Amb. Bolton says there is no evidence of collusion with the Russians

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Friday, May 19th

Do you agree with Amb. John Bolton? 


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I fear on the great WR KOK. Later this hour you don't want to miss said Anthony Weiner pleads guilty. You transferring explicit manner messages or material. Two a minor fifteen year old teenager in North Carolina. Probably the only. You all that he will now be registered as a sex offender. We're gonna discuss that but first joining us now. As he does always at this time former UN ambassador John Bolton ambassador Bolton welcome back to the corner report. We're glad you're here at. Ambassador Ryan obviously after askew the burning question of the week. The appointment now of special counsel Robert Mueller to win they investigate the allow allegations of collusion between trump his campaign and Russia. Is it a good move is it a bad move and if you were trumped worries administration. How would you be how would you feel about it. Well I think it is very bad. I spent a lot of time putting during that. Years I assert that the Justice Department that Reagan administration opposed neck that very odd that the end at the Al. Whether or edited that. Republican or that. Democratic registration. I didn't like the statute that was at the Watergate thankfully that would allow the laps acts he and I see. But he got what it's the council appointed not only was it that the arc it's just the problem is. These people or so and it's had that they don't prosecute crimes. They prosecute individual. So there's nobody who's so Gil trees that what you faced with the independent Al thought bet EDU. Would cut or limited resource is not what that it. It really can't become a Bert. You're. Stand it any of our brands saying it's a good developmental. Quiet that earns its credit because now they've got a bad order so they'll have to give up there. As political. Politically inspired acts audit. And that this will lead to work but it the issue outside again at odds with the rock the jet I wish that were true. That's not in the history I think you're affording it is that it. Do we just lose the ambassador. To. It it'll just be a problem for our right. Fight on election. Okay now we're losing the ambassador. Here Al OK here we got you ambassador. Let so I expect it'll be a problem for up right through that audit our election this investigation well but it court court. Well that's exactly what I said yesterday and I wanna get your take on this by the Iran Contra investigation lasted seven years. Whitewater went on for years. Valerie Plame I've got investigation went on to who years and who have relatively short compared to the others. This notion that it's gonna be wrapped up in six months I think is a fantasy. You appear to agree with that. It it is the status they add it up but that I think the president you stare at Eaton that step a step and members of partners to well you could appoint other server sit at it and it went out so. Epic that addict or. These resources at its disposal of the pathetic out so a lack of any applicability. Leaked to really people being treated fairly edge at the a couple of Eliot paper at the lot are yours Scooter Libby. And Valerie Plame investigation and it it's a walk list to. Oh look they're treated area surely add beat up the subject your political. That data so I worried that they're out to see is that the dark. The carpet that desperation and with what else back equator course. Ambassador I want to play a clip. I I rarely agree with them but here is even liberal constitutional. Law professor Alan Dershowitz of all people. Saying that look even if you accept all of the charges against trump. That there was some kind of collusion with the Russians. And then he tried that kind of wink wink nudge nudge I'd change coal means regarding the investigation. Into Michael flan. It may be unseemly. It may be morally wrong. But as he puts it zone and they're sure national liberal democratic partisan. Openly saying there's no crying. And so hence if there's no crying there shouldn't even be a special counsel. Let me play Dershowitz on CNN and I wanna get your reaction roll it. Jared I think he will be the beneficiary of the appointment the special prosecutor what special prosecutors must investigate crime and most of the things that have. Being leveled at the trump administration. Are not. Criminal acts collaborating with the Russians to get yourself elected not a criminal act. I let the you know boot boost. Terrible terrible terrible morally wrong moral not only if not criminal the same thing is who the leaking information to the Russians. In other words. He's done nothing illegal. So. I Dershowitz is argument is even if you accept the worst charges against them. It's still not a crime it's still Mahdi illegal. So either you don't need a special counsel or more is gonna find nothing which will eventually cleared trump. What's your answered it out. Arctic air sure that the LTE right we're not go further back back back it would there's simply no evidence of any collusion. We're erection. At all that will forget whether to cry. Eager here or morally reprehensible or just LA but it we are. Eddie Albert C all are actually quarters its diet are. Who are now there is any ever so you have to wonder up for it there's no epic. Why he set up a criminal investigation. Has brought it out so. Or any other way it's here's where. I think Iowa they're both the global law. Because without any chat abilities you. Hello ambassador. Earlier kinder or local law. Hello ambassador. I can hear and I know you're on a train service about connection by which you're saying is this. Yeah pac you're basically saying this assaults the rule of law correct. Yet