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The following program is paid for by Kelly financial services the views and opinions expressed in this program to not necessarily reflect those of WRKO Entercom or sever ties yours. It's your Saturday morning double espresso and rocket ship to the truth on WR Cano. American heartland would doctor grace literally. She doesn't flinch doesn't. She does not compromise. You know pulling the values that make America great and upholding them tell you. Never die again so let's go all I've been into early. Yeah line. Lining up America good morning glories flags. Hi and livid. Furious. And disappointed. Our rates yeah so I'm mad I'm really really really mad. And I believe that this being a loser in all of this is unfortunately. Once again we BM. Merrick hit people. And this great republic. Over the last eight years we have had a battle between the forces of socialism. And the forces of capitalism. And the Republicans promised us. That they were going to turn back the hands of time. And start to repeal the forces of socialism. But guess what it's. They have fields. Yesterday. House speaker Paul Ryan. In conjunction with the president decided that they just didn't have enough votes. For the health care bill and they decided to simply pull back. As a result. Obama care stance. And everything we work for. To get this monstrosity. Off the back of the American people has come to nothing. That's really the results we now stand empty handed. And what does it mean. That Obama care is still with us. It means that. We have been unable. To restore. The American health care system. Into the hands of private enterprise. It remains this mishmash. Of government regulation. Eddie strangling. The private health insurance industry. Which means that in the long run when it didn't close it it will implode. The only solution left is going to be more government. And the great goal of the Democrats to get to a single Payer system will be within their reach. Let's go with cut. One as Paul Ryan tells us worse stuck with obamacare. Say other than Obama cares a law of the land it's can remain the law of the land until it's replaced we did not have quite the votes to replace this law. And so yeah we're gonna be living with obamacare for the foreseeable future I don't know how long it's gonna take us to replace his law might worry is. Tom obamacare is is going to be getting an even worse. Actually I think we were probably don't the Democrats a favor. I think we are doing the architects of Obama a favor by passing this law before it gets even worse well I guess that favors not going to be given them and it's gonna get worse. Well thanks for your favors. You know what it means. It means that we have this monstrosity on the back of the economy. It means that you have young people who can't get enough hours to work because of Obama care employers deciding you know we have to by. Abide by all these provisions. It means that our premiums continue to rise in means that we can not afford the health care that we desperately ain't. And can't wait one year two years three years four years. You know what essentially they're telling us now the Republican Party is basically telling isn't this includes the president. Just the whole thing collapse. And that's blame the Democrats I'm sorry you are now the governing party. And dubbed blame falls on your shoulders. You'll have failed us. Nick from Weymouth you're on the air -- doctor grace as you can tell I am beyond steamed this morning. Fact that the big mess Republicans are obviously incompetent. And it was a killer app was planned in and there's so many things that are entering business even the Russians set this centric. So there'll it's amazing he's the president. Russo media agencies that supposedly report to him and within these agencies. Including the LP area there people who or undermine what he's trying to do. I think by letting the lobbyist probably participate in creating the health plans. What was your original. I'm not sure about the single Payer because I find out but yet I feel that. Yes what is the insurance company ever gonna give up the big bonanza I don't know that we'll have it happen but. Well if you are growing up sorry it at the facts you've got so many of them pulling out of markets in some states. Where you have a situation in which people have fewer and fewer choices. And you've got to think about that the other private insurance companies that are hanging in there I mean imagine if you're leading one of those and I see what just happened I'm thinking. Get out of this business and that's what many of them are concluded because I don't Menem mom it's something that's. Add up Mac so mom this single Payer how to pay as system is coming. So. This was the Republicans first chance to show us that they can't legislate. And you don't want. They're simply not ready and I say it's with a heavy heart that includes Donald Trump. He wasn't ready for the gargantuan. Task of overhauling our health care system. And this morning. All of them look very very it's well. Communal element is really matter which he calls and in small. Let's just from horse was very apparent to grace. Yes thank you for taking my call. What's going on and and then America today is is that the that the that the Democrats. What I mean Democrats. Adam Schiff and Charles Schumer and that the orient our inside. This sinister forces to