Another London Terror Attack?

News broke overnight about another attack on the streets of London, but this one was different as a white man attacked a crowd of unarmed Muslims. While most are calling this a terror attack, some WRKO listeners took offense to that. 


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You Stevie you think he's an attractive man they jam com. They'll bust. Six foot 7 Texan early this morning at six cities exceeded headline in the Daily Mail yesterday said the attacker was a wiped clean shaven man. I'm not making this substance excellence. I don't think you army met opera and I don't that's an accurate description of the suspect as a non. White lilies white Arnold is clean shave and I based on the picture of these was an item and you sort of get where that's coming from a us managed only nearly half. I do I do. Unbelievably get up this morning in you know there again on London having another issue how. In this is a side note that's not the same story about another run through. The swearing they have now just said that it's at least 79 people who are dead after last week's apartment fire. We did the Poland had fired shots keeps going up an opt in you were saying they think it could go as high as a hundred which usually means. Okay ministers are well amendments on people aren't hiring that cannot filming them and notes and we were heard from people who don't know I'm just really. That's just incredibly disturbing and it just seems like London is. Certainly not a place that I wanna be right now because they are. They are just getting it left and right this morning now another Avaya and jumps a curb into a group of people outside of a mosque. This time the opposite direction this terrorist attack coming from 00 white she felt well shaven cleaned him up man. Who gets out of the day and and screams so I wanna kill all of you Muslims. And I'm doing my part or something like that I'm paraphrasing I did my idiots I did my bit. Still want to know is is at least ten other injured. You resolve isn't looking to take out there as many Muslims as he could. And so we've now got it's sort of flipped on its head and what's gonna happen here and how is this gonna play out. Where is this just states are another terror attack or is this one going to be. Treated like. You know this is even more horrific because. All I got a white man did this against Muslims and this is where it's a reactionary and we can have that. Is this is going to be an anomaly by the right like we heard we've heard British police already sand were looking into what right wing web sites he may have been visiting. There there are using their line that it's right wing. It's sort of the reverse of what the the shooting in Alexandria you know where all of the rhetoric of the last sort of led to this now they're claim. There are already starting in London at the rhetoric of the right there has led it to this and there's going to be more of this type of thing happening is they're going to be more of this happening now we're getting to that level where. What does he tell a Daily Mail description clean shaven white men with curly hair and a white T shirt or deciding to take this upon themselves and take a Muslim it. Well the answer is clearly yes. Because it just cap it. So yes this is where we are now and I think we'll see more of this I I don't think this is the end I think this is going to be an all out war now and I've not seen. I don't know if it's going to be an all out war here in this country but I think certainly in Europe this is going to be all out war. I think that these types can be an I where I'm only saying what you're saying the white curly headed guy with the white T shirt. Feels that they have been pushed as far as they're going to be pushed and now. They're coming back. And this is just. It's ugly it's nasty. I don't know if there's going to be treated any differently than what a terror attack. Has been treated in the past but it is absolutely a terror attack. And it's it's it's horrible and I don't know what they're gonna do in London to get this under control now. By. They're gonna have their gonna have chaos in the streets very soon. I really do think that. 603 Texan right off the bat I'm glad it looks like westerners are starting to fight back by the way an act of self defense is not terrorism. Luck. That is so sorely Dorian hitting is me going there. Come on do you eat I don't know if you are aware this texture but actually the person who died. The person who died was on the ground this person had collapsed at a bus stop and it was a group of people around him trying to help this person. Who apparently was having some kind of episode. And this guy she's all these people and they are there Muslims trying to help someone on the ground and he jumps to curbing goes out them. Is that so there is that is that self defense. That's not self defense. I didn't help. I don't know I was raised it I was raised to believe. You know the concert wrongs don't make a right. And this this isn't right to me this is not the way that you go about stopping this all this is gonna do is more innocent people are gonna die. Well I mean again if you're gonna do or reactionaries saying their will be a reaction the reaction and you're not gonna like that obviously and again at some point your kid you're just killing