All Boston sports teams join together to combat racism

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Wednesday, September 20th

Will you continue to go to Boston sporting events?


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Kelly financial services. Can you run a complete news you liberal lies and insults to the working people we say no more. Is that cool erupt course. Sure name. On the U. Shame. On me if you. And I'm speaking now directly. To the New England Patriots. The Boston Bruins. This Celtics. The Red Sox and let's even throw in the revolution because they're in on the act as well. To all of you major sports teams professional sports teams in the Boston area. Shame on you for insulting your own fence. And my friends. I gotta tell you. This is unbelievable. I mean really just it's almost now every week. There is any new low. In terms of capitulation. An appeasement of black lives matter. And what you're seeing now is black lives matter hijacking professional sports. They're reeling going all the way down to. Youth football might get to that later but here in Boston. All of the major sports teams as I mentioned the patriots Deborah wince at the Celtics. The Red Sox the revolution. All of them are now uniting they say against a common enemy in common opponent. And what is that common opponent. You guessed that. Racism. Racism. So what they're now gonna do because you know Boston is just such a racist city and there are so many racist fans. And it's just that it did AK is everywhere white supremacists are everywhere. So to combat racism I swear to you. Now they are going to have of professional players from all the teams. That do public service announcements. Which you're gonna hear they say that the games. So whether you go see a patriots game Bruins game a Celtics game or Red Sox game a revolution game whatever you're gonna hear you know. All kinds of PSAs throughout the game I'm not getting. You know. Don't save the N word. Are we knew we need to be huh. Tolerant. I compile our. And shouldn't. And I have respect for dive. Urged city. Or are there is no home first they stopped at the paid stop racism. We need to be inclusive. And they're gonna play it again and again and again now. I've got to ask you this 64000. Dollar question. And I'm speaking now to the EU corner country to you'll. Do you feel insulted. Because what the implication here is crystal clear. Is that in the wake of the Adam Jones incident who claimed the player for the Orioles who claimed that he heard the N word from somebody in the stands which by the way. There's no evidence of that I don't believe them. But of course the Red Sox went home all our fans were sore shamed of our friends and I started to apologize. Then John Henry wants to renamed. Yawkey way because the one of the previous owners Tom yawkey was late the higher block players so they have to apologize for that by renaming jockey weight. And then last week. Some black lives matter people unfurled a or racism is does as American as baseball. On the green monster. So in the wake of these so called racism issues. The implication is clear. What they're saying is that you have the fans. Are racist. And that Boston is a racist city. Now. A couple of points and then I wanna take your calls and if you want to weigh in 6172666868. Is the number. Point number one a this is almost obvious but you know when you're dealing with moon bats the obvious can be frightening for them. This is not Selma Alabama. This is not Mississippi Burning. This is not Johannesburg South Africa. Did we don't live in an apartheid system. So this idea that somehow there's segregation. In Boston Jim Correll we in Boston up our fight in Boston. Is absolutely. Ludicrous. I mean it's ludicrous. In fact I even ask Jared are free shall meeting because he used to work for ESP and for thirteen years and I said Jared lockyer other sports expert here. Does any other CB do this I mean even Los Angeles even they go crazy moon bats and California. Do they so openly insult their friends like this grown up on I'm aware of so suddenly now the people of Boston are such racists. That now they have to be told over PSAs not to be racist. They have to be lectured to and listen to public service announcements blaring from the speakers are the warrants. Now I've mentioned this before but it bears repeating again. The average. Cost for a family of four. To see let's say you're patriots game and I'm not talking great seats I'm talking up in the nose bleeds. You count them fifty dollars sparking new company and gas you pump in concessions. Fifteen bucks for a guy whatever beer or ten bucks for a beer whatever is big bucks for a hot dog whatever it is. Is 500. Ball works. For the Celtics a family force about 368. For the Bruins is about 350. For the Red Sox about 250 for the revolution I don't know. But in other words you wanna take your family out to see game. There the patriots just for the sake of argument. So I gotta shell out 500 smack her roots. I gotta pay parking up the wasn't. You're gouging me at the concession stand I mop and a free can nose bleeds our post players down there what is that a bit what I did that so far that. Are are those really people are or they dance OK and then on top of that all. I got to listen to this garbage. I gotta be lectured to and told that you don't I'm a racist. Or my fellow friends and neighbors are potentially racist. This is what I got to listen to as they shell out 34500. All Lewis. This is insulting. This is demeaning. This smears and why bulls and the people of Boston frankly of New England all of you. Because you know it's not just Boston and New Hampshire whatever Rhode Island named an all root for the Boston sports teams. They're basically saying this CD this state this region is full of racists. Now. Furthermore. I