because you were lying aren't they your equity but it ritual rather bear ate it the fact. Political accountability you're up you're about what the our current that is there is there. Formula hopefully there I'm all double are subpar. It will allow them to attack the earth as they work out that bill. Congressional investigation quite a book was there are fair. That very well there were eight. So they're hopeful suitor or pork. Are you Yunel that ambassador you Oxley nailed it I'm sorry having a little bit of a bad connection when the phone but. I wanna thank you for coming on I really appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend. Ambassador John Bolton. On with the corner report thank you so much ambassador. Right here at daycare daycare so I apologize to you corner country had a bad connection. He's on Amtrak he's on some kind of a train I think it's the Acela New York Washington but anyway. Heading back to New York from Washington but anyway. No look keynote it. He actually nailed it so this assaults the rule of law. He gives the Democrats what they want which is to go on a fishing expedition. This we'll go one for years every single other special counsel's gone on for years why wouldn't this be any different. And it continues to give them the ability with peaceful only weeks nonstop leaks to just make it appear. That there's something wrong with trump or a day he did something immoral or unethical or illegal and keep this story going and going and going. Hope in the hopes of believing the president hemorrhaging the president so he gets wiped out in the mid terms. I mean that's the obvious political strategy. Now. You wanna see how off the rails. The Democrats have now become. Okay you wanna see just how out of control. Where they're just Derrick may and stuff up and they just don't care. Listen now to Marxist. Maxine Waters. This one takes the cake. Where she's now on MSNBC. And she's just make it one accusation after another against Strom where even for MS left BC. Derek. BBU ebony do you do you have any evidence for any of this. And so they asked her point blank. Is there any evidence. That trump or his campaign colluded with the Russians. Any. And Marxist Maxine. Says not only was strong colluding with potent but listen Davis. You know his famous phrase walker up walker up crooked Hillary a caller corporate Hillary Clinton she claims. It was pulled them. Who gave him those phrases. In fact he was such a puppet of ball and conduct or words coming out of Trump's mouth. Were being now moved by Vlad himself. Roll it. Jared I am talking about strategies. That were developed. A working whit the current campaign I. They really do believe that much of what you saw coming out of Trump's mouth was the play from pollutants playbook. I think that when you saw him absolutely. Calling Hillary. Crooked to the flock dropped not grew up all of that was developed I think that was developed strategically. Call with people from the Kremlin. I'll whip cool if and I think it's more than bank records I think then you can see each that their districts. You know to Moscow where may do in the campaign cannot afford it and others. I think it's. A lot more ups disease can be an astonishing government develop the talking points for the try to. There was. A cooperation. In developing strategy about how they could insure that Hillary Clinton was not elected then. We go to the super. Want to let them know sanctions to. Is she really believes that. Sap. Is this just actors as he really truly believe this. You know I did what he said make America great again I was mad Dolan to do that. And you. You just miss. You know I think that same as Billy bush today. Don't wanna do that grabber by the arguably the and then now recovered recorded metal release at twelve years from now and I did the people rally to you. Unreal nor Britain on the Brittany not I think come on 'cause a Russian spy. A look at her name of Montana. That's a Slavic eastern European name directed there you go look at her features look at the blond hair look at. I think she's a secret Gretzky I think she's a secret agent. Which. Now what I want all of you who realizes this. Marxist Maxine. And chief spreading to Elizabeth Warren. No holds are a bit who faces. And voices. Of the Democratic Party. What huge just heard now she is now one of the key leading voices of the Democrats. Just let that sink Kim a little bit just let it sink him. That's. Who the Democrats are now saying. Is one of their quote unquote senior statesman or her case senior states woman. I yell yeah I. I can only senior definitely senior very senior I mean that's super senior. Okay my friends 6172666868. Is the number. Coming up next. And many Wiener. Doe lien term and pleads guilty. His career whatever was left debate is over he will now be a registered sex offender. And the question before the house says this. He is are gonna be sentenced in September. Prosecutors are now demanding that he spend about two years in prison. Will Anthony Weiner do any serious jail time. Will Anthony Wiener goal to prison. Or we just get a fine. A slap on the wrist. Registered as a sex offender and essentially. Leave what just a slap on the wrist what they skate. If you believe the answer is yes he's got to do some serious hard time Jeff it may be two years three years but he's gonna go to the slammer. Next the letter eight to 68680. If you believe the answer is in the air it's. He's not gonna do one day of a hard time Nextel letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at WRKO. Dot dom. The poll question is always powered by bill Kelly financial services. We're gonna have the poll results. And I wanna ask you. Should Anthony Wiener goal to prison. And should he serve the Max ten years. Your calls next thank you to Anthony Weiner.