Thursday, Jul 24th

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Howie In The Boston Herald: Deval Patrick a hit with community organizers, freeloaders

1st Hour

An 80 year old man shot and killed a pregnant burglar who had robbed his house before. She was part of a tag team that assaulted him, broke his collar bone and tried to rip off the front of his safe. Should he be charged?

2nd Hour

Boston Herald reporter Bob McGovern who has had a front row seat for the Probation racketeering trial of John O'Brian, Billy Burke and Elizabeth Tavares checks in with us to discuss the guilty verdict, sentencing and appeals.

3rd Hour

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Best selling author Ed Klein joins us to talk about an op-ed piece he wrote today for Townhall entitled How Our World Fell Apart in which he lays the blame for the turmoil all over the world to the feud between Hillary and Obama. Check out Ed's book Blood Feud which is outselling Hillary's book!

4th Hour

Massachusetts State Senator Richard Ross (R-Wrentham) attached an addendum to a bill which requires a criminal background check on public housing. Wonder of wonders it passed! We will speak with Senator Ross about how he managed it.

Friday, Jul 25

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