up happening is he's happy retention problem as well would suit and it was a lot of your good doctors and a lot of your good sailors. Now again that's not that we don't and great sailors and officers in the united beat big. We gave me a lot agree. Also have a lot of attention problems and Eddie Bluetooth in it may not if I don't. The Joseph let me ask you a quick question here I know you've you've explained to is the personnel issues and I understand that completely blow up the ship itself. Why is it not protecting itself isn't there equipment on board that would say. It has. These are actually different systems that can be used in order to navigate the system probably I am aware there may also be more. I'm I'm not too familiar wins DR John McCain's. Problem commission system. Now there are this is where the meeting doesn't hurt officer and I'm. Committee system known as mission control. And we eat and get it out of Michigan brought to you because you're trying to make it you're on. Outside this week. The limit your exposure to everybody else around but they were turning your last year like you are you writing. You don't want it seen as she usually probably do it. So it's been practicing and this is an insult to exercise. Generally have a lot more bolt away. You're hiding or seen on the ground. Joey everything you're saying I understand it makes sense obviously but. It makes sense free USS FitzGerald. Once that happens. Is and at least for six months cut the crap we've all of that stuff and make sure you don't get here. 100% agree with CNET FitzGerald out there. You know bet that it city. I'll also definitely be that you those guys being. We just had eight collision this happy again and it's immediately. And leave the entire war candy I want and personnel being. This not have been easy Orbitz well lots. You know don't do it again. The fact that it happened twice in two months it's very concerted message isn't former each driver. I'm not certain we're beyond under reporting yeah. Excellent call thank you Joseph are no one's here really informative. Makes me concern that's been happening now. The voice of Boston is huge every morning there are particular targets in our morning show acumen BP. WR TL. And on a military folks and as much as they follow orders and their previous commander in chief stated Obama for the complete demise of the military which you haters say six conference. Returning I was in the navy in the seventies in this stuff never happened after eight years of Obama it's no wonder that sellers are asleep at the we will. Seven they want unfortunately navy's been on the climb for many years I was at the Naval Academy this past year. There's just seem to be a general lack of discipline I don't mean to balloon name names to place blame. So you get the idea what I Texas thank yeah I'll tell you this for me. It was like my favorite story of the weekend I needed it while. My Twitter feed was exploding revolver draw routes through broad U Boston when I'm rolling my eyes half hour. Was was that they found the USS Indianapolis. Yes. They always thought this time how awesome. Now a little less laws and now and here's why. It was the US navy that found that ship here's an idea stop looking for wreckage in start protecting the ships that are out there. That are getting hit by Karl alleged cargo ships. I guess maybe now's not the time to be looking for the Indianapolis or whatever other ships you've got your looking for because. We can't take care. Let me tell you. Keep doing what you're doing and we're gonna have more US ships at the bottom of the ocean I cannot get off. No all of the Indianapolis more than me I was quoting jaws all day yesterday and everybody because. I think the apple is great I want him to lift all that stuff put in the museums at center. But what do we do here let me. Let me just give you a sense of this because this really disturbing. That this collision issue with that is I United States navy. So odd June 17 2017. That was the FitzGerald. Can remember that it hit a cargo ship from the Philippines. May ninth 2017. South Korean fishing boat collided. With the naval vessel. In August of 2016. A this is really bizarre August 19. Again of 2016. There was another collision this one was with a a submarine. 2014. That was that was so. One didn't didn't there wasn't one of Alaska was 2004. That was the John Kennedy. Had a collision. He's there pretty yeah yeah however that 2000. Ended their prior to that. Who 89. Something happened. So some day it is not good remain there while staying in the navy maybe there's something else going on and I I don't know look I don't know where it is what it is. As authorities to stop the Mike call or. And has a button that says BL IS on blind spot indicated to us and when a car comes up a mighty right a little light goes off like did they not. I need to show this is what I'm saying it was like we ought to be able to know that there's a ship and our purview and we ought to be able to control and in the old days you fire a shot made it look close. And then they either keep coming in which case you obliterate them or they move often. What's going here maybe in my mind this is not in the movies but it seems to need it if any kind of vessel gets within a certain amount of you are exempt. From. A ship. Don't hole and adding a whole system should go off fusion your sirens in the whole darn ship. And you're too close and you get away