one of the destroyed trumps presidency. What what's going on here is that. The these these distortion forward to working behind the scenes to destroy. Our government. And that's exactly what's going on this is this is part of our Communist socialist side in the occupied government. That that's the option. That's that's what's going on the American people to not understand. That that that that our country has been destroyed because of the forces of Jewish liberalism. And if you want to on this. It'll you know Scott look it you have a feeling you talk about the forces of liberalism I'm with you you have when you talk about corruption self interest but when you. Identified. Is. In ethnic or religious terms specifically I just think you're wrong. That's just that's just the wrong yes I mean if you look at somebody like. Barack Obama cool we're talking about Barack Obama's policy here this is he's basically. The president who is the architect of this system. He's not Jewish. Accusing him for big slump I mean I'm sorry in that regard you're off base but the other point was well taken. Is that we do have. The nefarious. Influence of a cancerous ideology that's all there is there's no other word for rent. It's a creeping socialism. That even the Republicans are not able to stop. And the poison pill in this bill was a very fact that. Ryan succumbed to too many of the premises. Of Obama care. And when you do that you're going to be in snared. That is what happened to Donald Trump Ice set originally in my analysis. He's got to get out of that democratic mindset. Other accepting. That the government. Is the solution to the health care problem. If he accepts that he's dead in the water he didn't he betrayed his own campaign Mack truck he betrayed his own. Campaign. Expression of himself. As the businessman. Who understands the economy one understands the forces of capitalism who can think outside of the government box no. In this regard. He talked. And thoughts. Acted like every other one of them that is trapped in that government box. Let's go to Jerry from Cape Cod you're on the air doctor grace. Good morning doctor grace the Q good morning. Three things in the health care bill that's on this come to keep you off the insurance bailout of 100 million. Big gun control measure which people don't know about. They left dead in the had to circumvent that with doctors insurance and psychologists to take out Second Amendment Rights away from us in the third thing is. Free health care for illegal aliens. In refugees. Free healthcare and tax credits with a maximum up to 141000. Paul Ryan. Eighteen years he's been in congress. He has to mediocre but did not even mediocre what was renaming it they can't stop it in Janesville Wisconsin. In the huddle with. Putting attack. What arrow heads you know propose and arrows I think. Those who did two bills now he's coauthored a bunch of bills. But those with a two built with his name on it. It and miserable failure of fraud. He is your 100% right he has failed us I think it is time for the Republican Party to overthrow him. And you know you talked about all of what was in that bill that sank it. The problem is you are you to spot that the Greek that's the problem with your analysis this morning. There was told much they care that was problematic if you consider what happened. Trott got the freedom caucus in several times to negotiate with that he tried to negotiate with the conservatives. And even went trap made concessions to them. They went back they discussed it and they still kept concluding. That this bill was not going to solve the problem. This morning the Wall Street Journal is putting all the blame on the freedom caucus. This morning the Wall Street Journal is advising. President trump to get even with the freedom caucus. This morning the Wall Street Journal is acting like a little Lee I go in Donald Trump's year. And the shot is going to be if he would listen to this that they feel is is at this advice it would be further division and discord within the Republican Party. The truth of the matter is that free caucus kept trying to find a way to salvage this bill. And even with the concessions that were made it was so much garbage and it. And they'd just couldn't go along with that. Because at its very core. This bill was a promise of Ella a betrayal it was a repudiation of the promise that the Republicans had made. To take us back to the system that we had before Obama care. The freedom clock is understood that very well. Now trump let's give him credit. He said if we went on to face two and three the bill would have everything that the freedom caucus wanted. The problem is we don't believe. That phase two and three would have ever materialized. And so trump has stepped in to the Washington swamp. And instead of cleaning it. He really has become enmeshed in it. So it is truly a sad day for us let's go to Ed from Boston. Ed or good morning you're on the air doctor grace. Oh cool has been given. A roof closed schools with. Beautiful up in the world. Pictured go without food why didn't he shoots up Horry and why it should be taken out immediately. He is no secret toppled one person in this war and that would be wise and good volley yes it's true. It is turn everything against war history gateway control. What he shoots straight away at war. I give you everything I helped you a campaign do you want this bill. They knew something. It