Scott Brown, RINO: Why we should turn our backs on him

Scott Brown, RINO: Why we should turn our backs on him

It's time for conservatives to dump Scott Brown. The outgoing senator cast his last vote on the fiscal cliff deal. He vowed during the election campaign that he would "never raise taxes." So what did he do last night? He voted to raise taxes—not just on the so-called "wealthy" but millions of working- and middle-class Americans.

The fiscal cliff deal does more than raise tax rates on households making above $450,000. It also enables payroll taxes to be increased by 2 percent. The result is that households making between $50,000-$200,000 a year will see their tax bill rise an average of $1,635. In short, almost everyone gets soaked.

This massive tax hike will cripple economic growth, push the economy into a double-dip recession and deprive working families of much-needed income. It is nothing more than a money grab to finance Obama's lavish—and unsustainable—European-style entitlement state. The GOP caved on its fundamental principles. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Mr. Brown betrayed his constituents, the very people who put him in power in 2010—Tea Party Republicans, independents, small-business owners, and working- and middle-class Americans who pay their bills and pay their taxes.

Yet, this is not his first—or only—betrayal. Following Newtown, he embraced the federal assault weapons ban. He has also supported Dodd-Frank, abortion rights, homosexual marriage, gays openly serving in the military, and the START Treaty, which unilaterally dismantles our nuclear arsenal. In short, he is anti-gun, pro-tax and a social liberal. There is very little difference between him and the Democrats on most key issues.

Ultimately, Scott Brown is interested in only one thing: Scott Brown. He is a shameless opportunist, a New England liberal masquerading as a working-class populist. He is a RINO—a Republican in name only. He has turned his back on GOP voters. We should now turn our backs on him.

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