like a like our caller said this doesn't happen like a car crash. Ash. I've gotten I've got a ridiculous. Text on the Indianapolis against toward the let's figure call for Joann is in Norway good morning Joey and. I don't how Mario super. I am wanted to go with some type of cyber attack we have pretty great military. And 200 has collided there. It should. Too much happening in shot a lot of time. Skipping Godiva. Well you do have to wonder about that actually and obviously that will be something they wouldn't want to say. But he is missing fleet that's the other thing. Which is strange. Sixers three obamacare is more rod gays in the military than he does the military like people just wanna keep sending men in it. I'm open to almost any theory I'm not opened this is the gays that are consonant as it is not wanting to this is only nonsense it is system. Listen to of these have happened. During this presidency. That happened since January so you know what what other industry. Have gays destroyed because they're just not competent adult like ways have they destroyed the newspaper industry because newspapers open themselves up to gazes out what happened I just didn't realize it like. Why did gays are ineffective on a on a ship out there are ago I was waiting to see how long it would take for someone to blame Hillary. You'll find no I don't know O'Connor are not 5000 emails here so here's the one suited gets me. PV 50 wait if maybe if people realize what the Minneapolis did don't want to dismantle whatever is left to Vietnam memorial I something that's a hate crime. I guess I'm sorry but USS Indianapolis helped and World War II with the saved probably a million US lives in your not gonna get me now. Tonight in anyway she performed. Talk about the atomic bomb being dropped as any crime because I'm not culinary union not to change that history suffered yes. Hopefully just do it if we just take it down right there it changes. 672666868. X 8680 is detects fund I don't know what's going on with the navy this does not seem. Write to me common sense says this is that right may mean this is just I don't know maybe this is just a couple of freak accidents that have occurred. But I do think there's some irony in this because come on you cannot tell me that we don't have the technology we are not capable that we. Something something else is going on and I'm not so sure the Joey and not right in she's on to something here that there's. Some kind of jamming. Some kind of cyber attack something is going on I cannot believe how many people are saying it's yeah I'll play on I'm not just not just tell unbelievable stop taxing them. That's ridiculous. Arthurs in Chestnut Hill he says he agrees with the art or good morning. Well you I agree review. You know I served in the military you factored. Mid sixties were in the it was a total. It's a different situation and there's the very we also have a draft which. I certainly believe would put the state of the world to very weak we need to bring that back. A buck you know it's we're talking about ships. But not what about the state of our rough employees were robbed of our whole fleet. Because of all the airplane crashes yeah I mean dude dude it's a disgrace give. Oh well what's what's going on and I have our military but they're politicians are so the you know get cut back. The spend big repaired and revised state years where were disgraced. The most important responsibility of somebody ownership. Should be looking guy and so lands right telling her sleep but we'll let me order. What's more important looking out for we need to bring up the crow's nests that means your old job. Yeah I mean still I LSU I everywhere you go I have been out there bawling I mean not a level but. But I mean we critique somebody both that was about the precious so powerful so what are they dependent at a miniscule level like that. That'd be far more important than than they've. Absolutely Arthur I mean and plus or not kidding fishing vessels out these are giant shoe that's the thing I exterminate. If you really insist on believing this is a new problem look at the so called pivot to the Pacific policy they put these ships in a crowded heavy traffic area. With limited maneuvering space. And set up high operational tempo that's receptive to a recipe for disaster. That all may be true 978. But at least we would have any indication of incoming we've got to joke okay what. In both the FitzGerald in the McCain case we're told that they had no idea until banning. But there are slow and we can't tennis we tin ceiling is that right now cannot be left Saturday got no really that these large object is coming close towards you and again can't you somebody on I'm gonna called the bridge like I know we're talking about but I think it is it's on the bridge. You see that tank Turk. And at least in I don't care how. Busy this lame is you can't see that tanker to stay away from it and didn't get people on the Dak. There's going to be some kind of alarmed the debt that you'll lets them know. Running in Boston good morning. Hey good morning Kevin Beebe on what state don't want to repairs to ownership I think they should honor John McCain again and renamed it the USS health care. That's do you think that so. Ally via our bodies and rock well yes it's gonna be even more fit you sort of half waters for a while cuts. Several people on a text line if it's not gays that are at fault here it's that they