sure all the responsibility. You trips up. This is this is not a real it's if it's not if you really is is Smart he says yeah than I do believe he has. He should be going out through life. That's the person that you should bring the open and that also eliminates. One of these I always or I need pieces well. Oh that is in this war. But you know what Ed I'm not seeing him going in that direction. Because he continues to praise Paul Bryant. He really believes now that Ryan will ushering in this next phase which is going to be to try to get tax reform done. And what I'm reading what I'm seeing a child's body language in the words is that. He'd start to believe what the Wall Street Journal as saying. That the real problem is not the establishment Republicans he started to conclude that the real problem Capitol Hill. Are the conservatives. In fact if you itemize a lot of statements that he has made. In the aftermath. You started to talk about not working more closely with his party. Stack talk about working closer look and Democrats. Which house do you. Where his head is completely in the wrong direction let's go to skip beat myself busting you're on the air with doctor grace. Laura tactic greats you know. I wrote stand out the ultra. So enthusiastic over this bill. Approachable you should irrational it's true great that the regrets that he used it. As a it's disaster it's still there but it's like he wanted to rush it through and how can settle. We're right and now but he hit the Wall Street Journal and all the people lower against truck that's an idea. Political Freedom Party the street caucus. Yet right now. Does think that you're just seeing double extras that rebel tribe has to know. Towards the very thing it can be so hard to get so the beat stick leaving the park populist. To get to need to look where it's true delight and take a look at an impulse. Into consideration I think that the president directly politics. I always hate you nailed it because what I heard the app to adequately those clips after the break. He started to talk like a mutant and it's really really disturbing create a lot of mutants speak. From the president himself. He's embracing. The Paul Ryan view of the world it is very dangerous and it will bode ill for his presidency if he continues to go down that road will be right. Champion of dough. Never doubt. Doctor grace. Today is a great day for our country and victory but economically as a victory for the American people. Cracking issue of people with disabilities. I children. I've veterans. In the and also it's not just about the 24 million people now won't have. He also thought. Health insurance that's a 155. Million people who receive their health benefits. In the work place. Who not being assaulted by some of the provisions that do come in put in the bill especially last night when they removed the essential benefits. Package. Of so again it's it's pretty it's pretty exciting for us yesterday or anniversary. Today of victory for the. Welcome. To graze broadcasting it live on WR KALAM. 680 the number to call is 617779345. All our lines are jam. Our text machine is burning up. You heard it the Democrats are celebrating. You can imagine Barack Obama as a reaction Michelle Houser reaction. They are applauding this colossal defeat. And you don't we have. In our text machine. One who writes Republicans. Have been sitting on the air well I'll be polite on their rear ends. For six years dueling not think Null plan not think of our eight years you know plan nothing. You've got it you don't the last caller skippy said they were rushing this and went skippy said that I thought. Yeah they were rushing it in the last month but the word rush and eight years don't kind of go together. You have had eight years to get this right. A consensus should have been built among the party. And yet we saw very clearly in full public display that the party is deeply divided and you know wesun. What Nancy Pelosi had told us was right she said in a previous interview Republicans have been banging at them and for eight years. Because they don't really have a replacement plan. And they have all star might. They didn't have a viable path forward that everybody in the party could agree with they didn't have that consensus. And now the big laugh I. That they perpetuated to the American people that they were sincere. About rolling back. The scope of government has been fully exposed. They weren't sincere in the plan that they put forward. And Howard ain't going to do tax reform that's my next question if you can't do this which is the focus on just one industry. What do you think the impact is gonna be on tax reform. Tax reform requires a consensus. On multiple industries. So this surely does bode ill going forward unless Donald Trump. Recognizes. What brought him into the Oval Office. It is the conservative. Vision of how to fix the economy. It is the most people that he needs to stand with not the Ryan knows. It seems to me that on his first legislative attempt. He backed the wrong horse he backed them rhinos instead of the conservatives but that's not the group. That got him to victory. Let's go ten and front Pittsburgh you're on the air with doctor grace welcomed and. I'm not and I got a great how are you well you. Well I you know what I'm not gonna get on the Roman didn't do detained because. It take trying to wrestle a great big thumb off your back it's been holding you