know it's politically correct. And I know we all have to now total and a he's black lives matter OK I understand the thinking now behind B sports teams and why they're doing that's. By dice com Juan. I mean really. You can't you can't find another cause I mean racism horse and who's who's not against racism. I know really honestly portion not against racism. It's the most obvious trendy. Chic thing to do the most obvious. Politically correct thing to do. Reached introduced her womb. Dice. Cup always abortion. I'll come on now. 5560. Million dead unborn babies giraffe not Jeffrey don't wanna do about Jeff Sheppard can't do that okay how about terrorism. Don't we did have the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing. We did have the attempt by crisis. What was that in Rosalind bail I believe Britney anyway yeah and Rosalind jail where they wanted to behead people on the bus. And and video and video tape it and show it to the entire world and it was stopped by the grace of god the last minute. We have had Islamic terrorist cells here in Boston for years probably take a stand against terrorism. How much it does show some real courage. Instead. The easy politically correct way I looked. We choose to Sumi iron. Liable. Any insult your own friends and the people. Who buy your products. Ever sing listen miles if I said this to juridical Jarrett. So were the ones that are paying their salaries and lying lining their pockets. And they still on top a bit. Not only are they giving us frankly a garbage product okay. Not only is it a bad product not only the overcharging us for everything but then your approach in our fazed by calling us or racist. Enough is enough. I don't want you to politicize. Sporting events. I am sick and tired of the politicized nation of everything in America. When I shell out 34500. Dollars to take my grace in my Ashton in my Ava. To see a Celtics game or Red Sox game or a Bruins game aura patriots game. Don't start lecturing to me about racism or block wives who matter or how were all a bunch of white supremacists. I don't wanna hear it I'm sick of it. And if you're gonna continue to politicize sports. Honestly. Guys I got better things to do. Are you sick of it like I am. Are you insulted by this 6172666868. Wines are loaded. Bill and Hyde Park Europe first go ahead bill. Would give me the guys. Know. Well go ahead builds or the floor is yours he expected there not yet. You've been here what 45 maybe six years five years now. Okay and yet would you have been fought over area. Foxboro rent Samaria yes I'm five units from July okay now about you coming in inaudible didn't and you the have you ever recited. What at all. Yeah I lived in Boston no but I mean now I'm working boss and I do like charity events in Boston. But the Q you're in the United States that security people there and everything. The plan unto others say to you yet that gates is up 79 years old okay and I've been living here all my life. And its pilots then wait pocket concerned. The and Andy Ilia I did an edit. I've been dole quote from the CB PBP still lack a walk from my house to that we pocket that demon. Okay Donnelly to catch you up on what what's your point. What's your point. My point is that. Is that you'd just come here and value it okay maybe you'll what you might feel quite right Symbian violated by items cabinet. This speak out against racism but people like you that promote racism. It's people like you would that not not affected that got annoyance in Boston Massachusetts okay you one mile heavenly city where else. In the United States of America not Mississippi. Alabama anyplace. And the fact that it took that build desegregate it is up you have the greatest people have a little bit and yet but people like you expect people at that people Pete. Tomorrow I'm keeping on I'm keeping you back to tell him keeping what we joke racial comment with you are it insinuate its armor racist and bill. What I'm a racist. If you are gap should I ammunition and a deep down that you are vacuum and it and I get that haven't but I have a debate. But I would now open debate OK. We'll open debates bill I mean that is what what do by the what do I ever said it's races villain just ignorance. You'll like couple people on radio. That's you know the only person that on yet patient. Eight you know UK how we cup. Don't forget how we are talking about mean now build just one of vice said that's racist so you know you know at any one thing I said that's racist. Not what you say what you said OK what do I said that's racist. Hello bill. I just don't give us an answer okay what does a little bad minivan via a bit over exaggerated says bishop looked leave the finds a long. Don't. Don't inundated with PSAs. But is banned me 'cause back I'll be banned in Boston I do live without but leave the fans alone. 6172666868. This is up from 781 you can text us 68680. Jet. I was at the Bruins game last night first pre season home game. And they gave me a minute long PSA. About not tolerating any offensive language or gestures. Blah blah blah what a joke I know it's insulting. And you order reminds me of I'm serious. It's what the Communists used to do. You go to these sporting events like you'll see European soccer's the big thing and there they are you know we are the champions. Of the working class. Communism is gloves. Capitalism. Imperialism is Ahmed and medic didn't dogs well Communists and allowed them part of the will of chromium is com. I mean it's just it's brainwashing. Like this is likewise matter indoctrination among okay were bad I'm bad I'm very racist guy OK okay. All in west third go ahead Paul. Yet the you know I'm opening here what's really outrageous and it all in QL and eat I eat it eat insult. Outraged and are. It can get the and indifferent degree I. Q