called that the McCain in the karma land investments. And meet. The show is using an unfortunate accidents to put out these evidence free ideas is 71 and Nash navy crashes Obama's fault they have alleged cargo ships maybe it's terrorism. You tell me what is seven anyone that you were asking because it seems like. Once. I can be dismissive of accident random writes crazy. Perfect storm set of circumstances were you can't have a perfect storm set of circumstances foretell. He came keep happening now without there's something more to within just while this is a fluke that we could never foresee. Well and okay so let's let's cool under the guise that this might be terrorist attack. How did I just have to ask you how does that happen. I just honestly never thought you could ram a ship you an aviation neither I thought you could get close enough to where you could be destroyed and who like I. Paid to turn our guns on your but you're just two calls were right warn you now when you keep common. Good night. But and I showed you so engage in our guide ya I wanna do that but the like that it's what is the policy today. What an what is our change is our military not telling us the truth of where we are upping each of these cases are we shot upon. I doubt that's how things are gaining hole suddenly appear. And so is that the terrorist attack that we're talking about because I can't imagine. How old this is if it's a terror attack how hot again how can we allow that to happen how can we. In the terrorist tag will be a great big tanker hits. Can't you just don't and if there is something we don't know when the general public because it's classified right that people on that ship should know it. Someone on that should should know. Well and maybe they do now. And there it's classified so that's why none of us knows after the FitzGerald as you know we believe that would help them like that guy on deck at least frantically waving his arms cool. Later somebody trying to do something like it's it is it literally like in that blue in the movie Titanic where they're standing on the deck an ice starts falling off but I cannot tell people realize it certainly feels quite a bit. It does I can't even imagine. Getting started in the morning with him hoping he slept yeah. TV. Hype thought that was academy. I'm. Given DV. Boston's morning show WR TL. I. I'm a wild. Hurried up well I had. Hey good morning everybody and welcome it's a clips Monday by the way we're gonna talk about that coming up in just a few minutes I'm very excited about it. Excited yes Jihad we've been talking about for weeks. But right now what we're talking about. Is this unfortunate situation with the USS McCain which apparently hit some big oil tanker. A Singapore. We have ten sailors missing five injured. And our question this morning is to spend how could this happen again this happened after that FitzGerald happened in June. And room seven sailors dying than. And at the time in that that happened we kept saying how in the world can one of our ships. Get hit by something so large and and the crew not be aware of that presence of that other tanker or that other car urged ship. I Joseph is any end over a former. Coast Guard. Officer correct. Yes the job I can rightly be in it an old thing up a collision at the can ruin your whole day well these collisions really in my mind that the totally avoidable. You know there are international rules of the road that govern how ships at each other. However these lied should oil tank is and can container ships often times are operating on automatic pilot. They somebody up there and but this team and along and you have to get out of their way otherwise they're they're ability to react is very slow. However in terms of they shipped. A naval ship in particular. There are standing audits bells are autism written by the commanding officer. And that will say during the night in particular when he's asleep. If you are plotting to ship on radar. And its closest point of approach. Comes to let's say half a mile oral miles OK it used to be called. And notified they captain we have shipped. That's gonna have they yet CPA. Well less than a mile and the capital they let me know how would go. Now you have looked out and of course in highly congested waters like got Singapore get post more look outs. And in particular. In Europe combat information center where roller radar plots are done you double up the watch. OK so people could be applauding and saying you can see oftentimes a multitude of ships. I sailed in conditions where in the English Channel. We have around us dozens and does the ship and we're able to safely navigate OK you plot then you keep track of them. And and the thing is if you see it shipped. And it stayed on a constant bearing. It's right on your bottle and that bearing remains sustained and its range is decreasing. It got it yet to lose so why did this. That they're not doing what who opposed the bill. But that's supposed to. Again I can excuse that wants for that it happened still after the FitzGerald. This shouldn't have happened you know there's there's going to be investigations. They'll. They'll they'll build cars in the middle yet relieved. That the deck officer will get relieved but they've got to talk erupt. These things that are totally avoidable. Unpalatable other than if they invoked in investigate. You have some role ships that come and ask you no matter what you do but this is