innocent people like I don't care why you're. That that can't be obviously. I'm very instead would London though based on what would happen the last time. And the reaction when the London mayor and how he became a thing. How is this going to be played now I'm in this is tricky. You can you QU CNN gonna stage another. Live shot. Here or are people is the media gonna bend over backwards to. To make this seem like guard you know. Are much more horrific incident because it is the opposite of what we normally have and they try to downplay them over an hour again. Let me ask you this and Candace Candace mayor win no matter what because I believe there are people who no matter how he reacts. They're gonna think he's overplaying. Because he's a Muslim. So I don't think this American win no matter what I think if he stands back and he doesn't say the things that he has said this morning which is another horrific it. Then you know terrorist attack. Then there are Muslims are gonna say. So me it's not important if we're attacked but it is Xavier I clean shaven curly headed white guy who's attacked. I mean I can't see where this mir's gonna win. And I think no matter what depending on the eyes you're seeing this through that's how you're gonna interpret the way did this particular attack news. 978 people on Londoner fed up and you can see the disdain building how much do you take before you do something about it. This isn't what you do though I mean don't you you got. The guy the guy Illinois slash Alexander was fed up is that what you want him to do like you can't start killing people obviously. You can't do in a band and mow people down but the guy. Guys are the training he starts to berate women in these two guys come to her defense he kills them both mean is that is I that's fed up. You just it did innocent people just start Barry. Archie bell the voice of Boston. 63561726668668680. Is a text line we're talking about. The attack overnight in London the terror attack. 48 year old what appears to be white male. The driving a van into a group of Muslims on a street. One person is dead ten others are injured and he is in custody. He was screaming at the time kill me kill me as they dragged him out of they hand and die apparently was saying. I did my bitch and making reference to I wanna kill Muslims. From the get Indian Foxboro any good morning. You know I'd say anything or use these cowardly and armor bit but attacked and was able regardless what side. Second no. I haven't yet seen the art the art. This I had not seen any Muslim leader in my eager anybody in England or London come out and demand that Muslims. Speaking out and yeah. In fact I've never seen it this country or any other country. As far as the diet driving event. First of all these clean white shape and chances are you what are right wing nuts are a lot not but dating. Anyone in the old guy that's only twelve in this country who saw a loved one I and the sum month that nobody. Is any internal pressure from any group coming out is he out against actually look at their related pseudo. Surely want place. Racially two places. Come out spoken against their cowardly acts I do defenseless people. It's not happened and the ending to an app that hypocrisy in the bias in this whole presentation. Probably drive not. Little bit crazy to do is ridiculously hourly it acts just like at the other side. Eddie thank you for your call this morning. William Kabul injured boys one is it because you're December bores me to look at it right wing web sites that he might have been looking at or what. I have to say erection and act at Florida bar why is it just assume the guys are right wing nut of the most recent. Over the top violent acts by quote unquote clean shaven white people have been from left wingers he's right about that. I did and maybe it's different in England. I don't I don't I don't know what would be error. Basis for that but they're just naturally assuming this is some sort of right wing not when it could be yet. It has he said it could be someone who's right cousin was on the London Brent shortly we have we don't know yet but. Be he's also right I mean I can't give him an example of that other than these that alleged stage I don't even know what the circumstances that CNN. Live shot laws were they they pushed the three women out just boring. Berkus Jeb not a burden that ohrnberger is there were and its current Galvin state they have the signs. That's the only time I've seen any thing but. A bit. It's weird I'm remit taxes he's talking and he was pretty measured out of our tax Illini get excited to fund its on real I'll grow some of these comments. Well at least they're feeling some of the pain now like comments like that from seven they want I don't. I just think that can't be your initial thought otherwise you know you've got to check yourself to let me go to Scott Wayman good morning. Hey good morning Jim and he'd be delighted to today good thank he's going to be honest would have governmental CA Monday morning commute along weak moment drugs I just woke up as a legacy with the talking about. Kim I have to correct you if or at least attempt to. Did you really correct me if I'm wrong call that eight terror attack I think. Yes why. Because I terror to me is when innocent people. Are attacked for no apparent reason it doesn't make any