down and Donald Trump as a quick learner he's a fast learner. And I believe this is gonna come out better in the long run. How does note that yes when I hear that. I'm sorry yeah how how do you see that is because right another drop begin and then just gonna allow obamacare to implode so how's this gonna be better for the people. Well Humana off our carrier already pulled out. And at and net net pulled out it's not sustainable. And I don't believe they're going to be able to full but American people. A single Payer will give us no actually you know the party is all about women situation had to wait for women. I would definitely give us any choice with single Payer. And my friend in life and London they have this single Payer and her husband died waiting for a stint which is it's very easy operation. Right now I do just said you just send what Humana dropped out as we're seeing a lot of these private insurance companies are giving up. So what happens if they give up that this is just bought a viable industry to be in. What alternative will be left remember this is the fundamental charge that many conservatives may eat about Obama care. They said they argued now we're seeing it quite rightly. That this was just a step. In the right direction from the democratic point of you not from my point of view. To get us all of the private insurance market destroy the private insurance market. The private insurers won't wanna get into this business and then eventually they'll be only one option left not just at the state but in the country only the government. I don't believe people put up with that I I yet the American people our backs against the wall it was a miracle Donald Trump got in there. It was a miracle he's he's a quick learner. So you think he can still salvage this idea idea all right I can't thank you so much for that at all. Let's go to law they're friendly and you're on the air doctor Gray's. Yes Luke Donald thought their area. I agree would never quite a few others I think this was the best thing that could happen. It's been in the lap now of follows you know big milestone at a picture and we are supporting his. Usable Ryan when he was runner for the Vice President Biden was slapped or are like a little kid I mean this is a joke is well land. Little thing in in the peak of Freedom Party the right. You know they paste it into their guns were loaded in the low voter goes here and changed its this belt you know. It's ridiculous. Will be curriculums sometimes he's a businessman. He's not walked away from the deal will come back and clothe them. Well thank you Walter and also I I do appreciate the optimistic voices that I'm hearing. But what we heard coming right out of the president's mouth. Is that for the time being he's gonna will allow the whole thing to just explode will be right back. We. Making Massachusetts. Great again how American heartland wind doctor graves. Call now. 6177793415. I think this is something. We all learned a lot to learn a lot about our. A lot of the vote getting process. We learned a lot about some very arcane rules. It obviously both the senate and then the house. So it's been certainly for me it's been very interesting experience. But it the other I think it's going to be experience at least. To better. Health care plan so thank you offer much else. That was Don Knotts from telling us that bull why did he learn a lot I can tell you something I learned a lot to. What did you learn from what we have witnessed it is obvious this morning the Republican Party has a huge black sky. The Democrats are celebrating. They believe that they've been vindicated. Obama care read names them. Role of the land the law of the land. And the Republicans who promised us. That they were going to fix this are now basically saying we failed and let the whole system just call laps. Is that what we elected you to do. Two failed. To not be ready to not Foster a consensus. And then what are we left left. Again the only thing that gets done is what gets stuck with the executive action I mean so far you know I've been a huge supporter of Donald Trump I think he's done tremendous work with his executive action. But this was his first real legislative. Test. Ten heat legislate. And he told us right Daryn that clip that you heard he's learning. About legislating. So once again it looks like we've elected somebody cool wasn't fully ready on day one I personally deeply disappointed. Let's go to aloof from Rhode Island what are your thoughts little. Yeah I Specter race for and I got a couple things to say before actually get my point first of all. The caller who called earlier about Jewish liberalism mature social and the Pope is just helping these use now consider the Pope Jewish. And I couldn't do it. You don't Lulu the truth of the matter is that socialism. Has been tried and tested by. People all over the world Africans Cubans you Amy it's sugar relegated to one ethnic group. Sees the good. It's not so. Now I'm not uninstall and and doctor Castro whether or not you know what can you break this stuck it to its its its. But strict compel all lifestyle and by the way not feel as a form of socialism as well okay predicted just to tell that guy. And that's that opened the order say under your gulping what trump today but. I have a couple major points to make number one. I've heard basically number one Obama care what you set out to destroy our health care system it