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Jeffrey T. Kuhner, "Liberalism's Worst Nightmare," is the host of The Kuhner Report. He is a conservative nationalist, who champions God, country and family. His show deals with cutting-edge, hot-button political, social and foreign policy issues. Read more

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10/21/2013 - 11:42am
By Jeff Kuhner

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Sen. Ted Cruz will be proven to be a prophet. His strategy to attack Obamacare and spotlight America's crippling debt will be vindicated for one reason: He's right on both issues. No amount of demonizing or slandering by liberal Democrats and the GOP establishment can change this fundamental truth.

To read more, check out my column in The Washington Times.

10/11/2013 - 3:04pm
By Jeff Kuhner

The conventional wisdom is wrong. The GOP will win the Obamacare/shutdown battle, as long as tea party Republicans continue to drive the debate. Obamacare is liberalism's fatal overreach.

You can read it all in my latest column in The Washington Times.

10/08/2013 - 12:07pm
By Jeff Kuhner


The Obama administration has now ruled that U.S. taxpayers must pay for the abortions of members of Congress and their staff. This includes devout Christians, even though it violates their fundamental conscience rights and basic religious freedoms. President Obama has declared war on Christians. It's time for peaceful, civil disobedience.   To learn more, click here to read my latest column in The Washington Times.
09/25/2013 - 9:51am

Massachusetts made state history on July 29 by implementing a new gas tax increase that is pegged to inflation. Call (774) 314-9829 to volunteer!

Stop the automatic gas tax hike.  Go sign the ballot initative at one of the following locations:


Location (name and street address)




Lamb and Associates

531 Concord Street

Holliston, MA

9 to 5

Week days


Front Street Gourmet, 121 Front st

9:00 AM-8:00PM



Sterling DPW Recycling Center

171 Worcester Road

11am to 3pm

September 25th and 27th



Solomon Pond Mall

Donald Lynch Blvd, Marlboro

6pm to 8pm

September 26th and 27th



South Shore Plaza

2 to 5pm

September 28


Dartmouth Mall

Rte 6 at Faunce Corner Rd

10 to 4

Saturday, Sept 28th


Dartmouth Mall

Rte 6 at Faunce...