are active against black lives matter to all and made it happen. And that is a sort of. So hold on let me get this straight. If I oppose black lives matter in other words who the people openly call for the murder of police officers. People who engage in rioting. And looting. In did destruction of private property. People who go in and Tareq neighborhoods who assault old ladies on the Boston Common fight opposes that that makes me your racist. Note to judge which is a racist remark and it's even OK now what did I say this just racist remark yeah. They're all great and yell and he'll. It seen it at us that that's not that's a black lives matter don's done on none out chat GAAP. None and I don't know and and and and no meat did you not look at Saint Louis. Did you have you not seen Ferguson have you not seen Baltimore. Did you have not heard the chance in New York. Have you not heard chants in Boston a uniter not a chance in Minneapolis but hold on how do you not have you not to read what their call founders of openly said. You'll read that stuff you don't know what they're about oh. Derek domestic hate group. Hello. I'm not picking and choosing that's the movements. You're are what you can't not know which you can understand is this you can't trust the fact. That you are supporting. Eight domestic terrorist organization. And they domestic hate group that hates cops and hates whites and engages in illegal and violent activities. That's what you can't wrap your mind around. Yeah yeah yeah at all. We're 82 writes a tell me hey you're fighting the fight hate blacks so much how come I want to adopt them. If I hate blacks so much tell me how come I do all these events in Dorchester to benefit minority kids. If I hate blacks so much why am I the only ones speaking out for law in order so those four kids can go to school how come I'm the only one that's speaking out against. The high rate of abortion of unborn black babies. This fight any blacks so much wonder why defend them so much no you can't rebut the. Facts. So all you have to do is call me your racist. 1257. Here on the great WR KOK. It's now come through this all black lives matter. Now hijacks. All of the professional. Boston sports teams. The Celtics the Bruins the patriots the Red Sox and the revolution. All now say they must combat you guessed that racism in Boston and Massachusetts. And in New England. And so they will now be putting up public service announcements are gonna hear them at every game they're gonna play them they don't I and army times during a game but we're gonna play him. Denouncing racism and asking you not to be racist. And so the corner country poll question of the day. Sponsored by bill Kelly financial services business. Are you insulted. I say sports fan is this insulting. To you. If the answer is yes and frankly to me you can't smear a sports fan more than this in my view text the latter paid the 68680. If the answer is no I'm not water racism Boston Jeff corner is racist number one. Then faxed the letter B to 68680. As always you can. Vote online at But some really good Tex coming in 68680. Says is from 617. Jeff. How can we fans be racists. When most of Boston sports teams are 85%. To minorities. I know but you're trying to talk logic to the moon bats. Rob in Maine Europe next go ahead rob. Yep it's insulting on two levels not only emotionally but intellectually but think back to the the freedom rally in Boston when. Is this major. A protest against racism. That didn't exist it was imagined. You know the most speakers were both genders all races colors creeds and so on speaking out war. Freedom of speech that they. That would know KK there was no kkk that would know white supremacy no neo Nazis but look what happened black black sabbatical rushing and let me that that was the news of the day it even hit the speakers I've been I I wasn't there are watching on TV Al wanna be with speakers said the took me. A couple of day to see it on YouTube or something in there was. And it's that it could be that have imagined it imagined racism it's pretty. Rob thank you very much for that call look I covered that very closely. They had what 203040000. Of them they blocked traffic. They stopped the streets it was an unlawful assembly. They prevented speakers and attendees at their free speech rally from even being able to go to the grandstand. They threw rocks at police officers urine bottles and sticks batons and they were caught it on YouTube. They assault did an old lady. And nobody condemned them not to mayor. Not the governor. Not the Boston Globe. Not channel for channel five channel seven channel ten none of the sports teams condemned. Don't hooliganism. Under thuggery of black lives matter. And now on top of that all. After I shell out for 500 bucks to see your your your your product. You're gonna tell me I'm a racist they would all due respect. Like off. URG you know the voice. 1238 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Stunning decision but here we yards so. Black lives matter now hijacks. All of Boston's professional sports teams. Are you insulted. The Celtics. Bruins. Patriots. The Red Sox the revolution now say that combat racism among their friends. They have to now feature public service announcements. From players from all these teams. And you're gonna hear them now and all these games. To not be racist. So are you insulted. 