difference what we know what your religion is that's terror. OK so picked up insists there that you get the fighters don't in north this morning and one of them will himself to get up to tell productive. No I don't think that's terror attack. But I do I think this is a terror attack I mean I think this is. This is based on ideology to differences and they're coming at each other. But get well how will you that you're saving a couple of the dip I think ideology but that's ridiculous prosperity through the terror attack last night. I know that's what it's being called sore. One side that's what it's being called. Net dynamics right at somebody you are high what do you call what do you call it. A result for the liberals call it when there's Muslim attack on innocent my other people are random act of violence workplace violence. And other issues on the other foot is that right absolutely not. Know about just terrible like a setup or other strategic general site about the notes in the morning. But the caller to terror attack is disgusting when using this using the phrase. Okay yeah educating me. So what is your sense what is terror attack. In your estimation. The jacket when he sees just got let repetitive attacks from one group people to another its its job pattern. OK in my opinion I mean you know. But I don't get how you're upset that they called workplace violence are random attack of violence that pisses you off obviously. As it does me. But then you're when you're doing it here lakes amount that proves a point like terror attacks and terror text Varitek to where innocent people are gathered. And somebody mows them down for some sort of ideological reason the guy said I did my bit. He obviously felt some sort of higher calling to do this if that's not terrorism. I don't know what is. I think you need to see some sit some pattern Noble's book that doesn't get it all right this is powdered sir I mean yeah again. Doctor and by the way sir Richard wolf. Megabit but there is a pattern I mean regardless of which side there's a pattern. Ideologies are at at our ideologies are at the center of this and people are killing other innocent people. Jim almost mystical over the post but I just dead because on the vehement about my plane he. He is a tyrant to me one other example where I'm not Muslim is killed Muslims what to expect. He's got a pattern salute to was at least two times of what went to let coming up and other last night. So can I ask them do you not consider the bid DC shooting terror attack them. No I don't. No I don't I call that I'll karma right wing maniac Telerate it's a unique. Europe you're planning team where you wanna somehow separate. You want terror to be just muzzle and then you want them all that's a you can somehow separate what your doing or what move. People literally on Google that are doing and add some high yes it's a different thing but terrorists are this is the same thing it's the exact same thing you've said yourself like. All our taxes and about time they feel working on about time they take some of this. It's the exact same thing but you know. This is sort of like you know when they wanted to call it a civil union and I'm gay marriage but it's the exact same thing what are you doing with the word games here. This is terrorism Scott don't get caught up in that too much. Happening to you why it's happening here the WRKO morning show. Kim MVP. Six point 7266686686. Cities attacks on Kelly financial pulls up at Indeed be the exact words age. For your government is this morning to talk about Michelle Carter a little but young Iran and that case what happened I was talking about people we can about that. But Scott Weymouth first view view which is Godwin a full question and that the fantastic do you consider what happened in London last night of terror attack yes of course or being you know it's just an odd jobs. Currently it's admin we just put it up during the break 7525. And it's a tyrant with our tax line. I'll just read your fuel from him in case you're wondering but it's a it's a hate crime it's not terrorism says to a 7978. I grew last caller that's not terrorism it's a whack O. Preying on innocent because he's upset about real terrorism. This one was good for the goose. I don't understand any of that I don't understand any of view was it was Oklahoma City not a terrorist attack. That was domestic terrorism it was an ideology issue. Was it not terrorism. We know in Ireland for years and years there were bombings in their word. Was that not terrorism. That was ideology differences 50 wait I call it Kama. How they'd be very careful what you call it my friend. I decided. Well I'll never even think of having that discussion because I'd. I guess in a car and mows down people gathered that's terrorism to me no matter how he's like signing a little shocking to me how many you know I'm using new exam he should be here we go on. Giving you examples over and over of what has been referred to as terrorism in the past and none of it has not just this past Wednesday that was my first US terrorism. That was an ideology difference it was terrorism. I mean I don't understand. Let's go to at let's go to Poland Rainer and good morning Paul. Good morning guys you know. I have to say my only understanding of this crime this from what you guys reported early so. Let's get a