Aaron Hernandez's family sues the NFL over his positive CTE results

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Friday, September 22nd

A lawyer respresenting the family of Aaron Hernandez is suing the NFL and the Patriots because he says that CTE caused from his football career caused him to kill himself in prison. 


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Given TV talking about what you're talking about Boston's morning show. WR TL and. So we get word yesterday VP that. There's been. There's been testing on your Hernandez's bring. Did in fact suffer from some T yeah in fact. Those who did the testing over the EU are claiming to be at the worst case they had ever seen. He was it staged at any of four. I don't know how many brains they'd seen it 26. I wonder. If they. If you if you take somebody who wouldn't who played so recently you know their brain a lot of the brains they'd seen had played for a lot of time wonder if it changes to overtime at around. It would be that as it may. His attorney says now they're gonna sit there showing the NFL they're gonna suit patriots. So. My initial thought on this one does this change your needle went anyway and Aaron Hernandez Mano. Aaron Hernandez is the reason why people are dead not. The NFL Nazi TB is Aaron Hernandez Aaron Hernandez was a bad guy for whatever reason I don't needed to explain the media maybe his dad's death. Cause them to go bad maybe it's drugs maybe it's a number of things. To me Aaron Hernandez is a bad guy dearest people in the exact same situation is doing the exact same things and Aaron Hernandez did have that are not killing people so. Parent and has killed people because Aaron Hernandez's Aaron Hernandez that's the end of it for me and a discussion. I am fascinated by CT. In insofar Aaron Hernandez can contribute to things that people that are studying CT are learning anything okay that's helpful. The concept of him suing his family suing the NFL is gross to me because again. What they're doing is trying to find something to blame other than Aaron Hernandez and that's where the blame goes however. I believe they will win because Jose Baez is undefeated and I believe he's going to win in this case. I I want to know windy is that the NFL is gonna draw a line with us and say. If I should just a jammed. I mean I can't fathom that you could sign a contract with any team that does not have a clause in their roots as we're not liable if you die and you have CTE. You know the risk you're taking here. We I don't understand at what point. The NFL is gonna say enough so not you cannot sue us your family cannot sue us. If you. You know if you diet it's determining you have. I mean if that was a thing I would imagine Junior Seau Stanley haven't you. Are all just to wait before. It's all precedents on asked to do so. It may be reduces. One of those sad realities of Aaron Hernandez and his evil ways is that he may make. He may change the country I mean may bill who knows how this is gonna goal but. If Aaron Hernandez Susie NFL and wins in the NFL as we know what it is going to be gone and size they got a big problem and they can't they're not going to be able to function. Because they're gonna be a class action lawsuit that they can't take all every time a former player dice that's a loss. Well do you Ben settled if you're there which is what Baez is gambling on obviously was not gambling because gambling implies that you could lose right I can't lose lose here. But do you settle old do you make an offer here to just have to scroll way. Because what's a hundred million today for what's I wouldn't give a map but let's say 29. So does he have felt quietly say by as twenty million we don't ever want to hear from you again by the way confidentiality you can never disclose what the empower us. And then it's your turn and has his widow. You say yes and you take it you go so is that it. I would think that would be the smartest way to go and if I'm Bob Kraft she's all there are also suing the patriots specifically right. And if I'm Bob Kraft I absolutely. Would do. I would step up immediately and make some kind of offer now there was always the issue of whether that. The widow was gonna shoot the patriots anyway for the rest of the money now that he was. We don't use his record was. Done away with expunged. As a result of him dying. While they. How wide the legality of all of it was still going on. 97 in an area and men who was in a brain study at Harvard and they told him the early pot use changed the structure of the brain we know Aaron Hernandez's huge pot guys. For whatever it's worth. And people want answers to things sometimes the answers are in for your face. He's a bad guy yeah that's I don't let me get all the other things flying but he's a bright guy it you know what I'm sorry but at no point. He and his steroid use which I'm sure it's are at it maybe play at times in his life he was humans it steroids. He was smoking pot. He was he was you know bang and heads that can never ever be the excuse for bad behavior. And for just just being evil. It just can't. He played forty games university reporter in 38 games for the patriots why isn't Florida being sued here. For the