unlikely. Joseph thank you for holding and thanks for the call very informative. I tell yet at what point if this is complete negligence. Does somebody get charged. Ten sailors missing. And if you think that they're gonna find them I mean I pray they do but I don't think they will. In recent. Didn't we all see On Golden Pond. I mean at some point with the danger Henry Fonda puts the grand kid on the top of the boat nick and yells rock laughed. Rockwell and they try and having to navigate their way through little stretch like. I thought kind of on a macro level that happened with the ships like Joseph was describing where you can maneuver pretty easily through congested waters. Has this war we've gotten to where we eat and let's it's an open season that these guys are imperiled because no one's payment. Barry is in Boston Barry good morning tomorrow. There are balls raid on the US source Charles Brackett. Unity. Bear in OJ you're on the bridge but also have watched. Our house armed board. Currency and anchored. Which are all out of court ordered to see our. Gordon why. There's always cheer him where. Oh yeah occur just in case so does the mortgage release me. Now this water and you're. Jurors. Coming well what trouble or. He's got caught and are sure that you are caught off shirt. And sure sure Gator. And you're also. He's earned some old lieutenant JG so also autobiography. You also rubble pile on board. Rich goose for a four shelf. So Sean did each brought they are some. You've got fortune are what I'll sure call him out all the carjacked sure and waterworld. All very let me hold you there because while yes OK somebody screwed up we all acknowledge that the other question as what's going on where these other ships. Why they call lighting in the ship. Well. The most you'd certain. Oh Waterloo on all of our right. Cared where naval vessels or shorter. It's easier but I'm the spirit offered. Our. Eight month old age sure. Do super checkers and leadership so what. Yeah I mean I would think they're not very nimble they cannot move around very much and appear on auto pilot there. You know I guess 978 view you're killing your your golden pond reference you referenced Rupert pop can on Friday in the journal. Came on the back but don't pin that on me. Yeah blamed for a lot of things but not passenger. Frank Shuster with TV and GT. Boston morning show WR KL. So we're talking about jobs. The USS McCain and how alive hit some big pink but got ten sailors were missing five were injured. It has linked its way back to poor but this is the second time in two months. That this has happened which is very unusual these collisions interestingly enough they've been both influencing fleet. And we just are trying to figure out why. This would happen Jim is in Boston this morning Jim do you have any idea. Any ideas about how why not let things. And it cannot it's scrum in its early. It's it's you know America caught out caller human Arab caught it by all that the patents. Auto auto age. Okay it's a little bit of the automated. It's automatically going but we you correct that there are. It's not so. Comments. Why and how much rock rat or rapid rate it will. I don't use it cheap yeah that's where you'll find that that sort corporate right up there very op. Oh my windshield so this way I can see everything that's going on and brought me what I do they expect to do it. I also shocked the boys saw on that gambit. I was sitting quote why you take a lap they are white outbound like my X or. IQ I turn around and edit on court so I'm not familiar what I'll do it and I and a and all I don't we will I don't know what it out. Joining me up I do an percent accurate. I understand completely what you're saying. Here's the thing Jim. Here's and everything with yours and it is my thing I keep on back on what all the calls and everything Mazen makes sense everything's probably true. Why is it that like Russian ships earned it and had. Why is it that any other country that has naval ships in international waters aren't getting rammed accidentally wise it only UN I. Cargo and oil tanker jet again all that and the other ought to credit should. But yeah we have the Russians who could pick maybe. Take it okay. For me out there. People are both okay I'll Atlantic vote. And they outlaw out of conference. Okay what automatic bid book being out there odder side you land. In the middle and I figures waved. You aura your USP becoming back if you better believe common back and bought out or aren't the. Mark you're gonna just look you're gonna keep an eye out version and depending on a trip vote bright outdoor world. I think. I gasoline and a percent think Jim is on to something that I think we do depend on automation probably too much on the ships and especially overnight because of what one of the other caller said you know others they're shorter staffed they don't they don't keep that ships at full capacity. But what I don't understand is why if we have the technology. To have automation to. I sail that ship they don't we have the same technology to say we get something close to us. Because all of us have said this and also I began my card I was. I don't know why that's shipped doesn't mics in 1 feel good morning Mike. Good morning Kim excellent point everything is quick to say. Just the proximity alone should alert minute before impact of cultural quarter from here what you would think the way things work. I hope persistent