couple of the explore my understanding the facts I understand that he thought somebody down at a bus thought they were being attacked by a model even though model for help them. And then he got his hand and tried to mold the mug on down is that correct. We don't know what I see what he saw a guy and a guy dehydrated. Or over right eating was Britain's down you know trying to be help. By the innocent bystander room and who happen all in order Muslims in this strikes got his man and tried to mow them down. For whatever reason and whatever motivations none of note yet but let's presume that that's the way it went based on what you guys say it. That's the true then this is a terrorist attack that the big crime now. Again and horrible awful disgusting behavior nonetheless. But there's good there's an aspect of free play an intentional political motivation. That. Con suite at something in the terror attack bat that portion all the attack. Needs to be hurt to be a terrorist attack now if it turned out that you play and that and that's what are we wanted them to terrorists. Which we have reason to believe just based on the I'm all right Paul which is. Pain it is. So what Michael did on the bridge yet I totally get and then he said afterwards I did my bit. Yeah he couldn't say he caught a grand but that's that seems a bit of strategy I thought our secure computing I am. Because you want me at certain thing because that makes sense in your heart and I get that all I'm suggesting meaty and I agree with you all you're you're an excellent call today I. A viewer making good points. You for you presented us an area that is possible he thought the guy was under attack and he said he was in a split rash moment. Did bad judgment so I'm gonna stop this the only way I ten which is the most these guys down. I don't think that's what happen if beer. Our viewer proven right number wrong all I will be the first to tell you yes and you know bright we'll settle a power resettle up on that I don't even know the you think that you're just. Putting forth the possibility of that yes while we're all rushing to judgment. At least in Paul's gazing. If it was that the guy got the band because he said I'm gonna take somebody down in front of a mosque at some point while the net as terrorism I think he was going that way. And we all agree I throw some of us agree on that others don't. Well I think a lot of it is good luck I believe based on the rhetoric what he was screaming when he was. You know. Being dragged down to the ground has something to do with what I believe it was a terrorist attack. More reserve releases I'm going to kill all Muslims yes he's not saying I was trying to save right guy or did I stop that crime market he just shouted I'm going to kill all Muslims yes he did again these things aren't like you can meet down the path that this guy had made up his mind at some point that I'm gonna do this. And many figured out. Similar Alexandria OK where are they gather when they gather when they vulnerable. Oh it would be right after this this Ramadan celebration our service wherever it is. And there and he did it then let's go to JoAnne Hansen good morning joke. Hi good morning guys. The so many different angles and this but I want. Goal on a little side thing to show you what's really happening in an overall weight so. They are quick to point out that the assailant was wiped clean shaven and Croat media correct. Quite sure how this ties in with a local stories this morning. The Skype and keep there was assaulted in Boston is that young people yeah when you're aware that right up there Marie shall know them all right. So channel four WBZ news this morning grant a story on. David mentioned that there were racial slurs and the beat while the police will look into sort of a hate crime. In his knowledge no one and a story did they mention the racial anybody. And especially the assailants. And they did not show that the guy it was a white Scottish always been the full cost of so yeah you know you don't know upon last week quoted what you hope not but how do. We're just over the border. They mentioned that there was racial slurs and brawl. But no I did today mentioned the rates of the people wrote that the assault. So this is what we see out here. There is no rush to appoint you know if somebody as a white and they won't let that stop you won't nobody says he was a white guy. But one that's on the other side there is a quick rush to suppress that information. And not let us know. Won't do it what to white people so that the justification. That this crazy you know sold within. But there's something you didn't say they'll stop. And and the problem with these storms. Is that we're only getting one side of what's really happening. So I just wanted to point that I thought it was it was a disperse this but double act of cowardice. On the media has come up this morning. Let's say anything about the race oddly assailants in that case and boss you know I'm not swallow. I did I agree Ol and a couple of respects one of which is. I saw racial slurs on thing and there's only one really isn't there but then it is yet so much what do they say. They know what these they said but they're not printing that for some reason which I don't get at all second ball. He was almost the race of the assailants it was the rates of key char Barrett