Is Ron Paul the future?

Is Ron Paul the future?

Ron Paul is retiring. But his ideas are not. In fact, on many key issues, he was ahead of his time.

The GOP presidential candidate has become a libertarian icon. Discounted as a kook in 2008 and a nuisance in 2012, the Texas Republican's repeated strong showing shocked the Beltway establishment. His message was simple: End America's welfare-warfare state. Mr. Paul may have lost the political battle. At age 77, he is leaving Congress and will not run for the presidency again. Yet, he is on the verge of winning the ideological war. History will vindicate him.

Mr. Paul is an anti-statist visionary who champions constitutional government, a non-interventionist foreign policy and sound money. More than any other leader (with the exception of nationalist Pat Buchanan), Mr. Paul grasped the fundamental reality of our time: America has become a socialist empire — both at home and abroad — in danger of collapse. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been bleeding us, squandering precious U.S. blood and treasure. The American public has lost its appetite for military adventurism, especially to promote democracy and nation-building.

Now, we are on the verge of national bankruptcy. Mr. Paul warned us for years that big deficits, big debt and big government would be America's downfall. He is being proven correct. But who will be there to pick up his mantle and help clean up the fiscal, neo-imperial mess? Could it be his son, Sen. Rand Paul?

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