6172666868. My friends the moon bats if you notice they're there lighting up the phones today they're really going after me on the text machine. It's because of Mike confrontation with Elizabeth Warren. I really damaged her and expose their induct confrontation. I now have they call home. Where it sure is driving them crazy you want talk about exposing the hypocrisy of Elizabeth Warren this is the column. And soap please I urge all of you. Gold to Corners corner it's called confronting. Elizabeth Warren. The question she fears most. Please read it and pass it on to as many people as possible. It's time that we showed the moon bats. For the frauds. Hypocrites. And thugs that they are 6172666868. Okay lines are loaded. Grace in Boston. Need that already got me again sorry at. I'm sorry I should say doctor Gray's former Starbucks in nor would my my apologies. They debt that the I'd agree with you but I want to say something here are definitely. Ill. You know we don't need to be lectured at a ball game I agree with you about but there are still in his outrage at them and I know that when you take it personal like we shall. We've been appalled by it like for example we have a very dear friend who is dating a guy from Trinidad she's like he's black. And her father refused to say hi to him. Just because of the color it skipped. And I know that when I told you this story oh my god that the gut I bet the guy you were outraged but there are in his outrageous that it sure. But what I would say that it though liberals wanna talk about race at them. I wanna talk about democratic races and liberal racism. What they have done it big abstract art society. A christianity that you've nine sat back would you like that I have a black Christian friend the tire iron to about everything. Christianity you ninety. And the liberal secularism give but I'd set. And that ruled outrage is that it ought to talk about rape as much about what all blacks are well it accepting liberal values. Any value of dependency any doubt that actually admit admit that destroyed the family. Blind allegiance to the Democratic Party and what they you know report like abortion which is killing the black population. I have a conversation about racism I wanna talk about liberal racism democratic races and blacks will be prosperous. Free and happy in this country the moment it dawns on them. That the real people oppressed and them are liberal and Democrat it should not weeks the Christian conservatives who truly love them because. We really believe that everybody is made in the image of god I don't mind talking about racism but I want to point the finger at the people that are really holding blacks down. Doctor grace is why I married you. I married up book and I said here's the rains in the crowd. I want I want people like bill and all that check at the heart of gold. And you know when you know that and I'm talking about. We heard live at C a secret that story Diebold rally should die and we always try to make him feel a lot. And we try to make what happened it went something like that experience is real gracious and they can be buried and and admit struck everybody. And I know that when we had back a couple of right arm out Jack he bent over backwards to make him feel like we saw him at him her and not color is yet. TR I honestly doctor race I really appreciated by irony to justify myself to the liberals. Are they can deal with my ideas in my fox and that's why they try to demonize me. Look they can just look at my public record who defended the genocide. Who supported the aid the victims of the genocide in sir Don number that in Washington. When I led that say that was Jeff corner. Who spoke up for the poor Haitians when there are being exploited by the clintons raped by the clintons Jeff corner. Who is the one that set up a think tank to reach out to minorities in the black communities all across America to help lift them up out of poverty dot. It was you and I remember. Apple so I don't need lectures from them Derrick listen I don't what the senate vote giving testimonials because I know you at all thank you every hour. Thank you hear the bass that I listen real problem I the democratic and liberal. Race at a rate I think bring it on. Listen I'm when I'm married you I won the lottery that's it that's all god bless you thanks for calling. I enjoy that Starbucks we are 6172666868. Is the number Al fi. Hello Jeff said Jeff there was one thing Bill Bennett auditors agree with that the people in block that I create people. It's not the people that are racist since the media and you know those people resent that media. That exploit the people and bought then and sports says than I do with politics and race so that's a big mistake. You know I hope these. You know were evident talking about black eyed manner at sports events I hope they lose money. I'm with you Alfie look look are there racists in Boston yes of course. Why do what what's the city I mean I know they're seven million in Massachusetts but it's one of the biggest cities in North America. I of course when you have millions of people go find some idiots. That's no different from New York from Toronto. From Baltimore from Philadelphia from Chicago all from Bally's from Los Angeles. In fact are honestly I would say the exact opposite. Compared to other major cities that I've seen. It's a lot less racism and outplayed us to help a lot more racism in Washington. Guy you can take to the bank. I've been to Chicago I I I lived there for nearly a year just north of it a lot more racism in Chicago. And there this year. No you won all the truth honestly I'll tell you the truth. You know why they say the cities are racist city. It goes back to busing and the Irish and the Italians. I'm telling you basket this is all about. Because this smear against the Irish and the Italians is that they're racists. And sold that stereo type has now lingered now for what is it 3540 years. This is one of the least racist CDs. In the world. Let me repeat that I'll challenge anymore about it anymore about you want to talk racism compared to London. Compared to Paris compared. Caracas in Venezuela I can go city after city if you wanna do this. Most cities more multi ethnic. More multicultural. More