that I don't know is key to our bearable. I don't know I've never only vaguely know GT keeps our varies from the attack a couple of years ago right. I don't even know the race is key to our beer already just throw one out. Offensive terminology while they were slog in somebody I don't know and I don't know why we don't know that he's right about that it. That he shoddy reporting however. I think it is newsworthy that the guy is why eat in the is I had the clean shaven parred doesn't matter as much but it is somewhat relevant unfortunately bill reason for saying that is that rely assertion is that that I was muscle yet if he had a 00 here. Crowd at Vanderbilt drove it into a crowd. Unfortunately because of what's happening your assumption is so the fact that he wasn't Muslim is sort of the story but he does have a point in that you know. When it's reversed we know this from the last attack him on an. They went to great pains to not give you information about that guy for quite awhile. Here at that there was no dot miser cross and he skated out he's white he's clean shaven stat that witness. Every morning. Boston wakes up. And DB and the morning show on WR KEL. Six basic cities attacks line we continue to talk about what happened in London last night 617 disclose every mosque in the USA period. All caps. First of what's the answer is that it happened in London. 978 I'm sitting here listening to two XTV reporters who party judge what happened last night and won in both of you must be must have been standing in the crowd listening to this person screaming. People like you to have Walter Cronkite rolling in his grave. Really are united and yet we do a lot similar to what Walter Cronkite did and his world was very similar to the world we live and so that's a really apt analogy in case shooting pick up on them that was sarcasm I have. And by the way 978. Kelly Conway Kellyanne Conway is on Fox News this morning saying that it's a terrorist attack the president is calling it such. 617 citizen being mowed over by someone driving a van just part of living in a big cities now what that dumb ass Muslim mayor of London said. People wanna get aid and on him on attacks flying a lot as well and I'm interested to see if and when the president tweets about this what is the wording of these tweets because that. Will he call it an act of terrorism Kelly and says I assume he is going to Britain on them nothing yet Woolsey. Let's go to Jenny jennies do away with good morning. Morning. I just wanted to know I have conviction in a little bit laid down the have you reference of these major protest by the Muslims in London yesterday the out could stay. Now. Do you think perhaps there could be a link there between what happened last night what happened earlier in the day but many many many thousands. Brian that Hezbollah terror flags. Qaeda flags. And believe there may get support for the terrorist organizations that are on display regular London's. And if you have a look at fragile psyche but some religion it's their culture in this country. The blue to blue torn apart the tablet does it at that containment on a human being that otherwise might not have hate that our. And that Jenny my response to you is absolutely I think it could. And how I don't think it makes your right to due. To run your DNA into people on a street corner I don't care who is driving the van. And who's standing on the street corner. But yes I think that I think they'd all of this is playing you know a role in what's happening here and nowhere is listening to anyone and it's all getting out of control and it's a very sad state of affairs. DV otherwise were we have a part tele financial poll question do you consider what happened a terrorist attack yes is it 54%. And nowhere is that the 46%. All of the nose and getting several personal messages they this is a hate crime that's all it is. I had to Bruce in Woburn good morning Bruce you're on W mark. Now. The market to motivate these. You know it's I I believe in my in my heart that it was a terrible attack. It's are they really jumped. To announced and you are what I Europe fox to those like really. There's a long list of malpractice on the weekend it's delicious all law Fort Hood you know else workplace violence. California. California. Florida tonight all made it didn't come out and say it made me who. All those reps work. They lost and they certainly didn't minimum that was a long argument about whether that was tacked on it or not you it took. FBI come in and and that's why there was no that's been going on at the tall ships saying because the FBI I was in full force. But all of a little bit nervous to go around them and what militia not what it was set up for that and there was such a CO CO police. And initial force. And knows very well that that the deal what auto and it was very disheartening and it was definitely there are still a random acts of violence more they have been but. Some sense to have me in start let them. All right Bruce thank you very much six or 7266686868680. Is attacked Klein Amu unclear what is is the argument that if you called lone wolf attack it can't be terrorism. Why can't it be both. I am I know with Teresa may she said you know this is a reminder that terrorism can take many former us like that's I'm. I just don't. I call it revenge has 617 it's called