Tuesday, Sep 02nd

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Howie In The Boston Herald: Good ol’ days not so old for Teamsters Local 25

1st Hour

A second american journalist has been beheaded by ISIS. A video of Steven Sotloff being murdered by the same British jihadist that killed James Foley two weeks ago has been released. Does President Obama have the wherewithal to stop ISIS?

2nd Hour

The parents of a member of Seal Team VI who was killed in Afghanistan wrote a letter to the President asking him to step down as an ineffectual Commander In Chief and the man responsible for the current state of chaos in the world. Do you agree with Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn?

3rd Hour

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4th Hour

Massachusetts conservative gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher joins us to tell us how he is different from the republican front runner Charlie Baker.

Wednesday, Sep 03

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James "Whitey" Bulger
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