tolerant and by the way what was the cradle of the abolitionist movement he was right here. Where was that they that the movement to abolish slavery in my talk the Republican Party. I'm talking about literally to abolish slavery it was right nearer. So I'm sorry Derrick in averting history to smear you how rock on get away with that. John in the north and go ahead John. Apple our colleagues. Wanted to read I'm a longtime listener. You had the fight it out more content than the first time I've called you welcome welcome to you grew up and deceit because deputy in the north and the plot than. I would think about it pretty soon. But then it stopped in Austin. Big IQ so why Barack leap. A theater at eighty bill Cole. Ciara. I go on or not. But everything that's what I eat what's that that don't need to whip immediate. Relief. Well. When it went out one of the most liberal city in America you know we're seeing that in this brilliant. What. We. Brutally brilliant. I John honestly checkmate. Ernest checkmate. It don't look most liberals keep saying they're not racist or not racist or not races OK so for such a racist city. By your by their own logic what happens but there at one of the most liberals say he's won the most liberal states. In the country of one the most liberal areas in the world. Hello. Yes. All that want to open up your title you looked equally people pocketed at the end I. He told the last little fueled the we will have been paid and I gonna blame little. Yeah eight. John great call please don't be a stranger. Let's go all they have is a former Montreal or like myself let's go to Denny going head Danny. Well welcome than. In all burning or the locked in all the you would troubled country you know people were standing up for the National Anthem yes but it yes we look pretty Smart when we're able to. Upgrade the separate it from the recoba. And that you'll want to start by remembering that the Democrat party is not a Democratic. Party. We can use the word democratic. You're giving them. You'll points or four branding that you don't deserve because they're not acting democratic. I sort of remembered all of Democrat again the only mention it. It made you part of lag the spot yes that these people who caught this art in mine Laurie. And we're we're acting like they're the ones who are actually are when they're not want to get democratic society. My trio bought her. A lot of value we we must change candidate that it will be portable let's say from Canada from April political element to all. One of the better at least to go to where we're gonna happen. The same kind of shouldn't it. Boston and the runner up it what an end in America but walked into the very close one end and we were in a lot of ways. We have the best rivalry in sports ever. So you know it all the people to play here they were talking. Denny let me ask you this you're dead on let me ask you this do you think in Montreal let's say the Montreal Canadians or the aloe -- for those that almost the Canadian Football League. Do you honestly think they would ever insult their friends like these sports teams are doing here in Boston. In August and got the Montreal Canadians have been at Warner little. Op right. Very respectful. Incredibly respectful organization. Along with the Canadians in the city of Montreal. We pretty much what. Build it didn't hear the final nail in the coffin of the separatist movement which is all about you know candidate country apart I can imagine that if if you'll people work for the sake get. And it'll lab tech should have a union and get attic and it's the I don't feel that it didn't matter who we are in that the IT. That work load we it'll work or milk I'll look. Of politics. Government it be democratic. The democratic system except called yet what also we have. A capitalist system. And you know nothing is more. Nervous and a billion dollars that come. They'll be okay is our football team in an actual promoting. Debbie I gotta go up against the below that's the other thing I mean look where you know we're shelling out all these money to keep these professional teams in Boston. And they're making a fortune god bless somehow Mott Ahmet capitalists go ahead but don't bite the hand that feeds you. Don't they don't charge me 500 bucks to bring my family to a game. And then spit in my face. Take politics out offs you're all in Beverly Europe next go ahead Joseph. You have always feel upon knowledge you know long trying to trying Kroll welcome Tom. Well what I wanted to say it ships that you know. This like racism. And stuck or not. I would like to be some of the EMS people out there. You know we don't care. What Collie. We don't care. You know if somebody's got three gunshot. These bullets in which just we don't kill what Aaliyah. And because I voted for president trial by lover mark on the Nader on the patriot. I'm out there on the street for 37 years. And it's like a slap in the face to tendencies seem like sports teams you all telling me I'm a racist. I mean you don't what some of these Q black lies that are petroleum trees and automatics and really helped them street Joseph tolerate it astray. Joseph if you ever before you go come ask you this are you gonna continue to attend the games. Or if you hear PSA he's gonna walk out. It does something Jeff I'd love to it is not certain non in my yard I am a smaller I live in Beverly. I shall want solution mentioned the patriots go and I'll chop up a little would take care of my property I you know something. It's become so poor little size it and I just I can't take it anymore so yeah basically and turn them. Interest and thank you for that called joke are right com or Tom. Tom in New Jersey go ahead Tom. They kept god bless you and your family and replaced hootie is. Thanks Tom Thomas got one minute slow resorts at