NCAA for that matter Iran and detects write again I'd dot may be coming I don't know what the rules are on this sort of thing no one knows this is sort of new ground here. But football's gonna be on trial here if this ever goes to trial which based on the way the NFL has operated to this point. Hey there frustration out forever would be there'd they're going to make sure this stays quiet which would. They asked you the reason why my money is on by as is he's got nothing to lose in the NFL has everything to lose and so generally you bet on the guy that has nothing to lose. And that would be Baez in China Jenkins. Greg is in the West Roxbury get boring right. Any reminders saint. My gum I was gagging to take you to be fine. Because. Aaron Hernandez case actually view or get that aren't far along in the affected via high school injury or even before that. I mean Japan and on the page it's I think you'd make your watching a lot we connect and NFL. I mean if you if you are still an NFL there's no besides. Area and Anthony's side I remember I don't remember him just aren't any concussions while with the patriots we're being sidelined sort concussion could be luck. I mean you would have to prove some type of change and mean high school would explain a little better I mean what you do that today it was so high school. And he's you have to prove some type of intent and I think and it felt going through that right now because it. You know the Will Smith will be trash and that was adopted and made it where you have a case against NFL and not the page and I think involved HE. You're you're trying to slight chance that this just like I'm. Greg I would I would say I was saying this earlier too if you're gonna credible if they're gonna try to combine this case with he had CTE. And it made him do the things that he did. Then I wanna ask you know bay and how can people in the NFL when he shot his friend in the car. Wally was the University of Florida. He's not a guy you shot the guy. Not program right well the guys cessation and not a proven. That's the whole point of death funding is because of the suicide now that stuff solve the record so none of that is he's never murdered anybody as far as we know. Right. This is the sad reality of this game I know lawyers could do except the cable word courtroom this is good for us it's fine for the NFL this is real. You can't do say it's what caused him to do these things if we it's never been put objection your honor sustained. I mean that's the. Rob library go to court and say. That they're responsible. For his supposed. Suicide hair I mean what what is what is what is that what's the argument OK he had so why don't we owe you money. So the argument because because by because he had he committed suicide. So he's dead. Is that they are you are now again you're doing this just like last hour where you're dealing you're replying rational thought through and what. Are you have to have a case no you're not major case. What is what is it buyers is and what I has asked to do is have them by the balls doesn't matter if you as the case none not to deflated ball since you know. He's got a by the balls I will just I don't care what I have to prove. I wanna put you want trials so I can make you look at my understanding that it runs like he's doing but my question is this so he says I'm going to sue the NF. NFL willingly knew about this in his suppressed evidence and knowledge of this for years specifically between 2005. In 2000 and if and when Aaron Hernandez was. Trying to get into the league and then when he was in the lead the NFL. Had been made aware of that the brain trauma situation. And had suppressed this knowledge and kept it from expert just a. So buyer therefore they are alive so biases. Is suing them for their written because they're responsible that he had seen TE not that he committed suicide. Or. That he was accused of killing people would be one yeah that that's where Matt yeah I was telling people is irrelevant because that stood by as that doesn't even exist like he doesn't care about that so he's gonna go to court he's gonna say he had CTE. You are responsible for that you knew that that was a possibility and the result is that he killed him so it's a two pronged thing one is you not only did you know about you willingly you were purposely not informing people about it too. Which you're gonna make any structural changes to help. Prevent it so not only did you know always happening you just put your head in the sand that's gonna be his argument. And boy that's a problem for the NFL. Well I guess it's a problem for the NFL again I to me. My response to that would be a rule you have to prove that the NFL is gonna take this on. But yet to prove all of so what was the Democrat I believe what they downed inside of him having CT. Good. And the downside I guess he would argue was that it is forced him to kill himself. Among other things yeah. But. You know the other things out as the rest of it doesn't exist right pot. Cause him to do marijuana and drugs that were not good for his system in good for his wellbeing. Others and fight for of that stuff. Because your brain isn't working properly so you're you using bad judgment.