Another change to the Las Vegas shooting timeline

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Thursday, October 12th

Yet more information comes out which once again throws into question the timeline of the Las Vegas shooting


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Oh Sparano you've been interested in. The shift gears are we all on me real world we maybe talk more Puerto Rico tomorrow finally we will be tomorrow in Dedham assets fifties diner part of our continuing diner tour. On him and this may be come out as well see how this plays out during the course of the day afterwards we talk we talk more about it tomorrow in the meantime. I noticed this text that came in earlier in the show and it got me thinking about it. You've heard the latest in Las Vegas here that. The MGM security personnel. After finding out that one of their own had been shot. By Lee. Who ended up being the gunman but at the time to somebody that was staying in the hotel did not hold local police. So that text or said for an extended period. Yeah well a Texas said. This Vegas is quickly becoming a story of security and police negligence. How many people are dead because of what they didn't do. And so how do you win win this for this little tidbit that's come mob. How true is what the tax sandwiches that the Arab the Arab bodies. In there is blood because of security incompetent and or police incompetence. And as an extension of that do you believe that that timeline that we first heard. Was put out not only is a cover story but is this story that they were planning on sticking to even though they knew that wasn't when it happened right. Because they didn't wanna expose their own incompetence of the music you believe that that's unbelievably troubling. And this this Vegas gets worse by the day. They got it done it's it's it's getting worse by the day not because we've learned more about the shooter but we've learned more about the hotel security and then ultimately. The up police security. What are the things he came out yesterday and I don't know if everybody had an opportunity to see if that be a maintenance worker in the hotel. What he there's there's a tape of him calling you downstairs and saying. We've got an active shooter on 32. I'm on the floor. And there's a security guard it's been shot. So. They know exactly the time. And we and you ask the hotel for comment when the media is asking her to overcome that they won't they will not comment but what police have now sent. Is that there was an extended period of time and in fact the shooting had started. Before they received calls. So the question is did they get calls from the hotel or were they getting calls from police officers who were actually at the concert itself. That isn't even clear yet they claim they're gonna make all of this clear tomorrow. But the hotel doesn't wanna say anything. I have to tell you I don't know what the protocol is for MGM. I don't care what the protocol is for MGM if I ever an employee. On the 32 floor who says. There are shots being fired into the hallway and I get that cold out front desk assured I'm dialing 911 out here with the protocol list. What I'd like and offers audio working hotel in any area fine but basin some of the calls from Puerto Rico we got today. If you've ever worked in hotel in Vegas Steve when it was big to talk about how this would not happen and Wynn casino. Wall that was before. That was the old timeline. Would now we're hearing some of this stuff. What is the wind casino policy like you know what is the protocol why would you not pick up the phone and called nine what is our industry standard in Vegas or does it go from hotel the hotel is to win that 911 call as many what is this Steve what is the deal. He might fear that it what we're gonna end up finding now. Is that essentially the police were duped. By MGM. Again hearing and make it Annika on the conspiracy woman as a result of this but they're pushing into this. Because I think the head this all comes back to. You know you can't air your dirty laundry for fear that it may affect your customer base. So MGM says I'm sure our what can handle that will take care of that. And they. Say let's send another security guard up their find out what's going up on a goal and on down on 32 instead of just. Calling the police. And they're doing all of this because they don't want anybody to when you we listened to based off of tourism you don't want any bad press. You're a Mano anything's going on will keep this in house we get this under control. But don't mean yeah hikes and you're certainly not really enhances any time soon but not what what good is we look back on it now like. If all procedures and protocols are followed and maybe they wore I don't know but if if all we all think is that there should have been a 911 call made a lot sooner than it was. When that call was made. How soon would they have been there and if everything went right what would have happened what did presented prevented this thing entirely when they have joined it. What are way low mid way right like what would have happened right no one seems to know. There's no like hard concrete timeline right and we don't know exactly how long it was from time we shot out of the hallway and he started shooting at the crowd. Breakfast with Jim and GD. Greedy fat pigs out there you can help. Though it was like oh no Boston sports show WR KL. All right everybody. Talking about the things. Asking kids to something you have such a powerful thing happen. And yet so much of the world focused she think we do this forum and we still. We don't scratch her hit single what what happened. This is the world do more than change the more they stay the same of the world to keep telling you that our keep. That's my philosophy. And so. For every marathon bombing where it within four days we've got them. There will occasionally be a Vegas we've had these drug history to DC sniper is one I always use an example where what the hell is going and how much misinformation are we getting in does anybody know what the hell is. What in his op night this. Has happened before and it's still here. I don't I thought because it's allegedly one guy in because. It's Vegas it's gonna be cameras everywhere it is going to be financial transact you handled it. I vote I well. We would know this guys movements Bertans every day for the last 365. Days we're gonna piecing things together we don't think not and on top of that we have. Deception. Yeah by by law enforcement and security personnel that is really mark and things and I said Maki. Yes and you're right it's mucking things up Scott is in Weymouth the morning Scott. What good morning there and excuse me and a beautiful morning and does not just what they're gonna get old. What's up yeah I. Like a duck in Glendale Arizona okay so going to be right. Well. Why don't you know you are well the key word there is weak we don't know more but you can bet your bottom dollar the FBI got. Why would I call data why would you say that based on why. Well I I I agree with you Scott I think they're not saying they they were very clear about that very beginning we will not be talking about this. Yeah of course yes they do you really think we're privy to everything that I know the. You are what you do know about the FBI from from the the pass god is that they often don't know more than you and things usually get leaked to them. And usually there are rumblings there's nothing here you don't. I think that's based on the part of the country urea and I mean they may be out there there FBI offices