payback Nike's OK you wanna do those things and somehow that makes you feel good I don't get that. If I give you the if I told you on Friday where at the diner and we're just talking and as a war would you call this. Random person jumps in the vehicle. Most Downey innocence gathered in a public place which you call that wouldn't you instinctively say terrorism I would. But now we're not calling it because the guy is white. I Timmy terrorism does not mean just Muslim. It does by definition the word is to end. Blix terror while this did that did it not to burn so I'm a I'm shocked or this is even a big deal to people but apparently it is in general but as we've been discussed on this one things I like about this. Format and what we do here is sometimes you don't see things that are there year we need you to bring in no other issues that that we're missing and is this her some. Then again this came up with a marathon like we don't know what was in that case it was because of insurance that they were loath to do it because they were either gonna square one side of the other and so they were literally playing word games. For insurance purposes here we're doing it. Either referred I don't know whether whether it's PC reasons are for un PC reasons depending on how you look at it. But amid a walk like a duck talks like a duck and quacks like a doctor at the dark and this is all of those and it's terrorism are still armed proven otherwise. Well and the idea that people are saying well I think it's a hate crime. Well Jimmy called again mouth that's exactly. Yeah they're tape yes yes it's a lone wolf hate crime that falls under the umbrella of terrorism I ever aren't saying I've Lloyd DB is what the three punks did to the street performer terrorism I was in Boston a little we can Morgan and that I just wanted to I don't think there's an ideology issue there that's a hate crime and I just I just hate other people and I didn't show me the notepad or some news from one of these three New Hampshire punks. Where they had planned out for weeks were gonna cornered this guy right here we do we do in the name of something or four. Some sort of where at war we've street performers idea and ensure otherwise. To meet currently looks like three guys that got a little lit. And for some reason thought this would be fine let's go punches street performer which is what they did so no I wouldn't call that terrorism. And by the way let's get the one who can't see out of the costumes from the right at the last that we can grab them. Oh and then thing pulls off and then you find out that these. You know I don't I do it again we don't even know I don't know if he's wider block I don't know what he is and then you start screaming racial slurs and. Steve's in no Braintree Steve good morning. Hey good morning guys I mean that this. You know this is not just some random guy who I would consider all of the bullet and terrorism if it's a person who's trying to further from and or an expression of this hatred or. Age group and cause terror in other members of backed grouping is no different sort of squared splitting hairs. As to whether we think it's you know racially motivated religiously motivated but it does. These acts of the same thing you can't call. Someone jumping into a car mowing down people. In the name of all lot terrorism and not call someone who's doing it because these reacting to Muslim to look it appears the days. You can't not call that terrorism it's all the same thing you try to cause steering group in a population corks to read more importantly from two callers ago. You know she was right there were thousands. Of alleged UK among those taking to the streets under those specifics flags and for that purpose. And it caught me to wonder two things one how can there be thousands of people in support of what ever going obvious if you shut up at a parade without. You know a rebel flag here not very happy news that you would be shot and people would be like you know get away from that white you have that. Appear and are anything like that a white supremacist flag about the flag people would like. Move away from you you'd have to and people on view at best it wouldn't be thousands and secondarily. Isn't this what happened to be read the book one they understand when you have a country. That wants to be politically correct and not deal with the fact that. It's demographics are changing to people who don't want to assimilate and want to literally changed the fabric of the nation any people in our country go back to that the immigration of the you know late 18119100. People came and became American. Plus just talking about it here at WR jailed morning show we can do. Coming up about fifteen him we gotta talk about the president's. For more importantly his president's attorney. I think I was talking this weekend. We're we're talking now about whether we know are we playing board games I feel like we were doing that a little bit this weekend too with the president in this. Under investigation not under investigation they won't get to that next couple and lets you could build bills and Sudbury is Jorge. Good morning your WRKO. I think it's a lot easier to talk about what I would call it than to actually deal with it you know I think it's a way of Al waiting. Get excited about which words we choose. What does that