is doing just that big story all the relationships we have with our doctors with our shores. And if it's a mess and as and I'm really happy to hear that Nancy Pelosi has continued and is continuing to take ownership. Of obamacare. She didn't bother the dumped off which options to owning a Democrat just owning this disaster system. And that's boot for a number two I think I have a problem which which dropped. And the Republicans is that there should have been in. A consensus from the get go get if you are sort of the way you build stability get all the parties together. You work out the bill with the freedom caucus and everybody else and both and you work it out and then you presented to everybody. Letting fly and just do it by himself with a huge huge. Mistake and I hope he does learn from that that they report award they. This could people were very critical trial. Right now all the third point is that you'd see you what's happening with the NSA. The FBI. And the CIA. We can't not let and the liberals. Take control of the executive branch of government or were all going to be doomed don't go even further than Obama wearing an open it really don't know really sort. He needed nail in the culture of American freedom if they ever get control executive virtual four. Well thank you so much yet thank you so much Lou for that call lots of points there. But you know when you said Dan the Democrats are owning the system look they are only the parts of the system. That they think were are working well. Do you think that when this whole thing collapses and unravels they're going to say that they're responsible. They're not gonna say that. Gonna say that you see one of the problems was Barack Obama wanted to go further members of the party wanted to go further. The Republicans blocked them from going further. Right now should worry saying you support what the president you know we want to put on the table. More government options. So. This is a big lie that's being floated out there folks. When this thing collapses the blow all that is going to be fierce but that blowback is not going to be relegated just to the Democrats. There's going to be a lot of blowback against the Republicans to. Add to be honest with you I don't blame people will get angry with the Republicans. Because it's obvious that day have lied to lasts and that there in effective and at every competent. I'm staring the fax this morning they're tough facts but I really believe when you state the truth then you can see the light afterwards. The truth up to date is that the forces. Of increasing government stands. And the party that was supposed to roll it back has failed. And I see no viable path forward for them to roll back the current health care system. I don't see it happening let's go to Kevin from busting you're on the air with doctor grace. Thank you to a declaration I'd look at the problem these potential problem is that it was tropical. Like Julia fundamentals. Of the Republican Party. We do not believe. And an open and free market system it would based upon crucial that this is some flash constitutional. So. Witness why he had built the was put once again just how it was open. Are you didn't get out flaw. Interstate commerce and insurance companies cropping so why we have to wait and the second and third piece of this bill and at that book brought out. Hundred billion that was put in and 20/20 foot peak. How did billion that was going to be distributed among the states again it just appeal well we're not going back. To the public met the criteria at the same. And that is it that so. Although insurers utilized all holy and ensure words are good that you greatest aspect. I need. Again I don't see it even more important when the Republican Party. And then go after the beating caucus and out glad that he built with government planes but I I didn't my question that you are the people what. Went economic the other deals with European structure are actually formed while we're not going after the criteria all watched. I met Kristi and thought the creed of America but what was agreeable party. What can honestly you really nailed it when you said that what we're seeing is that. Even the Republican Party. Doesn't truly believe in the open and free market even the Republican Party doesn't truly believe in the spirit of competition. Those are the bed rocks that made this economy great you know Donald chump campaign on make America great again well what's unique about America. It's not just that we have a free and open government a democracy. It's that we showed the world. That if you happen free enterprise. That's what allows the greatest wealth for the greatest number of people. What are we keep talking about now that the middle classes being squeezed. Healthcare is part of squeezing all of us you know if you take a family like mine and my hazards with two children. What has happened over the last few years well. We feel that the education public education system we don't like it we want to send our kids there are so. We got a pain now to send our children to Christian school because we want to have a Christian education so that squeezing. Our disposable income. What's happening in health care the same thing. The deductibles are rising the premiums are rising and I can't would be squeezed. So overall if you replicate. This situation mind I'm a microcosm of a replicated over millions. The middle class is being