human error thing that they're playing cards or something in the world and to not paying attention certain norms and they turned them off. But I was wondering about I mean this thing would ramming instant it's part of one of the older people. Battle strategies are over 40500 BC you're really tells you that I was worried about the electronic. Tell me true that all the electronics and software are traceable back to the United States. I think there's something going on there will be toward power putting things from some of the chips. Taking advantage of it. Mike it this is what someone else called and said as well. You are we sure this isn't a cyber attack essentially. This might happen GPS system it might be hacking into our computer systems in California. Native whose purpose is sincere attempt. To do is or isn't going. Yeah we are I I have to tell you this I know I guess I would be. Equally is mortified that we could possibly be having packs. Alone but. Police I would hope that that could be stopped. Mean I don't know what in the world how can you explain away the idea that you're just got. Human error and you're just you're you're playing cards in the middle of the night brought all our taxes for a way. What about fog these teams have radar based think you mean I can be Arab vote outside my house here and if there's fogged in the. Manson and it was an all out and tax thing. Corey look crazier things have happened we all remember that a Costa Concordia I mean but again it wouldn't happen again like. I could almost believe that in one case to FitzGerald did they can't believe it twice in a month. Let me ginger says that her husband was in the navy. Good morning. I had. Yeah I'm sorry I'm it will mean that that's a pileup overnight just got the call and hire out. How bad you enable all sir and died than twelve years but there are deputy saying. All time you have banks and down. You don't eat at these ships that make the collision collapse in my well lap. So I think maybe they need to look AF betraying they're getting on the west. And call the last caller that that everything you thought it is it's not automated that Billy is till I meet. Yeah applauding on maps so why not make this is automation that back. Them them. The danger I think you're onto something there with the fact that. It is it's happened. Out of that seemed fully and you do have to question if there's some kind of treating the issue of they've got you know about the systemic kind of thing that's going on out there. This it's just it's fairy story gates. Landry elementary age. You guys that dance it was mermaids obviously. Well that's it. I as it was an error yeah. And I any caller gosh sakes who were just suddenly just guiding the ship right in a manner that tanker should look like an island on the it is moving toward each group. Let's just see the new king to talk about how they store it there watching on the screen news you can make what the hell is that's. I'm sure that that sugar is even bigger than king gone. That ship should look like a mountain standing on the brew it are you kidding. You are going along side that day comes at you big he just the visuals alone I can't even remember. Sonic wave not audible audible to humans causes nausea diarrhea it's Federer. There are things going on electronically that we do not know about. I'd like to be able to say oh come on stop with all I don't consider an idea. I can't rule that out at all Johnson Plymouth. Hey John you think it's human error. Com I think some of it is calm. I I gotta tell you though we. Yeah armored truck driver here and another driver was absolutely correct we've we've become. Wait too dependent. On electronics and technology. To the point. So where. What if electronics what other motion. Because look in the first one we hit or hit us. What a couple months ago about a Japanese dictatorship. Market allied arts. You know public wouldn't I thought that's intentional. This tactic one that's most recent one. What happens in high shipping traffic. Lane. We take back. White popular products. It can eat it out of a pledge to not allow momentarily. You don't know what the weather conditions work. There's a lot of actors can in the lives and our warships look what we got GE. RG yes but for that we used our arts. Came from the military. So now you'd expect help or bad they aren't technology. You know all. How dependent are our warships laden. Sonar radar IV we got. I mean I don't need it all I can even Jack has to the technology they have on the ships. You don't. And it's beyond auto pilot if you will or to be automated. In a shipping lane dozens that would be like saying we're gonna take off and land in airplane on auto pilot. 860 here's a conspiracy before is the collisions are coordinated and they can replace and upgrade. Railing so we're we're literally killing seventy reservists had never seen members of the knees he always did that ships. Now this again I I'll I. I am gonna be that act and is it a bite into only so much conspiracy. I mean the idea bit. There could be power surges or something like that I guess I could I could buy into battle though I just can it even imagined. Why if there's a power surge than good old fashioned look out they are what is that. So anyone have that shipman pirated and hit the McCain more that's the broader question is it terrorism and again these same of the FitzGerald like would we ever know that that yeah. I don't know.