in there is. Is impressive guy that's got your point is well. South Americans between experience I go to the casino all the time and yes there's cameras. Every everywhere your hotel or basically what about germs that you are chairman of the everywhere. So of course they saw all the movements. Of course and saw how we got surging back stairs and of course there's a lot more going on that we have been led to believe I still believe it's gonna go back to. This is a world wide web production that another right up on the wrong. I don't doubled after he was radicalized by Islam that's my prediction. And it just not ordinary yet because once they once finished that kept up the bat in the their ticket and it worked very carefully. Great group that being that big of a lot of guys kidding big. If I if there was is almost oh how could that be that nobody. Nobody that knew him had he the incarnation. He needs do you really believe that because I think there's somebody bit right now is on the no fly list. I don't I know he knows everything there is to now. For example why don't you think question well why did she go. Hold and then fly to Hong Kong and in plug battle I don't onboard that I don't know and she's a mysteries still saw me. Models achieved he was or sugar daddy and that's what she cared about. And she didn't ask a lot of questions because she does want a nice stuff I think that spotlight as possible donor right. So I don't know any illness. But I think I just really I've vapor trails or have enough so I can easily met enough smoke about the nicest thing it if there was something to that. I don't know BV I think there's a whole I think they know how do you look for example we haven't seen one bit convenient that video that they're that Scott was just talking about in you and I've talked about over and over. There's video of this guy they didn't 200 times in casinos we get seek peace that they definitely originally recaptured him. Yeah I mean a big stuffed tucked away this the FBI know so much more about this I think that Porsche share of just being hung out to dry. 954 casinos are notoriously paranoid about their security and privacy and that's why the delay 911 call. That that I probably is true but how's that working out like but that's got to be over. You bring police into the building they don't want police. I don't doubt second there's a lot of CYA year man trying to figure out put. And there's no question we artists we've already heard of it lawsuit coming against him GM among others now but. Did there there are. Shame on those things that they did here than and they allowed data that they're they're gonna have to use our yeah let me go to Lou Lou's in Rhode Island this morning good morning live. Yeah I love this thing just based hot afternoon or what if I don't have any conspiracy theories just like this so many Lucent. The first thing about that or that your target level for about right now he wanted to call the police well I mean it's some voters got to get together and say look if you we are shooting. Record with viability and every day you better call the police because if you're you're stepsister of negligent you're helping yourself a village. What sort of multi billion dollar lawsuit is not just a billion dollar hostage. This is ridiculous sort of discuss this has got a folder because there aren't just for that but there's other things involved weren't we can't get an explosives. Until things that are gonna talk about big guns by he had explosives. There who we don't know where he got and how we purchased some. There's a double figure out the door already shot 200 times the door publishing a picture that do work. You know there's all kinds of stuff involved in this case the girlfriend larger mentioning before. And everything else that it's so. Open Andy yeah so ridiculous. That you know we don't have been trying to clue about. Any network or any of his instructions or anything so I'm just saying basically. The thing is is that it's been poorly handled from the get go. And at least we really need to find out a whole lot more information. About the weapons cigar in his whereabouts why are these five eldest who it was contact list where he gets these things that he that he purchased. And nothing about the room service. Are apparently the police that he had used three are the weapons and all the ammunition were in plain sight. Mean nobody saw that stopped it was like how in the world bar the door anywhere so too many loose ends and this seriously drifting just stinks but that's that's going to. Thanks Lou there's no quarrel is my question is thinks it is nothing else. After all this time the fact you have no time line at all. I is really stunning I just think that we are were foolish if we think that this has been so. Bob gold and botched. That they don't have a better idea they do have a better idea the FBI guys I think that they share of did a lot of talking early on. And did you notice he stopped talking to. I think he was trying to be the good guy who was trying to keep the media. Cap B and recognize that he had a huge crisis he is trying to make sure that conventions were canceled in Vegas and things like that didn't happen. Because people were afraid of Las Vegas we got this under control. But the fact of the matter is I don't think that there have ever been the ones who have been in charge of this investigation. This is an FBI investigation. I think they know exactly what's going on. 'cause. I want a huge change in the sheriff's demeanor in the last press are right. What does that tell you a he's frustrated with the feds should be he's frustrated with himself from his people. See he was sold a bill of goods and always pissed about what there's a Null or all of those I think all those all the about. So Monty is not get the job done here then yeah it's true we go to Jack in Boston hey Jack. Are very I would want to hear these guys were homeless people and so of course Wallace largely involved shoot yourself that's really retired army reserve would resort. No barriers I did it he had never trust the tropical well yeah warden got. What type what we give more if it doesn't drink can be you know never in the history would usually there's no red. Was there alcohol English speech shortly take these people usually. Whether that's being viewed. Alcoholic. Yeah I don't know I didn't general I think I was saying he had his long but I don't yeah. I was there are city I think what it says to me is he was a professional gambler who gambled a lot of money and stayed a bright mind and accessing our city didn't drink could just as easily mean he's a Mormon. Yeah. Yeah which used to be potentially double. It it could be could be that would be a number of things right today again we don't know but. Let's remember you saying I want novel pain must remember that right now I. So yeah I don't Austria's apparently that doesn't scream more and that doesn't just scream I'm Muslim to me. That he was again a number of things that what few things we know about him a number of them don't necessarily add up and yet they do. And he. Until we know something and we're left to speculate and run wild and pick and choose what we latch onto and that's Howard. In their making that worse not better by what they've done. PR wise some other way if you don't remember some of the photos of him the good woman dig their shots in their hands he'll take. I think a hundred days and they're the ones photo that we keep her FaceBook page and here's your doing shots with the feeling down and where where's I don't know how that results.