really matter anyway I mean. Well they Arctic words you're right it's about being honest about this stuff and sand. You know bush shovel by any other name is still a shovel I'm using that phrase again. But ultimately what we got it it is this is this a new normal where. Non Muslims Hearst are going to react more and more violently and do. This type of thing and it or is this just a out liar crazy guy who did this we you're not gonna see this march. Which is obviously don't hope. Men which is who knows. And it and are at how well. Right I mean it Dayton is it the norm that's what I wonder now are are we going you. Are we gonna find ourselves in that place where this becomes the norm. And we are no longer discussing the fact that somebody's dead in people are injured. Instead we're fighting over or why this attack happened and what we call it. You know I mean let's let's remember somebody's dead we got eight to 10 people hospitalized this morning. And whether there you know what for whatever reason this was done and I think we'll learn more about it today goes on. Why just me and decided he was gonna do this. Are we accepting of that is that okay. Is that OK because you think you Vinnie it's because you think it's retaliation. For his retaliation OK with everybody. That's not with me it's not there's got to peak. There's got to be a better way a push I don't know what that better way he has I really don't if I did I'd be did Nobel Peace Prize winner and. And be saving the world but there's got to be a better way. Gonna talk about busy mom for a second tour there because again normal lives like waters and your bones. So this guy did something that I don't know with we would have gone are do you never know until you're in that spot but. You've got the guy on the ground that you know just ran over your followers screaming like could be achieved an and there are Muslims stomping kicking throwing punches and he starts yelling this a mom. Don't hit them just keep him down. And that is ultimately what they do is they don't pummel guided death which clearly could've happened based on just the numbers alone. And the anger that was clearly swirling around at that moment. But he sort of on and off homes and is the right word but he gets them to. What we're not judge jury and executioner here basically. Let's just keep him until law enforcement and yet here he does what she would want people to do. Hey there's something we can learn from MB I don't know what would you have done in that circumstance because. You just he's somebody monde on aren't you thinking about what the boot heel right in his for an absolute. And I understand I understand the anger of the people there to to try to do that. But he stopped it. But excuse me according to reports he came out and stopped it and said you know don't don't they don't killing just told him. Round of applause for the guy milk. I mean I just that's I think that's. They've they're calling him a hero you mom and the Daily Mail I think that words appropriate. Cloud and from me again you know. Unclear how I hero who saved the life of a scumbag but but that's too you know that's how lightest restorer. Heroic is doing something against the grain putting yourself in her arms away in some way I'm and they were all really gonna turn on him but I. I think he did and it was just good behavior which is somewhat rare these days especially in London. Sox had we make that city right now I myself had such greats such a great place that right now I I wouldn't go there for. Anything you. I were I really wouldn't I would not go there it's it's a very sad state of affairs there and it's in its source isn't it sort of sad. In a way that. We do have to say oh well congratulations to the that's where we are at this point it did did that thing that's the good behavior just by doing the right brain. Wall yelling is you know threes may just better plan on what to do about terrorism and things you know rescinding computer access and holding you Warner. Clearly none of that would have affected this particular case. Although that's gonna affect any of this that this you know there are going to be an into that. Groups of people I mean that's an end. You know that this may be a lone wolf we've had lone wolves in this country we know people who have decided that this is how we're gonna do it would. On the derail my own after sitting in their mother's basement reading. Web sites and whatnot. So I enjoy it while one time any mom does something to stop violence and you guys wanted to canonize them. No I just sent I think at some point it's unfortunate that extent you know make a big deal out of the fact that somebody did something right. How about stop calling him her hero unless he gets Muslims to stop attacking people in London I'm just telling yea in this moment this guy. Did something pretty impressive and it was pretty rare because nobody else storing it there so I will acknowledge that. I we tend to point these things out under normal circumstances where. The Boston Marathon while everyone else is running there were those few people that ran towards in did something heroic. This guy went against the grain and for some reason you don't wanna give him credit because he's any mom. I'm not gonna play that game for me I think the guys worthy of getting getting praise for what he did last.