Friday, Aug 22nd

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Howie In The Boston Herald: A real card for Everett casino bid

1st Hour

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder claimed he traveled to Ferguson, Missouri to provide reassurance to the town's residents about the ongoing investigation into the shooting of the "Gentle Giant", Michael Brown who was shot shortly after he robbed a store and beat a police officer. Instead, Holder said, "they gave me hope." Has Holder pre-determined the outcome of the investigation?

Former Senator Scott Brown is now in a statistical tie with competitor Senator Jeanne Shaheen in the New Hampshire senate race. The WMUR Granite State Poll indicates Shaheen leads Brown 46% to 44%, with 9% of likely voters undecided. We will speak with Senator Brown about the race.

2nd Hour

Federal authorities today put all state and local law enforcement on alert this afternoon telling police to stay vigilant for a potential attack on U.S. soil by the militant terrorist group ISIS. We will speak with Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt about the credibility of these threats. Are you worried about ISIS?

3rd Hour

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4th Hour

Back to the warning by the feds to local law enforcement that ISIS  is planning something on american soil. This threat along with our porous border and illegal immigrant problem has made many people including Howie worried......

Saturday, Aug 23

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