squeezed it's being shrunk. And this was great glory of capitalism. That he could finally have a system where you don't just have a few people that are very rich and many who work pork. All countries have done that many countries have done that that's that's. Continent place around the world to have an elite that is wealthy and the vast majority that a pour. What is unique about capitalism what is unique about America is that. We created the largest prosperous middle class city common people can live in relative. I'll wealth and luxury compared to other countries. That is slowly being taken away from us it's being strangled. By this socialist ideology that once it starts to take hold in a government aid grows and grows and grows. And it was the republic of the Republican party's chance right now to prove to us that they could be like surgeons and remove the cancer instead. We're saying that the cancer is swallowing them to. We'll be right back. This guy. Listening to doctors great strengths and we'll see how bad it is it's getting much less. You know I said the other day what President Obama left. Seventeen. He knew he wasn't the previous seven games going to be a very very bad here. For Obama okay very good fit into that explosive. Premium increases and the deductibles are so high people don't forget to visit. So they'll go without for a little while perhaps we believe I know some of the Democrats and the good people I honestly believe that Democrats will come to us and say look. Let's get together. And get a great health care bill or plan. That's really great for the people of our country and I think that's gonna happen. Wow. Loud loud loud. In the aftermath of a Republican debacle. Trump SaaS let the system just it all and then that the Democrats who are quote unquote good people. Are gonna come to the table and we're gonna work. Column. My I have addict I need health care this weekend and health care I'm just gonna have to should get like pressured Dow. To cop now. I am really disgusted that's a keyword today I'm just disgusted you know we had a couple weeks ago optimism was the key word. Then the second worthy of the week it and the word last week was we all feel safer. Today it's sheer and utter disgust. Mr. President. The rhinos are gonna always let you down they're slowly destroying this country and the Democrats. Are even worse. There's only one way forward for you. And it is to embrace the conservatives. We are the ones who know how to restore. The essentials of this republic and truly make America great again. I wanna take one quick moment to talk to about bill Kelly my buddy who knows a lot. About wealth preservation capitalism and risk management please take that time to get to know him and his team. Join them for brunch or dinner they've got some really exciting events coming up this spring many dates for you to choose you can meet them at the Tuscan kitchen. Or at the crown plaza up call right now 1888801881. 888801881. Get some free publications. Tool you'll learn a lot by reading them like senior safe money strategies or the twelfth threats to high net worth. But please take that time to. Kickoff you're spraying with some really good information in a 101 of these sessions 888801881. And don't forget to tune in to bill's show right after mine from nine to noon let's go to Alan -- a reading who's been waiting patiently. Alan what do you think of president Trump's comments in the aftermath of this catastrophe. This is. You gays and has accomplished quite a bit. Now why did they Republicans dwell on the cable comes back with something better. And I think he should I call me number one file. Brian number true and get back to work. So let's. Let's get around as president he doesn't quite a few wonderful thing is a few days he's been. So let's not just dwell on the worse as well as what he has done and what it will do in the future. Alex you know what. I agree with a lot of what you sad I have applauded him he's done many great things I will vote for him again because I think already. He has it clips. Barack Obama in his achievements I think I mean on the very same day that the whole thing was going down he's actually signed you don't Keystone Pipeline so. He's a force of nature he is absolutely remarkable but it's. Unless we make our conservative voices heard loudly and clearly guess what's going to happen. He is slowly going to be swayed by the right house and the Democrats he's gonna slip to the last. That's why it is extremely important for me and olive view to be loud. Bold and strong in your conservative convictions when trumpet trays and he needs an earful from Hamas so that he will get right back on the right track. And let's go to France from Medford friend I really messy I didn't. Behind Mitt huge you know I had that terrible but you've probably had Jeff look at. I'm Italian club I don't agree with young black iron or just thing but I think there outcome is done so many things. An amazing human being in our neck giving up our hands and I can't use that Latin and and I think. Who's the biggest Clayton on the it Ryan get rid of Ryan with chickens it's him he's the pot that AS that. And that will I want to clarify something I'm giving up on him. IIII. Port and no and I don't think any of our audience is giving up on him. But we're just upset at how things have gone down blatantly. I am also not encouraged by his subsequent comments and let