all costs he Jeff what we do wrong we dignified this movement. These disc. Climate gangsters in Greece gangsters did this about power and control and money. Painter equivalent these are modern day mafia or so's. Did in my lifetime Jeff I sort race riots in the sixties. We had almost perfect harmony in this country I'd say about buddy eighty's and ninety's. And president did grow. And the new world order. Disrupted dissed because Jeff look at your heritage these are modern day Communist. There's nobody in and these are getting thirsty they're mob he wrote those turmoil and ESPN. Clean up this stadium's. Don't stand that god bless you Paul Revere. Thank you thank you so much Tom my friends you know what let's continue this for another segment and I wanna throw one more log on the fire. 6172666868. Now you have 78 year old kids. Playing youth football. They are now taking a need. To protest the National Anthem. What the hell is going on here. The boys of Boston it's. You six AV WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD Jim Lawrence Boston. It's one obviously Boston. 105. Here on the great WRKO. OK either corner country poll question. The dude sure as the French would say sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. All five of Boston's professional fees patriots Celtics Bruins Red Sox and the revolution. Now say they face a common opponents for racism. In other words. There's too many racist rants. And so they now will be issuing PSAs. Jury in their games. To tell all of you stop with their racism. And so the corner country Paul question of the day is this. Are you insulted. By this. Is this degrading and demeaning. To the fans and the people of Boston Massachusetts and really New England. If you believe the answer is yes I'm yes all the way on this one. Next a letter made the 68680. If you believe the answer is no text or letter beat the 68680. You can vote. Online at Brittany what are the poll results. Thus far 96%. Yes four point sense know all. I'm just curious Brittany I know you're a big Bruins fan and a big patriots fan I was a Bruins games hot. Overall are huge Boston sports fan Jeff and I'm very disappointed in all of the sports teams. I don't think that. You know when I go to the Bruins game I don't wanna be lectured the so that's why you go to sporting events and concerts to get away. From the politics. And you know your real life drama they have to deal with everyday Jaffa you go there it's you know I haven't it's time and that Buick friends. And your loved ones and enjoy a game and you don't want that to be in your face when you go to the game. And you're spending in lots of money when you're going. So now I. I'm just curious like you I think you went to the Bruins right do you want to illegal often and now we got a lot of money on and church preacher if you don't mind me asking. This is true treat your boyfriend to a couple of to a non you do your look at their duty pay that the visit Egypt greatly that we. Beat often are and don't you guys go I'm getting a lot of money I'd take Edwards when you say what's a lot I mean I'm just I think I don't understand why you hear Mel also any spans product 400 and taken correctly 400 and take us. And what's parking near TD garden. I don't know 4050 bucks. And it's yeah plus concessions Europe I have have a beer hot dog it's expensive like now you look at a 5600 dollars. And you spoke got to listen to these guys blaring on the horn exactly you're racist carrier by your boyfriend's a racist. Exactly who wants to deal without you go so. I don't if that happens I might not be attending any any games whether it's you know the Bruins whether it's the patriots or the Red Sox I don't now. 6172666868. Is the number OK let me throw as I like to say one more log on the fire. So what you're seeing now is clearly black lives matter hijacking. Increasingly the sports culture. Today the professional sports teams and now live at the five Boston professional teams. But this amount is starting to whom it can sit US. It's now spreading and making its way all the way down. To youth football. And so now this phenomenon that we've been seeing at the NFL. Whereby professional athletes almost every team now. Is protesting the National Anthem. Do you know following Colin can I Colin crap Burnett. Following his example. By taking a knee or sitting on the bench to protest the National Anthem and the American flag because this is a racist country. According to MM it's full of police brutality white supremacy white racism blob blob blob block. So again black lives matter now goes onto the field well. Now it's reaching 678. Year old let's listen now to this story. And there's more this is just one example but this is now spreading is proliferating. So this is out of Illinois I've Belleville Illinois in particular. There is a youth football team that on Sunday. All of the little munchkin it's their eight and under many of them 678 years of age. I prefer to play for the call hold ER quarterback club football team. Vague talk I mean. To protest what they said was the shooting and either of them that the murder. Of a black criminal. By a white police officer in Saint Louis. And then the police officer was not it was essentially acquitted of all murder charges. And so they rioted in Saint Louis over the weekend the Brett talked about that story on Monday. Well to protest what happened in Saint Louis. These 678. Year old it's. Talk I mean while they played the National Anthem and in fact had their backs to the American flag. And according to the coach Orlando Gooden here's what he told a local fox affiliate he says this game from the kids. One of the kids asked me if I saw people protesting and rioting in Saint Louis. I said yes. So we said you know why they're doing it and he said that the players responded