Thursday, Jul 10th

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Howie In The Boston Herald: Good life on a refugee’s pocketbook

1st Hour

A Houston resident who happens to be a black woman by the name of Bernadette went on a rant about illegals destroying our country – “Why can’t they go back?” Do you agree with Bernadette?

2nd Hour

President Obama meet with Gov Rick Perry to discuss the border problems in Texas. It does not appear from the photos that the President took the meeting you take the issue seriously?

3rd Hour

Call in to the Chump Line at 617-779-3469 and leave Howie, Sandy or Chris a message about today's stories which might be played back on the air!

A federal judge today ordered the IRS to explain under oath how it lost a emails to and from Lois Lerner - do you think they will finally come clean?

4th Hour

Dave Andelman joins us to talk about his new Drive in Movie Theatre in Mendon, Massachusetts. Drive In memories anyone?

Friday, Jul 11

No show information for today.

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