me ask you this when you hear him saying well this let's just let the whole thing explode. And then the Democrats are gonna come to the table. Does that give you confidence that he is learning the right lesson CC to me. I I don't and I understand he's a businessman he's doing the legislative. It does that does not inspired me with confidence that he has grasp exactly why you see in order for somebody to get right back on the right track. They've got to grasp what went wrong. And what I'm reading from the president's comments is. He's exasperated. With the freedom caucus I'm reading from his comments that he's learning the wrong lesson M ironic here fret going up giving it a part. I love believe art and the freedom market I don't see with it a proper I think that our Ryan didn't instigating a little brat you know pilots she. And let me just that I agree that if Europe Alia politics fabulous lists question at all. Thank you so much ran and this is not dump on prompt this is not giving up on Donald Trump. This is reminding Donald Trump of the direction that he needs to Golan and being unequivocal in leading into that direction. In the subsequent press content on the Internet conference. He said it not once. But Weiss that he wants the work with the Democrats. That really giving me heart bird. Go to cut five. Think we have to let Obama get go its way for a little while and we'll see how things go have a decision. It's not a question of gee I hope it does well I would love to do well what great health care for the people of the station. But it can't do well. It's in floating. And soon will explode. It's not that we predict so the Democrats don't wanna see them so they reject what they're ready and whatever they're red we're red. Spot. How you call this little reason to believe it's difficult no I'm not because they're friends of mine a disappointing because we could have had it. I'm so disappointed I'm a little surprised yeah. So there he is he's disappointed with the freedom caucus you see look at his analysis that that makes me nervous. He's upset at the freedom caucusing disappoint the freedom caucus and he's expecting the Democrats at some point to come to the table. Mr. President if the Democrats come to the table. It's only till further and snare you in this government trap. What the Democrats wanna put on the table Lee is more of this nonsense. Government subsidies government programs. In essentially if you just had Obama care lite with. Paul Ryan right that's what just went down in flames because the conservatives have opposed it. What the Democrats come to the table. Gonna give you obamacare on steroids. That's their solution it's always to all meant more of what they're gone. Because they think that Ron the right track. Did have given up on private enterprise to solve America's problems and what I was hoping we would see by electing a businessman. Is somebody who'll. Is very confident in the private enterprise system doesn't flinch from its virtues but more than that. Somebody who then knows how to apply that. With CN. A governmental system. That is going to be. The genius of Donald Trump. If he does that he surely will be one of the greatest president America has ever had. Especially since he will be re story. Our republic. I've got to say ice I think he's doing a lot of good things the forces however when it comes to health care at this moment there's no question about it. We are moving towards. A greater and greater acceptance. Of the government role in health care. And that is why when Nancy Pelosi declares this to be a big victory for them she's right. Barack Obama's gonna see this as a big victory for him he's right because with every single year. That the system stays the way it is what is actually happening. What's happening is the previous system that we want to go back to. Re seeds. And it eventually it will no longer exist. And the Democrats know the facts. That's why there was a big gamble for them this Obama care policy. Let's just get this motion even if it's not perfect because it gets the people used to two things. Number one it gets them used to the government health care handouts. And number two. It gets them used to the idea. The idea itself. That the government is going to provide the ultimate solution for health care. And what survives today. Are those things the government health care handouts survive. And the idea survives and guess what that idea is going to Grohl and Grohl and grow. And before you know it as some of the underpinnings of the current system collapsed the people are not gonna suddenly say. Let's go back to eight years ago. Ten years a goal fifty years ago. Decorative just. It's it's just say gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme. Government gimme gimme more and make it easier. And that's the solution that the Democrats are gonna put on the table the Democrats are never gonna put on the table all the real read appeal of Obama care. What galls me this morning is that we worked so hard to get Donald Trump and the Republicans in there. To fix our problems. Not to blame other people. Not to allow things to just explode and implode like you'll allow Obama Caroline photo and explain to lecture to do that. We elected you to read Healy and be ready for a replacement. And instead. You have failed us. I'm sorry folks that's the sad truth of this morning. This is doctor grace as always keeping the truth. Alive.