listen that is. Because black people are getting killed and nobody's going to jail. So we said this is like a teaching moment. And so we said he had the approval of all the kits and he had approval of all the parents. And so he says look it this is our First Amendment right. And word I can you know we're gonna do this and if people don't like it too bad. Listen now to the coach in his own words roll it Brittany. And I I hit assassinated during what it up. To sit. Ups today. And I have. To ask. Yeah and get. Out. An. Error saying. And certain countries Croat this. Assembled. Okay now a couple of points I think this aside honestly I think this is really pathetic. I think this is just I mean this is almost a very side story. Now they're indoctrinated in 678 year old to imitate Colin cropper nick. And these other idiots in the NFL. Who are disrespecting our country our flag and our National Anthem. This is really sad these kids are being used. Now. A couple points need to be made and then I wanna throw it to you corner country 6172666868. Number one notice you can protest the National Anthem. You can meal you can turn your back on the fly. Which camper. To notice that. Or the First Amendment not how we can split on the fly Greg peck a bold to say this silent prayer because you're gone baby OK but let led. At that girl. To meet the obvious point is this what I love the flag I love the National Anthem I think it's a great tradition in this country that we play it. During professional sporting events or call it sporting events. But I gotta tell you 11 level I'm reading Dennis and I saying. These are 67. The oldest I believe is eight sold these are 678 year old kids. Why do you think singing the National Anthem at a little youth you all Peewee whatever youth football game. I mean you know I played football when I was 78 years of age we never sang the National Anthem you know why because we don't understand the national land. My question is now seven you could technically be blank. I mean. My Ashton a dozen old the national I mean no seat when he hears it but I mean doesn't know all the words to the National Anthem he doesn't understand half of what's in the national and so on one level on December saying well. Why aren't we playing the National Anthem at a little kids' football game to begin with to be honest with you but. All that goal. The bigger issue is this. There are 678. Years of age. Not even indoctrinate him what black why as a matter race garbage. I don't know about the rioting in Saint Louis. Don't know about what happened with the cop shooting that urban drug dealer and put a mark Karr chased. They have no understanding of what's going on in this country they don't all ball black lives matter. They don't understand about calling crap Burnett understandable so called police brutality. They. They're kids. They can barely I had a daddy which I know always doing homework or vanished and last night were doing basic arithmetic. They have no idea. About race KK KA history of slavery segregation. Police brutality. Or what ever Fergus and big Mike Brown made the book everything. Civil rides that they have no idea what they're doing what they're saying. They're simply now brainwashing. And indoctrinate mean these kids. And most importantly. When that anthem is played you stand up. You show respect and you put your hand over your heart why because that and them represents. You. It represents your country. Your nation. Your homeland. That's why you respected that's why you stand for it. You know. In every other country in the world. They stand up for the National Anthem why you think every other country in the world is perfect. They got much worse problems than we do. It's easy to cherry pick and say well not all that they're what we got 25% unemployment are marched on and operatives like a mustang up for this match want them. By not standing up to the National Anthem. You're disrespecting. Every single one who died for our country. For the values that our flag and that answer represents. But more importantly believe it or not disrespecting yourself. Because that flag represents. You. Every single one of you that National Anthem represents. You. And that their parents are okay what this. This shows you. How do evasive. And how dangerous. And how we see Julius. Black why it was a matter. And it's anti white anti American. And he caught ideology has become. That's why the NFL should be forbidden fruits. Because kids look up to these players as role models. And now they're imitating the Colin cropper knicks and the Michael Bennett's of the world. 61720666868. Let me ask you this. What would be your reaction. If Europe Childs football coach had the players taken need. Jarring the National Anthem. And do you think it's appropriate. 61 cent to a 666868. Lines are loaded. Originally I was only about two previous topic on this when I just wanna say he gotta love how coaches blame the kids for their own political actions. But on the previous topic about lecturing people about racism do you remember about a year ago there was PSA about. Domestic violence where all the athletes actors went on TV put on this serious stations said. Lectured us about how the the domestic violence was bad. We'll sit on the racism is there anybody four races and I don't hear anybody standing out in defense of domestic violence but anyway. We're an easy kill Elliott got suspended for six games for domestic violence. Every sportscaster. Two men defended him. And they say though it's not fair it's discrimination in the NFL head done their own investigation with photographs and evidence and and they suspended him even though they dropped the criminal charges so that NFL PA and all the sports we need defended him. And you don't see that PSA lecturing us about domestic abuse. While Jake phenomenal a body told Jay please call again. They have hawk receipt of the NFL. The hypocrisy of these sports themes I can think about that. No you're right. I mean domestic violence is a huge issues bush in the NFL. What what was that guy. Ray Reitz who cold call or that his girlfriend he literally heat cold cocked her right there in the elevator and saw it on video. Slap on the rarest come IMAP moblog not think this year. So if these guys are really serious about you don't stuff that their own players don't. I love it how about a PSA about domestic violence known and unknown. It's not the players that need to be lectured. It's who. Oh the ones who put money in their pockets. And buy their tickets and make them multimillionaires. Not enough is enough here's our PSA. Blank off report on the boys of Boston. Arcadia. Want 25 here on the great WRKO. OK just a quick reminder. I have a devastating column on Elizabeth Warren is up on WOR KO dot com corners corner. Are confronting Elizabeth Warren the question she fears most is a devastating expose a please go to You can read the piece and send it off to his many of your friends as possible. We have to get the truth out there. Okay youth football players now 678. Year old kids are now taking a neat. Jury in the National Anthem. To follow in the footsteps of colon cropper neck to say that they are now protest thing racism in America. Right wrong how do you feel about it airing in New Hampshire Europe next coed Aaron. Actually Dick Greco my plant want to follow up topic and accurately it doesn't go ahead shoot go ahead. You know I brought my eleven year old lefty who thought the game and when Garnett Peters and everybody you know on the Big Three replying if we retreat back. I'll tell you what I lose I I didn't know what to do. Every other word the N word and every other word epic that would that app ball and what you know. A week later when someone that you need playing ball in the art get what you bank. So when apple actually lead by example. And not just by word of what they hear in the media. Sorry guarantee you're saying sirens are using the players were using the N word and the F bombs. Or incur are pretty wrote back I I've never on I've never seen a Celtics game but it's also there were just. Despite being Democrat and you're Clinton and the bill what part of it is unbelievable he never it put street ball you've. CN new York and it's unbelievable he never he never heard anything like that. And saw at Erin you're saying back then the kids began to imitate them speaking like them. Of course we're not particularly want to mean Michael Jordan. Ricard UU rack I mean that's. I wore a baggy pants are more important important black sock and army unit annually what you're you're right your idle power. And unfortunately when you hear local and they're different than what you think you'd think it's acceptable to do it. Aaron Gray call I agree with you. To me how we clean that up but that's just me mic in Weymouth go ahead neck. And yes I'm good how are you. You know what we're looking at your question it was one of my kids or grandkids Howard's absolutely sound you've been in and out. And the thing is so what would happen to them they BR society problem you'll probably by some people unfortunately. You know you got it stopped we are really this is that this is a Hitler as a style and this is the land in this is the Marxist philosophy help stabilize. In you'll believe it so the anti fashion so my god this is actions and the ultimate goal in this particular case you know they got prayer card of the schools. Nationally at them eventually will probably not be played edit any sporting events right. And that that would probably be by choice the government's NC kids will probably be my choice could be political right best way to see that's going. To do that to you like to say that this is basically child abuse commodity but at least you know who they think they didn't. I hear right is brainwashing. I mean really who did your brain washing these kids and nick I agree with you I think the ultimate Pena. Is just that they got prayer in religion out of the schools now they're gonna get out the anthem I eventually we're talking listening anymore. That's going to be too controversial mark my words Colleen in North Andover go ahead Colleen. I think that that the I think it's no different than them teaching kindergartners or greater a bottle on trans gender and about back. But if I can just revert to that topic you and to do that with the public servant announced yes. This is tantamount to doubt about writing in a little luck at it chatter copy about how we need to beat the range of content that. The only difference is the ante is much work and that you're talking about a 400 dollar day. And the problem is the owners don't have that going hat. To say we want tolerate this so they're pushing it back I'm. With the public service announcement you know what everybody should be and up and there it is an insult. To be intelligent and anyone with an IQ. Over 85. Or ridiculous. Colleen. Don't get me wrong I love my wife. But I'll I love you and a non sexual way amen sister. Wherever you bear and all again 6172666868. Okay. Coming up next all you got to hear it to believe it. You got to hear it to believe that you want a couple really good laughs. You fight he's did you wouldn't believe me so please hang on five minutes this. To be intelligent and anyone with an IQ. Over 85. Or ridiculous. Colleen. Don't get me wrong I love my wife. But I'll I love you. And a non sexual way amen sister. Wherever you bear in all again 6170666868. Okay. Coming up next all you got to hear it to believe it. You got to hear it to believe it you want a couple really good laughs. You fight he's did you wouldn't believe me so please hang on five minutes this.